Retail Solutions Provider

This 50+ year old retail solutions provider used the EYW Advisors to return the company to profitability, completed a project that doubled revenues, and redesign the business to provide industry leading flexibility and pricing. This resulted in selling the business to a strategic buyer.

Overview of a Retail Solutions provider

• This 50+ year old retail solutions provider enjoyed a nationwide footprint and a long history with major industry customers.   The company supported national footprint with eastern/western manufacturing and distribution operations.

• The ownership had appointed a new executive management team to operate the business while to pursuing strategic acquisitions but, the new executive team mis-managed the business resulting in a swing from profitability to a significant loss.

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• Exit Your Way Advisors were approached by the ownership to manage the turn-around of the business and operations of the company



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• EYW Advisors and the owners aggressively pursued key objectives to eliminate waste and inefficiencies in the business and return the company to profitability.

• EYW Advisors lead the efforts to streamline the business operations, redesign product lines and facilities to reduce product costs while increasing the production efficiency to facilitate market leading customization and delivery.

• EYW Advisors and the owners rebuilt the management team capabilities to successfully operate the business.

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• Within 9 months the business was back to the profitability prior to the executive team changes. (200% improvement)

• The business process and redesign efforts reduced order processing time over 60%, manufacturing space requirements by 50%, and the cost of products over 20%.

• The company was successfully sold to a strategic buyer.

• The owner received a ROI of over 16X on the work.


Damon Pistulka

Business management, value improvement, business sales.

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