When most business owners decide to sell their business it often leads to disappointing news that the business is worth much less than they need or won’t sell at all.  These owners are faced with the decision of making significant changes to their lifestyle or staying in their business much longer than they wanted.

Exit Your Way® was born out of the need for a better solution for business owners exiting their business.

The average success rate for selling a business is about 20%. Traditional investment bankers and business brokers are focused on the transaction and simply selling the business “as is” for what the “market will pay”.

If they are lucky enough to sell, the owner to has to accept a price the market will bear.  

The Founders of Exit Your Way® have been creating success for business owners their entire careers and know there is a better way. 

The Exit Your Way® Creators have experienced first hand how a coordinated effort to grow, prepare, and sell businesses was successfully used in investor owned companies. 

They developed structured systems and applied this approach to help clients produce the desired results.  After years of helping clients build and sell businesses they formally launched the Exit Your Way® process.

Exit Your Way® simply allows owners to exit a business the way they want with more money.  This is not easy, but when your business sale provides the money you need, it is worth it.