The Story Behind the Beard & Why it Matters

This Business Round Table by Exit Your Way® topic was "The Story Behind the Beard & Why it Matters". We had the pleasure of talking to Matt Crump executive Life Coach and all around awesome person.

This Business Round Table by Exit Your Way® topic was “The Story Behind the Beard and Why it Matters”. We had the pleasure of talking to Matt Crump executive Life Coach and all around awesome person. Matt and Damon open by talking about about when Matt was in the military and his experience in Germany as the wall fell.  Then they discussed Matt’s love of Music and he mentioned a time when he saw Pink Floyd in concert with hardly anyone their to see them, which is unheard of. Damon and Matt go on to talk about what kind of cars they like and how Matt use to build his own cars.

Matt talks about how he bought a music store in 2008 from one of his friends that he sadly had to sell in 2015 due to being diagnosed with cancer. “It was one of the hardest things I had to do, it took me months to finally say to myself that I’m going to sell this”, said Matt.

They then talked about the battle that Matt’s had with different types of cancer for the last years and how while the battle has been hard fought his faith, his family, and his attitude have gotten him through it to a point now where is has been told he is cancer free.  Many people may not know that Matt told God that he was not cutting his beard until he was healed.  Now he is rethinking that decision.  We will see what happens with that.

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For his company MCM inc Matt helps people as a life coach to overcome their biggest life obstacles so that they can regain freedom and reclaim a purpose to create a meaningful life.  In his work with executives he uses the hard lessons learned from business and battling insurmountable odds to show his clients they can lead a life of abundance and happiness.

One of Matt’s take away’s from his career is too follow your passion’s when it comes to work and too always shoot for  overcoming obstacles in your life. Understanding contentment with your own life will help you appreciate value in all aspects of life. Matt Crump is a man that helps people be happier, more successful and enjoy a fuller life.

His experience is priceless and this video merely scratches the surface of his awesome personality!

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Thanks to Matt for sharing his time and life experience.

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Damon Pistulka, Matt Crump 


Damon Pistulka  00:02 

All right, everyone. This is Damon Pistulka with the zinger way round table. Thanks for stopping back again. Today with me, Matt Crump. Welcome, Matt. 


Matt Crump  00:16 

I am so glad to be here, Damon, thanks for having me. 


Damon Pistulka  00:19 

Yeah, it’s awesome to have you mad some in a long time coming for you and I had to get on video together and talk about some stuff. Well, first of all, Matt and I normally go on about three or five maps but a little bit internet trouble. He’s working off his phone if we have trouble. Just want to let everybody know that we’re gonna. We’re going to reschedule if we have to, but hopefully we can get through it get through some good stuff, because I’m sure that we got enough for two times if it if if we have a little little down today, so yes, Matt. Awesome to get to talk to you a little bit. You know, we have a you’ve got a heck of a story. You’ve got a heck of a story. And I don’t know how many people know it and AD AD. You know, when you when you go back back to the to the beginning what you can see on LinkedIn. You were in the military. 


Matt Crump  01:14 

Yeah, yep. I was I served in the United States Army. Yeah. Back Back about 100 years ago. I was, uh, I joined the army in 1986. And by my second enlistment, I was in the Berlin brigade. Yeah, it was a really awesome elite opportunity to go to place like that and to be a part of some history that was I’m a history buff, so to be a part of something that that massive was important to me. And little did I know that by the time I got there, within a couple of months, the Berlin Wall was coming down. Well, that’s, 


Damon Pistulka  01:51 

that’s, that’s why I brought it up. I saw that and I read about it more in the time here, there. That’s how to be in a criminal appearance. 


Matt Crump  02:00 

It was amazing. It was really awesome time. There was so many things going on at that particular time. I have so many different perspectives. One thing that really stands out is that Pink Floyd came to do a concert there, the wall. And you would think that that would have been packed out, right? Like, I thought that was gonna be like just elbow to elbow people. But it turned out to not be such a big deal. Not that many people showed up. It was crazy. 


Damon Pistulka  02:29 

I still remember paying for a Mile High Stadium. Denver was like in 2000. I went there. I was on the 50 yard. It was freaking incredible. It was incredible. It was absolute. 


Matt Crump  02:42 

They’re still amazing. 


Damon Pistulka  02:44 

When they play money, and the music went around in that stadium. I thought my head was gonna explode. It was incredible. Nothing like it. Nothing was amazing. 


Matt Crump  02:55 

And you don’t even have to be hired. If it sounds like 


Damon Pistulka  02:58 

it’s crazy. It’s crazy. He’s crazy. But anyway, I’ll go a long time. But it is it is something that’s for sure. 


Matt Crump  03:05 

Very cool. It was very, very blessed to be able to be a part of that history of this. Yeah. Not. in general. 


Damon Pistulka  03:14 

Yeah. Yeah. That’s really cool. All right. All right. Well, being in there in that time, that time in your life had to be interesting, especially I’m sure you weren’t. You were a young man at that point. And there are a lot of things to do. Oh, that’s cool. 


Matt Crump  03:29 

Yeah, I joined the army when I was five. So yeah. 


Damon Pistulka  03:33 

Yeah. Like most of us, like most of us. 


Matt Crump  03:37 

That’s right. 


Damon Pistulka  03:37 

That’s good. Yeah. Well, you know, the, the the interesting thing and I don’t know people really understand is, is you you’ve got a history of being a business owner. I mean, you’ve had a couple different businesses and in Amato them and sold them all this kind of stuff. And tell us a little bit about that. That’s Uh, 


Matt Crump  03:57 

yeah, I’ve always been a Business guide and at heart when I went to high school, I left in 10th grade to go to a vocational school where I started marketing sales and services. And that was a great two years of my life and our senior project, we had to create a business plan and create our own business. Yeah, so I had I had it all mapped out and planned out. By the time I was 17 years old, which was pretty amazing. I made some pretty, pretty bad decisions of my life, and I i detoured a lot of those plants from happening right away. But I’ve actually got back around to it. So yeah, I’ve had several businesses and it’s been quite interesting for me to be able to apply some of my my gifts, talents and abilities into those things as I’m a singer and a songwriter and graphic designer. And, you know, like I said, musician of sorts as well. So, you know, I’ve been able to do different things plus I’m into cars. I’ve been in cars for a long time. So one of the first business was in the automotive world and Had a detail shop and a fast little bit of things but it was really just a blast to be able to have 


Damon Pistulka  05:06 

yeah so so let’s let’s just get right to the point. Okay, two things are you a GM Ford or Mopar guy? 


Matt Crump  05:17 

I am I’m definitely not I guess I’m more Chevy than Ford because my my biggest build was a 69 Camaro Super Sport that’s my dream car and I built one I loved it. And then you know, I’ve had a few Ford’s but they all fall apart so I didn’t keep the Fords. Yeah, I did keep my Chevy’s. My my greatest gift that I have right now sitting downstairs in the garage as my 1938 Studebaker state commander. 


Damon Pistulka  05:49 

Um, yeah. That’s, 


Matt Crump  05:52 

it’s, it’s it’s a nice one. It’s a nice it’s all done. It’s an it’s a beautiful car. I wanted a Studebaker, just because I’m I really love the lawn. I’m a history guy. Right? So Studebaker was really around before Ford was, yeah and Studebaker what was the luxury stuff going on? And I mean, they were in the the carriages and whatnot before they made automobiles. And they were in the luxury carriages. And then when they did cars, cars and automobiles, they were doing some great vehicles, but they’re way more expensive than what a Ford had at that point. Yeah. And the only thing that or did better than then Studebaker was the assembly line, of course. But Studebaker actually already had something that Ford did not have. And that was dealerships had dealerships all over the place because they were already selling carriages. So they had no problem bringing cars into that kind of scenario. But you know, Henry Ford had deal with that, that assembly line and that changed everything. 


Damon Pistulka  06:47 

It did. He really did. Well. That’s cool. That’s cool. So I knew I knew I liked the Chevy guy. Yeah, yeah. Like oh, yeah, yeah. Well, I’ve been I’ve been a GM guy forever. Even though I do i do i do think lately it’s there’s some differences in the pickup lines but yeah i’m i’ve got there’s a couple that I’m actually really fond of. It’s one of them’s a 59 Impala because I really liked the big wing off the back whatever reason they look kind of weird but I just you put one of those in black and there’s only three colors three colors for cars in my mind. red black gray don’t care about it. Yeah I’m old school when it comes to that palettes 


Matt Crump  07:33 

are quite they’re quite unique. That’s a different body style for the in pallets a beautiful piece. Yeah, yeah. Parts four parts four. 


Damon Pistulka  07:42 

Yeah. Oh, yeah. No doubt about that. 


Matt Crump  07:44 

No doubt about that, like a 72 to now because 70 kudos they look a lot like 69 Camaro to me, but yeah, 72 I said if I had to go Dodge, I’d go 70 CUDA, for sure. 


Damon Pistulka  07:54 

Yeah, well, you know, those dodge Daytona is you get those up about as fast as they can. They feel like they’re gonna fly in you’re close to death anyway so it’s it’s we don’t they aren’t made to go that fast but there are there were fun car that’s for sure. Yeah, good stuff. Well I could talk about cars for a while that’s that’s that’s neat that you had you had that stuff I mean that’s that you know there’s there’s some people that are our age and some of the younger people not to you see that really been able to turn it into a nice business and lifestyle and that’s, that’s cool. So you went you were doing the car stuff. Then you had you had a Tell me about your music business. That was pretty interesting. 


Matt Crump  08:35 

Yeah, absolutely love it. I mean, that’s my heart and passionate music. I’ve been a singer songwriter for years. So I had an opportunity. I’ve been a pastor for all this time and, you know, in between all this stuff, so it’s kind of Yeah. and friend of mine had it had a little, little tiny store. He was trying to do a music store and he had a flower store and he’s got all these other things at one time and he kept To our church and started playing music with me on the on the team and eventually told me he had this music stored. He’s gonna go ahead and probably just dump everything and put it on eBay or something, put it in his garage and I said, Wait, what do you mean? You got what he said music I said, Man, so I talked to him about it went down and looked at everything. And I asked like, Oh, no, I mean, I’m the entrepreneur, right? So I walked in that store, and I’m like, I see the Taj Mahal of music stores in this little 1000 square foot space, right. So I, I saw, I said, I gotta have this. So he made me He made me a deal I couldn’t refuse. Right. So I had to go home and tell my wife I had asked for forgiveness, really. I was like when I bought a music store. So it was it was a great opportunity. And it took me a little bit of time, but about 10 years I had that business. And the only reason I had to really stop and of course, I went through 2008 with that music store and still survived. Yeah, but by the time I got around to 2015 You know, I first got in cancer, we talked about that a little bit and in 2011, but then came backstage for 2015 and I knew it was going to be pretty, pretty hard fight. So between the economy and and the cancer, I had to let the music store go, which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. In my life, I it took me months to finally say yes to do it. I I kept saying I was gonna do it. And then finally I said, I was gonna do it. And it was just, it was horrible. Not to mention the way I went out a whole nother story with hiring a company that I would never, never do again to put me out of business. They put me on a business. Alright. Yeah, it was quite an experience. 


Damon Pistulka  10:43 

And that says too bad. But it had been an interesting ride while you’re in it. You know, 


Matt Crump  10:48 

it was fun. The best part for me was, you know, obviously I wanted to have a business that made money but I was more I was more having I was more interested in people. and meeting the needs of the people. I mean, you know, one of the neat things Damon is having having some little kid come to the music store for the first time grabbing their first guitar, their first hitting their first drum do the first thing coming to their first lesson and you see those eyes get so while you’re thinking, I’m the guy that they’re never gonna remember, but I’m the guy that sold this kid his first whatever or her first whatever, and they’re gonna be playing their lives. I got to be a part of that. I mean, how amazing is right, 


Damon Pistulka  11:29 

yeah, yeah, that no doubt had to be added to be quite a thrill. It’d be quite a drop. 


Matt Crump  11:35 

And of course, you got some old timers that want to come back and say, Boy, when I was when I was in my days, I used to play guitar back in the day and then they come back, get their guitar again, start all over again, the whole it’s amazing how music can just do so much for life and there’s so many ways to express yourself and enjoy it. You don’t have to be a rock star to have fun with music, right? That’s the best thing about us. It’s supposed to make you have fun. 


Damon Pistulka  11:59 

Yeah. I always 


Matt Crump  12:00 

tell people say buy buy ukulele nobody can ever see somebody play ukulele and not smile. It’s like you see a little 


Damon Pistulka  12:09 

guy can’t play. I learned a 


Matt Crump  12:12 

ukulele Damon all you need to do is move your finger around a couple places you write a song. 


Damon Pistulka  12:17 

I want to write that down because that it’s a this year 


Matt Crump  12:23 

titled, tiptoe through the tulips. That’ll be your first song. 


Damon Pistulka  12:26 

Yeah, yep, that’s the last one. Everyone knows that ever seen ukulele been played? That’s for sure. Right? I’ve got I’ve got musical kids. My wife sir. My wife was musical, but I have no musical ability whatsoever. So I can appreciate but I can’t participate. So that’s that’s my idea. 


Matt Crump  12:45 

I think you can just play radio that’s about it. Oh, 


Damon Pistulka  12:47 

yeah. That’s good at that. I’m good at that. So anyway, that’s awesome. Because I mean, you know, like you said, Your, your that that is really you follow the passion in both your automotive business and then your business. And really, after being a pastor to during that time the musical influence was was kind of cool as well to be able to, to do that while you’re while you’re doing the pastor. 


Matt Crump  13:13 

Oh, tell you, there’s so many people that come into church as a result of the store, it was a gateway to door to church folks would find out more. They like me. They like what I was doing, and they’d start coming to church, and we’d be having a good time. So it’s just a great opportunity for connections and people, that’s for sure. 


Damon Pistulka  13:27 

Yeah. So tell me a little bit about that. I mean, how does one decide the pastor? What was the deal that you said, I need to I need to go out there and do that. 


Matt Crump  13:42 

Yeah, I think, you know, that’s an interesting question, because not everybody that’s a Christian is called to be a pastor, that’s for sure. Yeah. It’s no surprise that I like to, I like to open my mouth. I’m always passionate about something. So when I gave my life to Christ, You know, I’m, I’m the guy who was who was standing on the street corners tell people about Jesus like that. For real, like I would go to speak corner that tracks I’d be on their color buddy, right? So there was just no way to stop me from from engaging with people it was just the right way for me to go. And it was a I was blessed to have a lot of people in my life that helped to pour into me to mentor me disciple me in that aspect. I decided, you know, one of the things while I was in the military, when I got out of the military, I was planning on coming back in as a chaplain. So when I got out, I got out to get my my M div and in theology and biblical counseling, which I did, and then I never end up going back into the army as a result, I stayed stayed here in the military town. And, you know, I’ve been a civilian pastor the whole time, but, you know, it’s just been one of those things that I felt like I was called to do. Never did. I think that was gonna be what I would do when I was younger. I wasn’t, you know, I was a Christian. So, you know, being a pastor was nowhere on my list. And, you know, I figured most pastors are millionaires. So I might as well be a pastor have a big fat, cushy life and just sit back and do nothing be on vacation all the time. Right. So, it’s been it’s been a great joy. Obviously, it’s been a it’s been able to this there’s work involved. You know, a lot of people think pastors, maybe all you do is read the Bible and pray or something like that. But imagine having everybody’s problems being now your problem. Everybody dumped on you, and expecting you to give them some kind of counselor answers that that makes sense. And then at the same time, I don’t have any problem myself, right. Yeah. 


Damon Pistulka  15:44 

Exactly. Like it was that movie like? Go ahead. Go ahead. Sorry. 


Matt Crump  15:49 

Yeah. That’s right. Bruce Almighty. Yeah. Yeah, it’s like 


Damon Pistulka  15:54 

when you’re saying I was flashing back to me that time when he the email started coming up, he’s like, Oh, it’s not so bad. You know, it’s like, 


Matt Crump  16:03 

it’s true, it feels like that so much. I mean, it’s just, there’s no OFF button there supposed to be. But it’s very hard to be able to understand how to implement that, that discipline, which is really a lot of things that’s helped me in my business life as well to know how to do certain things. I think that that answering that call has helped me to, to learn some balance, not always, at some age and some cancer disease has helped me with some of that stuff. And then some, some wiser people in my life have helped me But yeah, it takes takes a little while to learn some of those ropes. 


Damon Pistulka  16:36 

Yeah, yeah, that’s for sure. Yes, for sure. So let’s talk a little bit about that. Let’s talk a little bit about your battle with cancer. I mean, I I you, you’ve had some good news recently. Let’s talk about coming up to the good news. You know, you you’ve been through a couple times, you’ve had a few things and, and you know, it’s it. To put it mildly and unlike a grain of sand Compared to the Sahara mildly, yeah, you’ve had some challenges there. 


Matt Crump  17:06 

I’ve had problems yakka bumps well just like I said, originally going back to about 2011 is when I was first diagnosed with cancer, and actually came as a result of me having a hernia had a hernia had to have surgery and the hernia got botched up. So I was referred to Duke to have another surgery because it was really bad so they needed to fix it really good. Yeah, so when I got there from from my consult for the whole thing, my wife was always on ami about these spots that were on my back and and I never paid attention to it because I don’t really stare at my back then often yet you but and then you know I’m a pigheaded husband and just kind of blow stuff off and whatever I whenever I go to the doctor later, so we get there and this doc was examining my wife so we just please Look at him and she said, Oh, yeah, we uh we can’t do anything till that’s taken care of. And within a week I was told you cancer and we got to go in for surgery right away so all this stuff started went down really fast for me. So that was a one year process of surgeries and and healing and then that I had to come back for for my hernia surgery on top of that to say a couple surgery, what period of time and the one thing hindsight I can look back up now during that period of time 2011 is that they didn’t really know much about the type of cancer that I had back then. was pretty, pretty, pretty new. Still it was melanoma but it was it was metastasize. It had metastasized, fully gone in my lymph nodes. Yeah, but they didn’t really do a lot of work on me at that period of time, which didn’t make a lot of sense then now. Yeah, I understand some of that done differently. So I was given a kind of an all clear. And of course we were praying and believing God For my healing art stuff so then when they said go we felt that of course we are. I am I mean, that’s God here we go right. And then 2015 I was getting ready to go on stage and sing. And right before I was get ready to sing I started coughing up a little bit and I felt you know, tightness in my chest a little burning sensation. I felt like maybe I had a cold Come on or something like that. And I started coughing up blood. Mine never coughed up blood in my life before so I thought okay, this is not cool. It’s maybe I got pneumonia or something or I just think it tuberculosis something all kinds of things right. So within a matter of couple days because I didn’t go right away cuz I’m still the stubborn idiot that I am. Yeah, go within a couple days. See my buddy who’s a PA and he checked it out and he says, Hey, man, I’ve looked at this and I think you’ve got some some bad pneumonia. We’re gonna put you on this actually, it wasn’t my friend. It was a another associate there, put me on z Pak and said come back and seven days. So we did that. Nothing changed at seven days still got a blood still go back. That’s when I saw my buddy. And he said, Man, I’m looking at your x rays right now, bro, you need to go back to Duke and I said for pneumonia? He said Nah, man, I think your cancers back I said what? He was 100%. Right. I had had lung cancer at that point. But but that’s the interesting part. That wasn’t where it started. I was already stage four. I was starting to I had it in my adrenal gland, about my kidney wall area, my muscle wall by my leg, then that traveled to my lungs. So I’d already had three or four different tumors. So I was immediately put on treatments, trials, radiations, all kinds of stuff I had gone through. That’s really when a lot of stuff started happening to me with the store. And within that period of time when I made the decision to shut the store down 25th Yeah, yeah. And within two months of shutting the store down, is when I was medivac, to the hospital with a bleeding brain tumor. And yeah, have them brain surgery. Yeah and not shut the store down. I would have had been medivac to the hospital had emergency brain surgery took me almost three months to get over that brain surgery. like three months late up at the house. Yeah, I don’t know how a business having a hard time without its owner could have done Who? Who this business relied on me way too much. Yeah, I have a lot worse condition with my store my life then had, you know, I had the chance to shut the store down at my own. My own desire my way, you know, a little bit. Yeah. It was a tough time. But I mean, God has a way of working things out and yeah, I had the time and the space to heal. I didn’t have the pressure of worrying about the store employee stock. Everything else, you know, that kind of stuff. So, yeah, it was it was a wild time, that’s for sure. Yeah. And I’ve still had you know, ups and downs and just had another brain surgery three months ago from carrying stuff that happened my brain again, but the good news is that We were saying here all that bad news to say the good news is right now, the last test says that the cancer is all gone from my brain, my PET scan shows clear my body that things are looking pretty good right now. So that’s pretty good news. I am a cancer patient for life because of cancer. I have pretty volatile so it could flare up at any time. But, you know, my faith has been believing that God’s gonna heal my body completely. And I think that we’re, we’re finally seeing seeing that catch up here. It’s taking a little while but we’re finally getting to that space where I think we’re about to catch a break here a little bit. 


Damon Pistulka  22:34 

Yeah. Well, I tell you, why didn’t when you when you listen to people and you hear their stories like yours. mindset makes a difference. mindset faith in what you’re, what you’re doing makes a huge difference, because you can’t. You can’t tell me and people may debate this all the time. But do you think if you didn’t have the deep faith that you had, and you would be here today. 


Matt Crump  23:05 

I know I’d be dead. Yeah, yeah. Even just even if I was just negative about it. 


Damon Pistulka  23:10 

Yeah, that’s what I mean, there. There’s nothing out there. Yeah. 


Matt Crump  23:16 

And I can’t tell you that there weren’t times that I that I was negative. There’s times I wanted to give up and throw in the towel. There’s several times I wanted. Oh, 


Damon Pistulka  23:22 

definitely. Yeah, I’m sure I’m sure. 


Matt Crump  23:25 

Yeah, it’s just a tough, tough experience. You know, I’m still going through problems right now that I have a lot of physical ailment problems my quality life is horrible, you know, but you know, there’s times that you have to there’s way more positive and that than negative that Yeah, the negative mindset to give up I want to die. I want to throw in the towel. I could care less about surviving anymore. You know, I had way less of those thoughts than I had. I’ve got to make this I’ve got to survive You know, I’ve got a family I’ve got children I’ve got people in the world care about me need me there’s things I forgot to call on my life about things I need to do. You know, those types of things will be what motivate me Yeah and you know the chance for me to share with people my face my hope my healing my my drive my excitement my desires, right? Yeah you know it’s it’s like back to my drug days it’s like crack my soul that I really do that because it gives me gives me well wants me living my purpose but yeah to help other people do that is is amazing so it would suck to be dead and not be able to two years 


Damon Pistulka  24:31 

yeah i mean i think i think that’s the the one thing that I see from your story and I get from your story and I hope I hope anyone listening or anyone that meets you does is and really gets to understand it is that you’re here for a big you know you got things to do. And that’s been that’s not it’s why you’re here today. It’s why we’re talking today there’s there’s things that you have to do and you have a story to tell and you have people to help and I think that’s, you know, anytime we’ve talked They get that feeling I understand that’s why you’re here. And when, you know when we heard about your, your little bit of challenge you had here recently it was it was, you know, it was not easy again but you know you’re with us here today and I think that’s there’s a reason for that. And yeah when i when i get what’s that? 


Matt Crump  25:20 

Yeah there’s no doubt. 


Damon Pistulka  25:22 

Yeah, my hearing is horrible. That’s why I have to ask once in a while it’s like, ah, at least it’s on my good ear that my speakers at so I need to use headphones you know? Yeah, that’s for the military too. But anyway, the But no, I think that’s that’s it’s a testament to that that there is there is a calling and you found your passion and you know, it’s it’s through your life you the different passions may have changed a little bit, but it’s all around when you think of the theme behind this. It’s helping people, right. It’s helping people as Yeah. As as a as a helping people in enjoy their their hobby in a car enjoying music and your music store in finding finding their faith as a pastor. And now we turn into the the part of part of your life and career that I think is is exciting for me. And I hope that people listening is saying for them too, is as you help people on their journey as a life coach, or an executive life coach, and there’s talk a little bit about that, and what you’re doing there now. 


Matt Crump  26:30 

Yeah, I mean, you’re right. It’s the same same ingredients, just a little different flavor, right, I can have a different chance to be able to provide things into people’s lives that, you know, from my experience, you know, I’ve lived I’ve lived up a long life already, and I’ve had a great lot of great opportunities which have helped me to learn many different things. I have a long way to go still, but I have a lot of life experiences. I tell people this, I sure know what not to do, and I can really help you out. No, don’t go there. That way for sure. I mean, I can I got books on that one. So, consequently, that’s obviously learning how to do some things the right way, I would hope that I have the ability to share that with some folks, you know, so, from my drugs and alcohol to my military times from leadership stuff from building churches from, you know, building businesses from having hundreds of people under my employment, that’s great at times, I mean, my design, my graphics, my creativity, all these things like to do, there’s so many things there that I’m like, how, how is it that I cannot give some of this stuff to people, I feel like I’m supposed to take this to the grave, I need to get rid of this stuff while I’m here. So the greatest opportunity I have is to be able to share that with people in their businesses or their personal lives and, and help them to learn some things maybe in a much better way than than I did. And been able to develop some tools and, and some opportunities for people to learn things different ways, you know, yeah, that process. That’s what’s fun for me. 


Damon Pistulka  27:59 

Yeah. Yeah, and I think IRA Bowman said something he said hindsight is 2020 and I think for for people that lived a little bit of life, that’s that just that hits home a lot. We’ve had to learn a lot of things. And yeah, right. Yeah. So it’s 


Matt Crump  28:16 

making 20 more years from now. 


Damon Pistulka  28:18 

Yeah. Exactly. Exactly. And you know, it’s, it’s a for a lot of people and I don’t know if it is for you. Aging is fun for me. I really enjoy it enjoyed every stage in my life and I don’t know if it’s been like it for you, you know, younger, wild or crazier, that had a ball but as I’ve gotten older, I really enjoy the the serenity of breaks, I guess of anything else. Yeah, you still get you still Yeah, there’s no doubt. But but once you just get that there’s just a different feeling that you get I think that’s it. It’s pretty fun, and to be able to help people like you said, 


Matt Crump  29:06 

but thinking about getting older I used to, I used to get mad at my grandmother we would go out to eat and she’d always order coffee with her dinner right but but she would complain at the coffee was cold or it was this morning, and I was getting so mad like just drink the coffee right now. Now I’m looking at I’m thinking, Wait a minute, I I asked for this coffee that I’m paying good money for. And I want good coffee. If it’s cold coffee. I don’t know. I’m the guy. send this back and bring me some new coffee. What? Yeah, leave it. If I take the money for it, I want to pay for Oh, grandma. 


Damon Pistulka  29:48 

That’s a hilarious one there. That’s hilarious. That is for sure. 


Matt Crump  29:54 

Right and we learn a thing. I think it’s important to understand value and then to appreciate value as well. You know But it doesn’t come easy. And you know for folks our age our grandparents that served during the World War Two era Yeah. And the the type of people that were back then, man, the men and women of that era, really the backbone of our country. And the able to do you think about these guys at World War two that were 1819 years old, yeah, dying and are coming home and starting families, these little 800 square foot houses and living there for 30 years or whatever. And they appreciated the value to everything they had they had a church suit. They had a some a pair of pants for work, they had a few shirts they had right but oh my lord, look at us today. So, you know, I think there’s something to say about value. As one thing that i i think that that’s one reason why I get angry sometimes that I think the word value gets played out so much on social media and places like our lovely LinkedIn, people talk about value, value, value. I’m thinking, do you really know what value means? Yeah, that’s value, right? So I’ve learned to appreciate value and, and I want to if I say that I want to provide you a value, then I want to make sure myself before you even get that value that that’s real value. Yeah, I mean, why would I offer you something that’s junk? Right? So, but yet not everybody thinks that way these days. Yeah. 


Damon Pistulka  31:26 

Yeah. You know, it is you bring up a subject with me that I think about a lot. It’s as I was fortunate to be able to my grandparents, you said to and i think that you know, living in my growing up in the Midwest on a farm. My grandparents obviously were farmers, and I can remember thinking, why does my grandmother have 40 wonderbag old bread bags in the drawer and all the little plastic you know, whatever your thing or the end of the red bag clothes in the twist ties and everything like that, you know, the just the thrift and and trying to use everything to the maximum is really really was incredible that that that generation shows but and and when I think about that and I look at anything in one of the things that that it brings you back to right now is a lot of people get down about stuff. And when you look around, they can be down about their life and almost everything’s horrible and they’re sitting in a room watching a nice television or they’re you know, least not a semi full belly there inside of a structure. Lots of good around them every day. And when they start if they don’t start with understanding that you’re always going to be wanting and if you’re always wanting you’re never going to be satisfied, and and I understand you should be hungry to be to be better and all those kind of things. But we also have to be I believe is we have to be more You have to be more. 


Matt Crump  33:04 

It’s contentment, I think learn to be content with what we have. Because I mean, we can be satisfied. I mean, that’s a big, big word. But I think contentment is a place where you’ve understood, we understand value. Yeah, I’ve said to my kids, sometimes my kids have grown up in a digital world, they don’t know anything about that kind of, they don’t know anything without a cell phone or with an internet connection. They never have. It’s, it’s completely foreign to them to think of it differently than that. Yeah. So contentment is a, it means something different to them. So, you know, with people of the of the Arab, I’m talking about, like with our grandparents that are all you know, most of our grandparents are gone now. You know, how many more stories are we going to get from those people? How many more emotional things we have from them? How many examples Do we have from them if they’re gone, so it’s up to another generation that’s closer to that generation, that’s gone to hopefully interjects some of that into our culture or Guess what? Yeah. Matt, imagine the teenagers of today being the next presidents and, and yeah isn’t without Oh my. Yeah. So it requires some some loving direction. 


Damon Pistulka  34:17 

Yes. Kelly Robinson mentioned gratitude and daily practice of gratitude. And I think that’s, that’s one of the things that that you know, if we can do do that, it definitely helps because the 


Matt Crump  34:31 

becoming so so. So habitual that doesn’t mean anything anymore. A lot of people can say gratitude and all that kind of stuff, which is fantastic. And I know Kelly and I know she means well, but my point is, is that it’s really easy to to say that but it becomes a check the box kind of thing. Well, I got to make sure I say these things. Do these things today. Thank you for this Lord. Thank you for that. Or maybe some people even say God, thank you for this. Thank you for that. I appreciate this. I appreciate that. you’ve checked the box. You go on with your day. That’s not real gratitude. Yeah, it’s important to really understand how to hold on to those things. And that’s, that’s where you talked about with the Wonder bags. The twisty ties, right? Yeah. What wasn’t that your grandma was cheap is that they they had they understood the value? Yeah, maybe. Maybe they’re a little cheap sometimes you have. But you know, it came from came from from good understanding of what what they could lose. Yeah. And yeah, it’s hard today. Today’s today Well, here I go again, those young people today those young folks. I’m saying that right now, I just caught myself God. Yeah. But it’s true. there’s a there’s a difference. There’s a big difference. And, you know, it’s so important for us as leaders and entrepreneurs, mentors to be able to fully explain, explain and express, you know, the why behind the things that we do and and all the We may be crazy old people, you know why? Why are we living out those things? We are what what makes it important, you know, and to be able to share that with people in a, in a compelling, loving, powerful way is is very important. 


Damon Pistulka  36:17 

Yeah, yeah that’s for sure. That’s for sure. So you’re, you’re you’re doing life coaching now as part of what you do. So right. explain that a little bit and kind of kind of, you know how you’re helping people that way you know, you live in a life of abundance, I believe is what what we were talking about. 


Matt Crump  36:37 

My my 25 cent statement is this that I help people overcome life’s obstacles so they can achieve the number one goal and live a life of abundance. Yeah, what brought me to that point. And, you know, it’s just a quick sentence, really, but it took me a long time to come up with that sentence because I really wrestled with it a long time. But everything that I’ve been through In my life, it comes down to me being able to overcome life’s obstacles. It’s down to me to really achieve my number one goal, it really comes down to my understanding of abundance and in in abundance. Maybe when I was, you know, 25 years old, I thought abundance was like I could be a millionaire one day. But now abundance means to me that we can live life debt free, that we’re content, that we’re happy that it’s not bad to have nice things. But, you know, we don’t have to have an abundance and excessive things, right. So, you know, I’ve learned so, for me, abundance means a whole lot more. So I like to teach people about a few things. One, if you can overcome life obstacles and forget everything else, there is no life purpose, there is no number one goal, just this non stop roller coaster of crap. And, you know, we’re all going to experience it. But if you have the right tools to be able to get through that crap, then it’s easier to get to the other places, and what you may think your number one goal is It may or may not have been a goal, after all, might have been just a, you know, pipe dream or might have been something that was actually part of something bigger and you realize, wow, I don’t believe in myself enough to think that I actually can achieve that goal. So instead I’ll settle for this one. Yeah. When in all actuality you may be able to shoot for the stars. Right? If you don’t believe yourself, you don’t you don’t have faith in who you are. You don’t have something grounded bigger than yourself, something bigger than yourself. If you don’t think that you have the skills, talents and abilities to do something, well, you’re going to get what you believe for nothing. You have a choice, right? So it’s important to learn those things, I think overcoming obstacles achieving that number one goal and experiencing a life of abundance for me. That’s I think, where it’s all at, and that’s why I love to be able to pour into people’s lives. 


Damon Pistulka  38:45 

Yeah, yeah. And you are that is 100% it’s so true, that people look at these goals like you know, I want to do this, but I don’t I don’t think I can. So I think I’m gonna try to shoot for here and say so it’s like 


Matt Crump  39:05 

I can say it that way they just, they believe it on the inside. They don’t say out loud and they want to embarrass you or me, but they go there and it’s like yeah, you can do better. Yeah, 


Damon Pistulka  39:17 

yeah I can that’s an interesting thing. And well being through it myself. I mean I there’s a lot of times when you look at it and you go, I just don’t know if you can and and you know, it takes some help once in a while, it takes 


Matt Crump  39:33 

and in a business like yours with exit your way. You know, it goes one of two ways. One is the exit your way you can sell this thing and make some good money retiring and go to Hawaii. Or, you know, you’re gonna have to finally get rid of this dream you had to have this great business and and shut it down. At least. At least you can go home with some toys and maybe pay a few bills. Instead of Everybody is their brother and having a miserable life. Right? So it goes a couple of ways. So during that period of time, you get to do a lot of coaching yourself. It’s a lot of helping people get through some some horrendous times I had that I had to lean on somebody to help me to go out of business. Yeah, I, I, I knew what to do. But, you know, there’s just things that I had a hard time letting go of because it was my baby. It was my things, right. And so it’s like when you’re, you know, is in the military, and I have to jump off things that aerosol don’t cut stuff. So when I first did rappelling, I was in this big tall tower, and I was on the edge of the towers great to go off my first time. And it’s all it’s all man stuff. That point you’re like, everybody’s all, you know, to somebody first time, and I’m sitting on the edge of this thing. And I’m looking down. It looks like it must have been the Empire State Building. Yeah, but we were maybe 30 feet up. I mean, that’s tall, but it wasn’t massive, right? So I’m hanging over the edge of this thing. And I looked at the guy in front of me and I said, Hey, dude, You’re gonna have to kick me off of this right now. And he said, what I said, Just put your foot in my chest. And he said, okay, he pushed me. And when he did, I mean, as soon as I was off the edge of that thing, it was the best moment of my life. It felt so good. But just getting off the edge, just leaving that place to take that leap was the hardest thing in my life to do. And somebody just given us a kick in the butt to get off that thing. And, and then you realize, wait a minute, this is kind of cool out here. I won’t do that again. Yeah, 


Damon Pistulka  41:36 

yeah, that’s that’s, that’s a great that’s a great story and a life story first for you, but it’s a great it’s a great thing for people to think about. Because often we the only thing that stops us in I don’t know how many percent much of the time but a vast majority of time is our mind. Yeah, it’s the only thing that stops us. Because when you look at all the things that We can’t do or we think we can’t do. And you really take them back into, Oh, I can’t do that I can’t do this. It’s, it’s you’ve built up walls in your mind and people like you can help, you know, tear those walls down and show people that a step at a time and you can get there. And that’s the cool thing about about the life coaching and the things that you help people with. 


Matt Crump  42:23 

That’s what I love about it. And, you know, I’ve been through enough other coaches in my days of trying to, you know, coming from a pastoral background, I mean, I’ve been coaching for years, but to really go into a life coach business, rural where I’m in, you know, now, I wanted to get some different type of training than I’d had in the past and want to learn some different things. And I can’t tell you how many times I was disappointed by by coaches and companies out there there were just there strictly to rip me off. Yeah. Yeah, he didn’t care about me. They cared about being the double comma club they cared about, you know, Tell us about their yachts and the toys, no this and that. And the other. They didn’t give a crap about me. Yeah. And I was, I was highly disappointed in some people. And I never want anybody that I have in my life have to go through something like that. It ever is ridiculous. And they get charged these astronomical fees. I paid some stupid money I’m telling you, right. Yeah. And they people get paid this money. And I’m thinking, how could you sleep? 


Damon Pistulka  43:29 

Yeah, I mean, 


Matt Crump  43:30 

you know, you know, where you don’t give your address out? Because people will come and kill you. Yeah, it’s just some people out there. So anyway, I like to provide value to people that that are part of what I do, that’s for sure. Well, I don’t feel like you know what comes 


Damon Pistulka  43:48 

and you have a history so 


Matt Crump  43:49 

they get all of me so 


Damon Pistulka  43:50 

yeah, yeah, they get all you and you have a history helping people though. I mean, that’s, that’s the thing that that I think, really makes unique, unique. People and yeah, there’s other people that help people and other things like that. But when you look at your history, and helping people follow their passion and being a pastor and the years that you’ve done this, and then your own struggles through through the difficulties that you’ve had, medically, it just where you’re at today is where I believe you’re meant to be. And I think that that your life in all of our lives, really, it adds up to be where we’re at today, good and bad. And it’s all in all, it turns us into where we eventually in our minds want to get if we if we keep moving forward, and I think you’re you as being a life coach now. You’ve had life experience of many lifetimes in your life. And I think the business, the business, the the just the life experience and everything else, it gives you a credibility. In an experience level that you can share with others that many are not even going to hold accountable to. 


Matt Crump  45:06 

So, it’s a blessing. It’s a it’s a price you pay, you know, and I’m grateful. I’m grateful that and like he, like he said a minute ago that hindsight is 2020 I mean, I wouldn’t go back then, you know, for some things, but, ya know, you’ll learn some things and there’s, there’s great, great lessons in life if we’re willing to if we’re willing to listen, and I nowhere near tell people this all the time we say this at our church is that, you know, for me as a follower of Christ, I am a follower of Christ. I am not a perfect example. I’m just a living one. 


Damon Pistulka  45:46 

Yeah. Yeah. And that’s 


Matt Crump  45:47 

all I can say today about all that stuff, you know, and that’s why I love Even my business consulting stuff to me and life coaching, business consulting, it’s all the same to me. It’s like, I can either do a one on one thing or it’s a group thing it might be at a business it might be somewhere else but to me it’s all the same it’s like we’re all people and we have to learn how to work with each other right so yeah and I learn a lot of things that that I think are pretty awesome be able to share with folks and you know I’m passionate about servant leadership so then it comes down to businesses you know if you’re not not a good structure of leadership and servant leadership if you got some some tyrant jerk at the top then forget it No wonder your numbers suck. I wonder if people are miserable at work or quit you know I mean, there’s there’s reasons for everything. 


Damon Pistulka  46:31 

Yeah. One if you’re helping the leaders get did their their life straight or their purpose in life straighter, whatever you’re helping them with, then they can begin to do that with other people. And sure, and don’t really 


Matt Crump  46:47 

think What do you mean nobody else thinks the way I think? Yeah, sorry, but you don’t have it right, Bob. Let’s back up here. Yeah. Everybody hates you. Let’s go. I’ve got a list by the way, sorry. 


Damon Pistulka  47:03 

Yeah, I got it from everyone. They handed it to me on the way in. Yeah, 


Matt Crump  47:07 

I got the first five minutes. Yeah. 


Damon Pistulka  47:11 

Yeah. But I think that’s that’s a it is it is because you can get them, get them in the right place so that they can begin to lead others in the right place. And that’s, that’s, that’s so important. You just won’t get there. And, and in business today, it’s so critical to have everyone’s mind in it. Because if you don’t, then you’re just going to miss out because that’s where the real goal is that the golden business is not to have people reporting to work on time is to have their minds coming with them to work. When they get there are written by 


Matt Crump  47:57 

Kj Wong, he would say to be present, right? Yeah, so it’s, it’s important to be present. And although being on time is important, yes. But at the same time, if you’re a person who gets the job done, then there’s there’s grace when stuff like that happens once in a while, right? Yeah, come on. Yeah, time was a while, but man, you sure did hit a home run this week, you know? I mean, there’s ways to do things and still be successful, right? I mean, I think that there’s a big difference between I don’t think I know, there’s a big difference between perfectionism and excellence. Yeah, and I come from a background personally of perfectionism. I’m a recovering perfectionist, I guess that’s a word. And, and I’ve been learning excellence, the past, you know, 10 years or so in my life. And I I’ve arrived in some areas and I’m way way off in the distance of arriving at some others but you know, it’s it’s not healthy to be a perfectionist. It’s not healthy. There’s no such thing as perfection. Not In business, none of the world we’re living in right now. But there is an opportunity for excellence. Yes. And excellence is, hey, look, I can make a mistake, but if I do the best I did and the best I can give it all I’ve got, then that’s great. Yeah, you just keep up for the stars. But perfectionism cuts you off at the knees. Don’t give me a chance to do anything. 


Damon Pistulka  49:20 

Yeah, it’s it’s a it’s a fallacy. Perfection is a fallacy. I mean, it really is and, and that when you talk to the best people or or really, really good people in their field and whatever they’ve done, every one of them has failed 10 times more than the or hundreds or thousands of times more than the average person because they’ve been willing to fail and keep going and write my Geoffrey Graham you always say like this or does still say I shouldn’t say that word that way. But he says, You know, I had to suck a lot to get this good. And it’s the truth. It’s the truth. And when when you can instill that into a leader that they’re, they’re trying to shoot for excellence. And they can do that with their, with their organization or even in themselves. They understand it’s a process, it’s a process we have to try. so that we may fail. But we’re going to give it our best effort, we’re going to give it with it with the knowledge we have, and we’re going to move forward, if we fail, we’re going to learn we’re going to get up and we’re going to go again. And and that’s, that’s the way that the best get better in in business. I mean, the competitive nature of business today doesn’t allow for people not to not to be thinking this way in their business and stay in business long term. That’s my philosophy. 


Matt Crump  50:40 

Oh, you’re right. Yeah, Lord knows into the business world. I mean, you can’t you can’t sneeze and get in trouble these days. You know, it’s just so many things that are people are looking to find out there’s a lot of faultfinding and nothing is actually you know, valid in some areas, but then It gets to the point where you get so used to faultfinding that you go off the deep end, and now there’s no one that can do any good. So then you just go back in this whole perfectionism thing, even though you think you stand for excellence, but then you’re really a perfectionist, because you’re, it’s just crazy cycle. Yeah, that you have to get out of there has to be a balance. There has to be a standard, there has to be something there. Right. And I think it’s important for any business, any person to have, have, you know, some kind of a foundation, some kind of a goal, some type of a standard in your life. The whole statement, is he you have to stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. 


Damon Pistulka  51:37 

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, and and you know, and one last thing that I that I was going to just talk about briefly is is you know, it doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, I see people and I talked to him and they said, Well, you know, I’m I’m really not there. Where are you where you’re at now? where you’re at as a starting point, it doesn’t matter if you’re here or you’re here or there or there, you’re at your starting point is different for all of us. take the next step and that’s all you really can do 


Matt Crump  52:13 

to make anybody any better than anybody else, it just means we’re at different places, 


Damon Pistulka  52:17 

different places. That’s it. That’s it. So well Matt, it’s it’s been awesome talking to you getting to know you a little better. And I just, every time we talk, I just enjoy it. I enjoy it. And I really love today being able to talk about your background and where you’re at today and it just just makes me feel good to see you here with us today and then in being able to follow your passion like you are. 


Matt Crump  52:42 

So it beats the best Hospital in town. 


Damon Pistulka  52:47 

Yeah, and you you definitely know where that’s at. And I keep that in my mind and hopefully I never have to know that. 


Matt Crump  52:55 

I hope you don’t either. 


Damon Pistulka  52:56 

Yeah. The if people want to get a hold you They can get ahold of you on LinkedIn, Matt Crump on LinkedIn. And it’s Matt Crump. And and Did I miss anything there? 


Matt Crump  53:11 

No. My other site from my my ministry in my book which the books called God’s got this. And I website is God’s got this dot love and we could talk about another time this book right here, but I’ve just been working with another fellow recently and turns out we’re going to be doing a second edition of my book and doing a new new release here very shortly so I’m pretty excited about that. 


Damon Pistulka  53:36 

That’s right. We were talking about that and I missed that I didn’t I got my notes, but I just I was talking to you and yeah, so not all right. I was I was gonna stop and then I almost IRA Bowman brought it up said love the beard too. So tell us about us and we haven’t heard your decision. I haven’t heard your decision yet. 


Matt Crump  54:02 

Yes. So we’ll make it really long story short, basically, when I went stage four was a pretty round round about the times that my mother in law actually died of cancer as well. And I’ve always had some sort from birth not because I’ve always had some kind of facial here since I’ve been an adult. And I decided that, that one of the first things that cancer typically does in anybody’s life that goes through cancer treatments and radiation and chemos and treatment, all that kind of stuff. First thing goes is your hair. So I decided that I was going to grow my beard out, let it grow as much as it could, because cancer wasn’t going to take my my beard it wasn’t going to take my life. And whenever I’m 100% cancer free is the decision that I’ve made that I’ll be the one to choose when this comes off, and it will be me that takes the hair off my face, not cancer. So you know, the family past few months I’ve been contemplating whether or not it’s time for for the old follicles of freedom to become a bit more freer and possibly cut back a little bit on my beard. I’ve had a hard time with that because I are quite attached to me one of the fleet what people don’t know is I’ve actually last week I cut six inches off the bottom of this beard you can’t even tell it’s so long but I did cut sixes I was I give myself a trial run I did it my I was like, Oh my god, I can’t believe I just did that. Oh, my my thought my standard faith has always been to believe God for my healing. Isaiah 53 five says that by his stripes were healed and I believe God’s my healer he didn’t give me cancer in the first place. So I felt like once I was finally in a position in place of saying that cancers gone and and of the last tests we’ve been having, things are looking a lot more positive. So I felt like is this the time for me to To fully engage with my faith and say, let’s go let’s cut her off and say I’m done with this cancer battle, right? So I’ve been I’ve been playing around with that here lately. And, and making some decisions on whether or not I’m gonna do it so you’ll probably see stages is I’m always gonna have some kind of a beard I love yes, it does get I’m I’m tired of it being really long actually sometimes just gets really in the way and my wife hates it with a passion. So yeah, you know, if I ever want to kiss my wife again, I might have to cut it off. 


Damon Pistulka  56:32 

Yeah, that’s kind of important. It’s kind of important 


Matt Crump  56:36 

for her or to feel feel, you know, cared for. So I might need to take this off. 


Damon Pistulka  56:40 

Yeah, well, is that 


Matt Crump  56:43 

no, I might go Who knows? We’ll see what happens. You know. Yeah, it’s been four years but for all people on LinkedIn, they don’t know anything else but the beard. So yes. And I put a video out about it. That’s a little little more eloquent than what I just shared. But it’s on LinkedIn about the story behind the beard in my youtube channel too, but 


Damon Pistulka  56:59 

yeah, yeah. 


Matt Crump  57:00 

It’s coming close to the time where, uh, maybe maybe cutting it back or off one of the two. 


Damon Pistulka  57:06 

Yeah, that’s I I can imagine that’s a that’s a hell of a decision for you 


Matt Crump  57:11 

is it’s tough. It’s tough. I think I know it sounds dumb. But buddy, I’m telling you what I’m having a hard time with think about parting with beard. Yeah, you know, as well as I knew it’s one heck of a marketing tool. 


Damon Pistulka  57:23 

Yeah, yeah. 


Matt Crump  57:25 

Nice. The beard. Cut this thing off. guy. I have no idea. 


Damon Pistulka  57:30 

Well, we’ll have to wait and see what happens Matt, you know, it’s 


Matt Crump  57:36 

Yep. Just remember no. I know probably wait until I’m done with the second edition book because it’s still nice to have the beard and with all my stuff, but I may have already taken pictures have been done with that though, to see. 


Damon Pistulka  57:49 

Yes, yes, we’ll be looking forward to your second edition coming out and the other stuff from you your your frequent poster on LinkedIn with your videos and others is a very inspirational and I know people love to see those. And like for anyone listening, if you haven’t connected with Matt Crump, get connected to him, follow him on on LinkedIn and also check out his YouTube stuff does a great job there as well. Matt, awesome, senior. Thanks for stopping by and talking with us today. As usual, love it. And I look forward to talking again in the future. 


Matt Crump  58:25 

Yeah, I’m so grateful for you, buddy. Thank you for letting me be on the show today. Appreciate it. 


Damon Pistulka  58:30 

You bet. You bet. We’ll talk soon. Yes, sir. 

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