Attracting the Good in Life

In this week’s The Faces of Business episode, we invited Charles Walker. Charles is the Vice President of Logistics at Aroura Global Solutions. His journey in logistics started from his days serving in the army.  Charles is an example of someone who exudes the law of attracting positive results when you have the right attitude.

There must come a point in everyone’s lives that we wish to attract the good in life. But how is this good achieved? To learn some tips on this, we had our talk today.

In this week’s The Faces of Business episode, we invited Charles Walker. Charles is the Vice President of Logistics at Aroura Global Solutions. His journey in logistics started from his days serving in the army.  Charles is an example of someone who exudes the law of attracting positive results when you have the right attitude.

The conversation started with Charles sharing his journey from being in the army to working with Aroura Global Solutions. Charles said that the main task that his company focuses on is helping veterans get jobs.

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After this Charles shared general advice that all veterans need to understand before getting back into the workforce. He said that when you are to apply at a place, you should first study the vision and objectives of that place. Once you do that, you can appropriately apply according to the skills you have that you will add to the company you will work for.

Talking about the good in life, Charles said that what you give to people comes back to you. He also said that these veterans that return home, are no different than the people we are and when we actually get into a conversation with them, we can understand this.

Further, into the conversation, Charles said that we should wake up each day and decide how we want this day to go. He said that, instead of deciding according to other people’s doings, I decide my own mood of the day.

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Adding to this he said that once you make your own mind for something, you can very well get it done. This according to him is the good in life that we look for.

On attracting the good in life, Charles said that it depends on the mood you set for yourself. When you wake up, start the day by thanking the lord and then move on with it, you will automatically attract the good in life.

Charles says that it is all about the attitudes that a person brings to his life. By the end of the conversation, Charles said that nothing in the path of your success is going to be attached to the things that leave you.

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In simpler words, this means that your success does not depend on others.

Thanks to Charles for sharing his time and knowledge.  Watch the video below for the entire conversation!

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Damon Pistulka, Charles Walker


Damon Pistulka  00:08

All right, everyone. Thanks for joining us once again, for the faces of business sponsored by exit your way. Today with me. I’ve got Charles Walker. Thanks, Charles, for being with us today.


Charles Walker  00:21

Thank you for having me, man. Thank you for having me.


Damon Pistulka  00:24

Well, Charles, it’s it’s really a pleasure, man. I’ve we’ve been connected quite a while on LinkedIn, I just love the stuff that you do and the way you’re helping vets and, and in your business stuff you’re doing too. So hope we can talk a little bit about that and, and kind of go down that road with you today?



Absolutely. Absolutely. That’s why we’re here as well. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  00:47

So so let’s, let’s back up a little bit. Charles, tell us a little bit about your military experience you but you were in the army for a bit. And, and let’s let’s let’s hear a little bit about that.


Charles Walker  01:00

Well, actually, I joined the army and in 84 started off in the in the logistics field at Fort Lee Virginia. Yep. 76 Baghdad was 76 Charlie, no logistics supply. And while we were there, the Ranger battalion came out and said they need more logistics people in Special Operations, you know, command and, and I raised my hand, oh, I want to go do all this stuff.

They’re not knowing and the collective they selected us and when my friends union was actually 37, fifth Ranger battalion in Special Ops, that was that they sent me from there to Fort Benning, Georgia, and then, you know, attended airborne school. And they sent us to drive that airborne, Air Assault school. And I started down the Ranger battalion for about a good six months before they said a special operation aviation 169 stalkers. They needed logistic people for the for the worldwide mission.

And they selected me to move out to Fort Campbell, Kentucky with the nightstalker was one sixth Task Force. And I stayed there until I’ve made like a sick man by the bedrooms. I was in one city as force. And I did like Pathfinder school, and all the good schools that logistic I needed to support Special Operations community. And I went from there to like all Special Operations unit 10 group 96 civil affairs went over this to guard to 10th Special Forces Group as the logistic senior non commissioned officer, and then they sent me back to Fort Bragg and I spent a lot of time at Fort Bragg. They sent me back there to SOS calm which was the Special Operations Support command.

We supported the 112 Signal Battalion, along with five to eight Support Battalion we supported all the Special Forces Group third group seven group you know all the groups there and and then I right before retirement, I went to Swick which is a Special Warfare training group, second battalion there was in charge of the halo schools and all the the diving schools see your course in second battalion there man returned out in 2005 out of Fort Bragg and ended up after that I just started working with different organizations like Raytheon, SAIC, some of the big major corporations and senior logistic roles.

Yeah, I just started moving around going back overseas to Afghanistan, Iraq and working, putting in the MRF vehicles in Iraq and working with the warfighter focus program in Afghanistan, and just doing a lot of things with the military. That’s all I really enjoy doing, supporting military operations. And then I work with now I work with a company called Aurora, global solutions, where we provide service and equipment supplies, to government agencies, whereby we can hire more veterans and put them back to work because a lot of veterans are out of work, man, they just, they have to stay busy, and they need something to do man.

And even when they retire, they still used to being in charge of something. And we try to, we want to hire more veterans to give to get them back to work. So when they sit at home and have nothing to do with it be thinking about, you know, all this stuff they used to do and be in charge of and just support me that way, man. So it all ties in together with me. What I do, and mainly is related to helping veterans, even with the resumes or send them to somebody they can get it done. You know, just make sure they stay on the feet, man.


Damon Pistulka  04:36

Yeah, well, it is something I’m like you said, and we’ve had several people on on on our different events, talking about military, that the tough transition, it is for the military to civilian. And the bias that there is is towards military people coming into the civilian workforce. Get one. It was last summer sometime that we talked about that in one of ours. And we, we covered those specific things where people think that, you know, they just got these bias and different opinions about how someone from the military is going to act in their business, but what they tend to forget is the benefits that they’re going to bring.

I mean, when you, when you hire someone for military, you got somebody that’s probably going to have a good sense of mission, they’re going to do what you need to do. And they’re going to be able to stand alongside somebody else and, and do what they need to do their role. They know how to play a role in the team and get something done. And that’s, that’s something I think is very valuable in business. And many overlook it. Yeah.



And they missed missed the main point two of these guys have done it, he guys and gals have done it in austere environments they’ve done in tough environments where it was like, you gotta be thinking, you know, and you’re told every day, yeah, and it was able to lead and get the mission done their mission focus. And, and one thing I found was a big transition for me when I got out was in the military, you are taught to take responsibility for your own actions, and those of your team. admit your responsibility for it.

If you are in charge you in charge. start seeing a lot of the blame around the table right now. It’s his fault or whatever, like, and it was, it was a heart crisis for me, because I’m like, No, it was a team effort. You know, like, we all fail either way. Blame, you know, so that was the biggest challenge for me in the civilian sector, where it was easy for people to take to pass the blame, instead of taking responsibility for the whole team. Yeah. Military, we’re not taught to do that. Not take responsibility for our own actions, you know?


Damon Pistulka  06:50

Yeah. Yeah. That is, that is a good point. And, and that that is one of the things we talked about is that, you know, it’s we all win or we all lose together.


Charles Walker  06:59

Right. Right. Right. Anything, you know, yeah. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  07:04

So what what are some of the challenges you see now at the at the veterans transitioning out of the service? Or you see veterans in general? Is it that to try to get back into the workforce? Or what are some of the things because I know, you help a lot of veterans and that, what what are some of the kind of things that you’re helping people with now that, so the people are listening now can kind of understand more about it, and maybe if they have an opportunity to help, somehow they can do that?



Yeah, I think what we’re doing now we’re looking at more of a mindset that’s needed. You know, like, a lot of the larger military mindset is just like, you know, you see the heel, you take the heel, you know, but in the civilian sector, I think, is more of a mindset, where some of the things in the military, you just gotta, you know, you got to put them in your rucksack for a moment, and realize what to what your new team is looking like, and then what you’re trying to support. Because even every organization got an organizational structure, they got a mission and a vision statement.

So you want to you want to try to understand that mission and vision statement and see how what you already know, as your leadership skills, what how you can support that, and pass it on to the leadership and show them how you can support whether you’re trying to go, you know, like I tell them all to try to find out the mission and vision statement organization before you even try to apply for the job.

See what they do. Find out what what they’re trying to do and what their mission is, and then how what you already know and learn in the military can complement that and support it. And then add that to your resume, whereby they will know that you already been looking at the organization and you’re trying to put your skillset and fit it into what they’re already doing.


Damon Pistulka  08:46

That’s that’s a really good point. Yeah, good point. Because you’re, you’re you’re helping them get a there’s not many people that’ll do that, first of all,


Charles Walker  08:55

right? what’s right.


Damon Pistulka  08:56

And in in B, when you talk in a language in two things that they know, and we’re in the workspace already, it’s going to help you



potentially get that opportunity. Absolutely. Absolutely. You want to try to say, Hey, you know, you want to try to treat their organization, like as your own if it was your wish, what would you be doing to make it you know, get to the next level, and then actually do that in a cooperative way, man. And there’s three words that I always tell people. And I’ve been pushing this to people all the time, when the guy talks to the various Look, man, you go in now, with a collaboration, you collaborate with people, you communicate, and then you cooperate, because actually you come into a new organization. You want to listen to what they’re doing.

If you listen to what they’re doing, you’ll be able to identify where the needs are, but you need to help it but you got to listen and cooperate and collaborate with them first, so that they open up with you and then they build that rapport with you.

Then they’re going to open up say we find that this is a challenge distant bottleneck and You work on those bottlenecks, you become valuable. Because only when you become valuable to somebody, they want to keep you around, or they want to pay you for that. Yeah, once you show your value, because otherwise, you’re just a regular employee that’s being hired to fill a slot. Okay, but if you start bringing in value, the organization gonna notice you. And they’re gonna notice that you adding value to what they’re trying to do in a cooperative way.

You’re collaborating, and you’re communicating your efforts. And then you know, you want to make sure that you can sort of monitor what process you’re putting in place. Because there’s no need to fix something that, you know that there’s somebody said, there’s no reason to do work is not needed be done, you know, why do something that needed hills, and nobody will notice it. So you find out what the bottlenecks are, and then work around those bottlenecks and rillito bottlenecks for organization. And they’ll know your value.


Damon Pistulka  10:50

That’s very true. Yeah, bring up a good point, too, because someone new coming into an organization can oftentimes see a lot of, well, why do you do that? Right? It’s like, Well, why do you do that? Oh, okay. That’s good. And but maybe one out of three times, it’s like, I don’t know, well, what if we did it this way, and you’ll collaborate, like you’re saying, make it better, that’s very valuable. Because



every day, because you’re waiting, you observing, you know, you want to get an observation, at least 30 days and military teach you that you take over as a first off in a command position, you want to wait 30 days to do your assessments to see what’s going on.

And he’s like, okay, I can see how that could be better, because you’ve done it already. And you know, the result of it, you know, so and then sometimes people are not open to tell you all the problems they have, and when you first get to a job because you’re new. So they said, Okay, I’m not gonna open up to this guy yet. So I get to know him, and see that, you know, he’s adding value to what I’m doing and not working against it.

Because you just can’t see what’s wrong. In one look, and no, and no true facts, you could probably see something that’s moving around, he’s like, Okay, that looks wrong. But you don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing. So you want to do an assessment first. And then before you start making recommendations, but you need to have your recommendation worked out, you know, from the end, and then work backwards planning. So you can have a full understanding of what you’re trying to do and accomplish. and communicate it is not you know, if you’re doing the job yourself, and nobody noticed it.

And you know, you just do it in a vacuum, you want to you want to open up the whole supply chain with that to people, everybody know what everybody’s doing. Because the team, yeah, if you are by yourself, you’re trying to be the best guy in there, then that’s harder. But if you really working for a team, and because you are a leader, you don’t need to prove it. You don’t need a metal no more. You got all the metals, man. You want to build a good team, and then reach the goals of the organization. So you want to come in? Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  12:45

Yeah. That’s good. Yeah, I can tell you’re a logistics guy.



Yeah, yeah.


Damon Pistulka  12:50

I work that through. And that’s cool. That’s cool. Yeah, yeah.



I like, like, I tell people, when I order stuff from Amazon, man, I look on the internet. And I ordered when I got a knock on my door, I want to be exactly I imagined it on that on the one line, I want to you want to send me something that don’t look like what I thought it was. And so I put myself in that position. And so when I’m on a job, I make sure that box is right. I do that. I want to feel it.

I want they got to feel the way I want to feel. I take it personal, you know? And show, y’all we’ve been like that with logistic and special ops. The bottom guys always said, Man, we want him to go with us, man, cuz he’s serious. Yeah, I like it, man. I like seeing how people face light up when they get what they actually pay for.


Damon Pistulka  13:32

Yeah, well, and you, you probably will talk about this little bit, but but when you’re doing logistics in, in what you’re doing, you’re probably delivering food, medical supplies, and everything. People are going out there. And if you screw up and leave the front behind, Nick, you got some folks coming back



at night. And that’s what I learned in the military. I had a first I told me when to do it. You one thing you don’t screw up in the military and your logistic field. You don’t have my child late. You don’t have my coffee cold. And all my guys must eat every day you hear me? And I learned that he said, that’s the most important thing. If you do that, well, you’re gonna be a good listener. And I always knew that early. I made sure it was hot. And I made sure that coffee was hot when the guy when he’s like, man, he come he gonna be on time. And I do everything that way. And logistic because it’s that important to people is dead.


Damon Pistulka  14:24

Yeah, it is. It is. Well, and that that kind of leads me to another question. So I know some of the stuff you can’t necessarily talk about. But what are some of the logistics challenges that you had to overcome? When you’re in the military? They’re kind of unique that you go, Wow, this was something that sticks out in my head and I had, you know, have something halfway across the world. And I didn’t know how we were quite going to do that.



Right? The only thing what I was blessed because I had I was in special operations. So we had the leverage to do things that the conventional army couldn’t do. We had we had what was called operational funds. It was up funds money that we could we can go out and get anything the Special Forces teams needed. all they had to do a justify it. Right. When I learned how from a great great noncommissioned officer, he taught me Charles justification of something is how will you right?

Okay, you’re convincing the general whoever to understand your point of view. He said, once you write it, right, you can get anything you want. And once he taught me that, it’s all in how you present what the teams need. And so I started putting everything those guys needed, associated with their mission. And their life, them coming back home always turns to cut. These are the generals, hey, sir, I want these guys to make it back home.

So this is what they say they need. And this is why they need it. And if I can get that to them that way, and always turns their social consciousness of how of how they thought, in the red tape part. So I got around that red tape easily. So when I did work with the conventional army, it was easier for me because I was blessed as a private, always a senior leader to work around the red tape. And I think a lot of things is red tape, even with the logistics is going on now. With getting the PP to the VA hospital that we have to order, we have to wait to get the right certificate certifications.

So what I do now is I have all that paperwork ready. Before the actual, you know, because I’m used to it. So I know that it’s got to have a certain specification for the military to pay for it. It’s got to be a certain color. That’s what they want. It’s got to come from a certain vendor sometime. And so I already have all that paperwork ready because the paperwork passed the test. Then they ordered supplies from you. So I learned I learned in the middle. I just use what I learned in military. What got me success. And I use that to civilian sector. Same way. So I ain’t got to reinvent the wheel, you know?


Damon Pistulka  16:47

Yeah. Yeah, that’s for sure. Well, that’s, that’s cool. And that. I didn’t realize until you were saying that and thinking about that, I’m sure, yes, Special Operations people, they can get what they need when they need it. Right.



Right. Right. We get a we don’t get it one way or the other. Yeah. It’s like you say, you might have a fact. But you know, the way you write it can overrule facts. You may say what and authorize this, but if I related to the mission, and then coming back, and net, senior, nothing, I was saying he needed a place to survive. If I turned to social customers of a leader who got to make a decision. He don’t want that on his on his mind. So he’s okay. They justified it. Well, they wrote it well. And I justified it for that. You can order that. You know, yeah, I learn how to do that. My job is to get it to him, you know? Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  17:39

Yeah. That’s cool. Well, so you live in the Atlanta area, correct.



Right. Right. Right. In Georgia. Right outside. Please call mcdonogh


Damon Pistulka  17:49

Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I used to do a bit of work up north of Atlanta. And it’s pretty area out there. You don’t realize once you get out the rolling hills outside of Atlanta, it’s really



beautiful, man. It’s quiet. real quiet. Like you know, deers and I see Oh, Nick. Hey, Nick. Nick there. Yeah, a lot of deers out here everybody’s so quiet and peaceful man that’s why I like it. Well, man, the neighbors are nice and then you know you can walk in neighborhood you don’t worry about a lot you just peaceful man at night. He was dark and if you see the deer in the yard or something you could just see different animals man some bugs I never seen in my life. Wow. What is



this bow?



Yeah, it just soapy Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  18:35

I tell you what I lived in Tennessee, just outside in between Nashville and Memphis for about seven years and and I grew up in South Dakota and we that we had in Tennessee we had these grasshoppers people call them like Texas grasshoppers he say right, he’ll get as long here a big old dogs and then I remember that the water moccasins and the cotton mouse. Those are the winter copperheads or whatever the two kinds of snakes that I didn’t like I know that Yeah. No, no. Yeah. Yeah, but that’s that was the that was the thing that I didn’t like about those those areas down there as if you’re just like you’re right. And then the big spiders



right right. Yes, and


Damon Pistulka  19:21

those are those are like you know, cat sized spiders.



Oh yeah. Yeah.



Are you real quick


Damon Pistulka  19:29

Oh man. Well, you know it’s it’s a it’s an interesting time time and now you know with with all the stuff that we got going on and I think that not not that we’re going to do anything political here because I don’t like get in at all. I just I just I’d like to see the fact that that we’ve we’ve we’ve got people like yourself and and some others we talked about before we got on that are that are thinking about how How we can put these military people that are coming back back to work, how we can take care of them, you know that the injured people both physically and mentally, because they wouldn’t be that way if they didn’t go the military, you know, so,



Burning Man is when it comes to any military person, I mean, one thing I know, they earn whatever they they pay their cost to this to this country man and, and I respect them for that because for whatever reason they went in, they experienced some things that they didn’t know beforehand and he finished to deal with eight boats to do so. I appreciate people like that even when you know, you’re in a situation, but you made an obligation. You know, you say you raise your hand, say I’ll do this, and go ahead and do what you say you’re gonna do.

You see, so I respect people like that man. And, and I own all my respect, and any kind of help I can get them. Yeah. I’m gonna do what I came in. Yeah, that was the way I feel about it.

And, and I’m glad I feel that way. Because a lot of times they didn’t want somebody to talk to. I meet them all all around, man. I mean, veterans everywhere, man, they just wanted somebody to talk to Mike start off with How you doing? Where are you, sir? That man? Could be two hours later, man, we still talking? Yeah. Because they just they got we got commonalities that we got more things in common and we have different. You know, it is not like what society think. It’s, it’s how you treat people. And you know, how you approach people, man? You give them respect, they’re giving back to you, man?


Damon Pistulka  21:35

For sure. That’s for sure. Yeah, I just, it makes me feel good to hear you say that? Yeah, I think there’s I know, there are a lot of people like that. We don’t hear that. And in that’s why I think, you know, I just it makes me feel good to hear you say it. Because I know, the vast majority of us are like that. And that’s, that’s just love to hear you say because I



look at life like this. Okay, I look at my daily life and my travels, people I meet throughout the day, every day when I’m out. Okay, and I said, how was I treated today by those people I’ve met? I’ve never known a day. Did they do anything racial to me? Did they treat me like crap or anything like that? No. Okay, so Okay, by looking at TV, it will show you a different picture. remember him saying when he comes to me, I get this result that I deserve. But I already put it in my head what our results I want. Before I go out there, I just don’t leave how gladly.

I said, What, what do I want to accomplish today? So I talked to myself, what do I want to accomplish? Who do I want to meet? And then somehow, I don’t know how this works. I can’t explain to people but I’ve set up a mindset where I want to win that day. And I want to meet great people.

And guess what happens? That’s what happens to me. When I went in that day, I come back and do assessments a while, if I use my own mind, my own thinking, and the things I already know in my life, things will work. But if I just walk out here blindly, I could walk into anything. But I went with a purpose. And I tried to wake up with a purpose and not just try to teach that to people, like use your own mind. And then don’t go by what other people say all the time, do your own study and do your research. Better your own self, and then the right people who will be attracted to you is just so yummy. But you get in that mindset first, you know? Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  23:29

yeah, he. Yeah, I just laugh at myself. Because I’m 100%. Man, it is so much out if you go out in and it’s it’s as simple as this. I’ve seen people that that are afraid of dogs, right, right. afraid of dogs, any dog. They’re afraid of dogs, so they’re always afraid dogs Gonna chase them by them, whatever.

And, and what do they do? Every time they see a dog? They think that dog chased me and was gonna bite me or did bite me. Right? I’ve never been bit by the meanest dogs that people say, because I come up to them. And I say they’re nice. They’re around. I don’t care if it’s the ugliest looking, nice looking thing. You treat it right. It’s gonna be fine. And I I don’t know, like you said how that works with people in life and everything. But it does.



It works that way.



Man for real. It gets, you know, you get what you expect, man and but if you set it up in your mind that, hey, everybody’s bad man, everybody, I mean, they this way this way. And then so you you on the defense, you expecting that. But if you look at that, the average person is basically good. And we have more things in common. They’re not, you know, I’m saying, you know, everybody wants to get home and feed a family.

They want to make sure they family safe. Everybody really wants a family to strive. They want their kids to be successful, more successful than they were. We all want those things. So let’s talk about those. things in this talk about the things that are good, pleasant and wholesome. Why were the bad stuff for?






that stuff get his own media attention? Yeah. Oh, man, you know? Yeah. A lot of people say that’s delusional. No, it’s not. It’s common sense, man. People. Common Sense. is the new PhD. Yeah, yep. In today’s society, that’s the PhD.


Damon Pistulka  25:29

Yep. Yep, it is. It is. Because, you know, when when you boil it back into we just as you said, we all want to make some money. It’s to do well, we want good things to happen to everyone around us. If we start there, the common ground gets us to common goals gets us to a much better place. Danny go in. You know, unlike when we talked about you know, attracting the good in life, it is your attitude. It is your attitude when you get your butt out of bed. If you think it’s gonna be a bad day, it will certainly be a bad day.



You created a positive effect with Jim Rohn only big Andrew Carnegie pm a man positive mental attitude. It starts when you first wake up and give thanks, man, Lord, thank you. You woke me up. Now? rest is up to me. The attitude that I choose to take today. It is all about the positive mental attitude and people like oh, that’s not true. Yeah, it’s true, man.

Cuz you get it. You can drop something on the floor. That one’s like, oh, man, Mister, my shoes. And you get in the car. He’s like, Oh, my God is going to slow I’m going to just calm down and chill. And then just say, hey, everything is happening right now is my attitude about it. Is how emotionally I take it is my attitude about it. You know, you almost hit my car. After the word is I almost almost bro. You say? No. Have a good day, man.






they were they were road rage. Almost get your car I’m sorry. Yeah. Amen. We straight?


Damon Pistulka  27:13

Yeah, exactly. Exactly. You got to go to it. Because road rage is something that, you know, people get so worked up about it’s like, I understand somebody doing something in there. Somebody creates an X and doing all that. It’s an even at that. Even at that. If they weren’t doing something stupid. And it was an accident accident. It’s it’s like, well, I’ll give you a good example.

You were handed a number of years ago on my motorcycle by a truck. Wow. It told him my motorcycle, and it hurt me pretty bad. And I got I got back up. But I wasn’t hurt bad enough that I wasn’t really mad. really mad. And I was I was I was going to let the driver know in no uncertain terms. And I saw that guy’s face. And he was concerned. When always.



That’s right. That’s right. Or you saw his attitude about it. You know, but if he took the same attitude, you and that’s when the calamity is, you know, Sam, might have to be their higher mental phase of it, you know, had to be the high amount of power to calm things down, man. And it seems to me that happens in all our relationships, business, everything we do, because things don’t always go right. As you planned it, but I think you’d have thought I would have planned it first. Start out with man.

You know, you know, if some go wrong with a plan, you can always make adjustments along the way. If you start off and just jump into something, there’s no plan. So it was gonna be more chaotic for you if you can still maneuver. But it’s gonna be a little bit more difficult than if you had a plan. Yes. I tell people just have a plan and a goal.

That’s your starting point. And then you can go from there. And I was sitting down last night I was writing down some things, man, I was saying that. You know, we was talking to some guys on the phone cost about goals. I say Look, man, now mine is someday. Plus action, equal progress. He said what he’s saying. I said now, minus someday, plus action equals progress. You know, because right? Some people say, Oh, I’m gonna get it done someday. I’m gonna do that say now, but if you do announce a track someday, and then take action, you’re gonna have progress.

But if you go now, and then deliver it definiteness of purpose plus actions that success? Yes, yeah. Because now you got to do you definitely on what you’re trying to do. You’re doing it now. You’re taking action steps every day, then you won’t be successful because success is whenever you choose to do the big do for yourself and you use in your own mind to get there. Have you take a few action steps that day that success for you that day, because you didn’t sit on your button and say I want to do this, you actually took some action steps. And it can be small steps, man, you know, you can say, Hey, you know, I’m gonna call this guy about this contract is out there.

I’m gonna give him a call and make sure that he did. But if you don’t ever call him that day, you didn’t take no action steps, you just you thought about it, you got to call him if he was on pickup right now, I did call him this time, whatever, then you continue to do so you reward yourself for that, because you did what you say you’re gonna do. But if you think man, they’re gonna happen. times, man. And so I’m trying to teach people and even myself as I grow, because you have enough people to get to where they need to be, then you’re going to be where you need to be, According to Jim Rohn. And that’s true. Because I try to help whoever I can when I can.

On what I already know. And then they’re gonna tell somebody else Hey, man, this guy called me told me this this net, and you’re gonna get spread it. And then now you already becoming know, you only know who you becoming. And now obviously, I’m I became this. I don’t know how I got there. No, because you just helped a lot of people. Yeah, man, that exponentially multiplies to other people. And they found out about you, that’s all and then the right people was attracted to you, you have to go look.


Damon Pistulka  31:16

Exactly. Right. Exactly. I you know, and you bring up Jim Rohn. And I actually just discovered him a couple months ago, yeah, just literally changed my life, when you start thinking about the, the, the way that he looks at things and, and, and you know, and some of that some insane, but when when he talks about that, your your, your personal development, and where you are at personally, is, is what you attract. So if you want to go somewhere, your mind and your development has to be there first, and then everything will catch up to you. It’s the other way around. They think that they push they’ll get there but they all you have to get yourself there first,



you have to get there first man. You got to get your visualization you get there first. And also man, you just gotta is your is your responsibility to do that. You nobody else responsibility is an inside job. And it’s like, Hey, you can think about it all day. Somebody can motivate motivation is is external man, you got to get up, you got to hit it on your mind yourself. And then even if you lose all your friends, man, like, along your journey, it’s gonna be some people in your life for a period of time that you love, right?

Think about the people in your path that’s no longer in your life. Yeah, you thought they’re gonna kill you. Because you know, not with them anymore. No, that was there time in your life during that phase. And as you grow mentally, toward what you want, you’re gonna lose, you’re gonna meet new people, you and I talking now just from LinkedIn. Five years ago, we would we would have known that it just our mindset and growth that you saw where you’re gonna be, you just got to be have faith and walk into it is happening.



You know, no matter. You’re



never attached to anything that left you man. Nothing in your success is going to be attached to anything that ever leaves you. So that’s what people understand. Oh, my buddy, he loves me, man, we were gonna do this man. Your success is not attached to what lease is attached to what’s coming to you, man. And I learned that man, I just been going ever since you know, to keep going.


Damon Pistulka  33:25

Yeah, that’s great. Nothing, nothing. You said nothing to your successes, it leaves you. I gotta write that down. Because that’s, that’s powerful, man.



Right? Anything that leaves you is not attached to your success. Everything is a test, your success is coming to you automatically. And you just got to walk into it. Don’t focus too much on what you lost. Focus on what you’ve been the game from your mindset, you know, and self development were you studying every day? And this relentless study? Well, you gotta you got to actually be purposeful about it and be definite and have faith in what you’re trying to do.

And in the right people, you only know how sometimes people link in with me I’m like, Oh, this guy, the CEO of this company, how to he want to be me or whatever. And then I’m like, Okay, now I understand how because of how you putting yourself you’re growing so much that those people are attracted to what you’re saying and doing. And so the same wavelength the on the same wavelength that you want.

So some people might not identify on that wavelength. That’s cool. Except that too. It’s okay but the ones that are on that wavelength that right person you’re gonna meet you one person away from being where you both to be is one person man, not you might not be like, Oh, I got 40,000 followers. Have you seen them? I said wow. They don’t even want to enable it just want 40,000 that’s going to push them to where they need to be man and that time is coming. You know, even through all the chaos and Wisteria through all the chaos that went on. People actually lost in life in 2020. Some of them lost it because of COVID or whatever. And that wasn’t their fault.

It’s just, you know, a pandemic. Some people were doing foolish things. Some people got got so caught up in their own selfish things, they started doing reckless things. And people sit at home and they study to become a better person. That’s what I did. Yeah. When people say, Oh, you made me as you do it, dude, it was how it worked me. It was self discipline. me reading all kinds of books me studying. Every night. Nobody’s watching me. Two or three in the morning. I’m abstaining. Reading the right books. I mean, I’m buying the right books. And I’m very myself. So it’s not overnight success. People think it is. But yeah.


Damon Pistulka  35:47

Yeah. No, say, yeah, you know, it is something when you when you see others, others look at success. And they go, Oh, good, there we go. Look at all that talk, that work that they put in behind our years before that success that come to them. And like you said, it’s been studied and got better and study and got better and the success came to them. And now that’s what people see. That’s what they see. They see the end result.



You know, it’s like Oprah Winfrey said, Everybody wants to ride and limousine but nobody wants to push when they run a gas. Hey, man, it’s like, hey, yeah, he a limousine. That rat. Now I ran out of gas, a man who won’t push, you see it know what it is, is just you got to look at getting with the right people, you know, and then making your group of people on the same wavelength that you own man, just like Napoleon Hill talks about creating that mastermind group around you and your imagination first.

And then once you read the mastermind group, they’re gonna appear man, they’re gonna appear in a position at a table that you sit around. And you can say, hey, I want this guy at my table, this guy at my table, and then we’re gonna collaborate. We’re gonna communicate, and we’re gonna cooperate with each other. And we all gonna make it. You know? Yes, you you in me.


Damon Pistulka  37:09

Yeah. So write that down when you create a mastermind group around your imagination. Right. That is incredible. That that has those great words, man and why? Wow, that’s good. That’s good. I think I think like you said, so many people looked at looked at 2020 as, Oh, I can’t go I can’t go to the store. I can’t go on vacation or whatever the heck it was.

Right. And, and I look back at the year and I recognize that there are a lot of people like you said that that medically they got you know, COVID was bad thing. I look at myself, and it gave me hours and hours and hours of time that I would have never had in my life. To work on myself. Exactly. To be with my family. I’ve got two kids, they’re in their 20s. Me seen them. I wouldn’t have seen them one 10th of what I saw him this year. And that’s something that will never come back.



Absolutely, man. You look at it like that.


Damon Pistulka  38:16

It was really good year for me.



It was a good year, man. You study you got a chance to spend time with yourself and, and and get to know yourself. You know, can I really be alone? quarantine? You know, and in the Bible, this ain’t the first time quarantine came up in the biblical days. Do you totally the quarantine itself before a war. So quarantine is not a new word. It’s just new words. A lot of people use it to your benefit and you sit at home and you got to talk like I got to talk to my daughter and my son and son in Birmingham and daughters in Atlanta.

And then my wife was in Japan but she’s home now. And we got closer to this because we got to actually communicate and see what’s going on when he turns on all the time. We just run working by going in. So now you got opportunity with things slow down, where you can build something on a foundation on solid rock and then it’s solid in folding. It was shaky. You didn’t know it was shaky.

Exactly. You got to see what everybody was thinking. He was like what I know my son was doing this I know he was doing that now you’re in the house with him you know what he doing? Yes. If you paying attention and you aware awareness and you studying showing yourself approved, you’re gonna see all these things you will miss you start saying they need doing your house like Oh man, I was cracking up there. ain’t never noticed that. Now I’m at home I see I’m staring I’m like wow, some rooms my house I never went in man. I’m like, dude, yours, you know, I’m



saying so.



Now, you pay for the house, but you ain’t living in it. You know? So yeah, yeah, go live and just do good things, man. Some of the people on LinkedIn and I got they don’t know how much they helped me about what they post and what they say. I’m paying attention to it and a lot of people I’ll engage with more because identify what the stands for, that’s what it be. And then some people out, I’m starting to identify with more, because I can see that their mindset is solid is not all over the place. So I’m paying attention, all it is, is what is your message solid and consistent. Because I know you studied, you know, I know you’re really, really into it, it’s not a judgmental thing.

It’s just, I’m learning who I want to associate with on a regular basis where I can grow with. So I’m studying, and I’m being more observant of who I spend my time with. Because a lot of time, we spend our time with a lot of people. And we never know what our goal is. And so now I’m just more strategic. And I want to spend some time with that guy right there. Because I look at his posts, and I see where he’s headed. And I read his profile. And I’m sort of seeing where he hit it with his posts. Because his posts are consistent with what he’s trying to do, or whatever. And then I’m putting I’m focusing on that kind of stuff on LinkedIn.

And now I’m using it to my benefit, there’s a benefit platform. Yeah, you got some smart people on there, man that’s doing great things. So you probably need to be listening to what they’re saying. And then when they put out a book and say, Hey, this book said this or that, so I go and look it up, man, I’m like, oh, let me check this book out and see what I get what he said, and then just put out everything that adds value to people life. And then you won’t have to charge them all this money because there’ll be wanting to give you money. Like Generally, people don’t want to pay for valuable things. Yeah, they want to pay for that. Yeah, but if you didn’t want to pay for it, that’s all it is, man.


Damon Pistulka  41:30

Exactly. Exactly. And it is so funny when you start bringing it bring it around to that perspective is that you know, we met on LinkedIn and and through other people and and when you look at what what I’ve learned over the past couple years on LinkedIn, is that is there there there are a lot of people there that are sharing good information, good, good philosophic, philosophical stuff that can really help you to think and learn and grow and and just being part of that in like said, I’m just so grateful for some of this.

You know, Nick Dorsey who’s on here, he talks about on his all things, gratitude pod podcast, right? There just there’s just so much that you can do if you put the effort into to meet those people and talk to him learn from them. They want to share with you, man as a



man, me It’s me, Nick and Curtis, we had a conference call in 2020. We met on LinkedIn. Yeah, we call them and it was the best time and sharing information and just what each other does mean and we just became close like that. And I sent I text him just do my regular calls and even Curtis and just talk to him and I met him right there, man. And he just mentioned that you able to do that through technology man to get know somebody like that.

And then a lot of people that like Michelle Lachey with a Veteran Resource mobiel she came down to Atlanta, and I met her over at in Stockbridge, Georgia, we met actually met and sit around and talk about veteran suicide and some of the things that we can do to help and assist.

And she posts on the day. And I went online and said, Hey, here’s a number for a veteran. She said one single side of the road in Texas. So I call one of the VA buddies I got in Texas, Hey, man, we got a veteran out there, just sleeping in the car. And he said, Charles, what’s his name? I gave him the name she gave. And he gave me some numbers to tell him the call. And I posted that on LinkedIn. It was just like that. Yeah, her saying that was happening. But it’s my network is strong as well.

So I got some special operations that’s willing to that I served with my train with Oman over 20 years, man. So they say I need something like char What do you need, man? How can I help? You know? And yeah, that’s not my field. They’re gonna, they’re gonna say, I know a guy in Tampa, Florida. That’s doing this. So I’m gonna introduce you to him. And it passed like that you happen. People help people, man. Yeah, it’s real simple. But you can’t sit there and say, nobody’s helping me. Nobody’s, oh, you gotta help yourself. You got to have an idea in your head, that you’re trying to move forward and be able to present that to people so they’ll know how to help. That’s all.


Damon Pistulka  44:12

Yeah. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. I love hearing that how you’re a how you’re using LinkedIn, but be how you’re helping people with it. Yeah. It it. And like you said, it’s not hard. It’s just a matter of taking that little bit of effort. And that effort. Like I don’t, I don’t care if you want to be a football player, a doctor, Major League Baseball player doesn’t matter. It everybody has the baseline but that little bit extra effort that they put in that no one else does, makes people great and makes them special.



Just that extra the extra effort, man. Then the extra mile you just say hey, you have somebody in the morning say, I went to I was telling my wife. I went to a dinner yesterday. This lady was so nice to me and I hate the dentist. Okay? He just made me feel so comfortable. So I came back and I call back to the dinner and I said, Hey, I just want to tell Allison as I met her today. Tell her she made my day.

No, the lady said, she said, Mr. Walker, I’m gonna tell you Allison said, You made her day. So I said, well, where can I go online to your supervisor job and just post about her? And she said, she said, yeah, go to this go to this difference. And, and I put a good message on that for her man. And she said, Charles, you made her the SEC, I can make Monday. So in actuality we made each other day, Zack unworldly. She told him whenever they have that guy made Monday, when I get home, that’s why they made Monday. I’m like, wow, see?


Damon Pistulka  45:46

Yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s incredible, man. Wow, I just, I am so happy that we took this time and were able to talk for a few minutes and man getting to know you better and just listen, you just that your positive message. And I can just tell you’re someone that just attracts good things around you. And and I’m so glad grateful that you came on and talk to us today. And just thank you.



Now grant for you happy man, I appreciate them. I was looking forward to it. Man, I was just making sure that I had everything in place. I want to make sure that I didn’t miss it. Because it was one call I want to be on but the computer system was messed up. And he only sent it to me like five minutes before and I was so upset.

I’m like, man, I miss things like this, because it’s important to me, you know, when I when I meet someone on LinkedIn, and then I get a chance to, to just chat it up with them before they can see the realness of the person. You know, cuz sometimes you can be anybody you want to be behind a computer, you see those that are real, you know that the person that you think you see. And so now see, we always communicate when I get to see. And I know, man, because this is where technology is taking us. But we have to do a lot of these right now. To the end is over. We



got the opportunity, man, I appreciate you more than you appreciate me that you did. And I appreciate this.


Damon Pistulka  47:11

I just I’m just so glad you’re able to do this. Yeah. And I ran. It’s fun. We’ll have to do it again. We’ll get a bunch of us on sometime too, because that’s always fun. We get it get a group too. But, Charles, thank you so much for being here today. And if people want to get ahold of you, what’s the best way to do that? Well, the



best rate man we got we can go to our website is Aurora global solution, but it’s ag S dash and we’re still working on that website. But also they can reach me on LinkedIn and Charles Charles Walker. MPa MBA. Yeah. Charles dot Walker 357 I’ll show ya now appreciate Lincoln. It was better with all my veteran brothers, sisters, man, tell them to reach out they need to help with anything. And we’ll definitely support that. That effort. All right.


Damon Pistulka  48:07

That’s awesome. Yes, sir. So much for being here today. Have a great rest of your evening. And we’ll be back again.



Air boy, man all the way. Thank you. Well, all right. Thanks, man.


Damon Pistulka  48:20

You hit let’s see we’re doing here.

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