Exit Your Way®Welcomes Ira Bowman

Ira Bowman

Exit Your Way®Welcomes Ira Bowman

Exit Your Way® welcomes Ira Bowman as the Director of Sales and Marketing. Ira brings more than 20 years’ experience in wide format printing equipment and printing service sales across several regions in the USA. Ira has a unique set of digital & social media selling skills including a network of over 170,000 connections and followers on multiple platforms.

Ira will be helping Exit Your Way and their clients utilize these industry leading methods to increase sales in ways that take advantage of changing markets. Ira has a proven track record of building and transforming sales processes and results. He will be helping Exit Your Way® clients growing their businesses.

Ira is a digital sales specialist. He helps organizations develop and implement digital sales processes that allow companies to grow consistently for the long term. With expertise in direct sales, solution sales, digital sales, and sales strategies, Ira helps sales professionals develop and maintain industry leading sales methods. His experience in highly competitive markets provide him with the experience to grow companies in tough environments and accelerate the pace of growth.

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“Joining Exit Your Way® is a great opportunity,” said Ira. “I was attracted to their team approach, which allows me the ability to provide additional value to the clients where they need it most. It’s refreshing to join a firm that shares my core values. Exit Your Way® has an impressive track record of helping owners exit a business successfully.  This only comes from a true commitment to the Exit Your Way® process and delivering meaningful value to the client. The company’ successes speak to the quality of what Exit Your Way® represents, but for me, it’s the prospect of working with the Exit Your Way® team helping clients that is most appealing.”


“We are excited to have a unique sales expert like Ira Bowman joining the team” said co-founder, Damon Pistulka, “We have seen the way Ira can help clients grow first hand and it is ultimately what led us to see how he can help us and our clients grow” said Co-founder, Andrew Cross, Exit Your Way® added “Adding Ira to our team will increase our resources to deliver relevant solutions to significantly improve our clients’ performance.”

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Damon Pistulka

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