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In this week’s Exit Your Way Live, Matt Moody shared tips from his Relationship Sales position. Matt is the Vice President of Partnership at Big Leap. His company works in helping various businesses with their online marketing.  Matt is not your traditional sales person.  Matt in fact, does not do sales, Matt builds relationships that lead to sales for the business he works for.

In this week’s Exit Your Way Live, Matt Moody shared tips from his Relationship Sales position. Matt is the Vice President of Partnership at Big Leap. His company works in helping various businesses with their online marketing.  Matt is not your traditional sales person.  Matt in fact, does not do sales, Matt builds relationships that lead to sales for the business he works for.

The conversation began with Matt giving a brief introduction of himself. He resides in Pleasant Groove, a small town in Utah. A father of four kids, he is married for 20 years now. Moreover, he then talked about his Off-Road company and how that is his passion.

Matt further explains that currently, he works in relationship sales. Moreover, this means that he gets to hang out with the clients and get to know them and their needs. Then, if appropriate, he gets them connected to the sales team. Therefore, in this type of relationship sales, Matt has minimum sales work to do and he gets to interact with new people often.

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This is why Matt enjoys his job the most and he believes that his love for people really drives his success. Sharing his journey, Matt elaborated that in the first 12 months of his time at Big Leap he brought in 44 new clients by learning the company’s track record with clients and introducing it to new people.

After this awesome performance, he was offered to choose a job for himself and he chooses to do “relationship sales”. This job of his is simply building relationships that lead to potential clients, spending time with them, and then getting them in touch with the sales team as appropriate.

For Matt, sales are not surface level. He says that for making good sales one must know the client deeply. Their families and loved ones too. This is the key to good sales for him. Moreover, Matt also says that in this relationship sales, he likes his job to connect people with people.

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By the end of the conversation, Matt talks about great SEO companies that are based around the state of Utah. He further elaborated by saying that there was a company called Orange Soda which was later sold for $30 million. For Matt, to maintain a good SEO company, you need to create content with keywords and phrases accordingly. Only then can you maintain your site.

Furthermore, Matt and Damon had a conversation about his Off-Road Jeep business before ending the session.

Thanks to Matt Moody for sharing his time and knowledge.  Watch the video below for the entire conversation!

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Damon Pistulka, Matt Moody


Damon Pistulka  00:01

All right, everyone. Thanks for stopping by once again, to the exit away Roundtable. live with me today. I’ve got Matt moody. Matt, welcome.


Matt Moody  00:11

Thank you very much. I’m happy to be here. This should be fun.


Damon Pistulka  00:14

Yeah. Well, Matt, it’s the is interesting. We we actually met through a through a group in Salt Lake City and my partner’s in Salt Lake City and he hasn’t been able to attend but it’s cool to get to meet you and and to learn more about what you do. And when I heard some of the things that you’ve done in the past, it’s really interesting to think about that and where you’re at today, but and I was looking at your LinkedIn profile. We’ll talk about that a little bit. But tell us a little bit about yourself and your family, that kind of stuff. And then we’ll go from there.


Matt Moody  00:52

Okay. Well, I’m married. I’ve been married 20 years. For four kids. I live in a little town in Utah called Pleasant Grove. And I’ve been here 15 years in this home and been in Utah County. You know, by BYU, I’ve been here since the early 80s. I’ve done a little bit of everything in business. I’ve been a business owner many times I own a couple of small businesses now that we’re, you know, more of hobbies than really revenue generators. But I’ve got an off road company that I build jeeps for, for people. I build jeeps for myself, and then to go test them out. We go to Moab and other off road trails around here.


Damon Pistulka  01:32

I saw that.


Matt Moody  01:33

Yes, that’s super fun. It’s a passion of mine. I really do love the Jeep community, the people that are in the jeep community, and the things you can do in a Jeep, which are amazing. And then I’ve worked business, I’ve done business consulting had been an insurance agent. I’ve done PEO sales, which is a really complex, long, painful sometimes sales cycle. I did that for about seven years. I’ve I’ve owned a car dealership of my own, I had that for seven years. I’ve also worked at large dealerships, big dodge and Chrysler Jeep stores, I’ve worked in that in that space as well. I’ve done merchant services.

So I’ve sold credit card processing. And it seems like there’s 5 million people, those people calling every day to all businesses around the world. So if you’re a business owner, you’ve had those people call you in for that I apologize. It’s unnecessary service. It is it is it’s kind of like the you’re either getting a call from the merchant services company or your extended warranty on your automobile right is the ones that come in about every day. So but I’ve done a lot of things I work now as a vice president of partnerships for a marketing firm in Lehi, Utah.

And my job really is a custom tailored for me to where I just have to go out, hang out with people, I take people skiing, mountain biking, fishing, shooting, hunting, jazz games, RSL games, launch Top Golf, and I don’t talk to clients anymore, I don’t have a pipeline, I don’t have an accountability. So I’m in relationship sales, but in a in a secondary role to where these partners that I take out and hang out with and go have fun with when they have opportunities to descend to the company that I work for, which is an SEO and a content marketing agency.

They send them to me, and then I assign them to a sales team. And the sales team takes really good care of them. And I get paid as if I actually did any work. So it’s, it’s really good.


Damon Pistulka  03:41

That’s awesome. Because, you know, this is part of the reason why I wanted to get up because I hate selling right? I do. Everybody that is around me knows that he’s selling and I heard that this is what you got to do. I was like, Man, that would be my job. Just hang it out and talk to people and connect with people. Because as as we met, and we’re in these things, he could really tell that you enjoy people. And you’re helping people and connecting people. And we Yeah, and when you were doing it, you’re you’re telling me that you’ve I like helping people find jobs. Just Just expound on that a little bit. Just putting people in touch with it. Right. Yeah,


Matt Moody  04:26

it’s really funny that you mentioned that I just got off a phone call with one of our partners, and they’re growing. And he had a need for a new SDR and a new graphic designer. And five minutes ago, I made three introductions to my buddy over at disruptive advertising for those specific roles with very highly qualified people who are currently in the market for a new job. So I do have a pulse of a lot of different people of what their, what their talents are, what their skills are, what their interests are.

And then oftentimes when people get laid off Or they’re not happy at work or whatever, I get a lot of people that reach out to me and say, Hey, you know, I need a new I need a new job, this is what I’m looking for this is the type of income I need, or this is really what motivates me.

And then I’m able to connect those people with other people that I know. Prior to this job, I worked in a, in a business consultant role. And in seven years, I brought on 370 clients to my previous employer, to run their payroll to do their HR to their employee benefits, and their risk management. So I was an insurance agent. But I was constantly talking with HR people, and CEOs and the type of people that usually if you want a job at a company, you need to talk to an HR director or CEO.

So we got an extensive list of, you know, influential C level executives and HR directors that I that I can put resumes in front of all the time and I constantly undoing that and helping people. There’s nothing worse than not liking what you do for work, or being unemployed. Yeah, it makes it makes living life to its fullest and enjoying yourself in life. Very, very difficult if you are unemployed, or you hate your job. So I do find great joy in helping people find gainful employment. That’s, that’s better than where they’re at.


Damon Pistulka  06:17

Yeah, yeah. And I mean, that’s, that’s amazing, dude, you probably help. You’re like a miniature in bead. But you’re just like, You’re one person that’s doing it with you, you know? Yeah. What, what do you what do you like the most about what you get to do.


Matt Moody  06:34

Um, it really is spending quality time with people and creating experiences that are memorable for them. Whether that’s taking a group of partners, we took 11 partners up to a family private fishing ranch that we have up in Afton, Wyoming for three days. Or if it’s, you know, going mountain biking up on some of the most beautiful trails in the United States. So I get to go do things that are fun for me. But they’re all where the partners want to be. If that’s golf than a golf, if that’s just want to go to breakfast or lunch, then that’s what it is, if it’s Top Golf, great, I’ve got a platinum membership to Top Golf, we can go whenever you want.

If it’s present, so I’ve got I’ve got hookups for that with dogs and guides and, and everything we go do that if it’s handgun shooting, if it’s long wrist, long distance, rifle shooting or hunting, then I’ve got a context for that as well. So it’s that the best there might not is hanging out with cool people and being being remembered for the types of experiences we’re able to have together. Yeah. That that’s just not normal in business anymore. I don’t think I think a lot of people have relationships that are very surface level.

They don’t know what they’re, you know, the guy that I’m talking to it, they don’t know, the guy’s wife’s name, or the kids name, well, I’ve gone You know, and done stuff with the, with the families, I’ve gone in and hung out with people’s families and know their, you know, know, their families, what they like to do, and we’ll ask them about their kids next time I’m with them. And I have been blessed with with a couple of gifts. One is an exceptional memory. And the other one is a love for people. So the job that I have at big leap, my first year that I was at the company, I was there, I’ve been there two years now, the first year was actually in sales.

And so I came into that role without any marketing experience whatsoever, but with a deep Rolodex, if you will, yeah, people. And in big leap, this company had a really good track record of getting results for clients. And so I leaned on the track record of the company, and on my Rolodex and in my first 12 months was able to bring on, I think it was 43 or 44 different new clients to big leap without knowing anything about marketing. Yeah, not knowing nothing whatsoever. Yeah. So after 12 months of that, the CEO and the VP of biz dev came to me and they said, Hey, we really like what you’ve done for our company.

If you were able to change your job to being anything that you wanted it to be next year, what would it be? And I thought, Man, this is my chance to get out of sales. This is it. This is the only chance I’ll ever have. I’m in sales have always been good at sales. But this is my chance. And so I said, I want to get out of sales. I want to just run the channels. I want to be secondary to the sales team.

But I want to just provide opportunities for the sales team. And once they have those opportunities, they can close those deals. Yeah, I can and I can get paid when they close. So it’s actually worked out exactly the way that I designed it. And literally there’s no better job in the world for me. No stress. Not hard. It’s It’s perfect. It’s tailored perfect for me because I wrote the job description for myself. So it’s been great.


Damon Pistulka  09:49

That’s awesome. That’s awesome because you know, I think it will back up to because because you are literally doing what I forgot the name now. I remember it. But you are literally doing what fits your personality and what you really enjoy doing. That’s about it. Like you said, it’s not even work.


Matt Moody  10:12

Yeah, no, it is I don’t feel like it’s work at all. I’ve had a lot of job opportunities come my way. without, you know, my LinkedIn profile doesn’t say I’m looking or anything like that. I’m not on indeed looking for jobs. I don’t have anything like that going on. But I’ve had a number of job opportunities come my way. Over the last 10 years. Yeah. And I was very happy at my previous work, love the love the people love the job, love the work, love everything about it. I just got burned out with a Seven Year Itch I had been there seven years. So I guess that’s a real thing. Yeah, um, but I’ve had, I’ve had a lot of job offers since I’ve been a big leap.

And some of them been really, really attractive offers financially. And just go back to and say, Man, I’m working with some of my best friends. I really love the guys I work with, yeah, I get paid very well. I love the company, I think the service that we offer is something that companies need, and it actually helps them to be more profitable. So it’s not I’m not trying to sell a service that people don’t actually want.

Yeah. And the job that I have, the role that I have, is just no stress whatsoever. So I could go make more money elsewhere. But as money worth, at this point in my career is more money worth me being miserable on the day to day because you know, I’m just chasing the almighty dollar. And that’s not what I’m after. So,


Damon Pistulka  11:32

yeah, that’s cool. Because you’re right, because there there is that point in everyone’s life and everyone’s career where you just go, listen, this is, you know, this is a job that I really like, hopefully, hopefully, some people don’t find it. But you found that, and you’ve found that that you know, that combination of people and what you get to do on a daily basis and your personality, that really works for you.

That’s just which is super cool. Yeah. That and that’s part of the reason why I wanted it, because you just don’t hear this very often. You know, you don’t you don’t hear it very often. You hear a lot of people I go to work, and yeah, it’s okay, whatever. Yeah, you can hear it in your voice, that this is fun for you to connect people to help people and do it. You do what you love doing. For sure. Yeah. So the what we talk about interesting stuff you get to do. I think the first time we met was on a while back, but you had just broken a bunch of ribs in a minor accident. So yeah, there you get a lot.


Matt Moody  12:33

Yeah, I did some damage. So I’m on this trail up in midway. It’s a beautiful trail used to be my favorite trail before this crash. But now I have some hard feelings. Yeah, I’m riding this trail. And I’m with some partners of ours, some of these marketing companies that we work with. And I’m the last guy some of the most experienced on this trail, one of the guys had been multiple times another guy had never been on the boat, the other guys had not been on this trail at all. So I’m in the back. And we just decide we’re gonna ride this thing and not really stop. So we get about six miles into this trail, and I crash really, really hard. And I broke three ribs, and I popped my right lung, like in is collapsed.

So if anyone’s ever had, like you had the wind knocked out of you, this was the wind knocked out of me times 100. So I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t catch my breath. I’m actually get losing a little bit of my breath right now just thinking about it. And I, I couldn’t breathe. And I had seven miles still to ride to get to this trail. And my bike handlebars were all sideways. And I decided, Hey, I’m gonna jump on my bike, not able to breathe and lightheaded. And I can’t turn to the right very good because the handlebars are so bent. And I thought I was going to try to ride and catch up with these guys so they can help me out.

So I knew I was in really, really bad shape. Yeah, and I started riding down the trail. And I got to a point the trail where I needed to turn right. And I couldn’t turn right and I went off a cliff and fell about 15 feet off a cliff and landed on in some briars, some raspberry type bushes, very spiky. Oh, yeah. bushes and I’m on the side of this hill and rolling down the hill with my bike. And at that point, I just thought this is this is it. This is where it ends, man. I’m done. I have I have so much pain. I can’t I can’t carry my bike back up this cliff and the trail doesn’t go further down. I have to go across this mountain.

And I sit there for a while and I start thinking I’m like, Well, I could call my buddy Matt. I’ve got a buddy named Matt gallon who’s got a helicopter of his own. He’s like, Hey, dude, if you’re ever in a spot and you need a ride, call me I’ll come get you and I was like, I could call him or I could suck it up. Or I could call lifeflight because I’m I’m hurting. I’m dying enough. I’ve had a lot of kidneys. stones in my life I’ve passed 35 kidney stones, and those hurt are really a lot. They’re really bad. This was worse than kidney stones because I’m having to ride a bike on down a bumpy, Rocky trail switchbacks back and forth riding down the face of this mountain for seven miles.

Or I can just lay here and die or I could like try to make somebody drag me out of here, but I’m a 300 pound guy and that’s not going to go very well. So I stopped, I, I fixed my bike. And I rode slowly down the mountain to where one of our partners was coming back up the mountain he helped me out then I had a flat tire to fix the flat tire. And by the time we got out of there, it was dark.

So we wrote the last probably mile mile and a half in the dark in a trail that you know I’d been on a three times before. I wasn’t familiar with every turn, you know, switch back or turn or rock or anything. So I was in a really bad shape. I got home. My wife saw me she goes What happened? I was dirty. I couldn’t stand up straight. I was in a lot of pain. And I said well, I crashed my bike really bad twice. I said I’m pretty sure I’ve got broken ribs and I think I popped my lung and she goes well you’re going to the hospital right now and I’m like, ain’t happening. I’m not going to hospital. Hey, the hospital.


Damon Pistulka  16:18

Yeah, always,


Matt Moody  16:20

always want to avoid going the hospital because it’s expensive. It’s never fun. So I got the shower, I made myself some dinner. It’s about 10 o’clock. My wife covertly invited my neighbor to come over who’s an emergency room doctor. And he did his little saturation test on me I had good saturation in my blood for some reason still, I wasn’t you know asphyxiated or anything like that. But he did it did the stethoscope and check my breathing. He’s like Dude, you need to go to the hospital like right now.

And I’m like, I’ll go tomorrow. He’s like, you’ll be dead tomorrow. You need to go now so I went the hospital had surgery that night. I was in the hospital for two days and then came home and that was about six weeks ago that that’ll happen but feeling pretty good now I’m back in the gym I’m back lifting weights and everything so it wasn’t the end of the world It could have been but I’ve got I’ve got a lot of life insurance I think I’m worth more dead than alive but good guy


Damon Pistulka  17:20

yeah, you have to worry if the wife says now you’ll be okay yeah


Matt Moody  17:24

that’s good. If she argues against me going to the hospital that’s when I know I need to get insurance right


Damon Pistulka  17:30

you can turn dial it back a bit but yeah, I didn’t hear the whole story in that moment together obviously but that’s that’s quite a deal and you know it is it is you know it is interesting how when we hurt ourselves I’m bad number number of injury not that bad. But when you when you do that you just be this No, I still don’t want to go to the doctor. No.


Matt Moody  17:54

So ever wants to go to the hospital. I thought I’ll go to my family practitioner in the morning. He can help me out. But yeah, that’s a $25 copay. Not $5,000 like an emergency room visit cost. Exactly.


Damon Pistulka  18:05

Exactly. Yeah, yeah, it’s been a number of years ago, I burst a disc in my back. And that was that was about the same thing. It’s like you know, three weeks later, I finally went to the neurologist and I was in the hospital after that so



but it’s fun


Damon Pistulka  18:20

that they’re so the other thing that you mentioned too just because I love sports, outdoor sports you get me outside and I love it long distance shooting. So what you’re shooting and how what’s the what’s long distance to you.


Matt Moody  18:34

So long distance is about 1000 yards.



Oh god that’s cool.


Matt Moody  18:38

That is so there they you know they make these guns that nowadays that can shoot you know, even past that but 1000 yards if you can hit a nine inch plate at 1000 yards you’re doing pretty good.


Damon Pistulka  18:50

Oh god. Yeah, well,


Matt Moody  18:52

you know, you can hit it with a 308 you can hit with a 338 lapua you can hit it with a 50 Cal 270 you can hit it but it’s that’s you know, you probably have a 20 foot drop so your your scope is shooting here. And you know your gun shooting here and your scope showing here. And by the time it actually gets to the target. It’s it’s going to have a 20 foot drop. Yeah, me gets out 1000 yards so it’s that but that’s super fun to ring the ring the steel plate at 1000


Damon Pistulka  19:19

Oh, yeah, yeah, I’ve shot a beret. 50 had about 500 yards and I could squat other than you know you’re missing. You know, getting the dirt behind it as always but man that’s the thousand yards is long way long. That’s a long, long shot. Yeah, that’s for sure. Cool. Well, it’s it’s really it’s unique to find even ranges that are that big.


Matt Moody  19:44

Yeah, we’ve got we’ve got a lot out here. There’s a place called Wasatch winging clay where we go pheasant hunting and shotgun shooting. And they’ve got a long distance range out there that has a has a target every hundred yards for you know, out to 1000 yards. Wow, my buddy Rick Go into that place it’s a that’s a pretty cool place to go and just shoot movies. I got a handgun range, I got shotgun, all kinds of different traps shooting and, you know, sport sport trap out there. And yeah, super fun.


Damon Pistulka  20:14

Yeah, years ago a friend of mine and I we were, we were a we were gainfully employed, we didn’t have kids and we had a new sporting clays range close to us. And I think I had at that time I had a Ruger Red Label, and I bought it new that year. And I think by the end of the summer, it had about 4000 rounds through it. fell open bloke, we would go, we would go into the stores, and as many of the we started reloading and it was crazy, because, you know, reloading just took too much time. So then we went, Okay, let’s go to go to wherever we could go and buy just like literally shopping carts full of the shells. And all it’s a blast. That’s a blast.


Matt Moody  20:55

You got that done before you had kids because you don’t have time or money for that, right.


Damon Pistulka  21:00

Oh, and we’re talking about that. Now. You’ve got two boys and two girls, and you got your youngest is nine all his 19 men you got on it?


Matt Moody  21:09

Yeah, it’s busy. There’s no doubt the boys work really hard. They both have pretty much full time jobs. So they’re, they’re gone a lot, but we find time to go golfing or mountain biking. They do like to eat so if I ever want time with them, I just say we’re going to get a steak somewhere and they’re always in for that. So yeah, you cook a lot. I’ve had a lot of years of French cuisine training.

So I’m actually a classically trained French chef from a buddy of mine who owned a nice restaurant here in town so I attended classes about two and a half maybe three years of French cuisine cooking and I can always get my my son’s attention and his friends attention if I just make them a meal they’re always there to eat it and that’s that’s been super fun for me as well. And then I’ve ever smoker I got a trigger smoker. I am the pitmaster there with the smoker and obviously grilling as well.


Damon Pistulka  22:05

What’s your favorite? What’s your favorite thing to smoke?


Matt Moody  22:09

Uh, the favorite thing that I smoke that other people say should be my favorite is my brisket. Yeah, make a mean mean brisket. So do that. I did a tri tip last night. That was really good. smoked turkey was really good last weekend. But I’ll make I’ll make wings. I’ll make ribs. I’ll make anything. I love the barbecue. So that’s Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  22:31

I’ve got it. I’ve got a small I’ve got a small electric one. My wife bought me a smoking at one. It’s really nicely insulated and it’ll hold about a I don’t know about 15 pound turkey. It’s not a huge one. Okay, and it not being pellet or anything and just putting the chips in the bottom and living man getting used that thing and just coming back, you know, 1416 hours later if you’re cooking, you know, big pork shoulder or something. That that is that kind of meat smokers is incredible. Oh


Matt Moody  23:02

yeah. Yeah, I got I’ve got a big one I can cook. So I cooked a 22 and a 15 pound bird in mine at the same time. Yeah, or I can cook like four large briskets in it. Yeah, the turkeys. You know, they were in bands and everything. So that took a little extra space. But yeah, I’ve got a really big the pro select when i when i do stuff, I usually go whole hog, if you will. And by the biggest product nicest product I can find so


Damon Pistulka  23:32

yeah. Well it’s it’s funny that the other thing that you and I talked about, or you talked about briefly, I don’t know where to call some time is that you’re an MMA you trained in MMA. Yeah. And we got Michael Connor on here. He used to actually do MMA as well in Chicago. Yeah. And then another friend of mine, Jeffrey Graham was an MMA training MMA here in Washington so yeah, it’s it’s a popular sport you get in really good shape from it.


Matt Moody  24:00

Oh, you do for sure I am. I got into it cuz I’ve got a buddy that owned a gym. And he’s all Hey, we need a big guy to come and throw around you. you qualify. And I was like, perfect. So I got into it. When I started I was about 310 pounds. And I was rolling with you know big, other 300 pound guys and you know, boxing with them and with them and doing jujitsu and all that kind of stuff. And I actually got to really liking it.

And I did it for about two and a half years and I was the heavyweight training partner for a gym here in town called throw down or also the pit elevated. So Randy Couture owns the pit in Vegas. Yeah, it was an affiliate gym of his up here in Utah. And they call it elevated because we’re at about 4200 feet above sea level. So you kind of got that high altitude low oxygen thing going on, and had had a lot of fun doing that. It was it was good. Good Times met a lot of great people and good Friends in that in that sport? Yeah, I’m good. That’s a it’s been a number of years ago. I think I got out of that about 10 years ago. But while it lasted,


Damon Pistulka  25:09

well, yeah, I mean, it’s one of those things that I’m sure it teaches you a lot of different things about yourself. In addition to getting in really good shape. Yeah. Because there’s there’s very few sports like that where you’re just going to be, you know, rustling around and smacking on each other a little bit try Yep, just training or whatever you’re doing it. It’s a it’s a different thing to do. I can imagine. So


Matt Moody  25:32

yeah. And I never really had the the desire or the fire to get in the ring and actually go test myself and want to maybe die or kill somebody. You know. I know some people that’s what they’re really they’re really after I was just in it, because I had some friends that were doing it. I thought it was fun. It was a great way to get some exercise. I was always sore. My neck always hurt my arms, my shoulders always hurt. It’s one of those things, you just get it you’re gonna get beat up. And it’s hard on the joints. And it is what it is. But I enjoyed it while it lasted for sure.


Damon Pistulka  26:08

Yeah, that’s cool. That’s cool, man. Well, you know what, what you do now with big leap, I mean, big leaps, a cool company, I when you look at helping the companies do the SEO, as they will and won’t mention am and specific. But you guys are really helping them. Some of these companies that are very well known that people with wood, street names are, you’re helping them get millions of views a month. Yeah, look at these things. And you don’t, I guess you don’t really think about Utah, Salt Lake City. And one of the best SEO companies around?


Matt Moody  26:50

Well, there’s a lot of great SEO companies here in Utah. One of the biggest ones that kind of started things off here as far as the, the industry in Utah was a company called orange soda. Soda was a big company, they got sold to a like an at&t affiliate company out of Wisconsin or something for like $30 million, maybe 12 years ago. Yeah, that sold a lot of people who were high ups and really understood SEO.

here in Utah, left orange soda went started their own agencies, they got their money, their buyouts, whatever, they move the they move the corporate act, Wisconsin or Minnesota and, and they started these agencies, that’s what happened with ours. big leap was founded at that time, oh, and was here.

There’s, you know, 97 floors here, there are other good SEO company. There’s, there’s quite a few good SEO agencies here in town, we feel like we have the best client, you know, list of all the SEO agencies here in town when we’re working with a lot of Fortune 100 companies that are household names. Yeah, one. And they see us, they see us as an extension of their team, really an extension of bandwidth and extension of expertise. They all have large marketing teams, but they don’t want to do the content strategy.

They don’t want to do the backlink acquisition, or the all the technical side of things, you know, putting in the h1 tags, the meta tags, the title tags, the canonical is all that real, super boring stuff. marketing teams want to do all the super creative and what’s seen what, how a brand is seen in front of the world, they want to do that stuff, and they leave the kind of the janitorial side of SEO, up to us to do because we do it very, very well.


Damon Pistulka  28:31

Yeah, yeah. That’s cool. And you’re exactly right. I mean, the the big companies have the marketing people that want to want to think about oh, this is the way the ads are gonna look. And this is where they’re gonna go. And you guys are are like behind putting that foundation in, you know, when they those ads go out the right people see him? That’s right.


Matt Moody  28:51

Yeah, yeah, we’re creating the content as well. So we’re reading people’s blog posts, or we’re writing white papers or ebooks for them, landing pages on their website, answering questions, what what consumers are actually looking for, to make sure that when our clients services are out there in the in the ether, and people are looking for what they do that they actually get found, because there is plenty of content, keywords and phrases that they rank well for, because of our efforts that they actually get business from it so


Damon Pistulka  29:23

well, that that is that is really the game now. I mean, the pay per click market has changed so much in the last last even five years. Yeah, that’s going crazy, trying to even compete in it. And if you can do it with SEO, you’re oftentimes far better off in the long run.


Matt Moody  29:41

significantly less expensive. Yeah, just playing the paid ads game all the time.


Damon Pistulka  29:47

Yeah. Well, you


Matt Moody  29:48

actually own that space instead of just renting the space for as long as you’re willing to pay for those ads. So hundred percent,


Damon Pistulka  29:53

hundred percent because you got to be even if you’re going to rent it to the beginning you have to build out behind it to get to get your long term. durability for your company that’s for sure. Yep. Oh, it is it is interesting because you know it I just say again it’s changed the landscape has changed so much and COVID this year and that the rise of the the revert not rebirth but the you know, just the exponential growth of e commerce this year as only made it more challenging and pay per click world I think. Yeah, but yeah, that’s very cool.

So, Matt, with with that, you know, one thing that comes to mind when I Well, first of all, I got to ask you about your jeeps. I know I talk a lot about this stuff and not much about work stuff, but what’s the coolest Jeep that you ever built?


Matt Moody  30:45

So with with two friends, one of them being a body shop guy, he always wanted to build a what’s called a brute. Yeah, and so I went to an auction and I bought a vehicle Wrangler Unlimited that had been wrecked in the back. And so I got it a way way cheap price. This was a probably a two year old Jeep Wrangler that had some pretty significant body damage.

I think I picked it up for about eight grand on the six a six cylinder, four liter six speed manual transmission black, and I knew I was cutting off the last six feet of this vehicle anyway, so all the body damage in the world didn’t mean anything to me. And we took what’s called an American expedition vehicles kit, a brute kit and the high Fender kit. So we replaced the body on the front, everything in front of the firewall. And then from about the middle of the of the Wrangler door, back was all replaced with a truck bed and a cabinet enclosure. And all that body work all the parts and the bodywork alone were about $15,000 just to make it look like a truck.


Damon Pistulka  31:51



Matt Moody  31:52

And so Jeep used to make a truck and





Matt Moody  31:55

yeah, I wanted to truck that no one else had so I made this really super capable off road truck called a bruit and had about a six inch lift on it had the tummy tuck kit on it all the underbody armor on it had 37 inch big toys on it a worn winch in the front ARV front bumper and lockers, gears, trip four to one transfer case, ah, an onboard air systems. When I aired my tires down, I didn’t have to drive all the way to a gas station to air and backup. I had my own compressor and tank. I had underbody lights so I could go off roading at night. This was my baby.

And I loved this Jeep. And when I had my own company and had this Jeep, that was great, because I didn’t have to drive it for a daily driver. Yeah. In oh eight no nine. It was a little bit of a rough economy and people spending money on this kind of stuff anymore. So I sold off all my auto end of inventory out a little car lot had about 45 vehicles at a time. I sold off all my inventory except for that Jeep that I loved and my wife’s car. And I got thrust into this business development position.

We’re driving like 2000 to 2500 miles a month. Oh god. $8 or eight, eight miles per gallon on this Jeep. I’m driving all over Heaven, you know, and I yeah, I’m spending more money on gas. I probably like 1200 bucks a month on gas. Yeah. Anyway, it was awful. It was. Well, I had to sell it. Yeah. And I got a car that uh, you know, I bought a Hyundai Sonata. So that was that was a very real moment for me going from my favorite vehicle I’ve ever had to a 37 miles per gallon Hyundai Sonata? That was not a happy day.

Yeah, but let’s go. Yeah, I mean, you could say you had it you did those kind of things. And that’s that I mean, the experiences are I think in life are things that we remember the most those little niches in time that you remember. And then and the experience of building that is really cool for you. It was super in it, it drew in a lot of traffic. We had people coming in from all over the place, they drive by my car lot and see that truck and they’d be like, what in the heck is that? I got to see that. they’d stop in and I’d sell them a different Wrangler.

Yeah, I save your money together. We can do this conversion for you. And everyone was like, yeah, yeah, yeah. And it never happened. No one ever talked to their wife into putting a $20,000 mod on a on a Jeep Wrangler. But I was the only one that got that pulled off. So


Damon Pistulka  34:28

Oh, well. That’s great. That’s great. Well, man, it’s cool to talk to you. I’m glad we had a chance to get to know each other better. And like I said, it’s, it’s interesting to see and get to talk to you a little bit more, learn more about you because I think back to many, many years ago, my grandfather used to listen to Zig Ziglar in the car and he said, Man, if you help enough people get what they want. You’ll have everything you want. And when I think about you and the job you do with the relationships that you get to build, it must have to feel like that for you. You


Matt Moody  35:00

It definitely does. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  35:01

It’s so cool. It’s great to get to meet you, Matt. And and if somebody wants to get a hold of you, Matt, what’s the best way to do that?


Matt Moody  35:09

Well, I think since we’re on LinkedIn, and I’m on LinkedIn, and they’re on LinkedIn, obviously if they’re on this this show, we did reach out, they can reach out on LinkedIn. All except and we can we can set something up, we can put something on the calendar and just chat.


Damon Pistulka  35:24

Very good.


Matt Moody  35:24

I appreciate you making time and having me as a guest. This has been fun. I was a little nervous at front at first. This has been just supernatural and just just having a conversation with a buddy. So yeah, it’s been great.


Damon Pistulka  35:35

Wow. And you’re you’re an interesting guy. You make it make it easy for us. Make it easy, Matt, awesome to have you on everyone else. Thanks a lot for being here and watching us again. And we’ll be out until the next time. Thanks a lot. Very good. Thank


Matt Moody  35:52

you very much, guys. See you.


Damon Pistulka  35:54

Bye bye.

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