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EYW business valuations are based on real world knowledge of business prices, markets, and sound valuation methods. 

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Our most probably selling price valuations (limited scope) are real world market tested.  We use our valuations for clients as a measurement tool as we are helping them scale their companies.  We have consistently shown to be within 10% of our valuation to market offers we have received.


Our valuations have helped us track increasing client values over 10X remaining accurate as we are updating for size premiums and other value factors.


We count on our market price valuations to ensure our clients are accurately measuring value and these value estimates are confirmed with market offers on companies we are actively selling. 


Our certified valuations are completed by valuation specialists certified to the highest levels and qualified to support in a court of law or for IRS uses.  We have never had a certified valuation brought into question because of the thorough use of valuations methods and our scientific approach to documenting “soft” value variables like human capital, business systems, and market position. There are many reasons for a certified valuation, including:

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Valuations Completed in 7-10 business days.  

business valuations

Andrew Cross, CM&AA, CBI

Co-founder of Exit Your Way® Andrew is an entrepreneurial business leader and a valued advisor to business owners, CEO and Board of Directors relative to business sales, merger & acquisition, capital formation, private equity, corporate growth strategy and corporate governance.  Andrew leads our valuation team.

Standards & Accreditations

National Association of Certified Valuator & Analysts (CVA)

National Association of Certified Valuator & Analysts (CVA)

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Business Valuations

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