Exit Your Way®Story


Sellers always ask what can I get if I sell my business?
When we answer them honestly the response is often, “that’s not enough!!” — at which point the business broker or investment banker says you are just not ready to sell. (A polite way of saying they’re not going to waste their time)
So, Exit Your Way® was born from a simple question. “Why aren’t we helping these people sell a business at the value they need?”; the answer, Exit Your Way®
A truly great idea!
Investment bankers, M&A Advisers and Brokers are solely focused on selling a business whether it’s best for the client or not.
Exit Your Way® is a team of elite professionals experienced in accelerating growth, growing a business, maximizing business value, and selling businesses .
We found that like chocolate and peanut butter, combining an elite team with selling businesses works!
Exit Your Way® is disrupting the way M&A, Business Brokers and Consultants do business by getting in the trenches with business owners so they can exit their business on their own terms.
Exit Your Way® was forged by the passions and vision of business owners, managers and leaders with the mission to help business owners realize the full potential of their enterprises, and reap the benefits from the blood, sweat and tears put into their creation.

The Team

Focused Precision Energy

It’s all about the people. The Exit Your Way® Team adds value to the business not just by the results they produce, but as an asset to the business in the transaction.

The EYW Method

How It’s Done

Exit Your Way® improves key value drivers to grow a business value, developed through years of experience applying proven techniques to sell your business on your terms.

Case Studies

How It Works

The Exit Your Way® partners have worked with a wide range of clients in many different situations. See what EYW can do for you and your business.


What People Say

Hear the people who have experienced first-hand the power of Exit Your Way® and see what it can do for you. 2X to 7X + value increase at the exit!

Business Valuations

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