2024 Industrial Marketing Summit Preview

Are you ready to supercharge your industrial marketing knowledge and results in 2024? If so, join us for this MFG eCommerce Success show episode where Wendy Covey, CEO of Trew Marketing, Adam Beck, Director of Marketing CADENAS, and Joe Sullivan, Founder of Gorilla 76, share what we can expect from the 2024 Industrial Marketing Summit, Jan 31 – Feb 2 in Austin, TX.

Are you ready to supercharge your industrial marketing knowledge and results in 2024?

If so, join us for this MFG eCommerce Success show episode where Wendy Covey, CEO of Trew Marketing, Adam Beck, Director of Marketing CADENAS, and Joe Sullivan, Founder of Gorilla 76, share what we can expect from the 2024 Industrial Marketing Summit, Jan 31 – Feb 2 in Austin, TX. These leaders are hosting the event, so we are getting the scoop from the people who know.

Tune in to learn how to participate as an attendee in the 2024 Industrial Marketing Summit.

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Wendy Covey, CEO of TREW Marketing Solutions has helped hundreds of engineering and technical companies build trust and fill their pipelines using compelling technical content for 20+ years. TREW Marketing, is a full-service inbound marketing agency serving engineering companies with complex solutions and a considered buying process.

Adam Beck, Director of Marketing, CADENAS PARTsolutions, is leading the efforts to generate interest from the best potential customers by creating exciting and educational content that allows potential customers to make informed decisions. CADENAS PARTsolutions helps component manufacturers and engineering teams transform their business using digital strategy, tools & technology.

Joe Sullivan, Founder, Gorilla 76, and a Manufacturing Marketing Consultant for 15+ years, helps B2B manufacturers grow through revenue-focused marketing programs. Gorilla 76 is an industrial marketing agency that helps midsized B2B manufacturers identify, attract, engage, and drive sales opportunities with ideal-fit customers.

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Damon and Curt excitedly introduce Wendy, Adam, and Joe, who detail the 2024 Industrial Marketing Summit, including specific sessions offered, intended benefits, and networking opportunities for attendees.

Curt asks Wendy to share information about TREW Marketing and how the company contributes to making the world a better place.

Wendy says her agency works with highly technical companies, primarily in the engineering sector. TREW Marketing is passionate about telling challenging stories, assisting in building brand strategies and fostering connections with engineers on both a human and technical level.

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Wendy further reveals that her booklet “Content Marketing, Engineered” is a practical guide that offers insights for marketers and technical business owners to comprehend content marketing, construct effective marketing plans, and navigate the intricacies of various content types.

Curt then shifts the conversation to Adam, “a fierce advocate for U.S. manufacturing,” asking about his and Cadenas’ contributions to making the world a better place.

Adam, the Director of Marketing at Cadenas PARTsolutions, explains that their company assists component manufacturers. Unlike agencies, Cadenas PARTsolutions functions as both a tool and a content marketing platform.

Curt transitions to Joe, acknowledging Gorilla 76’s founding in 2006, and asks Joe the same question.

Joe describes how Gorilla 76 assists B2B manufacturers in developing revenue-focused marketing programs. The goal is to transform traditionally sales-driven sectors by encouraging manufacturers to rethink their approach to marketing beyond trade shows and traditional advertisements.

Appreciating Joe for his insights, Curt invites Adam to share insights on the bandwidth, effort, and commitment required for a company like his to organize and participate in such events, particularly considering their involvement since the pre-COVID-19 era.

Adam reflects on the initial challenges of organizing the event, describing it as a lift, primarily focused on promotion. He discusses the transition from relying on the infrastructure and logistics provided by Content Marketing World to taking on those aspects independently.

Curt requests Wendy to talk about her experience transitioning from being on stage to taking on the role of a hostess for the event.

Wendy expresses her love for hosting events, drawing on her ten years of experience as the Events Manager at National Instruments, overseeing a 5000-person event called “NI Week.” She shares her enthusiasm for the smaller scale of the current event and expresses her love for the structure of events as a marketer—having a clear beginning, middle, and end that can be measured. Thanking her unique energy for bringing people together in person, Wendy decided to host the event in Austin.

Curt asks Joe about the inspiration behind joining the current event.

Joe reveals that Adam convinced him to join the event and jokingly referred to him as a “big bully.” He recalls a conversation with Adam in Cleveland where the idea of hosting an event without relying on Content Marketing World came up. While Gorilla 76 had been contemplating live events post-COVID-19, it felt like a significant undertaking. The collaboration with Wendy and Adam, who had experience organizing events, made the prospect seem more achievable.

While talking about his commitment to the upcoming event, Adam discloses that he often rejects event pitches. He distinguishes the current event, believing it’s not a sales-focused event but rather an opportunity to elevate the message and profile of industrial marketing.

Curt directs his attention to Wendy, asking about her education piece for the summit.

In response, Wendy shares the two key areas she aims to cover in the speaker lineup. The first is to address the technological changes and ensure that marketers are well-versed in navigating these advancements. This leads to the inclusion of a panel on AI, featuring the co-founder of Jasper and practitioners who work with AI tools daily. Secondly, there is a session focused on SEO and AI with Dale Bertran, who is known for simplifying SEO changes into practical advice.

Similarly, Wendy relates to the 2024 State of Marketing to Engineers Report, explaining practical questions to help marketers demonstrate to CEOs and leadership how engineers and technical buyers seek and consume information for purchasing decisions. The research addresses doubts about engineers’ engagement with social media or willingness to fill out forms for white papers. By providing data on the ways engineers navigate the digital landscape, such as social media and podcasts, and their content preferences, the research helps marketers determine where to invest their budgets.

Meanwhile, Joe takes the mic and expresses excitement about the upcoming panel discussion featuring Chris Lukey and three other notable figures. He acknowledges Chris’ skill as a podcast host and anticipated the energy and knowledge the four speakers would bring to the discussion. Additionally, he previews the session’s focus on finding one’s voice, humanizing the brand, and standing out in a sea of user-generated content.

Moreover, Joe gives a brief description of two sessions in the lineup. First, he discusses Mary Keel, who had previously worked at Gorilla 76 and had risen to prominence as an experienced industrial marketer. Mary’s session focuses on aligning marketing and sales, addressing the common issue of silos in manufacturing companies, and offering practical tactics to foster alignment. The second session features two current Gorilla 76 team members, Grace and Aaron Berish, who are supposed to present a case study on increasing right-fit leads by 195% in just 90 days.

Curt refers to his previous interaction with Morgan Norris, the Senior Brand and Content Strategist at TREW Marketing, and praises her for being a soft-spoken yet impactful speaker. He asks Wendy for more information about Morgan’s presentation and background.

Wendy discussed Morgan’s presentation on brand leadership, a topic in high demand due to the changing search landscape and the increased noise in content creation. Morgan’s session is designed to cover the challenge of measuring the impact of brand campaigns and justifying them to executives regarding revenue generation.

Wendy says that she and CJ Haight, Content Marketing Manager at GlobalSpec, are presenting highlights from the research report during the event. The report includes benchmarking questions and looks at trends in various areas, such as preferred channels and social media usage.

Curt asks Wendy for advice to encourage those who need clarification about the Industrial Marketing Summit to sign up.

Wendy suggests that if someone is unsure about the Industrial Marketing Summit, they can check out the LinkedIn group to read comments and get a sense of the community’s vibe. She encourages individuals to join the one-day or day-and-a-half summit, attend workshops, and participate in networking opportunities. She playfully mentions dressing in cowboy boots, hats, or red pants.

At Curt’s request, Joe delivers the parting words of wisdom. He encourages people to check out the Industrial Marketing Summit for it’s a unique opportunity for individuals in the niche. He believes the program is crafted specifically for the struggling in the industry.

Impressed by their community efforts, Curt compliments the guests, saying, “Man, you will just make the world a better place!”

Towards the show’s end, Damon and Curt feel thankful to the guests for providing insights into the Industrial Marketing Summit.

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Adam Beck, Wendy Covey, Joe Sullivan, Curt Anderson, Damon Pistulka

Damon Pistulka 00:03
All right, everyone, welcome once again, it is Friday and you know what that means? It’s time for manufacturing ecommerce success. And wow, we have an exciting show for you today. I’m Damon Pustaka. I’m one of your co hosts. And that pretty gentleman way over there. On the other side is Curt Anderson, my co host. Today we’re going to be talking about the 2024 industrial marketing Summit. Doing a preview we got we are getting the information straight from the people putting this event on. Curt Anderson, my friend, take it

Curt Anderson 00:37
away. Damon dude, how did you get a good night’s sleep last night? I hope you did. Did you stretch this morning I hope this is gonna be this is just going to be pure fire. So guys, happy Friday. And Damon, what a great way to close out 2023 This is our last episode of the year. And so we saved a don’t tell anybody else that was on the show. But we did save one of the best for last. How’s that? So? Anybody out there listening, right? So drop a note in the chat box. Let us know that you’re there. Man. You absolutely want to connect with these three. So we’re going to do it right. We’re gonna go around the horn. Do some introductions. Yep. Damon said, David. That was a great introduction. Man. You did a nice job. That was impressive.

Damon Pistulka 01:17
That’s my second one.

Curt Anderson 01:20
So alright, let’s get to our leadoff hitter. My dear friend, the one the only one D Covey from true marketing down in Austin, Texas. Wendy. Happy Friday. How are you?

Wendy Covey 01:29
Happy Friday. I’m doing amazing. Thanks so much for having me.

Curt Anderson 01:33
Well, we have tons to talk about. So I so when he’s our leadoff hitter, we’re gonna jump into our second batter of the day. Adam back what is up brother from cadenas? partsolutions Happy Friday to you

Adam Beck 01:45
how are you? Back? atcha thanks for having us.

Curt Anderson 01:49
What an honor. What a thrill. And hey, batting third man our power hitter Joe Sullivan from gorilla 76. My friend Joe, how are you doing?

Joe Sullivan 01:58
I’m doing great. Yeah. Thanks, guys for having us say, I did one of these with you must have been about a year ago or so. So it’s great to be back. I really appreciate it. It’s been

Curt Anderson 02:06
and I think you know what? So Joe, I you’ve been on Wednesday, I think you’re a repeat offender maybe a couple of times, right? So I know, Damon, she needs to be a better judge of character, I think oh, maybe. As a matter of fact, well, now you know what, Adam, I said that you weren’t on the show. That was not truth. We did a live show from the industrial marketing summit 2022 in the rack and row city of Cleveland, Ohio. So I did Wendy, let’s dive in here, as we’re gonna dig into the industrial marketing summit that is coming up in January. Man, I am just so fired up for this wonderful program. Anybody that is somebody needs to be at this program, though. And, Wendy, before we go there, can you please tell folks a little bit about who is true marketing? How do you make the world a better place?

Wendy Covey 02:50
Sure. So true marketing is an agency focused on strategy, and content development and digital programs. And we work specifically with highly technical companies, mostly in engineering. So that’s what we do what we’re all about, we love to tell those difficult stories, help people build their brand strategy and just, you know, connect with engineers on a human level, not just a technical level. So that’s what we do. And we’re located in Austin, Texas. So I’m so happy to host the industrial summit or be one of the three hosts, but the hometown hosts, if you will, and welcome everybody into my town. Well,

Curt Anderson 03:32
I love it. And that’s cool, because you’re having it right at your house. Right? You’re opening

Wendy Covey 03:36
the doors in the backyard. Right? Right.

Curt Anderson 03:39
So we’re gonna be riding horses and all sorts of stuff. Alright. Wendy, before we dig in, I believe you have a little book if I’m not mistaken. I also believe you have a podcast with a similar type name as the book. Could you please share with folks about your book and your podcasts? If you would, please. That

Wendy Covey 03:53
is correct. They are both called Content Marketing engineered. And it’s a practical guide to help marketers and technical business owners understand what content marketing is all about how to build a marketing plan, and just the ins and outs of each type of content, how to construct that, how to measure results. So it’s a very tactical guide. It’s been out came out in 2020. So coming on almost four

Curt Anderson 04:21
years. Nice. Well, congratulations. Well, again, welcome to the program. You’ve been, you know, just a wonderful friend, great support. We’ve had the honor of meeting up together in person and I will tell everybody here Wendy is a dynamo, public speaker and presenter. I am just so thrilled for what’s going to happen in January here at your rate in your backyard, no less. So thank you for being a host and your backyard. I’m just kidding. So Adam, let’s come to you my friend. Talk to us how on earth I know all three folks here Damon are just fierce advocates for US manufacturing. We just applaud you guys commend you guys. Thank you guys. Adam. How do you and cadenas How do you guys make the world a better place?

Adam Beck 05:00
Yeah, so I’m the Director of Marketing at a company called cadenas partsolutions. And what we do is we help component manufacturers create shareable versions of their content to put online. So unlike the rest of you guys, we’re not an agency, we’re really a tool and a content marketing platform for industrial component manufacturers.

Curt Anderson 05:21
Well, I love it. And we’ve actually, we had one of your colleagues on the program where we had a couple of your clients, testimonials. Yeah, we’re doing trial runs and demos. And I know at the industrial marketing amazing, where you guys can get demos of Adams little software tool, if you will, please in Austin, Texas, at Wendy’s backyard, at the end of January. So let’s slide over to our friend Joseph Sullivan, Joe, my friend, gorilla 76, founded in 2006, can you please share with folks how you and your team make the world a better place?

Joe Sullivan 05:53
Yeah, absolutely. So we essentially help b2b manufacturers build revenue focused marketing programs, we’re trying to kind of take, you know, a sector that has been very sales driven traditionally, and to them, marketing has meant we go to trade shows, and you know, we do some print ads, and maybe some Google ads, if we’re really innovative and help them think completely differently about how they go to market and the role that marketing really needs to play there. So our client base is OEMs contract manufacturers, robotic systems integrators. And that’s that’s kind of where we built our niche. It’s been a over 17 years now, which is kind of nuts. Yeah, not so yeah. That’s awesome. Well, very

Curt Anderson 06:37
impressive. tell you hey, we’ve got a couple of friends here. One is in the house here today from your fellow Texan there, Wendy. Yep. Got a gal from over the border. And so yeah, happy Friday. Again, guys. drop a note in the chat box. Let us know that you’re out there. You want to connect with these three on LinkedIn. All sorts of exciting things going on. Wendy, let’s come to you, my friend. How on earth did this little party that you’re throwing at the end of January? How did this like how do the three masterminds creat this thing? Please share curious minds want to know,

Wendy Covey 07:11
you know, if you wouldn’t mind, I love when Adam tells this story. There we go. So I’m gonna hand off right right here. The baton is yours, Adam.

Adam Beck 07:21
Nice. All right. Yeah. So we have done this event twice before as within Content Marketing World. Joe was the emcee at the last one when he was a presenter, Kurt, you were there yourself. So you saw it with your own eyes. We had a packed house. And we asked a lot of people from that room, what they wanted to see. And everything that we heard was, you know, they wanted more content, they wanted a deeper dive and they wanted more, they just want more of everything. And the only way that we could really make that happen was to kind of make it a larger event, take it out on its own. And I talked to Joe and Wendy about it. And they’re all in and their teams have been huge supporters and a huge part of making that happen. So that’s been really exciting. So

Curt Anderson 08:07
Adam, let’s let’s go there for a minute. So yeah, you’re I had the honor privilege privilege of being at the conference in Cleveland, man, was that a good time Joe, we went out to dinner, we had a killer dinner with Nicole Donnelly and Jeff Long, we had a great time went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Just what a wonderful boy. And again, like we were coming, just kind of fresh out of COVID. So like, just, you know, those those person in person connections were just so wonderful. And it was a first time for a bunch of us meeting when he got to meet you for the first time, Adam. So Adam, you guys signed up in 2019. So pre COVID, you came back in 22? What’s it like for a company like how, you know, just share with folks, you know, what’s, you know, bandwidth, muscle, you know, the time energy to put on something like this. Just talk a little bit from your experience in the past. It

Adam Beck 08:53
was a lift the first couple of times, it was a lift, but it was really all promotional. We just had to focus on just like broadcasting that this thing is a thing and to get people there. Now taking it on our own now all of the logistics, all of the infrastructure that Content Marketing World brought to it. We’re bootstrapping and making Yeah, we are fit. We’re figuring out everything ourselves. And fortunately, Wendy has an event planning background. We have Peyton on the team who’s an ace at this. And so we’re not completely coming at it from zero but there’s a lot a lot of logistics to put on event and make sure people have food and hotels and all the things that go into it. And parties.

Wendy Covey 09:33
Don’t forget the party. Oh, yeah.

Curt Anderson 09:34
Oh, yeah. Yeah, to focus on the parties. So Wendy, so you’re used to being on the stage is this how’s this thrown on ahead of like being the hostess is this? What’s this? Like, from your perspective?

Wendy Covey 09:46
I absolutely love it. I spent 10 years of my early career as the Events Manager at National Instruments. And we I used to be in charge of a 5000 person call France called NI Week. So it’s bringing me back to those times I’ll be at this is a little bit smaller, you know for now. Yeah. So I love doing this I love events. In particular, as a marketer, what I love about events is there’s a beginning, a middle, and an end, you can measure it, and you can shut the books and then start over again. So I love that about it. And then the energy that comes from bringing people together in person, there’s just nothing like it. And we all felt very strongly, this shouldn’t be a virtual event. This should be in person. It should be somewhere cool. Where marketers don’t get to go too soon, you know, no offense. Yeah, no offense to Cleveland and warm to or Chicago or Anaheim. But we all have to go there all the time. And so let’s let’s go somewhere that felt fresh and unique. And so I think it’s, it’s been well received coming to Austin.

Damon Pistulka 10:58
Yeah. Well,

Curt Anderson 10:59
I love it. And Joe, let’s go ahead, Damon, what do you got?

Damon Pistulka 11:02
We got a comment here from Kelly. She says Kelly’s gonna wait to party in Austin. So she’s happy about it. Hey,

Curt Anderson 11:07
bring your cowboy hat. It’s gonna be a great time in Austin. And now, you know, now you’re an a&m fam. Grad? I believe right. Do I have that round here to a&m So so we’ve got the Longhorns but you know, anyway, well, let’s get football for right now.

Damon Pistulka 11:22
They play football, don’t they?

Curt Anderson 11:23
Who did they have a football team at Texas Longhorns?

Wendy Covey 11:26
They have? We don’t even talk about football today?

Damon Pistulka 11:30
Right over that? Hockey? I think they just played I think both? I think both of you could be equally disappointed this year. Yeah. Hey. We got Kirk cats are talking I hate to say it and without talking about the Ohio State. We go on with this for a long time.

Curt Anderson 11:49
Now being the been a Washington State dad, right? We can’t talk about the Huskies either. So I don’t think any of us can talk. we digress. Let’s get back on track here. So Joe Sullivan, my friend, you were doing an amazing job on stage all day when I saw you at the industrial marketing summit in Cleveland. What inspired you to kind of join this little Soiree? Did Adam twist your arm? Or were you just kicking re just fired up and just ready to run into this program?

Joe Sullivan 12:18
Yeah, Adam basically just made me do it. And I guess he’s a big bully. I can remember, Adam, we were walking back that night. And I remember walking down the street with you in Cleveland, and just sort of talking about this and how like, man, we I don’t think we need Content Marketing World to do this thing. And to do it bigger and better. And that was the first time it sorta had crossed my mind knew we’ve been thinking about a gorilla we’ve been thinking about do starting to do live events in some capacity coming out of COVID. But it was, it’s a lot to take on. And I just love the idea that here, here’s Wendy. And here’s Adam. And like, we’ve been through this together. And now we can like go in it, we you know, we got a little of a head start. It made it feel a lot more attainable to have a few other organizations involved, or we can kind of divide and conquer. And we were really motivated me though, was, you know, we maybe some people listening are familiar with what we’ve been running industrial marketing live at gorilla where, you know, twice a month, we have these Thursday sessions, where we just industrial marketers show up. And we teach for 20 minutes, and we do q&a. And there’s always a different theme and topic. And we surveyed that group and said what like what do you want? What more do you want from us? Like, what how can we do better, and we just kept hearing live event, live event, live event and get these people together in person, we all are starting to like get to know each other and nobody’s ever been in a room with each other. And so that was probably the biggest driver for me and my team to to like, get them really excited about it. So it just made sense. You know, all that sort of came together and timing seemed right. While

Adam Beck 13:57
also the marketing sensibilities are all we’re all just aligned on, on just how we approach things, how we, you know, how much we want to put our logos and our brands, not in the forefront and that we’re really it’s really all about the content and helping everyone grow. And it’s, we like it’s just like this perfect alignment of all three companies right now. And that’s, that’s one of the really awesome things about it. Yeah,

Curt Anderson 14:23
I love that. And Adam, while you’re on stage here, let’s go here, you know, is there like, culturally, you know, say, upper execs, you know, up the food chain, whatever they’re like, you know, hey, we want to get more live events like pre COVID Post COVID Like, is this like a in your in your DNA of like, hey, we want to be part of this. What’s like, what’s inspired you to get involved with

Adam Beck 14:45
and my sales team will laugh when I say this, they I get pitched on events that I shoot down constantly. You know, I’m the director of marketing and I’m like, if we want to, you know, somebody’s I have a high bar for doing a tradeshow booth or whatever. The thing is, but and the challenge there is that like, it tends to be a is the audience of it? Or is the title of it is, is there a reason to be there? Or is it just we’re going because we always did or so and so is already there. But when you can do it, and you’re building it, and it’s custom, and it all is feeds into the ecosystem in the right way, you know, you can get behind it. And it’s not a, this isn’t a Sales Event. This is a bringing up the message event, and helping industrial marketing, increase its profile and helping everybody grow together.

Curt Anderson 15:34
Well, I love that. And Wendy is I’ve gotten to know you and admire and respect you. And I know, you know, you go to different events, I know you’re at Content Marketing World, I believe in DC, earlier, you’re hanging out with Nicole Donnelly, I heard all sorts of fun things. And so you know, I’ve always viewed you as like, fierce educator, you know, and that’s kind of like what I viewed the summit from Cleveland and what you guys are putting together and we’re gonna dive into like the topics and speakers, like you guys are really lined up just a Hall of Fame crew of speakers here. But like, how important is that education piece? Once you go there, like as you guys came in, like Adam saying, You guys have like perfect chemistry perfectly aligned. Talk about the education piece for the summit?

Wendy Covey 16:13
Yeah, it’s critical. Well, one, we recognize there’s a pretty big gap here, you know, you go to a b2b conference as an industrial marketer, and you don’t see yourself reflected in those presentations, or we know our personas are very unique, their buying behavior is very unique. And so the need for education has been here ever since I started my agency have and I’m sure Joe feels the same with his have just these buyers are different, this industry is different. And how do we help these marketers take b2b tactics but but take it, you know, more tailored towards this audience, and then overcome this, these barriers that these technical business owners have, where they just think, Oh, we can, you know, we can just have referrals and trade shows and, you know, marketing, just give us names to call, you know, we’ll just call call, that’s fine. And so really helping industrial marketers to understand how to overcome these objections, how to reach the skeptical technical buyers. So those are the types of things that we want to educate about. And that’s why we felt like we needed this narrowly focused events. And so we were very particular about who we selected to be speakers and sponsors and made sure that they were appropriate to this space, they had knowledge in this space, and can speak very directly to people who are struggling with, you know, getting stuff done and industrial marketing.

Curt Anderson 17:40
Well, I love that. Hey, Damon, Greg, Greg from last man, GM still. And I Greg was here last week just crushing it talking about his dad, George, his son, Sam. And so he I know he’s a sponsor, the program, guys that went down. So Greg, thank you for your support. And Chris is here today. Here today. Big opportunity for well executed live events in this space. Good to see you folks leading the way. Joseph, let’s go here. Let’s start in all three of us. All three of you guys, if you want to, let’s start talking about the lineup, right? I mean, like, we’re, we’re blessed and fortunate. We have a bunch of folks coming on and Mary keel was just here last week, we just mentioned Greg misuse supporting you guys. We’ve got Eddie Saunders coming up, Chris Lukey. Jordan Yates, you guys have like the who’s who? of speakers? How did you go through that selection process? If you would, please. Yeah,

Joe Sullivan 18:30
I mean, I can kick it off. But when you had him jump in here, you know, I think there were a few people who we kind of knew out of the gate, we’d really love to have them come MJ Smith, formally. MJ Peters was one of them. She spoke last year, she’s got relationships with with all of us, I think and and I kind of look at her as kind of the cream of the crop of industrial marketers. And so she was top of my list. But MJ is at currently the CMO at colab, software, engineering software, really amazing company. But she was too is on my list. And she’s going to come in and talk about the transformative power of Product Marketing, which has really been kind of her specialty over the years and is relevant to I think, a vast majority of people who are going to be there. So that was one there. I don’t know Adam, when DLP kind of passed to you guys and maybe talk about this from your angle.

Adam Beck 19:23
Yeah, um, another one. That is notable John Joyce, in his session is called the striking a balance the human creativity, striking a balance between human human creativity and machine efficiency and industrial marketing. And he comes with a really unique background or perspective as a fractional cmo and as a tool developer and a programmer and he really brings this unique mix of marketing chops and it programming skills. So that should be really cool.

Curt Anderson 19:57
Love it, Wendy. Take it away. We’ve got live was in front of me. Let’s hear some of the other folks. Okay.

Wendy Covey 20:01
Well, there were two areas that I wanted to make sure we covered. So one was making sure marketers were up with how much technology is changed and how to wrap your arms around that. And so we have a series of speakers on that. So we have a panel on AI, and that includes the co founder of Jasper. So we’re very thrilled to have him as a part of that, you know, and so talk about knowledge and cutting edge advice. So, and in the panel also has practitioners who are working with these AI tools every day. So we wanted to make sure it wasn’t just like, you know, hey, what can I do but also how are industrials marketers using AI today. And then along the lines of technology, we also have an SEO and AI focused session with Dale. Dale, I don’t know if you’ll know Dale Bertran. He speaks a lot at marketing conferences. But he’s so good at helping take all the changes that’s happening in SEO and bringing it down to the practical. And John Joyce is going to be talking as well about how to incorporate technology into your day to day job. So the text friend is really big. And then kind of over on the total opposite side, we’re thrilled that we’re going to be launching the 2024 state of marketing to engineers report at the event. So my buddy, CJ over at globalspec is going to join me on stage and we’ll be showing all the latest data, including how engineers use AI. And do they trust it or not, so that there should be some some fun takeaways from that research.

Adam Beck 21:44
I love it. Hey, let’s

Curt Anderson 21:45
do this. Pull up a couple of comments. Oh, hey, Greg says he’s excited to see MJ Damon, what else you got for comments there?

Damon Pistulka 21:53
Yeah, we got Gail’s just saying, hey, Wowzer. Right. Yeah, was good. And then Greg, I think as long as a little like a lot of other people, the AI discussions are going to be top of mind with a lot of people because you know, a the hype, but also then just the real practical application of it, I think you’re you’re not going to just cover the hype, you’re gonna give them some practical application, they can walk away and really consider and maybe even implement. So what’s really cool

Curt Anderson 22:23
is eight. You know what, my brother bunny, let’s let’s you we’ve you’ve been on the program, I believe a couple of times, we’ve talked about the report. And then Damon. Man, Wendy crushed that we did a webinar earlier this year. Wendy, I don’t know if you remember at Purdue University and you log into the report. Man, did we have a good time? They want you back again this year. So just give everybody just a little snippet on this report that you’re talking about? Just while we’re here. Let’s go there from it.

Wendy Covey 22:47
Yeah. So imagine you’re sitting in front of your CEO. And you’re saying, Listen, we need to do more on social media, or we need to do more Google ads, or whatever it is. And they say, Oh, I don’t believe engineers do that, or I don’t believe engineers will fill out a form to download a white paper. Well, the purpose of this research is to prove exactly that. How are the ways in which engineers and technical buyers seeking consuming information to make purchase decisions? Are they going to social media? Are they listening to podcasts? What types of content do they prefer? So it’s very, like practical questions to help you as a marketer determine, you know, where to invest your budget, but also how to educate sales and leadership on how this buyers changed how much they’re doing digitally, digitally, before they want to engage with sales, and, and that sort of thing. So I know, it’s helped us just to true marketing, as we consult with our clients on look, we’re just not coming from a place from experience, although we are, of course, but here’s the data too hard to argue against all that. Right. Right.

Curt Anderson 23:56
Well, I’d say the critical street cred that you’re delivering for your company at true marketing, you know, just you know, getting behind this conference number one, and how many years have you done the research project?

Wendy Covey 24:06
Six years now? With over a decade overall? Yeah.

Curt Anderson 24:11
Wow. I absolutely love it. And we just had our friend Greg Michoud. Yeah, a week ago today, and he was talking about the research project he just did. So guys, go check out when bound and check out Greg connect with Greg on LinkedIn, check out their research, and, you know, go to true marketing. And again, what I love about true marketing when you every time you’re in the program, I say this, you’re that marketer that you know, like a lot of us are marketers, you know, like the kids cobblers kid with no shoes is that expression goes to to marketing. You just have an abundance of information for those technical buyers, all sorts of blogs, your podcasts, so you totally walk the walk. And so again, guys, check out Wendy’s website, all sorts of great information. Joe, I don’t I want to stick on our speakers for a little bit because I feel we’ve got a few more people that I want to give shout outs to So Eddie Saunders, you put Eddie In the same pan out with Nicki, I had this right. And I think Jordan, and then I think who else is on there?

Joe Sullivan 25:05
I’m like, that’s because Loki is no one Yeah. How

Curt Anderson 25:11
like, like, that’s like a Hall of Fame. But like that’s like Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson and I don’t know, well, it’s all in one. So how did you? How did you pull those four together?

Joe Sullivan 25:20
Yeah, I mean, that’s gonna be, that’s gonna be pretty incredible. I really trust Chris Lukey as the as you know, one of the best podcast hosts out there that I’ve ever met to be the one to rein the other three in, because you got a bunch of people who have a lot to say, and a lot of knowledge to share. And so it’d be a lot of energy in that panel for sure. But yeah, the four of them are going to be, you know, there are four faces that probably everybody here recognizes, because you see them out there, building a personal brand alongside the company brand. They’re very visible on LinkedIn. And I think like, you know, what I hate seeing is when people are, are, are getting shut down by their companies or being censored about what they’re talking about, because they’re afraid of, of what they’re going to say. And you know, I guess I’m just from the camp, that you hire people that you trust that you have to have the best intentions of the company in mind and let them do their thing in support of the brand too. And I think those are four people who have done that really well, where they’ve, they’ve got a unique voice, but it works in the favor of the company and themselves. I’ve watched the same thing happen inside of my company is set people loose and you empower them to build the personal brand. So really, that’s what their session is gonna be about. It’s called, find your voice. humanize your brand stand out in a sea of user generated content. So yeah, I’m really excited to see see those who are those four and especially see how Chris Luke, he’s able to keep them all reined in.

Curt Anderson 26:46
Well, I, I have to say, I mean, this lineup is phenomenal. It really I don’t I don’t mean be partial, but like, that panel in itself is worth the trip to Austin on top of like hanging out with Wendy’s backyard. But I’m telling you right now, like Eddie Saunders is just like, off the charts is so good. Nikki is phenomenal. And I hate Joe what what city are you originally from? I

Joe Sullivan 27:10
grew up in Milwaukee. I spent my whole childhood there. And then I spent my whole adult life in St. Louis. So me Chris Lukey have the

Curt Anderson 27:18
word Chris Lukey. Grow up St.

Joe Sullivan 27:19
Louis guy who grew up here and then he lives in Milwaukee. Kind of kind of funny. That’s funny.

Curt Anderson 27:25
I didn’t promote that parallel with that. So like, you’ll see looky like Vernon has St. Louis Blues jersey on and he’s in Milwaukee and Joe, like little swap. They pass each other on the shoe drops a note. So hey, there’s that rounder

Damon Pistulka 27:40
I download it and went through it. It’s awesome. Yeah, check out that report. So

Curt Anderson 27:45
all right. Adam, any other speakers? Or iron? Joe, I might have come back to you, Mary key will be on stage. Let’s see about Mary for a second. She was just on the program last Monday. Wow.

Damon Pistulka 27:58
Incredible. Yeah, yeah, I

Joe Sullivan 28:00
can hit that. So Mary, yeah, Mary used to work at gorilla for a couple years, she we watched her rise from, you know, experienced industrial marketer, but she like found her voice and oh my gosh, Has she taken off like, one of my favorites. Like, I feel like she was learning from us. And now we’re learning from her. She just kind of took off. And one of my favorite people to listen to though I’ve watched her and from client presentations when she was here to just what she’s doing out there digitally. Mary’s been talking about getting marketing and sales on the same page. And I know from experience, she knows how to do this. And she’s it’s such an important topic you just see across manufacturing these silos, when the I’m sure you see it with install the companies you consult where marketing and sales are doing their own thing. And, like, here, you are two parts of the organization that are there to, to, you know, to grow the business, and there’s just such a lack of alignment. So she’s gonna get real tactical there, and show you how to make that happen. So I’m super pumped about that one. And then the other one I wanted to hit on was to have two current gorillas grace, right. And Aaron berish, who are going to be essentially taking through a case study, we got permission from one of our clients. And the title of their session is how it’s done increasing right fit leads by 195% in just 90 days, and they’re going to show how we took a manufacturing tech startup that does essentially vision inspection systems on production lines. The venture funded company with a board of advisors breathing down their neck that did not have time to just sort of do everything perfectly bit by bit and so we had to approach it a little differently. And they’re going to take you through the entire playbook and you can just learn from it and go use it and put it put it to use so I’m excited about that because that’s gonna be a very actionable session where you can you can come out of there and know what to do. Yeah,

Curt Anderson 29:56
very cool in gaming. We had met Mary prior to when she came Man Alive Last week and like, she is legit man, she is a powerhouse. And what a dynamo personality. Just I mean, she has that natural it’s kind of like Wendy you know she you feel like you know Monday your whole life. You’ve been just best friends at some areas. You know, she’s a mom of three if I’m not mistaken, and just what a gem she is. So I’m just super excited to hear Mary. Adam, let’s come over to you anybody outs that we want to talk about? So like Carla, Jared, any other?

Adam Beck 30:26
Yeah, there’s a couple I did want to make a note on the on Grace and Aaron’s session. That’s one of the workshops. And originally it was going to be either or proposition. We heard a lot of feedback, a lot of requests. So we made a way that everyone gets to go to all the workshops that is right in the workshop. So that’s a big for you on the fly change that we made that people should be pumped about? Because I want to go to both. Yeah,

Curt Anderson 30:51
exactly. Good for you.

Adam Beck 30:54
And then so one of the ones I want to highlight Tim Scanlon who is the Global Head of Customer experience at Rockwell. He’s going to talk about how in major industrial brand you know, collects the data assesses customer experience, across the all factors of their business and how they implement those things. And it’s, it’s a big undertaking, but there’s a lot of really interesting nuggets, we’re going to be able to take away from how some of the best in the business are doing it. Well,

Curt Anderson 31:22
I mean, what Damon dude, like, this is something

Damon Pistulka 31:24
this is something you gotta line up that it’s gonna be just well received. It’s gonna be incredible the knowledge you guys are going to share.

Curt Anderson 31:33
It’s going to be fantastic. Hey Damon, we’re over the top of the hour. It just if anybody’s previous call, I just want to get introduce our friends. We got Wendy on stage, we’ve got Joe Silva and we’ve got Adam back. And so we are here talking about the industrial marketing Summit. If you just joined us, man, you want to hit the replay button button and catch it from the beginning. We’re just diving into what’s going to happen at the industrial marketing summit in January in one nice backyard in Austin, Texas. Wendy, I hope people don’t start showing up to your house because I keep saying that.

Wendy Covey 32:00
They bring corn for the deer, you know, and yeah, cat treats will be okay.

Damon Pistulka 32:07
Here, we haven’t said it now. But what what’s the web address for this so people that are listening can understand where they should go to learn more about the it’s

Wendy Covey 32:15
really hard to remember it’s industrial marketing summit.com You can remember the name of the event you can find it.

Curt Anderson 32:26
Let me you know what I think I’m gonna I’m gonna pull it up so that we can take a look at it and we can but before I do that real quick, Wendy I think now demon we had a woman on our program rate long time ago, bad man not that long ago

Wendy Covey 32:39
and that you did have a woman on your program. Now. Good. Good

Curt Anderson 32:43
point. Yeah, I’m gonna like look at when do you take it out with all these dudes on stage on our program, and she wanted to name her son Chuck Daymond. Do you remember why she wanted to name her son Chuck?

Wendy Covey 32:55
Oh, I know exactly who this woman is when all right.

Curt Anderson 32:58
Why would Why would somebody in your life want to name their son Chuck because

Wendy Covey 33:02
she has the last name Norris obviously. So one of our Morgan says she makes amazing cookies. Remember that?

Curt Anderson 33:13
She’s an amazing cookie. Baker? Yeah. And she so are there gonna be cookies in your backyard. From what from I mean,

Wendy Covey 33:19
Morgan’s going to be here. So make sure the big treats. So

Curt Anderson 33:24
let’s go let’s and I’ve had so Morgan has been on the program. I caught you and Morgan onstage. She I tell you. She’s like one of those. Carrie speaks softly carries a big stick man. Like, she’s very soft spoken person. But she is just wonderful on stage. Share a little bit about Morgan and what she’s gonna be presenting. Yeah.

Wendy Covey 33:43
So Morgan’s going to be talking about brand leadership. And we’re getting a lot of requests for education and services around this right now. Because as we looked at 2024, with all of the changes in search, with SG E and large language models, and just how noisy it’s become, with everybody just churning out content and blogs and trying to play the inbound game, if you will, it’s become more and more important to work on your brand messaging, what you want your brand to be associated with, what types of leadership campaigns you can run. And so she’s going to be teaching about that as well as how the heck do we measure this? You know, how can I justify this back to executives, if this is moving the needle? You know, to Joe’s point of how is marketing a revenue driver so as we do a brand campaign, but that couldn’t be further from tracking leads to a sale. So how do we make sure that we can show a connection between brands and the valuation of the company and how well it’s doing it at taking friction out of the buying journey? Well,

Curt Anderson 34:53
I man Gosh, this is gonna be so much fun. I wish what I almost wish it was into January already. There’s the case study that Joe was just talking about that 195% increase. Here’s everybody that we’ve been talking about. You’ve got How did you land the co founder of Jasper? Well,

Wendy Covey 35:09
it helps that they’re here in Austin. So it’s a quick trip for him. Well,

Curt Anderson 35:15
that’s fantastic. I’ve been connected with these guys. I just connected with Carla on LinkedIn. So I’m just super excited to meet her Daymond we would love to have these folks on the program. We’re gonna scroll back up. Here’s the little powwow that we had earlier. Look at this crew right here, man. It’s like a Hall of Fame’s you guys will be awesome. So alright, there’s Mary, you guys can see my screen, right? I’m talking about my so you guys can see it. And here’s our friend from Global’s global spec. Wendy, just real quick, just to recap what CJ gonna be talking about? Yeah.

Wendy Covey 35:44
So CJ and I are going to be giving highlights from that research report. So we just got the data in two days ago. So we’re in Mad analysis mode for over the holidays here to have it ready. And, you know, every what we do with this report is we have we have some benchmarking things that we ask every year, and we look at trends. So things like that might be you know, What channels do you go for? You know, and what social media do you use? And then we have some new things each year. So a couple of new things this year. So the AI questions that I mentioned before, and then we’re also going to ask about social media for personal use. So we’re going to try to separate okay, we know you don’t use Instagram for work, but do you use it personally, because a lot of marketers have given us the feedback that, hey, I want to reach those engineers when they’re off hours and do more culture posts. And so with these won’t be like, here’s the white paper for, you know, new ways to use RF devices. But this is going to be, you know, just something soft, you know, for culture. And so I think this would be a great question to inform that. Fantastic.

Curt Anderson 36:52
And here’s Dale that you mentioned before, and then MJ we’ve talked about everybody’s super excited to see MJ and then there’s our three favorite folks right there, our host and hostess of the mostest. And so we cannot wait for this guy’s. So again, I don’t know if one of you guys could do me a favor when you guys if you could, if you’re on LinkedIn, or if you get in on your screen, or Daymond, let’s drop that industrial marketing summit right in the chat box there. And let everybody know how to how to find the program. Joe, let’s come to you, my friend. I’ve talked I’ve had people like reaching out to me like hey, Kurt, we see that you’re involved or just you know, supporting and sponsoring what have you, and just you know, what an honor privilege, you know, to partner with you guys and just support you, you know, we’re behind you 100% love what you guys are doing here. I’ve had that exact same sediment people are like, You know what, there’s no, I’m a b2b marketer, there’s nowhere for me to go, I don’t want to be sitting next to the person that’s like, you know, there’s a flower shop and there’s the dentists and like, they’re marketing, all these different, you know, retail, Main Street, you know, retail businesses, they want to hang out with their b2b Industrial marketers. Why is this place big? Why is the industrial marketing summit becoming the summit that all the cool kids should be attending? Can you please share that with folks? Yeah,

Joe Sullivan 38:05
I mean, unless we’re all missing something, this is kind of it. You know, there’s, I mean, there’s, there’s enough marketing conferences that go on. I mean, I love that the last few years, you know, Adam really was the one who made the industrial marketing, somebody inside of Content Marketing World happened, but you know, it was a small percentage of everybody that was at a massive, you know, national event or Content Marketing World. So I just think that there’s, there’s something to you kind of set it current, the thing we hear a lot of times inside of our industrial marketing, live community and from our, you know, the people in marketing roles that our clients is, like, we kind of feel alone sometimes, you know, as industrial marketers there, I said it earlier, but you know, manufacturing organizations don’t tend to be marketing heavy, that’s changing for the better, I see it happening very, very slowly, bit by bit over the last decade or so. But you know, if there’s a marketing role at all, it’s often the only person if you’re, you know, a $20 million business or last, and even the bigger ones are, might have a couple people or a small department. And so I think industrial marketers, sort of, there’s a lot of nuance to marketing, that when you can speak to better than anybody, in terms of technical marketing, working with engineers, and I think people just feel a little bit isolated. So what we have found through the community we’ve built a digitally is that it’s just this huge breath of fresh air to be able to congregate with and ask questions of and get input from people who are sort of feeling the same things you’re feeling inside of similar organizations. So that I think that’s what’s gonna be really great about this event is a chance to meet other people that are experiencing the same sorts of things you are, you know, continue to build relationships that maybe you’ve already started, but maybe just in the digital setting, and be there in person and have fun, like, you know, we’ve got some great happy hours and events planned that are not just part of, it’s not just learning. It’s just a A good time for a bunch of people to be together for a couple of days. So that’s I think that’s kind of what’s driving it. Well,

Curt Anderson 40:05
I love that. Hope you guys get here I have a Rottweiler barking upstairs. Sorry. Hey, Allison’s here today. Alison, thanks for joining us. Again, we’ve got comments coming in

Damon Pistulka 40:16
the link in the chat. So

Curt Anderson 40:19
perfect. Alright guys, so click that link, check out the speakers we’ve been talking about if you miss if you’re just joining us, if you miss it connect with Joe connect with Adam connect with bindi, Adam just shared a little bit, we’re gonna start winding down here, but just share a little bit like just some of the most rewarding experiences that you’ve had by being involved with industrial marketing Summit, since you’re the seasoned veteran, what’s been some huge wins for you and your company.

Adam Beck 40:39
It’s just it’s really the connections. I mean, I I’ve met Wendy and Joe tangentially through this event. Years ago, I think I’ve seen the connections that we’ve helped build. I think that similar to Joe’s industrial marketing live, when industrial marketers can work together and they can bounce ideas off of each other. And they’re not just in a silo that they can grow. And, you know, our team, they all said, you know, this events cool, but the cocktail hour is the best part for us. Because everybody gets real, everybody’s talking, you know, rock stars, like Eddie Saunders are going to be there. And you could be with Eddie, and it’s not going to be one of those events. It’s so huge that you’ll never cross paths with people. So really, it’s just the connections. It’s putting industrial marketing at the forefront and planting the flag and saying this is this is a real, this is a real discipline that deserves attention. And this is a group that deserves to be, you know, taken care of. And that’s what we’re all about. Well,

Curt Anderson 41:38
I love it. And this is really you guys are pioneers, and you’re laying the groundwork for this to be the event. And just we applaud you, we commend you, Adam, I don’t know if there’s any quick question Daymond I had for you, is it required to wear the red pants? Like we’ll be we’d be wearing them. But yeah,

Adam Beck 41:53
I just we were curious. There’s no requirements. And even Eddie goes when Eddie does and he

Curt Anderson 41:58
does what Eddie? Man doesn’t that’s, that’s a draft of Mike right there. So Wendy, let’s go here. Okay, all the cool kids in industrial marketing and manufacturing marketing are going to they’re already signed up. The folks that need to be the cool kids. Were any suggestions, any advice that you have for these folks that are like, you know, what is this industrial marketing Summit? Just any any advice that you have for folks to get them signed up?

Wendy Covey 42:23
Yeah, well, when if you’re unsure, go to we have a LinkedIn group. So the industrial marketing summit on LinkedIn. So you can just read through the comments and the conversations to get a feel for the vibe of this group. But you don’t sign up, Join us. Join us for the one day Summit, you can join us for the day and a half. And that adds the workshops and come hang out meet other people network, don’t worry. So low marketers that are there, they’re the only one. So welcome. And you find each other, you know, you find your people that really this whole group are going to be your people if you’re an industrial marketer. So feel free to wear your cowboy boots and your cowboy hat if you want to or not, or red pants or not. Will take either way. And by the way, Austin that time of year will either be 70 degrees or like 30. We don’t know. Yeah, probably 70 though, I’m gonna go for the

Adam Beck 43:25
path yet. Don’t pack. Yeah. Don’t ask that.

Damon Pistulka 43:29
Before you leave check.

Wendy Covey 43:30
Actually, now that I think about it,

Curt Anderson 43:32
yeah. And hey, Kelly dropped the Lincoln for the LinkedIn group. They

Damon Pistulka 43:36
have not seen it yet. I’ve got it. I’m trying to find it here. Now. I will get any

Curt Anderson 43:40
join that group. All right. Well, I want to be mindful. I know you guys are super busy, because you have this little party that you’re preparing at the end of January, January 31, in Austin, Texas, when he’s backyard, Joe, parting thoughts, words of wisdom that you want to share with our fine friends out there today? As we close out, David, I can’t believe we’re closing out 2020

Damon Pistulka 43:57
I know, I know. What do you get? What

Curt Anderson 43:58
do you got for us? Yeah,

Joe Sullivan 44:00
I think I just encourage people to consider checking it out. I mean, I think it’s, it really is kind of a one of a kind thing for people in this niche. You know, I just think the more the more you can find resources that are niche down, you know, insight and marketing is a broad thing, right. And like, it’s different for a lot of different types of companies. But this is a chance to see people who understand you and the things you’re going through and have created a we’ve created a program catered to you specifically and I just think I do think the best part about this has been us having all these people together and to congregate for a couple of days. So don’t miss it.

Curt Anderson 44:42
Don’t miss it. Adam, any parting thoughts, words of wisdom that you want to share with folks today? industrial

Adam Beck 44:47
market mark, industrial marketing summit.com registration links in the top right. A couple of clicks and you’ll be there.

Curt Anderson 44:56
Awesome. Wendy, my friend any parting thoughts, words of wisdom that you Want to share with everybody?

Wendy Covey 45:01
I just can’t wait for for this date to get here. I’m so excited and just come on. Let’s let’s have a big party. Someone

Curt Anderson 45:10
come on down. And Wendy I Daymond. Just little just, we might have a little live stream planned just to give you a heads up. So in for the record, guys, I don’t know if you guys knew this when we were in Cleveland. Wendy, I just introduced you to Nicole. I just met you for the first time. Right? And it’s perfect. I don’t know if you remember I said you and I sat next to each other. I’m telling you all about the MVP network. You’re like, what’s this MVP network? Right? Yeah. And then you’ve come to Purdue and absolutely crushed it. I introduced you to the code, Donnelly. And we were sitting there and I think you got done with your your session. And I looked at Nicole and I’m like, we should do a live right now. She goes, what what do you and that was the first time I’ve met Nicole, right? And I’m like, this is still alive. And she goes that spontaneous. Like literally, I’m like, let’s go to like

Wendy Covey 45:52
I got a phone. Let’s do it. Like I’m getting Jeff

Curt Anderson 45:54
Long. Mr. Video Camera guy and Damon. We did and we had ADD. We had everybody Addy was there. Nicole? Adam, Joe we had was so awesome. I might go back watch a replay over the week. So let’s go here. I always ask a question. And I don’t think I I think I asked Wendy but I don’t think I know Joe. I don’t think we were asking this question on Iran. I’m going to add them. I’m going to add them. There you go. I got it. I’m going to since Adam is a newbie I’m hitting. Adam, are you sitting down and we’re here today? No, it’s okay. All right. You’re in a great state of Ohio, the Buckeye State and are you are you a baseball fan? By any chance? You got a couple teams? You got the Guardians in the red zone or the baseball desert or the reds? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Your reds guy. Okay. Pete Rose, you go back to the 70s. Right. So Johnny Bench or Johnny Magi better choice, right? Wow. Johnny Bench my friend. Okay. Adam back. It’s the bottom of the ninth. The reds are there. Let’s tie score man. They’re playing the Cubs the hated cubs. Okay. Battle of the night. There’s a guy in second base two outs and the it’s tie score and the managers I do. I’ve got dinner reservations. I need this game to get over like right now. He turns on the bench. He says a back. Get up there and hit in the winning run, will you please So you walk up. You grab your helmet. You grab your bat you throw on your helmet as you’re walking to the plate. What is your walkups on?

Adam Beck 47:19
Oh, man. Now I’m going to share I’m going to reveal some things here that Yeah. I’m a metalhead. I’d like a cleaned up metalhead. Sorry, I’m Dylan symphony of destruction by Megadeth. We’re going to if nothing else, the crowds gonna be so excited that that ball is going out of there.

Wendy Covey 47:46
I think we have our keynote walkup song, right. Yeah.

Curt Anderson 47:52
Adam so Sullivan from the walkie who’s an adopted St. Louis fan. Oh, you got it there.

Wendy Covey 48:00
Wow. It’s like Damon knew or something. Damon

Damon Pistulka 48:05
at hand and he

Curt Anderson 48:08
does that every show Joe Sullivan, Mister Mister. I’m from Milwaukee, but live in St. Louis. I don’t know who your team is. What’s your walk up song? I

Joe Sullivan 48:15
don’t know who my team is either. Man. I can’t I can’t I can’t really be a Cardinals fan when you grew up in a city with the team and the other division but all my kids are Cardinals fans and you know, so I don’t know what to do with all that. Right? Kind of like Oh, man. I can’t answer this kind of question How about lose yourself by Eminem? Lose yourself that’s

Curt Anderson 48:38
a good luck. All right, so we got nega dodge, we’ve got lose yourself Wendy. I think I asked you and I’ve asked you. What’s your walk up song? Well,

Wendy Covey 48:46
I a few of you may know I was a high school mascot. I was a tiger. So forever. My pumpup song is either Tiger either

Curt Anderson 48:57
Tiger. Nice. Three great choices. That theme and how about that for that? So guys, if you’ve been hanging out for us, I know it’s been we had a great time talking about the industrial marketing Summit. It’s a great time to stand up and stretch. And give our three panelists a rig roaring round of applause. And thank them for sharing their energy, their expertise, their passion, most importantly, and I goof around a lot. But all seriousness, thank you guys for what you’re doing for US manufacturing because this is not a small deal. This is not a small accomplishment. This is a major deal that you guys are your major businesses, Iran you have families that you’re taking care of. And you guys are you know, taking this on, and just really bettering the manufacturing community. So once again, we applaud you, we commend you, we just really admire what you guys are doing. So thank you all. I want to wish I Daymond we do have a program on Monday. So we’re gonna be here Monday, but this is our last Friday. So David, takeaways, what are your thoughts of today?

Damon Pistulka 49:54
Well, I’m just excited to see what you guys are putting together here because this is as Joe said, Nice down to the point that industrial marketing people can gain actionable insights from some of the people that are out there doing it every day. And this collaborations and the networking it’s going to be done there is going to be so valuable, just because of what you said, Joe, these feet a lot of times it’s one or two marketing people in sizeable companies that are trying to figure all this out, and you have the opportunity to drop right in with all these experience people in in you, the three of you on the stage here and get these ideas and go back with so much more and be able to do so much more for your companies. I’m just excited about this. You guys have got it’s gonna be an awesome, it’s gonna be awesome. Yeah.

Curt Anderson 50:38
The friendships, the collaboration is going to be priceless. So again, I’m thrilled to hang out with you guys. Thank you so much for what you’re doing. We’re going to close it out. We wish everybody an amazing, incredible weekend. God bless you happy holidays, if we don’t say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, all those wonderful things. And hey, Damon, like we always like to say just go out and be someone’s inspiration just like these three lovely people. And man, you will just make the world a better place so Daymond take it away dude.

Damon Pistulka 51:06
Wow, that’s all I’m gonna say today. If you are listening to this and you started late, go back to the beginning. Because if you are interested in at all in industrial marketing, you’re going to want to learn more about the industrial marketing Summit. There the websites in the comments the LinkedIn pages in the comments. Listen to Wendy and Joe and Adam talking about it, looked at speakers up the workshops, you’re going to be able to see and get yourself to there and get some things get some relationships, build and collaborations and just be able to help your companies you’re you’re working with more. I want to say thank you to the guests here today. You guys are gonna put on an awesome event. I know. I know. It’s gonna be incredible. The speakers are just amazing. And and then I want to say Kurt, who the hell ever thought we would be here doing this this about this long. I just can’t say how much I appreciate that dude over there for us to be able to sit out and do this every week and have the fun that we get to do because we get to do this. We get to do this. You get talking to these smart people. That’s so it’s so great. Just thank you. Hey, lots of love to you, brother. Thank you. Then thanks, everyone for being here today. We’ll be back a Friday in January one of the first Fridays in January Allison’s afford man Allison 2000 affords kicking it off. Alison thanks. So thanks everyone for being here today. Have a great holiday and and just be good. Be

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