Embracing Self-Mastery and Alternative Healing

In this week’s The Faces of Business episode, our guest speaker was Nicole Crawly. Nicole is the founder and Team Leader of Healy World GmbH. At this place, she uses the technique of Healy to treat chronic pains and achieve mental peace.  Nicole has a interesting journey of finding healing for her accident caused pain through alternative methods.

It is a very tough job to practice the art of self-mastery. Not many people do it and even little understand it. Today, our guest taught us a lot about this art.

In this week’s The Faces of Business episode, our guest speaker was Nicole Crawly. Nicole is the founder and Team Leader of Healy World GmbH. At this place, she uses the technique of Healy to treat chronic pains and achieve mental peace.  Nicole has a interesting journey of finding healing for her accident caused pain through alternative methods.

The conversation started with Nicole sharing some things from her past. Nicole said that before her car accident, she was doing around 5-6 jobs. She was teaching dance, she was in the mortgage business, and she was modeling too. Therefore, she rarely had time to sit and smell the roses.

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However, Nicole’s life stopped when a drunk driver hit her with his vehicle. She was bedridden and severely injured. At this point, Nicole’s life turned around for her.

After this, she talked some more about her illness and how she recovered from it. She spent a huge amount of her time depressed about her life and conditions.

On talking about the art of self-mastery Nicole shared some amazing tips. She said that when it comes to getting rid of something, you don’t focus on the fact that you’re getting rid of this thing but the positivity that it brings along.

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For example, if you’re getting rid of your debt, you should say I’m thankful for the financial independence I’m getting. Instead of saying that I’m getting off of this debt.

When talking more about self-mastery, Nicole said that there was a point where she started falling in love with her mind. She said that before this, it was more about her body and modeling and dancing, but when she learned self-mastery, she actually fell in love with her mind.

Moving on, Nicole talked about the word sparkle that she uses. She said that this acronym is basically Spread Positivity, Abundance, Respect, Kindness, and Love Everywhere.

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By the end of the conversation, Nicole talked about Healy and how she got into it. She said that she had chronic migraines and due to this, she always wore sunglasses and was on medication. Then after a constant search, she found this shaman in California named Belle Crips.

Moreover, she said that Belle was the one that introduced her to the Healy technique and this is where her self-mastery journey sprung from. In the end, Nicole talked about the customized frequencies that they send in Healy.

The conversation ended with Damon thanking Nicole for her time.

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Damon Pistulka, Nicole Crowley


Damon Pistulka  00:06

All right, everyone. Welcome once again to the faces of business. I am Damon Pistulka your host and with me today I have Nicole Crowley. Nicole, welcome.


Nicole Crowley  00:17

Thank you so much. I’m so grateful to be here.


Damon Pistulka  00:20

It’s awesome to have you Nicole it’s it’s really been interesting our conversations up to this this point because and I miss and first of all we’ll say I miss quoted that you had a spinal injury you had an injury from a car accident and


Nicole Crowley  00:36

several injuries but no injuries. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  00:38

So and I said that in my my posts on LinkedIn and Facebook and stuff, I just want to make sure we cleared that up and you reminded me that when we got on, but Nicole, awesome stuff. Glad to have you here. I want to talk a little bit about your background, I want to talk about sparkle I want to talk about the positive mental attitude that you you’ve helped that has helped you find ultimate healing or better health through through some of the the ways that you figured out how to do this with alternative healing methods.

And I also want to just let you share the wonderful you because I think that’s really something that we got to do and tell us a little bit about what you’re doing because the start back with your background and talk about that and then just let us know kind of you know what happened to your career and then what happened in the the accidental it just a little bit he had some injuries, and what really set off your journey to find good health.


Nicole Crowley  01:46

Okay, so you want my, my resume before the car accident?


Damon Pistulka  01:51

Sure. Let’s What were you doing? What was going on in your life? Let’s start there. That’s a great place.


Nicole Crowley  01:56

Okay, perfect. I’m trying to even remember Oh, my gosh, I know that I was modeling. I know, I was teaching dance, but I’m trying to I know I had a full time job. And I don’t remember where I was at the time at school. Yes, probably a mortgage company because I’ve been in mortgages forever. So it was a mortgage company. So yeah, so I was modeling. On the weekends, I was teaching dance throughout the week, I had a full time job. I worked at the bars I worked on a night.

I mean, I had five or six jobs like and then I was also seen in the scene and I had a boyfriend and I had all these other things going on just I lived by five hours and energy shots if I don’t know they’re still out there. But oh my goodness gracious. And I never took a moment to smell the roses, I never took a moment to realize what life has to offer. So that’s where I was when I got hit by my drink when I got hit by the drunk driver. And it really put a halt in my life. And I was severely severely depressed.

And now I see it as a huge blessing. But at the time, I mean, I had a condo downtown Chicago, I was living the life. And I had to move home with my mommy, who I’m so blessed had a condo for me and paid for a maid and all this stuff for me because I could not function. Yeah, yeah, I had seven tears in my rhomboid muscle to tears in my lower lot. Three fractured ribs, permanent nerve damage to my back, cervical spine straight and the trigger the trauma from the accident triggered a heart condition neuro cardiogenic syncope syndrome. So I was I was miserable. Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  03:27

no doubt. Well, real quick to go. Yeah. Ira Bowen here is it says Hello. Hey, Ira. And I forgot always forget to save anyone that’s listening. Tell us where you’re listening from. And we’d like to see that too. And if you have anything to say along the way, just drop in the comments. So now when you talk about that, that that is a that’s a free rugged that’s that. those are those are pieces of your body that you don’t just not function with. Because I’ve had broken ribs before and Merck has cracked ribs and man just a cracker of you feel like you’re gonna


Nicole Crowley  04:02

outbreeding it. Yeah. Yes. And then the rhomboid muscle they don’t realize. So the rhomboid muscle actually goes between bones and muscles,





Nicole Crowley  04:10

So it is just as hard to recover from as an ACL tear. It is the second hardest muscle tear to recover from in your body, it’s pretty much impossible. So that was very, very extreme. And I had so many doctors in Chicago just treat me as a number. They didn’t treat me as a person. So they kept looking at they kept doing like red light therapy. They kept looking at the tears and the fractures and they were doing everything that you know, they were told to do. But they couldn’t understand why everything they were doing was increasing my pain.

Because they hadn’t taken the time to treat me like a human being and discover that I had permanent nerve damage. It wasn’t until further on down the line that somebody discovered that and then we knew the right path to take. So I had five doctors actually give up on my case. And just they gave me numbers for disability. And that’s when my mom, I was so stubborn. I stayed in Chicago for six months after my car accident.

I just, I refused. I was in so much pain. I couldn’t fall asleep until my body was like, it was just too exhausted and it would collapse. I mean, it was that extreme breathing hurt, everything hurt. I lost majority of my friends. My boyfriend dumped me it was like, I was not in a good place at all. And I finally just kind of like took the pill. So to say it was like, Okay, I’ve got to move home with my mom. I mean, I guess I just have to do this, like, swallow the pill. This is my life right now. And I was so severely depressed. Yeah, because I was in so much pain. And I didn’t have my friends there.

And I was in a different town and all this stuff. And I mean, my mother actually had to pay my cleaning lady to hang out with me and, and watch a movie and have pizza. Like, how pathetic is that? Like, that’s where I was. So I was severely depressed. And I woke up one morning, and I was just intuitively called to purchase the book, The Secret. And from that moment on, and it was hard for me to read anything because there was so much pain, like I would have to reread a sentence over and over and over and over. And this is how stubborn I am. I went back to college after my car accident, and I couldn’t carry my books, and I couldn’t take notes.

I had somebody do that. For me. I was in too much pain. I would like every single paragraph I would have to reread. But I was that stubborn because I wasn’t accepting this as my life. So the moment that I bought the secret, and I started my journey of gratitude law of attraction positivity. It just it changed my world. My body was still fighting against me. 100% but my mind never ever just took the pill anymore. I was just like, Nope, I’m not accepting this. This isn’t my life. There’s more for me out there.


Damon Pistulka  06:48

Now, that’s a good thing. And I’m just gonna say Rodney says hello, Ronnie says a listener had to see ya. And and Iris says, Yeah, those are vicious. And so the one thing that that that I know, I too have been. I’ve had back surgery wants to know is in a motorcycle accident. So I understand that the ghost pain right that they can never fix and those kind of things. Oh, yeah. Your pain? Oh, yeah, yeah, you’re just left, you’re just left on your own to figure it out really after a certain amount, because you were lucky enough that they discovered nerve damage and some of the things like that too.

And then beyond you’ve kept going, but let’s go back to now the people haven’t read the book, The Secret, they may not know it, that law of attraction, things like that. But really, you you talk about it, and you talk about attitude. And now you’re you’re, you’re at this point, you’re depressed, you find this book and you read this book, what were the things that that you glean from that book that you said, I need to do this? I have to try this? What were the things that you found in that book?


Nicole Crowley  07:55

Well, it was so long ago that I read that specific book. Yeah. But I will say the main thing was focusing on gratitude. Yeah, because what you focus on you bring to you. And it was it was really saying it’s as simple as five things a day, it’s as simple as 10 things a day, it doesn’t need to be 20 things a day, you don’t have to spend an entire hour doing it. But the most important thing was you focus on what you’re grateful for. And then you focus on what you’re grateful for and the future as if it’s now.

Yeah, that’s where the power is. And Rhonda Byrne is the author of that incredible book, and she’s written the power, the magic, she’s written a whole series of them. So I highly, highly recommend those books. But it truly is like, yes, you can say the words and we’re every single word counts in this universe, every single frequency that you’re sending out there counts. But the intention behind it is what matters. The belief behind it, the emotion behind it is what changes things.

My mom’s best friend was a physical therapist for the bowls, and he has a small family practice down in Champaign, Illinois. He took me on as a client or I was just patient. And he’s the one. He stayed up all night long, one night, and he read books, several books, and he was like, the next morning he called me He’s like, I think you have nerve damage. I want to put you on this pill. And he knew how an adverse I was to pills like, yeah, throughout this whole journey. I did not take pain pills. Like if you can imagine the level of my pain, and I did not need those.

Yeah, so Well, I mean, a couple days after my accident, I was taking pain pills. But after that, I just dealt with it. Yeah. But for him to take that upon himself and discover that and then so we started the pills, and then my pain did go down like 5% and I was like, Okay, so then he’s like, now we have the right steps to take. And that was just so beautiful. And I truly believe it was because I was open to healing now. I was believing that I was going to be there and that’s why I was brought to him and everything happened and that’s how it works with the quantum that’s how it works with whatever message you send out. That’s what you attract back.


Damon Pistulka  09:54

One and you talk about it and he talked about that and the seekers. Just want to zap But when you talk about people like Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, there’s there’s just a whole ton of people that that if, if not like, they talk about in secret, but just in the fact that having that attitude of I, I will I am I, and I can, or I, you know, it’s just going to happen, it’s going to happen. And having that faith like you did after a certain point, you just say I am going to be healed, you will find the way to get to find what you needed is relief and healing. So


Nicole Crowley  10:33

yeah, and the thing too, that the secret teaches you is, so if you’re trying to get out of debt, you don’t say the word debt. In it, you say you don’t say I’m so grateful, I’m out of debt. You say, I’m so grateful. I’m financially independent, I’m so grateful I have all the financial freedom in the world. And what I did was when I was focusing on it, I focused on me getting back to my modeling career, I focused on me getting back to my dancing career, I was not really focusing on getting better, I was focusing on what would be the result of me being better.

And that allowed me to, to attach the emotion more to it. Because when you’re focusing on just like, getting better, it’s just like worse emotionally, when you actually accomplish being better. And then this is your life because of it. That’s when you attach the emotion of joy, of exuberance, of gratitude to no to no end kind of thing.


Damon Pistulka  11:23

It really is, as some people would say it puts the Y in it. Why do I want to do that? Because I can see why then I want to do it. And it gives you the desire to do what you need to do to get there. Yeah, yeah, that’s really cool. That’s really cool. So how many years? Did you really, really work with them? The physical therapist and work through what you’re doing there? And and what how did your life really change as you’re working through that with them?


Nicole Crowley  11:54

Yeah, that’s a great question. So once I started with my physical therapist, he took me on the route of doing tonal chiropractic, which is a combination of acupressure and chiropractic care, because they couldn’t even touch my skin like this, I would scream out in pain. I was actually a case study. A trigger point is a tiny little point in your body, that if you touch one side of it, you’re in dire pain.

And if you touch the other side of it, the pain goes away. And I had a trigger point at the top of one of my muscle injuries so students could actually touch it and learn from it. So I was a case study I had 15 students continue like die or pain, fine. Die or pain. Fine. So it was very interesting. No, I mean, I’m so fascinated with my body. I mean, yeah, I was doing I’m doing now but but yeah, so the title, the total chiropractic, and then the kidneys do therapy, really using resistance training, because I couldn’t, I couldn’t lift this without screaming out in pain.


Damon Pistulka  12:52



Nicole Crowley  12:53

I couldn’t use my right or I could barely use my right arm for three years. And even after that, even after that, lifting it like this, I mean, just the rhomboid muscle. It’s just everything was just this nice stabbing pain. And most people with nerve damage. It’s the, it’s the opposite, that they get nerve damage where it dulls the pain. It’s like they can’t feel anything. Yeah, for me, it increased it tenfold.

And what was so fascinating is my physical therapist for two months before he determined that I had nerve damage, because he treated me like a human being. He had me move my left arm, which I couldn’t move. And he would watch where my muscles were like, what what was the reaction? He’d watched what happened for two months? before he even dared touch me?


Damon Pistulka  13:34

Yeah. Oh, that’s really 73


Nicole Crowley  13:37

years, three and a half years of, I think it was almost every single day. I saw one of them every single day.


Damon Pistulka  13:47

Yeah. So during that time, were you still still going to school? Were you trying to move on outside of your recovery? Or?


Nicole Crowley  13:55

Yes, and this is the thing. I was so stubborn, I would walk one block, and then I would have to call my mom on my cell phone. And she’d have to come get me and carry me back. Like I was in that much pain. So I did. Your about a year and a half after my accident. I did go back to school. Yeah, because I thought I was like, Well, yes, this is my life. But I want to do more with my life. So I was like, if I’m if I’m stuck, if I can’t walk, you know, if I can’t stand up all the time, I definitely can’t get back to my modeling. Like, even though I kept thinking in my mind, like, I’m going to get back to it. I’m going to get back to it.

I was also realistic. I was like, okay, so I need to better my mind. So that I can make something out of this. And I can have a real career regardless of the pain I’m in regardless of if I can stand a long time because modeling takes a lot of standing and so does dancing. Yeah. So. So yeah, so I went to school for human nutrition because I wanted to become a nutrition therapist and work with malnourished cancer patients.



All right.


Damon Pistulka  14:53

That’s cool. So did you finish finish that and do it are you doing it or did you do it or no?


Nicole Crowley  14:58

No. Okay. This is the interesting thing. So this was me really wanting to get back to my life. So the moment the moment my back showed any sign of getting better, and me getting back to my life, I left, my mom can strangle me because I just gotten accepted into the UVA transfer program for the ACES program, which only 36 students get accepted into one of them, and she wanted to strangle me when I was like, I’m not going to college anymore. I’m going back to Chicago, I’m going to pursue modeling and she was like, You can’t even stand how are you going to model again, so there was this whole thing, but I did.

So it’s interesting. I finished my credits for my human nutrition associates. However, there was an issue with one of the professor’s I was not able to stand for a long time and it was it was advanced, advanced anatomy physiology, and I couldn’t work on the cadaver how I was supposed to or something like that. And she chose to bail me and my mom went to the dean, my mom went to like all these people and she was it was just this whole thing. So that was that kind of soured my Yeah, I think Yeah, my understand relation to education. So I think that’s also one of the reasons why I was just like, Okay, I’m out of here peace. Bye bye. Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  16:16

yeah. So you’re so you’re at that point you’re back starting to get a little bit better because you know, obviously the therapy is helping somewhat


Nicole Crowley  16:25

10s unit the 10s unit really helped me because when I die or pain I could turn it on and that could help me function. Yeah. And once I realized I could function with this I was like, Okay, cool. I’m going back.


Damon Pistulka  16:37

Alright, yeah, now the tangent that’s the the electronic thing that you can adjust the intensity of it.


Nicole Crowley  16:43

Yeah. And I had it up sky high. I mean, it was so intense. Yeah, all the time. It was it was so bad. And the thing is the actual 10s unit like it hurt Yeah, the feeling on my skin so it’s just like oh yeah


Damon Pistulka  17:01

that’s interesting because you’re you’re you’re used to a lot of pain and and you’re actually you get it to a bearable level with with attention and you’re like I’m I’m as good as I’m gonna get I’m gonna go off with my life again. So So what happened there you so you’re you this is years ago, I assume? Yeah. And and you’re really testing



my memory?


Damon Pistulka  17:22

Yeah, no, no, because I kind of like to see where people have gone because yeah, when people are when people are talking about in chronic injuries, and I’m probably not even using the right words. Most people don’t understand what it’s like to hurt something and then be be in pain like that every single day, every single minute of every single day. You said something that was that that I experienced not at that level, but you know, waking up, you can only fall asleep when you’re dead tired. And you wake up as soon as you’ve got just enough sleep, that your body is not exhausted enough to keep you sleeping with the pain and what people don’t understand is how that wears on you.

I think what what the people that are listening that that have chronic pain understand is that it just it’s just wearing on you it wears on you every single day because it’s like it never goes away. And I think really what what you you’ve talked about thus far is gratitude and the positive mental attitude and how much you have to use that just because if you let it that’s that’s go out and look at the opioid crisis with people that are in chronic pain and that’s what happens that’s what happens a lot of times and and for those of people that don’t I mean, I went down the road of the doctor says okay, here you can have these pain pills and you keep doing it.

I tried that for two and a half years and and and finally I said no, I’m not going to do this because those cause problems and those pills that could fix it cause problems the next thing you know and and and then for me even a simple Vicodin you get this big spike and then hit a fight and hit you know, and I can see why people get addicted to them because you do you


Nicole Crowley  19:20

and there was a motion in my family and that Oh, I didn’t like the plague. I was like I know in my entire paternal side I’m not going anywhere near this stuff.


Damon Pistulka  19:29

So it’s in people in chronic that’s a great example to is like you’re doubly scared of any of this stuff because not just the health effects but the long term addictive effects to it that you people are really in a pickle with chronic pain and i think it’s it’s cool. Have you used the positive mental attitude and just I am going to get through this to do it.


Nicole Crowley  19:53

And it was it was so hard and it you know what the biggest thing was when I allowed myself to cry when I learned myself to be miserable. I didn’t beat myself up. I wasn’t like, this is too hard. I can’t keep focusing on the positive. I just picked myself back up. And I was like, that’s it. Fine. But you know, I mean, I went through a lot of stuff in my childhood and stuff that showed me how strong I was. So I had that, showing me the rock within me, and then I could do anything.


Damon Pistulka  20:20

Cool. That’s cool. That’s cool. Because it does help. I mean, it is the mindset that you have. When you’re dealing with with challenges, and especially challenges like that, like, like you’ve dealt with. It can make all the difference between folding up in a ball in a room and living a normal life.


Nicole Crowley  20:41

And the thing is, I started falling in love with my mind. I really did. I was always about the external, it was dancing, it was modeling, it was all these other things. And it wasn’t respecting how intelligent I was what I had to offer in that way. And when I realized how in love I was with school, which is why it’s so funny that I left but I really was, I mean, I studied till three and four in the morning, I got straight A’s, like, except for that one class, so they failed me. But I mean, you know, I was just so in love with it. But it also reminded me that I had more to offer and I had more to offer the world.

And actually, if you don’t mind me talking about this, and I’m completely open about this. The accident completely changed my life and saved my life. Because in the my modeling career, I had an eating disorder. And I was killing myself. Oh, no. And I healed myself with no psychiatrist nothing through recognizing that I had more to offer than just my external. Yeah. And it was because of the car accident that brought me to realizing that I had a mind that mattered that everybody does. And I’ve taken it to a whole nother plateau now. Yeah, years later. But I mean, that’s really the beginning fire that started this.


Damon Pistulka  21:55

Oh, that’s something. Yeah. And, you know, I’m happy to say that I’m glad you had that accident.


Nicole Crowley  22:04

Yeah. Like I said, I was living on fire energy shots. I didn’t have a life. I didn’t. I had a life. But like, I didn’t have a life that actually mattered. Yeah. Where I realized how important our health is where I realized how important it is to have great friends. Yeah. So I met an amazing friend through. I mean, I was in the accident with my best friend, and her 10 year old son, and luckily, they are fine. They sustained injuries, but they’re fine now. But I mean, through that our relationship is just like concrete. And then with being down champagne, I mean, I made so many wonderful friends that have changed my life. So everything happens for a reason.


Damon Pistulka  22:44

It certainly does. It certainly does. And in your case, you can you can hear that in your voice and see in your eyes. So that’s that’s awesome. So now let’s let’s talk a little bit about you, you talk about sparkle. Let’s tell me about that. Because I think that’s interesting. And I think you know, it’s it’s time for us to talk about that a little bit. Sure.


Nicole Crowley  23:05

Yeah, so sparkle is my acronym. It’s spread positivity, abundance, respect, kindness, love everywhere. And it’s so interesting because it actually started through my design line. I i’ve been crocheting sewing and embroidering since I was 10. Because I’ve always had a really weak immune system. I was always sick. So my mom taught me to crochet when I was little. And it was so funny. I mean, in eighth grade, I had my own coaching business and I was making matching purses for high schoolers proms homecoming like I was already this huge entrepreneur.

I just went from there and in college I was I was crocheting doggy, you buy sweaters and all this stuff, like it was just, I was always crocheting. So once I was married and had kids, I fell back into crocheting, and I created this amazing design line of very unique like wedding hair pieces and things like that. But my tagline was sparkle inside and out with Nicole starting with her hats. And then through my spiritual journey through gratitude and stuff, I was like, there’s more to this sparkle thing. And then I just thought about like how I always help my friends meditate and learn, like keeping gratitude journals and learning law of attraction.

And for some reason, like those words just came to mind. And so I created like spread positivity, abundance, respect, kindness, love everywhere, but it was still part of my design line. I hadn’t even realized that it was more than that. And then once I started on my spiritual journey, I was like, No, this is it. This piece sparkle is what I’m supposed to give to the world. It’s not my hats. My hats are pretty and they sparkle. But like this is what I want to give to the world and that’s where I took sparkle forward with no bracelet.


Damon Pistulka  24:42

Ah, very cool


Nicole Crowley  24:44

sparkle bracelet. It has a heart This is sparkle on it. And then each of these crystals is writing fears. And they’re healing crystals with the meaning of positivity, abundance, unity, togetherness, magic, charity, it’s just yeah





Nicole Crowley  25:02

Yeah. So I have a, I have a jewelry line where I sell these now.


Damon Pistulka  25:05

Nice, nice. You know that your your journey is so unique and interesting because you know a lot of people could have just laid down and said the heck with it. Yeah. And and so, so you mentioned let’s let’s talk a little bit about your you’ve got two cute little girls. Yeah, let’s talk about that for a little bit because it’s talking about kids is cool. I think I don’t care what anybody else thinks. Yeah. So you got a couple girls, so that’s awesome.


Nicole Crowley  25:33

So, Adriana, they are my world. Nice. No. And I thought that it couldn’t happen.


Damon Pistulka  25:38

Yeah, yeah, I went through that too. I would imagine because of the the earlier the chunk and then the accident.


Nicole Crowley  25:46

Well, I had I had some I had some female surgeries. They actually thought that I want to be able to have children, why my mind’s met literally every single second if you had been in my mind, until I had Victoria, so it was probably about eight years from my surgery. Every single second, I was like, I’m so grateful for my happy, healthy, safe and love children. Every breath was that I never ever gave up on that vision. And even my pregnancies were very hard because of my condition.


Damon Pistulka  26:14

Yeah. Wow. That’s cool. That’s cool. Well, I just wanted that because I think that’s, you know, you think of the the challenges you’ve had with injury and other other health challenges. And then and then to have two two little girls is awesome. And I’m sure that keeps you busy.


Nicole Crowley  26:29

Oh, my goodness. Yes. And I’m so grateful that I am now. So healed from so many things that I now be the mom that they deserve. Because for 16 years, I was not that mom and I’ve had chronic migraine migraines my whole life. So that was added on top of everything that was before my car accident. Yeah. So Wow. Yeah. Let’s hear my joy. And they are so full of love. And they’re so caring. And they are just incredible.


Damon Pistulka  26:55

Yeah, well, little ones are, are just a special thing. And they’re only little for a short time, I will tell you that they’re only a little for a short time, I always tell people that I remember when my son would hold my hand walking across the street. And then when that ends, it’s just, it’s just gone. And it goes fast. So remember that when they hold your hand across the street. So


Nicole Crowley  27:19

I’m always be present in this moment, even though like I have like this phone call and this going on. Hang on. I’m like, Okay, take five minutes and read them a book do this. And it’s, it’s so interesting, because we actually do gratitude journals every morning. Oh, nice. filled that in them. And then it’s so cute because they will sit with their dolls. And they’ll do gratitude journals with their dolls. And those dolls like breathing techniques, and they’ll have their dolls repeat after them. Like I am strong. I am beautiful. I am amazing. Like, it’s just, it’s incredible. But it’s soaking into them.


Damon Pistulka  27:49

Yeah, yeah. And you know, I look back on our kids. And this is one of the things that I think it helps to center it can help to center is that as my kids got older, they didn’t remember the trips abroad or things like that. They remembered, like what you’re talking about sitting down eating dinner at the table. And playing games and and watching our favorite television show or going out to a baseball game or something like that. It’s not the big things, they just want that time. Right, giving them that time that love and attention. So that’s awesome.


Nicole Crowley  28:28

Even like, with my spiritual journey, I have become a whole different mom, because I used to believe in like timeouts and things like that. And now I’m like, you know what, they’re always going to be misbehaving because they’re learning their way in the world. They’re they’re trying to figure out, where do they have power? Where do they have to behave? Like, what can they do? So I started implementing affirmations into discipline. So I would say to them, I’d be like, Okay, sit down. Like if one of them hit the other. I’d be like, sit down, and I’d have them repeat after me. I am beautiful. I am beautiful. I am smart. I’m smart.

I am kind I’m kind. I do not hit my sister. I do not hit my sister. And then I would go back to the affirmations. Yeah. And it just gave us a moment to chill. Yeah. And I’m like, Well, you know what, regardless of if any of this makes a difference, at least, that I’m putting positive thoughts about themselves into their psyche that will take them further in life than had I been like yelling and putting them in the corner or something like that, like trying to teach them the lesson. It’s like, no, there’s, they’re probably still going to be hitting each other and a couple of years, or hopefully they won’t be but you know, it’s like, any chance I get to help them out and put that little magic inside of them.


Damon Pistulka  29:37

Yeah, that’s good. That’s good. Well, cool. And that’s, it’s, yeah. I’m thinking back to my parenting. My parenting wasn’t nearly that good. So I was


Nicole Crowley  29:50

always like this. I understand my spiritual journey.


Damon Pistulka  29:55

Yeah, I understand. We get better as we go. I’m much better now than I was. That’s good.


Nicole Crowley  30:01

Everybody thinks you have to be the perfect mom the perfect. Yeah, no, Heidi places that upon us and everything we’re doing is perfect because it’s exactly what our children need to learn.


Damon Pistulka  30:11

Half of it is just being love loving and paying attention. Yeah, let them know they’re loved. Yeah, yeah, cuz it’ll work out. Mm hmm. So, okay, well, let’s talk a little bit more about so you’re you’re at this point, you’ve got these beautiful children and you’re sitting here going I’m still not healed completely.

And and you got introduced to this thing that that we talked about a while ago called a heli. heli? I don’t know. Yeah. Yeah. So now now explain a little bit about this. Because I mean, I think this is interesting in the fact that it’s, there’s some science behind this or some other things that and and it can it can help us help you. And let’s talk about this a little bit, because I just understand from your perspective, what, what how it’s helped your life.


Nicole Crowley  31:04

Yeah. Oh, my gosh. So my girls, since we were just talking about our girls, or my girls, they used to not even see my eyes, like I had dark sunglasses on all the time, even indoors, because my migraines were that bad. And even as adverse as I was to pills, I was placed on a preventative medicine because they were that bad. They became debilitating after my second my second pregnancy. So I was starting on my spiritual journey, it just it. It started with, like looking into Reiki and then I was like, what else is out there, I was just wondering what’s going on. And I was really attracted to this amazing shaman in California named Belle Crips.

And she introduced me to the Healey and this is the Healey. It’s a quantum frequency energy wellness device that balances and strengthens your bio energetic field, in turn, enhancing your own self healing capability. The beautiful thing about it is that it works on the root cause of things. Whereas we’re told when we have a migraine, we, you know, we take this pill, and then here’s these pills for these side effects, side effects and all this other stuff.

But it’s like they look at the migraine, they don’t look at, like, what is the root cause everything, all the imbalance within our body, be it energy imbalance Be it imbalance with ourselves, or whatever it is, it manifests in our body is pain and disease.

And this imbalance comes from when we push our emotions down, we don’t face them, it comes from not healing traumas that are there it comes from trying to be unicorn and rainbows all the time, and not facing the reality of what’s going on, and learning the lessons and growing from them. So all of that imbalance manifests in our body as pain and disease. And that’s what the healing works towards. And it’s science meets spirituality meets health meets technology. It’s it’s a melding of all of those things.


Damon Pistulka  32:48

Yeah, yeah. Well, I tell you, the the one thing that that I’ve learned over the past few years is, is just what you’re saying is that, you I’ve, in the last three years, my wife and I have changed our eating habits, 180 degrees, and it’s done a lot of a lot of good.

And I know that that will only take you so far. And I know that there’s a lot more to medicine and healing and finding the right thing that works for people. And it’s really something because like me, it was as simple as you don’t you know, if you don’t eat as much processed food and you try to eat more natural, more, more I know, this is you know, this is a broccoli, this is broccoli, it’s not processed into something that looks like it’s a broccoli it is brought,





Damon Pistulka  33:38

Yeah. And, and those kinds of things makes a big difference in people’s lives too. Because I think back to when I was a kid, which is a few years ago, and think back of the generation before me, and the lack of a couple things. Ego processed food, first of all, because when you look back then the selections, a grocery store was much smaller from the very standpoint of there was not much different products, right? You had me vegetables and, and those kind of things. And you look at that, and I look at the labels on things even like a label on a soda can like diet.


Nicole Crowley  34:16

Oh my goodness. Like, you can’t read? Yeah. Put it in your body. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  34:21

So so we’re talking about this, and we’re talking about the root cause of stuff. And I think that, that we we, as you’re exactly right. And sometimes in medicine, they’re going okay, yeah, migraine, so you need to take this, but there are other times that that you go, Well, maybe I shouldn’t be, you know, down in four sodas a day, and I should just go to water and see what that does. Because you know, the aspartame thing and some of these other deals. And I think that as we’re finding these these different ways to actually go to the root cause Yeah, it’s like, I think type two diabetes is a great, great example right? I think and now Not everyone can control it. But right?

If you do, if I’m 300 pounds, and I and I can somehow change my eating habits, so now that I’m, you know, 180 or 200 pounds, and that’s no easy task, right? I’m not saying this is easy, but you have a very good chance of reversing the need for any pills and the medicine to do it. And and it’s, I i’m not saying that stuff is easy, but I’m saying that that there are things that we can do, and a lot of things that are that simple, but not difficult. And there are other things like you’re talking about with the Healy that are, are based on different scientific methods, that that can help you in different ways to get the core problem, get at the core problem that then allows your body to work, right.


Nicole Crowley  35:51

Yeah, and the most beautiful thing is it actually sends customized frequencies for your specific bioenergetic signature. So these are not pre recorded frequencies that you just gave as like a blanket solution. This is specific to your bio energetic signature, your energy field, which everybody has an individual on, just like your thumbprint, just like your teeth, like that’s what makes the biggest difference.

And that’s because of a quantum sensor. So the quantum sensor that’s in the heli is based on the science of Nikola Tesla, it’s coils, his coils, you know, everything is energy, everything is frequency. So the quantum sensor is a series of two tiny Krzysztof mirrors. And it creates the friction field between them, that weakens the electromagnetic pole of the earth, so much so that it’s barely being there. And that’s what allows the quantum sensor to speak to your information field, which is where your subconscious and your conscious communicate, and therefore that’s how you get the data discovers. Oh,


Damon Pistulka  36:42

very cool. Yeah. So then,


Nicole Crowley  36:44

I could go on and on about Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  36:47

I understand. But it is. It’s, it’s interesting to me when you when you talk about different things. I mean, you look at it doesn’t matter what it is, it can be different herbal therapies, it doesn’t matter what it is that then there’s so many different things that we don’t understand. That can help us.





Damon Pistulka  37:08

anyone here and what we, we started this conversation about and I want to make sure that that people listening understand is that it’s like, it may not be the right thing for you to take an herbal thing to take care of it. It may not be your way that you can you can lose a bunch of weight and take care of your diabetes, or but the one thing is, is that if you really want to solve a problem, a health condition and you can’t find that you’re not finding the right health now don’t just stop. No, just keep looking at different things because there are so many different opportunities because in your case, the heli yeah has has made a bit of difference in your life.


Nicole Crowley  37:48

I’ve been migraine free. I’ve been migraine free for nine months as of March 4, so in two days, I will be nine months free. Like That is crazy because I had regular migraines. I had occipital migraines. I had vestibular migraines. I had abdominal migraines, which only 2% of people in the world have, where you throw up 78 hours a day. It was not fun. I have had migraines.

So it’s so interesting, because the first couple months that I was migraine free. I was like this is cool, but I’m not gonna Yeah, this isn’t really this didn’t do that. I got the Healey to help with pain because it’s FDA cleared for acute pain, chronic pain, arthritis, pain and muscle recovery from overexertion. I never thought I could touch my migraines. Yeah. Yeah. So when it did, it was so funny. I tested it because gluten is a trigger for my migraines. Alcohol is a trigger for my migraines and my kids screaming is a trigger for my migraines.

And that’s what’s so funny was with my doctor, when we first went on preventative medicine, he cuz he was like, Well, if you can get into like a, you know, reduce your stress not be around loud noise and I’m like, at that time, I had a two year old so I was like, I have a two year old a four, like four year old How am I gonna? He’s like, nevermind here. Let’s put you on these pills. Like, I was like, you know, there’s no way for you to be in a quiet room all the time. So, yeah, it was just so the migraine thing was amazing. But then, I mean, I can I can do planks. Now I can move my arms, I have all the support for my pain. And then I have, huh?


Damon Pistulka  39:17

No, go ahead. Go ahead. Good. Good.


Nicole Crowley  39:18

I have Yeah, I have a lot of things. So I have TMJ. So that knife stabbing pain in your jaw. When I get a TMJ flare up, my jaw actually locks. And I’ll go and I’ll run my Healy analysis. So the quantum sensor reads your information field and it determines the top five categories. There’s 15 different categories, over 120 different programs in the Healy and 144,000 frequencies.

So it tells me the exact programs I need, and I run it, within 510 minutes, I’m pain free, and I’m able to eat and I’m able to talk, like I’m just like, wow, how is this possible? And then I have fiber fibrocystic breast disease and it’s helped with that. And I have IBS and it’s helped with that. And I mean, there’s so many things and actually the biggest thing for me, I couldn’t believe that I could do this. So I have neuro cardio genix syncope syndrome. So what that is, is my lips and my cheeks get numb. And then two minutes later, I will stick to the floor. And I will have no energy like I can’t even lift my pinky.

And when I tried to speak, it’s very slurred. And what happens when I go through this episode is I get so anxious, my body actually starts having a panic attack. So on top of being down there, I’m shaking like seizure like because my body’s having such a reaction to what’s going on. Because my body doesn’t like not being in control. I’m like, I used to be a whole control freak. So yeah, and then that triggers a migraine two days later. And then I’m in a whole nother three to four days cycle. And then that usually triggers another heart condition like I was just miserable. So the other like, probably about two and a half months ago, I felt my cheeks and my lips get numb.

I told my husband it had been a while since I had an episode. I was like, Okay, I’m about to have an episode. He’s like, Great, let’s get water. Let’s get you to the couch. Let’s do our thing. And I’m like, No, give me to the heli. And he helped me over to the heli. I have it on my counter. And I ran the analysis, and it was circulation, hormonal balance, immune system, my chakras came up. And I ran that, and it was holding on to the counter, like for dear life, because I didn’t want to fall. And 20 minutes later, I finally like convinced myself to pry my fingers off. And I couldn’t believe it.

I was fine. Ah, my personal experience. And all of this is my personal Yeah, the way that he does not prevent, cure or treat any diseases. Yeah, it stopped an episode in its tracks. And the thing is because it stopped it in its tracks, it didn’t trigger the panic attack, it didn’t trigger the other things. That would be the cyclical thing that I would constantly go through. I couldn’t drive for 12 years because of my heart condition. Yeah. So I mean, it was an extreme thing. So when my Healey did that I was just like, wow. And I work with over 100 clients. And I mean, I could tell you just testimonials that you will be like, how is that possible? It’s just incredible what it’s been able to do for people.


Damon Pistulka  41:58

Well, and and this is the thing that I think that that? I don’t know, this is my personal opinion, obviously, is that it doesn’t matter to me. One bit, whether you can prove scientifically, what’s going on at all, if it helps you and you’re living a better life, and it’s not hurting you. It’s like, why question?



Yeah, you know,


Damon Pistulka  42:26

you go from you go from I got I can live a really rough life that I’ve got a lot of different problems to now I don’t.


Nicole Crowley  42:33




It’s a simple answer.


Nicole Crowley  42:36

Yeah. And that’s why I’m so passionate. Nicole, and it’s so yeah, cuz people are like, what happened? Like, they’re, I’ve been on this spiritual journey. I’m doing all these new things. And they’re like, wait, you’ve changed, like, What’s going on with you? And I’m like, I’m getting back to the person I was before my car accident. Yeah, I’m getting back to the person I was always meant to be.

Now I’m getting certified as an emotional resonance clearing practitioner. I am so on fire about bringing self healing and self mastery capability to everybody, because we all have it within us. And it stems with realizing that we have power within us our mindset, the way we think the way we react to people, everything we do in this world sets up a frequency that has a ripple effect.


Damon Pistulka  43:21

Very cool. Very cool. Well, you know, your, your, your journey is inspiring, because, like I said, this, this could be that help a lot of people maybe it’s not their thing, but I hope that our discussion today inspires people to keep trying because no matter what it is, I mean, I mean, like I said, it could be weight loss, it could be whatever the heck you got to try to do, it’s, it’s like, use that attitude, to feel your passion to do it. And to continue moving on because if you keep moving on, you will find it and you will find that healing you need


Nicole Crowley  43:58

and it will say when you’re in a chronic pain situation, it’s it’s so reversed. It’s so interesting, because you almost you want to stay there because it’s your comfort fraid of being healed you’re afraid of like becoming this new person cuz I’m what do you do? But I always teach people I’m like, when you like step into the fear, because it’s the bridge to your next level.

Step into the unknown, because that is where it lies. We are so we get so comfortable. We get so comfortable just sitting on the couch watching Netflix. That’s the thing. Before my car accident. I barely watched TD fairly I was never interested in it. I always wanted to learn, learn, learn, learn learn. Yeah. And because of my car accident, it’s like I just gave up. And you know what, I fell into relationships where men weren’t treating me with the respect that I deserved because I didn’t think I was meat anymore.

I thought it was half of me. I didn’t deserve that love. So I fell into like some brutal relationships and it’s when when you take a moment Realize that you are magic, every single person on this planet is supposed to step into their higher self. Because every single person on this planet has something to offer. That is so powerful. And then when things are in your way, you’re like, No, I’m here for a reason. Like, I’m not gonna let this stop me. And the thing is to, don’t beat yourself up along the way. Allow yourself this is the thing, some some law of attraction speakers are like, unicorns and rainbows, everything’s great.

That’s not me. I believe that every single emotion that we experience is there for a reason. It’s there to teach us a lesson. It’s there actually, as a reflection of what’s it within us that we need to recognize and work through. Therefore, it’s not in our body that will then manifest his pain and disease, we need to work through it. So every time you feel an emotion, allow yourself to feel it. And if you’re scared to it, you can almost trick yourself. Like if you feel sadness, and you’re like, I don’t want to go there. Watch a sad movie, listen to a sad song. But here’s the thing. You tell yourself. I’m doing this and then I’m done.

Yeah, like, I’m allowing myself to experience this bigger, what my lesson is, and then I choose gratitude. I choose positivity. And here’s the thing too, when somebody is in such dire pain, how can you be grateful for anything, right? So if you can open your eyes, you’re grateful to see if you can open your mouth, you’re grateful to speak, if there’s a blue sky above you, you’re grateful for this world. Like, that’s the thing is, there’s always something to be grateful for. And when you’re in that drench like that darkness, you have to focus on the tiniest, tiniest, tiniest things, but focusing on the tiny things brings so much more things for you to be grateful for. And now


Damon Pistulka  46:50

that well said Well said. And it’s and it’s why I wanted to have you on today, Nicole, because the positivity that you you exude and here, the the path that you’ve taken to find healing, it’s it’s great to see the sparkle in your eyes, the sparkle in your message, and and how you can inspire other people to, you know, just find, find their path and get out of the funk, if that’s what they need to do. So I’m so appreciative to have you on today.


Nicole Crowley  47:23

Thank you grateful to be here. Thank you so much for letting me share my story.


Damon Pistulka  47:27

Yeah. And it’s just awesome. It’s just awesome. And if people want to reach out to you, what’s the best way to find you?


Nicole Crowley  47:33

Well, since this is on LinkedIn, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. But All right, I’ll put my link tree down underneath because I have good grades and stuff like that.


Damon Pistulka  47:43

Very good. Well, awesome. Well, Nicole, so great to have you today. On the show. I just love listening to this. In like, like I said, if people have not gone through this, I mean, don’t let it Don’t let it stop you. Use your mind to help you continue moving forward.


Nicole Crowley  48:03

Yeah, definitely. Because everybody has magic within them.


Damon Pistulka  48:07

I love that saying I want to start using that because it’s so good. It’s so good.


Nicole Crowley  48:13

That’s my that’s my, that’s my whole goal is to raise the consciousness of the planet when one person chooses to be grateful or kind that overflows to the rest of us.


Damon Pistulka  48:23

It certainly does. Well, thanks for being here today. Nicole. We’re gonna shut it down for now. And everyone else. Come back again. On Thursday, we’re going to have Jeffrey Graham, we’re going to talk about a little bit different subject. We’re going to talk about multi channel e commerce sales. But it will be good if you’re into that stuff. Like I think some of you are, we’re gonna have a good time talking about that. So thanks, Nicole for being here. Thanks, again, and we’ll be back again on Thursday.

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