October Professional Networking

October Professional Networking


This Business Round Table by Exit Your Way® was the October “Professional Networking” event.  The event featured people coming on stage and introducing themselves.  It was a lot of fun to get to hear everyone’s elevator pitch.


New guests like Chella Diaz, Allison DeFord, Josh Curcio, and Laura Cowan added some great perspectives to the October professional networking event.

Andrew had fun getting people on & off the stage so they could introduce themselves.

There were awesome ideas from regular participants like Kelly Robinson, Jennifer Wegman, Andrew Deutsch, Dennis Bolger, Curt Anderson, Kon Apostolopoulos, Jacob Warren, Mike O’Connor and more!

We talked about the systems people use to keep track of and nurture their networks.  It was interesting to hear the different ways people did it.


The experience in the room and the information shared at the tables after was awesome. This is such a fun group.

The conversation did get off course a little from time to time as usual, but overall there were great things discussed in the October Professional Networking event.

This will definitely lead to other professional networking events!


Thanks to the people who attended and who continue to support this group.  We all rise together!





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