Andrew Cross

Business Sales, value improvement, business strategy


Damon Pistulka

Business management, value improvement, business sales


Jonny Kingman

Business development, sales: strategy, execution, process and development


Ira Bowman

Sales & Marketing, social media marketing, digial media strategy

Jeanette Roatch, CPA, CGMA

Financial review, quality of earnings, accounting procedure advisory

Brad Smith

Business growth coaching, Sales strategy development.

Bill Sablan, CPA

Accounting and CFO services, hands on accounting resources

Jeffry Graham

Business growth, sales advisory sales acceleration

Marty Vondrell, PCC,

Executive & leadership team development, leadership performance improvement

Jessica J. Norris, CPA, CFE, CVA

Financial review, valuation services, accounting procedure advisory

Reuben J. Ortega

Corporate legal advisory, merger and acquisition legal advisory

Mike O’Connor

SEO Strategy, Digital Marketing, Online Traffic Generation

Chris Webb

Commercial Insurance Specialist for Manufacturing & Construction

Jacob Warren

T support services, data security, IT infrastructure

LaNae Moss

Sales, sales strategy development, interim sales & business development

Andrew Deutsch

Global Marketing and Sales Advisory, Customer Due Diligence

Jason Totedo, CFA, CIPM

Wealth & investment management, tax planning

Dale Richards, CVA

Business valuation and value optimization, business value coaching

Curt Anderson

Manufacturing ecommerce evangelist and implementer


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