The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Blitz

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April 13th 10:00 – 11:30 am Pacific Time

You probably got into business to make more money and have more freedom.  This dream often turns into a business that provides a living but stalls or burns you out.

The Entrepreneurial Acceleratory Blitz webinar will show you the steps you can take to break through these plateaus and get your business working better for you.

The blitz explains the key topics & techniques necessary to help you get your business making the money you want and supporting our dreams.

Join us to learn ways you can change your business and change your life.

Leadership Overview

The Pieces of a Successful Business

Your business is not simply about finding customers and doing the work.  There are 4 primary pieces in each business that need to be addressed.  These are leadership, marketing/sales, operations, and finance.  You may think that your business is too small to worry about these but not separating and addressing each is probably a part of your business challenge.  We will cover your role as a leader and the key things to consider in each of these areas.


The following topics are highlighted:


• Leadership/Role(s) of the Owner

• Marketing/Sales

• Operations

• Finance


A successful business owner has multiple hats.  Making sure to spend the appropriate amount of time in each one of them (or delegating) is critical to running a successful business.

We will discuss:


• The roles of the owner.


• Delegating and increasing value.


• Leadership.


• Accountability.


Most business owners didn’t get into business to do marketing/sales, but these are vital to every business.  Sales may not come to you naturally but there are techniques you can use to make it much easier and more productive.  In the Entrepreneurial Accelerator we discuss several methods to make your marketing and sales more consistent and productive.


When your marketing and sales are working it solves a lot of common business problems!


Here are the marketing/sales topics discussed:


• Getting found online


• Social media marketing


• Sales review and the sales process


• Developing new sales channels


Most people think of operations in a business as “doing the work”.  The operations of a business definitely include doing the work but also include the processes used from end to end in the business and managing them.  Looking at your business as an operating entity is key to long term success.  You cannot be successful in the long term if the entire business is not performing well.


In the entrepreneurial accelerator blitz we start with doing the work and expand the topics to cover the entire business.  When your entire operation is functioning well you will less stress and a much better business.


• Strengths & Opportunities/Business Assessment

• Goal Setting

• KPIs & Performance Measurement

• Continuous Improvement


When business owners think about finance they are usually thinking about financial statements and banking relationships.


If you are getting your financial statements done accurately and in a timely manner that is just the first step.  In reality if you are not using your financial information to help improve your business you are missing out on an opportunity to help ensure your long term success.

In the entrepreneurial accelerator blitz we will discuss several important considerations beyond the numbers on the page that will help you to ensure your business is in the right position to succeed.  these include:


This is a proven process and standard of service that our clients expect and appreciate.

• Banking relationships and ratios

• Tax planning and considerations

• Diversifying your portfolio

• Changes to make a strong balance sheet

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