Andrew Cross

Managing Director – TDW

Andrew heads up our Salt Lake City UT office

Andrew Cross is the TDW – “The Deal Whisperer” Andrew is the driver behind solid business sale execution for our Exit Your Way® clients. His passion to help business owners realize the success they desire drives EYW Client business sales.

Passion & Experience

After more than two decades spent transforming underperforming operations into profitable companies, Andrew decided to dive into the world of entrepreneurism. He bid farewell to executive leadership and turned his talents into a bridge to success for other business owners. His tenacious attitude and astute business acumen helped him forge a successful company in the midst of the Great Recession. Rather than seeing an obstacle to success, Andrew savored the challenge.

His years of experience in the trenches as a business owner, manager, trusted adviser and valued deal maker have given Andrew an appreciation for the unique challenges business owners face. He has worked alongside business owners through sales, mergers and acquisitions, capital formation, private equity, corporate growth strategy, corporate governance and sales growth. Andrew is the deal executor when selling our Exit Your Way® client companies.


TENS – The Executive Network of Seattle, Director

SYSA- Seattle Youth Soccer Association- Seattle United, Director

ZINO Society Angel Investors, Elite Roundtable Member

SME – Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Chairman

Damon Pistulka

Managing Director  – COMSH

Damon heads up our Seattle WA office

Damon Pistulka is the COMSH – “Chief of Making S**t Happen”  He helps EYW Advisors and clients, execute change, stay on track and reach their goals. Damon’s passion for helping clients succeed ensure that EYW clients are moving forward.


Damon Pistulka grew up understanding the value of hard work on a large family farm in South Dakota.  Damon worked his way through college as an engineering intern, and continued his engineering career after college. In his twenties, Damon designed, managed the build, and operated a plastics injection molding facility in the Southeastern USA.

Damon has operated and managed businesses in highly diverse industries. Most of these positions were as a turn-around and performance improvement specialist for investor owned companies.

Damon approaches business challenges with a hands-on style that produces results.  Damon’s passion and drive for helping companies exploit opportunities to crush their competitors and dominate markets provides an unwavering focus for Exit Your Way® client companies.


Damon Pistulka brings 25+ years’ experience, where he held key technical, operational, and executive management positions for companies in diverse industries such as; aerospace & defense, retail automation, automotive, medical, electronics and consumer products.  Damon is an architect and implementer of growth initiatives, efficiency improvements, product and process development, turnarounds, consolidations, business sales, and diversification. Damon helps our Exit Your Way® clients execute the changes needed to achieve their goals.


  • Led buy/sell side, and diligence on companies up to $100+ million.
  • Executed the growth, sale and transition of multiple businesses with revenues in excess of $20 million dollars.
  • Completed 6 successful company turn-around assignments in less than 8 years in different industries.
  • Directed the changes necessary to double YOY annual sales in multiple companies.
  • Managed multiple industrial facility build outs and startups including green field construction.

Jeffry Graham

Managing Director – COMIR

Jeffry heads up our Austin TX office

Jeffry Graham leads our efforts to help EYW clients improve their top line.  He is our COMIR – “Chief of Making it Rain”.  When our clients experience the results he produces they wonder why they had not found someone to do this before.  It’s that simple.


Jeffry started selling lemonade at the corner lemonade stand with his cousin when he was five years old. Some people are natural when it comes to cooking, or teaching, or training dogs. Jeffry is a natural at sales and he’s passionate about it.  When Jeffry started working in sales, he knew what he was supposed to be doing.

Over the last decade of conducting high-level sales and consulting, Jeffry discovered there is a serious lack of resources helping businesses maximize their sales results.

Jeffry has applied his straightforward approach to understanding a company’s value and communicating that effectively to help Exit Your Way® clients drive hyper growth (25%+) annually.


Jeffry Graham has spent over a decade helping small businesses survive, and then expand and succeed. Under his guidance, numerous companies have consistently achieved hyper growth. As a business development professional with an excess of $400,000,000 in career sales, growing businesses and helping business owners increase revenues is what Jeffry does. Jeffry knows how to build and run a successful business. Jeff is the growth architect for our Exit Your Way® client companies.


  • Author of Sales Success, A program built for increasing revenues in small to medium-sized corporations.
  • Over $400+ million In Lifetime Sales In Multiple Industries.
  • 30 Million+ In Sales Growth for Clients In 2018
  • Featured Writer for Various Professional Publications
  • Advisory Board Member / Speaker
  • Built and Sold A Software Company To Microsoft
  • World Rank #6 – American Freestyle Motocross Association – 2003