Certified Exit Your Way® advisors are experienced “best in class” business professionals.

Becoming an accredited Exit Your Way® Advisor allows you to expand the value you provide to your clients through the sale of their business.

Accredited Exit Your Way® Advisors must meet the following minimum criteria to be considered:

  • Owned or managed businesses in excess of $10 million in revenue
  • 10+ years business experience
  • Concrete examples of producing significant results
  • Currently providing professional services to businesses

The accreditation process consists of four main steps:

  • Personal interview and verification of background
  • Interview of past and current clients
  • Training on the Exit Your Way® process
  • Executing closely managed Exit Your Way® business exits.

Becoming an Exit Your Way® Advisor is not an easy or quick process but when completed you will have the skills, tools and support to help ensure the success of clients (and yourself) for many years.

If you are ready to truly change your professional career Exit Your Way® may be right for you.