Metal fabrication case study | Sheet Metal Fabrication

Read how this company experienced a 50%+ increase in profitability in a single year.


Metal fabrication case study Overview

This sheet metal fabrication company enjoyed a relatively stable customer base but was unable to grow revenues and profits like the owner wanted.

The business had internal and external growth challenges that needed to be addressed for the company to achieve the desired value.


EYW Advisors were engaged in this Metal fabrication case study to help the owner solve the challenges that were limiting growth and increase the business to a size that supported the owner’s needs.
EYW worked with the management team to address the business growth challenges and implemented additional resources to help the company accelerate growth.


EYW Advisors implemented the strategies and operational changes to facilitate over 33% growth.
EYW Advisors implemented procedural changes to improve quality that reduced customer quality
issues by over 25%
The business value was increase 4X during the engagement.
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Business Description:

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Establish a key market advantage and increase the business value for eventual sale

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1 year


This sheet Metal fabrication company enjoyed a relatively stable customer base but was unable to create a distinct industry advantage which would allow them to separate themselves from other competitors.
The ownership had a management team to operate the business, but they were not effectively developing and executing the strategies needed to create long term value.
The owner engaged EYW advisors to assist in determining the strategies and executing solutions that would allow the company to grow to a value the owner desired.
New strategies were developed, and business operations were changed to produce a distinct market

Metal fabrication case study | Result

The company experienced a 50%+ increase in profitability, and the company was sold to a competitor for 4X the owner’s initial value.

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