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The dirty secret of selling a business.

The national average business sale success is about 20%. That is not a bad thing if you are in the 20%, but what about the other 80%? Are you willing to gamble on your business sale with these odds?

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Check out some of this information that will help you navigate a successful exit.

What Investment Bankers Can’t Do For Your Exit

Getting the right advisors on your team prior to exiting your business is very important.  As you consider your options here is a heads up on the areas where an investment banker can’t help you and the areas in which they excel.  What Investment Banks Can’t Do (24 months prior to the sale) Make your …

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Realities of Selling a Business

Most business owners think they are going to one day wake up and sell their business.  Let’s look at the realities of selling a business. The odds of selling a business is about the same as if you launch a startup that lasts for 10 years. Let that sink in a bit.  About 20% of …

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MARKET-BASED BUSINESS VALUE DRIVERS Growth – Your company can demonstrate quantifiable and historic growth greater than its competitors and can substantiate growth projections greater than the industry rate. It is important to assess company growth, industry growth, and your customer advantage. This is the MOST impactful value driver of all. That is why we created Exit …

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