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Read how this 50-year-old company transformed its sales operation and increased its business value by $3 million.


This 50 year old traditional E-commerce company had been converting from direct to online platform sales. As a reseller in a competitive industry the company did not have high margins. Value at day 1 of engagement was low and probably not sellable. The owner wanted to grow the platform sales to finish the conversion and expand the company. They desired an exit in about 5 years.
Cross NW was engaged to help the owner to scale the company by capturing the low-hanging opportunities and develop a proprietary pricing process.
Cross NW identified three main points that the company needed to address. They were:


Cross NW identified three main points that the company needed to address. They were:

  1. Sales– The owner was so busy running the business that he was not able to dedicate sufficient time to sales building activities. Prioritizing revenue generating activities was also a challenge.
  2. Resource Development – The company had relied on the owner and a limited staff to complete the work in developing the platform data. Cross NW shored up the team with their resources and augmented the team with offshore resources to provide a deep bench of capabilities.
  3. Management – Implementing weekly performance (KPIs) helped to ensure profitable operations. The Cross NW team provided individual coaching to the business owner which allowed them to scale the business.

E-commerce Case Study Result

Cross NW advised on business strategies heavily focused on sales and marketing, human resources, process development and business management. Cross NW has worked with the client on a weekly basis to help the business double in less than 12 months and if results continue the business will have tripled value in less than 24 months.

The owner will be able to complete

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Business Description:

50-year-old Business Supply Company

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Owner wanted to grow business so they could sell in 3-5 years

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12 Months

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$3 Million Dollar Enterprise Value Increase

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