Fitness When Working Out Remotely

This Business Round Table by Exit Your Way® the topic this week we talked Liz Jones about your overall physical health when living in quarantine, working, working out remotely. Liz is a Wellness Coach, holding various fitness and coaching certificates, with the recognition of Personal Trainer Practitioner with CIMSPA and with the Yoga Alliance. She specializes in Wellness Coaching, Group Exercise and Personal Training.

This Business Round Table by Exit Your Way® the topic this week we talked Liz Jones about your overall physical health when living in quarantine, working, and working out remotely. Liz is a Wellness Coach, holding various fitness and coaching certificates, with the recognition of Personal Trainer Practitioner with CIMSPA and with the Yoga Alliance. She specializes in Wellness Coaching, Group Exercise and Personal Training and helping people working out remotely.

Liz opens up the round table by talking about how she was very into sports during her secondary school and college careers. Liz joined the military after college and she said it made her stronger physically and mentally. Not long after when she left the military she became a fitness trainer.

The round table then talks about how since the start of Covid-19, the fitness industry really took a hit when it came to profits and overall customer attendance because people could not go to the gyms. Liz talks about her job has as a trainer has changed with all of the covid-19 rules and her not being able to help people with their work out by getting close and being hands on with them. Other clients she has she works with them over Skype or Zoom and she said it changed from people being on a really strict schedule to to working out remotely with her whenever they want.

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Liz then talks about what she did to make sure she was still making money by training people in fitness. She thought of many ideas that she knew weren’t going to work because of the effect of COVID-19, so she came up with the idea of making a website that allows people to contact and connect with her when it comes to finding a trainer so they can be working out remotely. She explains that ever since she made this website she is more successful with her personal training job since she is able to reach clients working out remotely from all over the world.  Expanding into virtual training has allowed her to help a lot more people than before and make her much more accessible.

Thanks to Liz for sharing her time and knowledge about how much the fitness industry has changed and how to adapt with it.

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Damon Pistulka, Liz Jones, Andrew Cross


Damon Pistulka  00:00

All right. All right, everyone. Welcome once again to another episode of the exit your away Business Round table. I’m really excited today. I’ve got Andrew with me here. I also have a special guest today. Liz Jones. Liz is an online wellness coach and Liz is our first global guest. She’s coming to us today from London, England. Is that right?


Liz Jones  00:32

That’s right.


Damon Pistulka  00:33

All right


Liz Jones  00:33



Damon Pistulka  00:36

walk at night, and I’m trying to be you know, I’m not funny in the first place. So, but glad to have you here, Liz. Good. Thanks for inviting me. Yeah, yeah. Well, Kelly Robertson from Panna Knows introduced us a while back and we talked a little bit and, you know, you’ve got it, you’ve got an interesting, interesting career, I think we can talk a little bit about that. And then, you know, we’re working a little bit because you are in the fitness industry 2020 it’s been a crazy damn year for for people like you and working out remotely. And that was the the thing that stuck out from our conversations before is, is that you really had to go one way or the other way the other way. And now it’s kind of settling in maybe a little bit more, but it’s an interesting story. So when when you were when you were in college, were you intending on getting into fitness? or What did you really think you wanted to do coming out of college?


Liz Jones  01:36

And she goes further back. So you know, when you’re out of primary school, so in your in junior school, about six, seven years old people go, what do you want to be your personal trainer, I didn’t want to be anything else. But it was my life. And it literally, like you’re crazy. And so yeah, it’s actually what I wanted to do. And even going through school, I was obviously an international team, British team, and different events, different sport, all the school teams. And captin did a sports at uni everyone just knew I was into my sports. And, and of course going into my 20s went a bit deviated. But ya know, it was what I always wanted this gym. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  02:21

That’s cool. That’s cool. So So I’ve got your profile here. So so you, and I didn’t look at what your degree you got. But, but so. So then tell us a little bit about your early career then. So what did you start out doing?



Well, when I was 16, I got a job in pizza. It was, you know, the casual job, you know, and where are you not developed up and became manager and even got offered a deputy manager role? Yeah, about age 21, I was offered deputy manager. And in fact, I’ve like, I’ve done this for five years, you know, and I got head hunted a customer came in was like, I love you, I love your energy, you want to come and work for me. So I went from a company that dealt with the military. This is how I started in the idea of going in. And, you know, kind of it was great, because, you know, I went to an office role. After nearly two years, I went, What am I doing? I’m doing fitness I want to do sport. So I left that I went to work at the leisure center. So I’m back and obviously doing the fitness things and things like that after having sort of a couple of years break. And then after two years in leisure kind of going receptions not for me, you know, the minute you know, I’m a bit bored. I joined the movie. And it was a left the military that she became a trainer and sort of put it like the world’s emotions over.


Damon Pistulka  03:47



Andrew Cross  03:48

Yeah. You got experience there then in the military specifically for



Yeah. Well, I did I complete a scientist. So I did my officer training. So one year’s training, so yeah,


Damon Pistulka  03:59

nice. Right. Yeah. Yeah.



That was awesome. And difficult. Yeah. Yeah. It literally to be tested physically, mentally, emotionally, you know, but then you also have all the joys You know, there’s obviously you know, the team you’re with and all this. There’s so many pluses as well as the challenges. And would I change going? Certainly not. Would I tend to have gone either spent a bit longer preparing, maybe, or would I have planned to go sooner? Because this is a funny story. I literally just went and bought my job. What do I do? Oh, my office. I’m gonna go in. I literally walked in the army office and just walked in there. Six months later, I was on the price. Great Santos going, ah, smoky here then. And so it was literally a five second decision. going on, but what do I want to do? What’s my next job? Right? What am I going for? And then I walked in the army office and was I just passed my test and went straight in.


Damon Pistulka  05:08

So, wow, that’s a cool decision.



It’d be impulsive at times. But you know, it’s kind of, I kind of went, I need to do something. big change one day. Oh,


Andrew Cross  05:26

it’s always interesting to hear how business owners get started into doing that, too. And I don’t I don’t think what you’re saying, is that crazy, really, because some people just know they have to do it. And then they get to that point. And they just say, you know, let’s, let’s, it’s the tipping point, right? Let’s just stop here. I mean, I’ve got it. I got to start doing what’s best for me. Yeah. And this is where I belong. Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, there’s a lot of reasons not to do it. So


Liz Jones  05:56

no, his arguments not to do. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  05:59

I think to that, what what a lot of people that have not been in the military don’t quite understand. And you said a couple things here, when you’re doing it, the team you’re with, and being mentally physically emotionally challenged, like, like you are in the military, when they talk about breaking you down and building you back up, or whatever the words they use to talk about that, when they’re doing that it is it is quite an ordeal to go through. But once you’ve done it, it really does give you a different sense of what you can do. And what you’re really capable of as a as a person. And then as a team. And with people around you. That’s cool as you’re able to experience that.



Yeah. In itself. Exactly. As we summed it up, you know, you can’t you can’t change that experience.


Damon Pistulka  06:48

Yeah. Yeah,


Liz Jones  06:50

it’s amazing.


Damon Pistulka  06:52

Yeah, in a lot of ways it prepares you for for the rest of the world that as we come out, and just just to know that, you know, whatever it is, there’s a lot of things that that we can overcome, just by putting our mind to it and and taking the first step. Yeah. Like you like you have now. So let’s fast forward. So you, if not recently, not this year, you weren’t managing gyms, where you’re managing gyms in the recent past. And then and then you run into COVID. So, so what, what the heck was that? Like?



Well, again, I hit another stumbling block. And when I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to run into him anymore. Yeah, I was already thinking, what do I want to do next? How do I go on to it, you know, and of course, performance going down, you know, and you just sit there going, wonder, just went exactly that I quit, I’m done. And everyone wants me, what are you gonna do? I was, I don’t know, I’ll figure it out. Or like, oh, what you gotta do, you gotta have it. Within, you know, at this temp agencies, I get really stuck. Yeah, they would just find it amazing how I thought a temp agency was going to be the duck. Um, and so I started doing a bit more personal training, again, teaching some classes. And obviously, that was about 18 months ago. So you know, and I was like, I want to go into coaching, I want to do more of this. But of course, you know, not done it before, you know, new things. So of course, I thought, well, if I personal train and teach classes, it’s comfortable, I can do that I can at least pay my bills. So as I was doing that, obviously developing as a coach and sort of, you know, a lot the skills that you have as a manager and as a trainer are transferable but it’s just trying to just package it slightly different you know, and actually, you know, work my collections a little bit better you know, and you know, things like that to get those real results so that’s the first sort of six months was kind of figured out actually what I want to be you don’t want to do who are unhelpful you know, all these sorts of things.


Andrew Cross  09:00

What is your ideal customer you know, what are you you know, what, what works best for who needs you the most or



the most I work we’re the sort of professional women so about 30 to 50. But having said that, I do work with a lot of male clients and I have done over the years and which, when I was a first a personal trainer full time in 2013 when I fully quit everything employed just when personal training and my clients used to be male 80% oil very high. And you know, which is why people go Why aren’t you coaching men now? You know, however, it’s the women I work with a generally I just found this out was like, one lady I was work with. This is a big change of COVID. I now coach a whole family. I go round at three days a week, I go around with her and her husband and two sons. Hmm. So I’ve got a 21 year old, 24 year old and I was the


Andrew Cross  10:01

We all get together, we have a family group workout, and you know, it’s a family event. And so that’s that experience. Well, it’s interesting. I think that’s effective, you know, too, because I think that, especially for spouses, you know, I’m experiencing it myself, you know, you know, one time, I’ll be like, on the upswing and really working hard at it, but she’s not, or vice versa, you know, but when we’re in it together, you know, and the routine start to get inflamed that way. That’s the same, like when we had the most success. Yeah, improving.



And I do have another married couple who are trying and I train them separately down one after the other, basically. So one will have a session, swap over next one, and they like that way. And however these are like, well, we want to train together. So although I adapt, you know, just weights and you know, certain things we’ll do a different style or, you know, slightly different exercise. Yeah, your benefit. They’re all you know, fit and fitter, stronger, you know, guys will lost weight, but you know, the youngest is building muscle, they’re getting what they want. And above all, they feel great. And they’re happy. Hmm. So like you say it is that sort of, you know, there’s a camp here that this is a sport. someone’s doing it with you just working out remotely. Yeah, sure.


Andrew Cross  11:19

Yeah. Well, it’s pretty hard, you know, to go on workout and for my spouse when I’m off having a glass of wine or a beer. Because


Damon Pistulka  11:28

Yeah, yeah.


Liz Jones  11:30

Either face now.


Andrew Cross  11:32

Yeah, worse. Way to go. But I you know, I noticed that near to you, looks like you focus a lot on wellness and mental the mental aspect of it to maybe explain a little bit more about that, and how you Well, I’m so they’re


Liz Jones 11:47

basically obviously been in fitness for years, the one thing I was always about my, all my classes, half the time, people will go to the gym, but they’ll do work out, but they’re still you can see them, it’s the phone, sending emails between set, you know, or when they don’t switch off. So they go home, they’re still sort of wired, don’t sleep in class, but comes in is because really, it’s about being mindful, being committed into the moment. So if you’re doing a workout, commit to it, get the best results from it. If you’re, I’m having a conversation, be in that conversation. And actually, with that, you can help calm stress, you know, obviously, the results and stress is obviously a big indicator, as we all know, and it could be sitting there without you realizing. So yeah, so I do promote a lot more about the total well being, you know, although I can still do the fitness, because a lot of people barriers have on the mind, you know, they can’t, you know, self doubts, lack of confidence, an example of that stress. So, that’s when the mind comes up. It’s also emotions as well.


Andrew Cross  12:53

Mm hmm.


Damon Pistulka  12:54

It is a big it is a big part of it, that’s for sure. Because it Yeah, and even now, I gotta imagine that that you’re you’re seeing some of your clients with being a bit more secluded with COVID It’s, it’s, it’s affecting them negatively, too.


Liz Jones 13:12

Yeah, I mean, the one thing I did when I went self employed is I was adamant I was going to be a PT in the gym. You know, although I’ve got some I can use by hour I was I want to be a private trainer I want to offer higher and I want to really look after my clients. Yeah. So it’s really good because obviously I build really good relationships with them. And so yeah, so I’ve seen them like their family I explained you know, sort of the latest thing became the family thing but they call me their sanity and it’s like you break you are escaped so I can come to them because even in lockdown as classes tres person and because I’m they’re the only people I would see I’m also kind of fat they’ve kind of adopted from my family live like hundred 50 miles away. So yeah, really nice to know sort of a family network and for me the sanity and I am the mental well being so that I’ll go in and go What do you need guys? And they’ll go and feel like this and I’ll go Come on, we’ll just do this then I’ll get them doing something by the end of it. They’re loving it, you know


Andrew Cross  14:14

in your working with those people in person, or in


Liz Jones 14:19

that particular family I’ve stayed with them they’re the only one I’ve stayed with throughout and like six classes trade and literally that my family you know, sort of things that close. However, I’ve got a couple I see online so I’ve got a few I do over Skype, some I’ve started seeing since but again, with private clients, you know it’s a case of when they were ready when it was okay. And control measures in place. I walk in Australia in wash the hands industrial sanitizer. Every kid gets white. You know, at one point it was like me stood in the corner just literally standing there. You know, like Do t watching them all and then doing it all themselves? And but of course, a bit more, you know, relax now, but yeah.


Damon Pistulka  15:07

Hmm. That that had to be a challenge going from being able to actually help somebody do something a little bit they have to stand in the corner.


Liz Jones 15:18

Yeah, most of the emotional side of things is connected. Although you’re with them, it’s kind of like, Okay. Yeah. Yeah, this is. And so it was, you know, but like, it was on motion, you know, and a lot all my clients, I train them to look at themselves. So when they go on holiday, that I actually get text messages, I’ve done this. And I get the text and they feed me back. And they’re like, but they don’t want to start with me, because they love me. And it’s like, That’s amazing. But when they go, were paying them so they know what they’re doing. I help them. So the nerves set up. In fact, they’ve still got my weights, you know, they literally do not use them when I’m not there. I’m not Yeah, carry on. You know,


Andrew Cross  16:00

weight weights. were hard to get here for a while. They’re back now. But all the stores are sold out. Yeah, it’s kind of shot. I couldn’t find them anywhere.


Liz Jones  16:11

I’ve had mine for a little while.


Andrew Cross  16:14

So yeah, we have to scramble a little bit. But they were long gone. But certainly come back. Oh,


Liz Jones 16:20

yes. is the price is higher as well. Hey, I don’t know if it’s the same over there. Yeah. A ram prices? Sure. Oh, yeah.


Damon Pistulka  16:30

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. That I mean, yeah, the the run on things was pretty remarkable here in the US with, well, it was just a matter of everybody was going to work one day, and then they are all at home the next day. So when you think about everything that they were eating, eating at restaurants, all the supplies that were going to the businesses, all the things like that, that all transferred to we had to get it in the grocery store. Because we were stuck at home and the grocery stores were not ready. And I’m certain it was the same way there too.


Liz Jones 17:06

Yeah. And people panic buying as well.


Andrew Cross  17:09

Oh, yeah. Yeah. So you’re, you’re doing some work with clients in person, but are you doing mostly remote?


Liz Jones 17:17

Like, I gyms are open here. So yay. There are these two centers, I actually teach that. So I actually, I like I said, I can’t retire completely from fitness. It’s my is my habit, I can’t let things go. So it’s great though, on Wednesdays, my day out. So I go out and I teach four classes to one center to another. And but it’s all control measures so that no one can go in until I’m there. So I basically open the studio. There’s walkways to go in special places to be. And then once it’s left, I’ve got to make sure the doors are clean, the handles are clean, and everyone’s wipe their kits, and you know, everything sort of cleaned off, signed off, and then I can leave through the other door. You know that thing? So yeah, there’s, it’s nice being out. And it’s nice being face to face. And but it’s weird having to train people from the box. Mm hmm. So


Andrew Cross  18:16

do you work with people? Or is it just you?


Liz Jones 18:19

And well, in obviously, when not to use sort of glasses and stuff? It’s obviously just me. I do what I’ve established is, you know, I say a network. I’ve got other instructors I’m connected with. So if I can’t teach one of my classes, I just pick up the phone, I give them a call. Oh yeah, we’ve also have, you know, they’ve got a partner such as it’s, you know, you’ve got the connections that you need to for each one and you know, know who to ask for which class and, you know, online class, I could teach anywhere, but if I needed to, I’ve got people I could ask. And I will be this is the future. But then we I have got people coming on to teach with me on my online so that growing as an element.


Andrew Cross  19:05

That’s a bigger market, you know, are you doing? Are you doing customers overseas, or here in the States


Liz Jones  19:12

anywhere. pretty


Liz Jones 19:14

well. I’ll say the story of sour gallons is starve lockdown, mental well being this is where the coffee break comes in. I started a Thursday afternoon coffee break so people can get together and have a chat. Come and do some fun shares my days. I’m here but how things are going. And I have people from Canada, the US and Netherlands, South Africa, India. So we all get together for an hour every week. And and of course, you know, obviously connect to them. They’re like, Okay, can you do some class? I’m like, yeah, you know, some online classes. I’ve had them from across Europe as well as all over the UK. And which is lovely and was the business and brand is is going to be relaunched and grow, which is, you know, I don’t care where you’re from if you want to come and get fit, you want to come say healthy. Come and join us. You know, fitness and food houses rule. We should look after it. everybody’s welcome. That’s, you know, the one thing I want to promote.


Andrew Cross  20:17

So where’d you meet Kelly Robinson? Did she join in your? No?


Liz Jones  20:22

No, Joe. Joe Stepke. Oh, Joe introduced me to Kelly.


Andrew Cross  20:34

Yeah, very good.


Damon Pistulka  20:36

Very good. So So you’ve mentioned a little bit here about your launching and we talked about this really, you’re launching a you’re launching it you’re a new brand and until two remote your your online wellness?


Liz Jones 20:50

Yeah, I mean, lockdown. If we go back to what we were saying before how lockdowns hit the fitness hard. Of course, I have people clients off because they’re like, I can’t see you. And the furlough scheme here in the UK. So some went one of them went like see your parents, you know, all these sorts of different reasons. Yeah, gym shirts. So again, the little bits I was doing there, I was like, okay, can’t do this. And of course, it was just a case of everything just stopped. But we’re no sort of open. So of course, I use the time to sort of test different things. Like I said, I set the online classes up to go, I need to keep fit. I’m going mentally insane for not doing something. And I’ve got a few of my own clients who want to get in shape. So as long as I don’t lose money, it’s great. I did, let’s just do it. Let’s just keep everyone sane, you know. And so to start with, that was a reason and of course locked down went on for a while. Please don’t stop, we don’t want to go back to the gym. We want to stay with you. Even though they live in the UK gyms, right? They don’t want to go back. And so I was okay. And I was thinking about how do I develop what I’m doing to include what I was doing before you know, and all this. So I’m now sort of it’s my website’s been designed at the moment and or built and but it’s it is going to be our lightning that goes oh is the mind body house. So it’s going to incorporate all this, and sort of yoga, holistic classes, workshops, seminars, but again, it ties in with my new coaching package that I’m typing in, which is and to support the work from home. So again, it’s classes with a weekly group coaching. And so this is all come because of the hidden lockdown and going, Oh, basically, to go do something to keep going and then just go hang on a second. I’m not gonna waste my time. People want this, there’s a need for it. What do I want to do in the future? What do people want? You know, what can I help with it? And it’s just so you know, and just all the pieces falling together. It’s actually good. I’m actually really as you can tell really excited by it. Yeah, yeah. So yeah. And it’s just it’s at that point where I’m like, I want my new website and I want to show everyone but I can’t quite but


Damon Pistulka  23:11

that’s good. It’ll come out soon enough. But I think you know, the, the thing is super cool about listening to you talk about it is is you know COVID is horrible thing it’s screwed the screw of the globe basically. But if you hear your story and stories other stories like this where you’ve you figured out an opportunity in here and you’ve actually probably found something that you wouldn’t have found without it and that your clients are probably going to be happier with in the long run it’s so cool it’s so cool.


Andrew Cross  23:47

But you know your market you know and you know it’s that’s not going away COVID is not killing the demand people need more than ever probably to get out of their chairs and do something yeah


Liz Jones 24:02

it’s my it’s my biggest pet peeve at the moment is people going I’m gonna do this and not doing anything like one of my friends he she was going to go for a run when I’m not going didn’t go we met up she went you’re supposed to go so I put myself a calendar invite thing reminder saying get your ass moving.


Liz Jones  24:25

Like Yeah, they said Get away you quit once.


Liz Jones 24:29

But no, no, I’m gonna prove out. I’ll send you a photo. So cause that night What do I get a picture of a train as I’m going but it is that is so many people got I’ll do it and then they’ll put off too late and then it gets late and they go


Damon Pistulka  24:45



Liz Jones  24:46

you know.



And that’s when you go to work. You’d go to work and go to the gym on the way home.


Damon Pistulka  24:53

Yes. That is the one thing that a lot of people that you know it was it was that routine is what got them there. All the time, and not having it. Well, and quite honestly, I mean, you see it in the COVID 20, or the COVID 30, or whatever it is. There’s a lot of, I mean, I’ve seen some, a, I’ve seen some pictures of my, some of my relatives and I’m like, Whoa, I didn’t treat you well. And it’s like, you know, there’s it’s, but it’s easy to do, you know? And it really is,


Andrew Cross  25:24

especially if you’re baking bread, right?


Damon Pistulka  25:26

Yeah. Make Yeah, what are we doing? We’re bored. let’s bake. Let’s make some really, really good food. Yeah. Not gonna make it that way. But


Liz Jones 25:38

I was baking a cake a week at one point because that was I find baking quite therapeutic in cooking. So once I was baking cakes at one point, because I was like, I’m up at 6am. I go to bed at 10 or 11. I’ve got all this time. And I’ve got clients on house one keeping their sessions free, because you know, that’s what I do. And I was like, I’ve got this time, what can I do? So I started baking, and I had to ban myself from baking any more than one a week. So I was like, eat this. And of course what I do and if I spend four hours in the kitchen, I bake cakes, I do. Spinach and ricotta, cannelloni are all homemade and like Lich. And it was just like, my husband would come down again, safe. Because,


Liz Jones  26:21

you know, the cook is next. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  26:27

Yeah. Oh, yeah, it is, it has been a challenge for a lot of people that for sure. I do it. Seeing seeing though someone like yourself, recognize the opportunity and take it now. I think it’s gonna it’s gonna help a lot of people because it’s not changing soon. Not soon, you know, we we have, we have all had a lot of hopes that things are going to go back to normal, we’re gonna go, you know, be out watching watching soccer, football here in the US and, and it just hasn’t happened. You know? So we, we have to figure out different ways to do things. And it’s really good to see that you’re able to help people and and keep their keep their sanity.


Liz Jones 27:12

That’s the main thing. Yeah, is saying we’re talking here in the UK, there’s talks about going into another lockdown. And of course, there are localized ones going so isolating cities and things like this, because if the case is rise in the city, they shut places in that city. So like, you know, you think, Okay, that makes sense. You know, however, people in that city are going let us out. You know. And of course, if we do go into not, you know, everyone I talked to is just so fed up. And it’s like, they’re like, please don’t shut the gyms, please don’t we need this? And that just absolutely. This is like, you know, and so having the capacity to have, you know, like said, Take the opportunities, you know, I’ve had maracas myself. I’ve had days where I’ve screamed, I mean, angry, I’ve had tears, you know, but going, actually, what can I do during this time? that whatever happens, because you said it, we’re going to be 6 to 12 months?


Damon Pistulka  28:11

Yeah. Yeah,


Andrew Cross  28:13

well, you know, with us, with our clients and exit your way, we’re about, um, you know, we work a lot with clients and entrepreneurs and business owners to optimize, you know, their business, and it, it comes down to performance, you know, a lot, and we’ve been doing, you know, and thanks for coming today to talk to us about this too, because, you know, being fit, increases performance, you know, mentally physically in your, in your business in the way you deal with people on clients, and, you know, it just resonates right. So, it’s kind of, it’s an aspect, often overlooked. And in the gift of COVID is the time now back and look at some of the things you didn’t have time to look at before, you know, as an organization, then, you know, whether your people are fit, and in the right frame, mentally, um, and it does, we, you know, we kind of we watch it, and we figure out a way that that rolls into the bottom line, or the performance and value of the company in that, so it’s a, it’s very cool to have these kinds of resources are available. And you can be anywhere in the world to do it. Right. That’s, that’s really


Liz Jones 29:21

quickly, half an hour of your day is 2% of your day. Yeah, you have 2% to give to themselves, to actually make them more productive. think clearly. communicate better in relationships, feel better about themselves, sleep, better. Increase concentration, improve memory. The list goes on.


Damon Pistulka  29:42

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, for sure. That is for sure. It’s a Yeah, it is. It is cool. It is cool. And like I said, it’s cool to see the the real, the way you’ve navigated now. I’m excited to see when launch your brand and and get the the online formally going with a website and things and we’ll certainly be there support Neo when that comes out.


Andrew Cross  30:10

So when it’ll be launching?


Damon Pistulka  30:13



Liz Jones  30:14

No, I’m not.


Andrew Cross  30:16

We’re not holding you to it.


Liz Jones 30:19

However I keep saying to my web designer, yeah, can we just do this? Like I caught him play when you’re gonna hate me but can you call me? Yeah. And it’s only that little things and you know things like that however, um, the work he did and he did a landing page for me so I did this is one thing that’s free for everybody because get you moving in 14 days is not overly complicated, you know, is not flashy is not anything flat. But the idea is to get you active 14 days to start you moving. Yeah. And he built me my nice shiny landing page. And I’m talking app so shiny. And and he’s put all the integrations in it. So it talks to MailChimp properly and all this so it connects in it does everything. You know, it goes through download pages download page looks the same, which the design of it is matching money website. Hmm. I was all absolutely like he said, Yeah, take about four hours. 10 days later, we want


Andrew Cross  31:24

that is



a 14 day challenge. dot Liz Oh, live filled out a 14 day challenge or as you need me in the chat.


Damon Pistulka  31:39

Yeah, let’s go ahead and do that. Let’s pop it in the chat. And we’ll share it in the in the comments, because that would be very cool. Yeah. So that’d be great.


Andrew Cross  31:50



Liz Jones 31:52

problem. So yeah, like I said, it’s free. I am going to do another one as well, because we’re talking about the mindset and that because I’m going to do one about sub Karen’s comm you know that the the elements. And it’s going to be the same sort of thing, quite easy things do 10 minutes of you know, appreciation, you know, 10 minutes of meditation. But the idea is, if you say to me, I’ve never meditate, I can’t do that. Actually, you’ll be able to do I set for you, because the idea is you progress to things. And then the idea at the end of it you go on do it again. On do more. Hmm. Yeah. Huh. Yep. Get the flywheel as well. And but again, I’m being quiet for my new landing page, because I want my website done. Yeah. Excellent.


Damon Pistulka  32:40

Yeah. Well, it’s, it’s awesome to get to talk to you as I it. Like I said, it’s just really cool to see the way that you’ve, you’ve navigated through this. And now, you know, it certainly seems like you’re gonna come out of this. Probably stronger than it was than you were before in your business. So that’s cool.


Liz Jones 33:01

Yeah. Yeah. I think the line is, you know, you can either go for quick money, or you can play the long game for business. Yeah, if you have to quit money, I wouldn’t have money in the bank, I would have, you know, you know, sort of loaded up. But I would also be tired, stressed out and wondering what, where my next dollars coming from, you know, whereas, say, I’ve got my plan. I know, one building, and it’s what people want these four people telling me they need support with So, you know, it’s, you know, the feedback I get when it’s all launched?


Damon Pistulka  33:32

Yeah, well, what we want Listen, it’s, it’s awesome to get to talk to you a little bit. And, you know, you’ll be in our inaugural global guest, you know, that. That’s International. It’s gonna live in infamy forever. And I appreciate you being on so much. If people want to get a hold of you. Is LinkedIn a good place to contact you?


Liz Jones 33:57

I’m, as you probably seen, I’m quite lively on LinkedIn. I’m on there every day. So yeah, so they can see Follow me Follow my posts, obviously. And I still have some connection, like facilitate more connections so they can obviously Connect direct and of course, my email and stuff is on that as well. All right,


Damon Pistulka  34:15

wonderful. Well, awesome. Well, here we are, again with Liz Jones. Thanks a lot, Liz. And we’re gonna wrap it up for today. On the eggs, your way Business Roundtable. Reach out to Liz, if you want to know about wellness, working out remotely, and getting your mind and body in sync,


Andrew Cross  34:35

get moving,


Damon Pistulka  34:36

get moving. There’s a 14 day challenge link in the comments to this video so people can check that out as well. Thank you. Have a great day, everyone.

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