What are the benefits of growth by acquisition for the acquiring company?

If you're a business leader considering ways to accelerate your company's growth, one strategy you might be contemplating is growth by acquisition.

If you’re an entrepreneur or a business leader considering ways to accelerate your company’s growth, one strategy you might be contemplating is growth by acquisition. This method of expansion, involving the purchase of another business for the purpose of achieving rapid growth, holds numerous benefits for the acquiring company. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the advantages that growth by acquisition offers to the acquiring firm.


Rapid Expansion

One of the primary benefits of growth by acquisition is the ability to achieve rapid business expansion. Purchasing an established business allows the acquiring company to immediately broaden its customer base, expand its product or service offerings, and increase its market share. This approach can be significantly quicker than attempting to achieve similar growth organically, which can often be a slow and challenging process.


Entry to New Markets

Another benefit of growth by acquisition is that it can offer an efficient entry point into new markets or geographical areas. The acquired business may already have a strong presence in a market that the acquiring company has been targeting. In this case, the acquisition can provide an immediate footprint in this new area, saving the time and effort required to build a presence from scratch.


Access to Resources

 When a company acquires another business, it often gains access to valuable resources. These can include talented personnel, intellectual property, unique technologies, strategic assets, or manufacturing capabilities. Such resources can boost the acquirer’s competitiveness and capacity for innovation, offering it a distinct advantage in the marketplace.


Increased Financial Power

 Acquiring a profitable business can bolster the financial strength of the acquiring company. This can enhance the company’s borrowing capacity, improve its credit ratings, and increase its appeal to investors. Moreover, the acquired company’s profits can be reinvested into the business, further fueling growth and innovation.


Economies of Scale

 Acquiring another company can often lead to economies of scale. This happens when the combined company can achieve cost savings by increasing its output, sharing resources, and streamlining operations. Economies of scale can enhance efficiency and profitability, making the business more competitive.


Strengthening Business Relationships

 An acquisition may provide opportunities to enhance relationships with suppliers, partners, and other key stakeholders. If the acquired company has strong relationships with influential parties in the industry, these can be leveraged to enhance the overall strength and credibility of the acquiring firm.


Risk Diversification

 By acquiring a business operating in a different industry or market, the acquiring company can diversify its risk. This can protect the company from fluctuations in its original market, thereby ensuring more stable profits and cash flows.


Elimination of Competition

 Another compelling benefit of growth by acquisition is the potential elimination or reduction of competition. By acquiring a competitor, an acquiring company can increase its market share and reduce competitive pressures, potentially leading to increased profitability.


Building a Brand

 The acquisition of a reputable business can contribute positively to the acquiring company’s brand image. This can enhance the company’s reputation, help to attract quality staff, and foster customer loyalty.


Tax Benefits

 In some cases, acquiring a company can provide tax benefits. For instance, the acquiring company might be able to use the acquired company’s tax losses to offset its own taxable income, thereby reducing its tax liability. However, tax rules are complex and vary by country, so it’s essential to consult with a tax advisor before proceeding with an acquisition for tax purposes.


The list of potential benefits to the acquiring company when pursuing growth by acquisition is vast, but it’s important to remember that every acquisition is unique. There can also be challenges and risks associated with this strategy, and the benefits need to be weighed against these potential downsides.

It’s crucial, however, to understand that these potential benefits don’t come without challenges. Growth by acquisition is a complex process that requires meticulous planning, careful due diligence, and adept post-acquisition integration.

We at Exit Your Way understand the intricacies of business acquisition and growth strategies. Our team is experienced in helping businesses navigate these processes, ensuring you are armed with the right knowledge and tools to make informed decisions. Whether you are looking to buy a business for growth or considering an acquisition strategy, we can provide the insights and guidance you need to realize your business goals and drive your company’s success.

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