Building Community & Trust with Livestreaming

In this The Faces of Business, Curt Anderson, Founder, B2Btail, Jedi Master of helping manufacturers “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret,” #GirlDad, and friend shares his personal experience with and firsthand knowledge of using livestreaming to build community, trust, and share information with your perfect customers.

In this The Faces of Business, Curt Anderson, Founder, B2Btail, Jedi Master of helping manufacturers “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret,” #GirlDad, and friend shares his personal experience with and firsthand knowledge of using livestreaming to build community, trust, and share information with your perfect customers.

Curt has built his business firsthand by using livestreaming as a way to meet people, build community, and share valuable information with potential soulmate customers. A veteran with hundreds of livestream shows to his credit Curt walks the walk and knows how powerful livestreaming can be to build community and trust in you and your business.

At B2B Tail Curt is helping businesses “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret” to attract and engage their perfect clients.
Curt is an expert in putting strategies and the team together to get a manufacturer’s true essence digitally shining through to their ideal customers. Curt’s extensive business experience allows him to develop practical and proven strategies to help businesses reach their goals. Curt also has a large network of highly skilled partners he brings to bear so companies get the help they need quickly from pre-vetted specialists.

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Curt has been an entrepreneur since graduating from THE Ohio State University College of Business and taking over the family floral business. After being in the family business for a bit, Curt recognized an opportunity to take advantage of ecommerce sales and founded in 1995 as an ecommerce online supplier of silk flowers and floral supplies.

Curt was president of for 17 years generating annual double-digit growth for the entire time and was recognized as an Internet Retailer Top 1000 eCommerce company for three straight years. Curt ultimately sold the company to help companies “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret.”

Damon and Curt open the Livestream with their signature bromance. He asks Curt how many livestream shows he has done and how many he thinks he has completed compared to what he has done today.

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Curt answers that he has conducted around 300 livestream shows, including webinars and workshops. He emphasizes that although some of these events may not be traditional livestreams but rather Zoom meetings, there have still been hundreds upon hundreds. He also discusses the benefits of livestreaming for businesses, citing 39 and a half reasons why someone should consider livestreaming for their business.

“What did you think at the beginning?’ asks Damon.

Curt relates to the impact of COVID and how it led to the creation of a community through webinars, particularly acknowledging the support from Damon and Exit Your Way. He highlights the friendships formed and the valuable discussions that arose during these meetings. Curt also discusses their efforts to provide educational webinars for clients and manufacturers, noting the diverse lineup of speakers they curated, drawing parallels to a baseball lineup. Despite initial doubts, they expanded their efforts, even considering hosting additional sessions.

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Damon mentions Kurtis’ presence and thanks him “for being here today, man.” While Curt says that their connection formed during the challenges of 2020 and the numerous livestreams they participated in together.

Acknowledging Curt’s success in fostering connections, Damon shifts to discussing the initial intentions behind starting their endeavor, questioning what he hoped to achieve through it.

Curt reflects on their initial purpose, likening it to a child learning to ride a bike, where they hoped to explore new opportunities and make new connections. He believes in community and relationships, citing a recent webinar with the Illinois MEP Manufacturing Extension Partnership as an example. Livestreaming offers a powerful platform for building relationships.

Moreover, livestream sessions help target ideal customers or “soulmates.” It also adds value by learning from guests like Kurtis who have deep industry knowledge.

In the same breath, Curt discusses the emotional depth of the show, recounting moments of laughter, tears, and vulnerability shared by guests, particularly in the challenging world of entrepreneurship.

Curt recalls instances where guests, like Paul Van Meter, openly displayed their emotions, illustrating the power of livestreaming to capture raw human experiences.

Damon agrees with the guest by terming livestreaming as a valuable way to contribute to both professional and human growth.

The show then moves to discuss the impact of livestreaming on business development. The host refers to Curt’s involvement with MEPs (Manufacturing Extension Partnerships), and how his interactions have established him as a respected figure.

Curt discusses his livestream journey with Damon. He recalls their community-building efforts during COVID-19, particularly Damon’s Exit Your Way meetings that brought in subject matter experts. He explains how they adopted a similar approach to launch Manufacturing Ecommerce Success, being intentional about guest selection and topic relevance to their target audience.

Damon comments that the network they built has enabled them to provide helpful recommendations based on their interactions with numerous individuals.

Curt finds livestreaming strengthens relationships and builds trust. He talks about personal experiences like visiting Damon’s home and attending events together as evidence of their strong bond.

While talking about the common hesitations about livestreaming, such as appearing on camera and the perceived difficulty of the process, Damon reassures that the initial challenges aren’t as daunting as they might seem.

Curt discusses the journey of their livestream show, initially starting by “building the parachute on the way down.” Despite early hesitations and uncertainties, the experience has led to unexpected relationships, friendships, and opportunities, including travel experiences with Damon. Curt admires Damon’s dedication to connecting with others and views their show as a platform to spotlight others.

Damon believes livestreaming builds community and trust. It allows viewers to feel connected to the hosts and builds credibility. He shares insights into how live videos can lead to unexpected calls from viewers who feel they already know you and how past interviews can serve as valuable resources to address future questions.

Agreeing with Damon, Curt praises the authenticity and spontaneity of their livestream show, saying that it’s unscripted and raw. Providing no questions beforehand ensures guests feel comfortable. They prioritize shining a spotlight on their guests and approaching each episode with enthusiasm and authenticity. “They [guests] love the opportunity to get a bright light shine on them.” Curt also mentions their diverse range of topics and guests, reflecting their commitment to bringing folks along with valuable insights to their audience, even if it’s outside their usual scope.

Damon says that the dual purpose of their show is to “edutains” their audience. He discusses the potential to “punch above your weight” by attracting guests who are passionate about the topics discussed on the show. He cites Sherry’s enthusiasm for LinkedIn training and livestreaming as an example.

In response, Curt expresses excitement about having the editor-in-chief of Inc. Magazine on their show, considering his longtime admiration for the publication. He also acknowledges Damon’s role in streamlining their process, making it more efficient, despite his busy schedule.

Similarly, the guest takes pride in consistent content creation for manufacturing businesses, particularly in niche markets with less competitive keywords. He discusses their strategy of targeting specific keywords in their live shows, aiming to attract potential clients, referral partners, and viewers interested in their topics.

Damon adds that by leveraging transcripts from the videos, they enrich their website with keyword-rich content, contributing to higher search engine rankings.

The show ends with Damon thanking Curt for his time.

Our Guest
Curt Anderson

Curt is the Founder of B2Btail, the Jedi Master of helping manufacturers “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret,” #GirlDad, and a friend.

He has built his business firsthand by using livestreaming as a way to meet people, build community, and share valuable information with potential soulmate customers. A veteran with hundreds of livestream shows to his credit Curt walks the walk and knows how powerful livestreaming can be to build community and trust in you and your business.

At B2B Tail Curt is helping businesses “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret” to attract and engage their perfect clients.

Curt is an expert in putting strategies and the team together to get a manufacturer’s true essence digitally shining through to their ideal customers. Curt’s extensive business experience allows him to develop practical and proven strategies to help businesses reach their goals. Curt also has a large network of highly skilled partners he brings to bear so companies get the help they need quickly from pre-vetted specialists.

The guest has been an entrepreneur since graduating from THE Ohio State University College of Business and taking over the family floral business. After being in the family business for a bit, Curt recognized an opportunity to take advantage of ecommerce sales and founded in 1995 as an ecommerce online supplier of silk flowers and floral supplies.

Curt was president of for 17 years generating annual double-digit growth for the entire time and was recognized as an Internet Retailer Top 1000 eCommerce company for three straight years. Curt ultimately sold the company to help companies “Stop Being the Best Kept Secret.”

The guest is an MBA from Southern New Hampshire University.

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Damon Pistulka, Curt Anderson

Damon Pistulka 00:04
All right, everyone, welcome once again to the faces of business. I am your host, Damon Pistulka. And with me today, I’m excited because we’re going to be talking about building community and trust with live streaming. with none other than the king of live streaming himself. Kurt Anderson, Kurt Anderson, take it away my friend Daymond

Curt Anderson 00:30
Dude, I don’t I maybe like maybe Prince or like what’s below Prince? Like, I think dude, you You are the King of live streaming dude, four days a week. Are you kidding me? Like I did the math on that today earlier four times 50. Like, live streaming couple of 100 times a year, man like you are absolutely crushing it my friend. Well, I think the

Damon Pistulka 00:53
crazy part about it is the crazy part about it is is that, you know, we both were reticent live streamers. Like this didn’t come naturally to you did it?

Curt Anderson 01:08
Well, let you know. Let’s go back in time. Let’s go. Do you remember? Eight you know what you and I have an anniversary coming up here. We have our four year anniversary coming up in a few weeks. So it was something going on four years ago? Do you remember something like right about this time four years ago, and you remember what was happening?

Damon Pistulka 01:24
I hung out at the house a lot. I know that

Curt Anderson 01:29
maybe went out for a walk right? into like, I don’t know, isn’t that crazy? It’s four years ago, like like next week is when the world shut down. Right? Yeah. And so you and I connected and we started chatting, and you remember what we were going to do an event? Do you remember that? Yep. We were gonna do like an all day event. And we’re like, batting around ideas. And we’re like, what about this? What about that? And I don’t know who I’m not sure who’s gonna take credit for? I’m gonna give you credit. Because I think you applied for LinkedIn live, did you not? Yeah,

Damon Pistulka 02:00
I did. I did. I couldn’t even get it with my own personal page. I had to use my company page to do good user,

Curt Anderson 02:05
you know, so Dude, you’re like, like the first person I knew that got set up on LinkedIn. Like, like, you were on the cutting edge. You’re a pioneer. And you got LinkedIn live set up. And so we’re like, hey, why don’t we just do a live stream? Yeah, like what? Like, there’s not like, we can’t go out. We can’t go do we have no social life? Can’t or can’t do anything. Why don’t we just do a live stream? And we just started live streaming. And, you know, two dudes in our 50s. And here we are so sorry. What an honor to be a guest on your show tonight. today. Well, it’s tonight for me today for you. Yeah.

Damon Pistulka 02:42
Yeah. Well, I mean, how many? How many live stream shows? You said it today? How many live stream shows? Have you done? You think? Half of what you’ve done?

Curt Anderson 02:54
I don’t know, man, it’s Well, it’s been 300. It’s got to be

Damon Pistulka 02:59
a few 100. At least Yes. I mean, because you when you kind of go through your live webinars, you’ve done you manufacturing ecommerce success. We’re doing that twice a week now. And and yeah, so it easily is it easily is yeah,

Curt Anderson 03:13
if you count, if you count webinars, workshops, like all the stuff that we do, you know, and I guess you know, those live there, you know, those are zooms are not, you know, live stream. But they’re, yeah, I mean, there were hundreds upon hundreds, right, because we have nothing better. So.

Damon Pistulka 03:31
Yeah. So as you look at this, I mean, we’re talking today about building building community and trust with live streaming. I mean, we we with all and we didn’t plan it this way. But we did a webinar on this this morning. And so we’re going to use some of the Webinar materials, we’re going to go through 39 and a half reasons why you should be live streaming, how many and 39 and a half,

Curt Anderson 03:55
there isn’t 30 It’s, it’s that many it’s 39 and a half, 39 and a half, 39 half and it’s 39. Half reasons are benefits, benefits, benefits of live streams of 30 reasons of why you somebody out there should be considered live streaming for your business. Exactly,

Damon Pistulka 04:14
exactly. And you got to stay to the end to get to the half because after is probably the most important. How did you come up with the half? You did? Oh, was that alright?

Curt Anderson 04:28
Well blame, but it’s good.

Damon Pistulka 04:32
You know, realistically, they’ll get back to this and get back to the to the to the series nature this though. Yeah. We had no idea what live streaming would do. None when we started none,

Curt Anderson 04:43
no idea.

Damon Pistulka 04:44
Did you What did you What did you think at the beginning? I mean,

Curt Anderson 04:48
you know, so we so during COVID We started doing a bunch of webinars and we, you know, I’d say thanks to you, thanks to exit your way. You guys started a community when the world shut down. So I think it was. What was it like 11 o’clock Eastern time? Maybe eight o’clock your time you started doing with that? Yeah. And I hate to say it like, when the world shut down my entire week like revolved around your meeting, you know. And we met just amazing, incredible people that would show up con Ben Baker, Dan bigger. Just all sorts of folks that would show up, Kelly. And yeah, you know, and so we started, we built you did a great job. And I really admire how you tackle that, and just a friend, the friendships that I gained out of that group. And so we’re just meeting me, what are you doing with your business? What are you doing about your business? Because everybody’s business kind of shut down overnight? Yeah. Yeah. And so, you know, in the meantime, we had been building and working up doing webinars, workshops, and you know, what we’d love to do is just kind of be those fierce educators, for clients for manufacturers. And so we practice what we preach. So we’re doing a bunch of fun webinars and what have you. And so we had a bunch of speakers. And so you know, you and I being big baseball fans, we I don’t know if you remember, we went through like, Hey, we’ve got a really good lineup here. Our buddy Jeff Long was the leadoff hitter. We had Allison to form the bat, we had my friend Gretchen Landau. And so yeah, remember Gretchen. And so we had Jeff Graham, we had a bunch of people right off the bat. And then we just started reaching out and stretching from there. And, man, we just, you know, a couple of times, I’m like, Man, is this worth it? We keep doing it. Then we’re like, hey, why don’t we do it a second day?

Damon Pistulka 06:32
Yeah. You know, one day wasn’t enough. We should try it twice. Yeah. And

Curt Anderson 06:35
then, and then you’re like, hey, you know what? I’m gonna start doing it two days a week. And so now you’re doing it four days a week. You and I are doing it two days a week together. And a man our friend,

Damon Pistulka 06:47
I know Curtis has stopped by Curtis. He is one of the people that sorry, I mean, we met during 2020 Or even before I think with Coronavirus, but when you know we got to be around him a lot during COVID and all these live streams. Thanks for being here today. Man. It it is and Thanks for Thanks for dropping a comment Curtis. And he’s on they’re on Facebook too, which is really cool. That is really good. Number eight.

Curt Anderson 07:10
And Curtis I remember when you were on the show, dude, and that was just rockin interview man. He, man a few needs somebody with you know, helping you with your career and resume and just yeah, there’s nobody better than turrets and Curtis man.

Damon Pistulka 07:27
He’s the guy send friends. I send friends and family too. Yeah, that’s what it is. They got a Curtis in. Yeah, yeah. And, and now he’s actually got they’ve got a platform he’s developing now. And it’s ready to go. That’s for outplacement. And that’s really something nice. So that’s cool. But anyway, it’s it’s, you know, so we started this off. Right? And but did you really consider it building? Like it has? You know, any idea? Or what was it really that you hope to accomplish? By doing it?

Curt Anderson 08:01
Yeah. So what did we hope to accomplish? You know, it was just like, you know, it’s like a, I felt like a kid like learning how to ride a bike. You know what I mean? Just like, it seems like, you know, something cool. And maybe we can explore some new neighborhoods, and maybe we can like meet some new friends. And you know, who knows, like, maybe their mom makes a different lunch and my mom makes and I don’t know, it was just like, we had no idea what we’re going to get into. And so, you know, we can dive into the 39 and a half benefits that someone would really, you know, cherish by considering live streaming. But the big one is community and the relationships, you know, so we did a webinar today, I met the Illinois MEP Manufacturing Extension Partnership. And so we did a fun webinar earlier today. And we out of our 39 and a half reasons we broke them down into thirds. And so we did three we did three reasons in the number one was the relationships, it’s all about building these relationships. And I don’t you know, dude, I’m, I’m in my mid 50s I don’t know a better way to do that than this live stream platform concept, right? I mean, it’s just

Damon Pistulka 09:13
it’s easy. Yeah, it is. And it’s it’s convenient too, because we got used to the virtual like this during COVID. And now it’s, it’s it’s almost it seems natural and easy to be able to go Alright, let’s livestream and then maybe next week I’ll see at the football game or or it might be two months from now. Or maybe we don’t see each other for quite a while. But it’s really natural now to be able to do this and build relationships with people. So I think I agree with you that the first of all this the relationship building is is incredible.

Curt Anderson 09:43
Yeah, completely and so you know, whatever field that you’re in our you know, our listeners, whatever, you know, we’ve targeted intentionally on you know, folks who you know, if you, you know, identify your ideal customer, your ICP Your habits are whatever you want to call them. Dave and I, we love to call them our soulmates, you know, and so, ideal buyer. And so you know, we’ve been really intentional with the live stream show of bringing in top quality people like our friend Curtis and all the other names that we’ve mentioned. My goodness, we can name, hundreds. And all these wonderful people were like, we never need to be the smartest guy in the room, man. It’s like I never, it’s just hanging out with these incredible, amazing people who have all this brilliance is expertise. And they come on the show and just share it. And you and I, we’ve been we’ve had times, I’m not ashamed to say like, We’ve had times we’ve been in tears, we’ve had tears of dying. Good. We’re laughing so hard. We have had times people share some very vulnerable or Gee, emotional, personal experiences on the show, you know, entrepreneurship. Big, big, big, you know, big alert here, right? It’s not easy. Spoiler alert, right? It’s not easy. It’s hard. It’s challenging. And so it brings out a lot of emotions. You know, remember Paul, Ben wieder, you know, great, yeah, what, uh, what, uh, here’s, I don’t know, a bigger advocate for US manufacturing, and Paul Van Meter. And we were just talking about our respect and admiration for him, and what he’s done on building a pro shop in men, and he got choked up on the show. I mean, watch him with the blood, sweat and tears that this guy has poured into his business into his staff and his customers. And you just see that emotion pouring out, you can’t capture that on a podcast, you can’t capture that anywhere else other than a live stream, in my humble opinion. And I

Damon Pistulka 11:39
think I think you’re right. And some of the things that we we often think of, if we’re an entrepreneur, or business owner, or even for if there’s marketers are listening to this is like, Well, what do we do? What do we do? I mean, because, you know, you really just like you said, before you share your story, you get other people in your industry that you think your soul mates will be interested in hearing. You talk about topics that are interesting for your soulmate, you talk about topics that are interesting to you. And, and really what we’re trying to do, as we say, Here, we’re trying to build community and trust and right through the, you know, live streaming is not for somebody that likes Polish stuff, I don’t think because, well, I don’t know. I mean, I appreciate livestream because I don’t I don’t have to be polished, we’re not talking about scripted anything, they’re going to see us like you said they’re going to see your emotion, they’re going to see that the passion and the people that are doing things, you know, you can bring an engineer on, you can listen to that engineer tell you about whatever they’re talking about, you can see the passion in their face, and the way they they talk about these things are and and people feel that and they start to build that, that build that trust around your brand around you. Right,

Curt Anderson 13:01
absolutely. You know, I mean, you know, today, you know, again, referencing that anybody else was there, but you know, yeah, you know, on this show, but you know, our webinar today, you know, we’re talking about Joe Foster, the founder of Reebok, you know, he came on the show. And here’s a guy, you know, he and his brother left his, they left their father their father at a shoe company. Yes, it along with the Father. They left their father started the I mean, he told us the whole origin story. They live with Reebok. Do you remember that they lived in this factory? Yes. Founder of Reebok lived in the factory to get this thing off the ground. I mean, like, you could, you could feel, you know, you could almost send yourself like sleeping on a couch. You know, he Oh, yeah. newlywed. Right. Yeah, you can just sense like this, this, of this, this passion of trying to get this thing off the ground. It took him over 20 years. Yeah, well, years that he struggled to finally became what the Reebok that we know, you know. Yeah. And I think it was, I think was more like, 25. You know, but just getting getting these stories, you know, and that’s an extreme example, right? Yeah. You know, just to be in a front row seat of hearing these things. It’s just priceless.

Damon Pistulka 14:16
Yeah. And for people that are out there in business, the thing and I think is really an opportunity for him is to bring in experts that want to add that work on things that they’re trying to solve that their customers want to solve that their industry is trying to solve because, or that just good humanity kind of stuff. Because it is really, really a nice way to be able to learn from those experts. Right? And then share it with the world. Right? Absolutely.

Curt Anderson 14:51
You know, like I’ve become I’m a podcast junkie, right? I’m like, I’m such an eager learner of trying to figure this out China, you know, Who’s paved the path? Why do I, you know, why should I try to figure out something? Because odds are somebody else has figured it out, you know, why do I need to do this on my own. And so, you know, finding these podcasts, finding these live streams, finding other people talking about these subjects, you know, and it doesn’t need to be the, you know, was, you know, you know, Rogen, you know, the top caster can be, you know, people in your industry, in your space, whatever it might be, and, you know, they’re in the weeds dealing with these issues, bringing on other folks that are dealing with your same issues, and just trying to figure it out. And so, you know, again, so, hey, let’s, let’s keep moving down the list of the live streams, how, you know, so we started off with building, building that community and those relationships, right, that was, that was what we hit number one today, nurturing those relationships, let’s talk about business development, you know, like, people like the business development side, bunch, you know, let’s go back and forth, but you want to share, like, what’s what has livestream done for you on business development side?

Damon Pistulka 16:02
Well, um, for business development, you really become someone that is associated with your industry. I mean, or what you do, and it’s in his by talking with all these people around in the industry, you become known in the industry. And I mean, we talked about, like, like your, your work with the MEPs, by by interviewing over the years interviewing so many of the MEPs going to the MEP national conference. You’re just like Kurt, the MVP guy, because all the MVP people know you and do that. And you talk about business development, you work with the MVP is to help a lot of manufacturing clients. So that’s been your business development, that’s how you’ve set up your business development is by knowing those MVPs helping shine a bright light on the great work that they’re doing, helping to shine a great light, bright light on the great work that those manufacturers that they help are doing. And so subsequently it, it brings business, and that can work in any business. Right?

Curt Anderson 17:02
Absolutely. And I think, you know, I, you know, when, again, let’s go back when COVID had, and we were doing the exit your way meetings, you know, but you were bringing in, and that, in my opinion, that’s what really spearheaded it, you know, you guys were bringing in, you know, different you know, whoever was meeting on a weekly basis, you were bringing in different experts, Ron Haig’s a lot, you know, like, you know, Khan had just written a book at that time. And, you know, you’re bringing in all these subject matter experts to talk about, you know, their superpowers, their expertise, how they make the world a better place. And so we just kind of, we took that same concept and just brought it here. And yeah, I love what you’re saying. So, you know, we’ve with our livestream show, we’ve been very intentional on who are the guests? What are topics that are soulmates are ICPs, what did they want to listen to? You know, what do they want to hear? What struggles are they facing? That would be relevant, you know, and so, you know, calling the show manufacturing ecommerce success, you know, it’s been fun, it’s been exciting, you know, it’s a great tagline first, because it really fits, because that’s what we’re trying to do. You’re doing it as your way try to help, you know, like, you know, what you’re doing, you know, we had Kelly on the show your client. I mean, you know, dude, like, you know, you don’t you need to be modest share a little bit like what’s going on with Kelly right now?

Damon Pistulka 18:15
Yeah. Yeah, he’s the growth is pretty, pretty, pretty fun right now. Is we work we I mean, it’s, it’s fun. It’s fun working with clients and seeing them succeed. And you know, sometimes it’s sometimes the the, the results are, you know, you see those commercial these results aren’t, whatever it is normal, whatever. But, yeah, yeah, we have a lot of fun with that. And, and honestly, a lot of that is due to live streaming and the people we’ve met, right, because you talked about it earlier. And I think this is something that someone listening go, Well, why would I want to live stream? What do you want to be the best connected person in your industry? Well,

Curt Anderson 18:57
here, here’s a perfect example. We had a woman, Eileen pafa, Paul felt, and she wrote a phenomenal book. And in that book, is your client, Kelly. Right? So by her coming on the show as a guest, you know, and like that friendship that we built, we connected her with Kelly, she featured your client in her book, he’s talking about you in her book. And that all came together, thanks to this livestream relationship, you know,

Damon Pistulka 19:31
and you think about some of the things that we’ve been able to help people over the years to I mean, you look at some of the the digital stuff that we can do some of the just connecting people to good resources that they can find and whether it is marketing or finance or anything like that. It’s just so many people we know now that we can go Oh, yeah, I’ve talked to somebody like that. Yeah.

Curt Anderson 19:55
It’s like, you know, it’s the I have a guy I have a guy Oh, you know, whatever, you know, whatever, however you want to look at it. I know somebody in my rolodex for those of us old enough that remember what a Rolodex is, right? There’s somebody in our wheelhouse, that we can you know, hey, do you know somebody that does this, you know, an HR person? Do you know somebody, you know? Yeah, odds are we’ve interviewed them. And so not only, you know, as a matter of fact, I can’t tell how many times I’ve been like, Hey, let me send you this interview of that person. So now it becomes like a bit of a sales enablement are a library of dozens upon dozens and dozens of videos that we have, where someone’s like, well, you know what, I don’t quite get that. I don’t understand it. Oh, you know, what, I have a subject matter expert for you that sought that. That’s what they do. And we just interviewed them, you know, it was probably a year ago, but let me share that with you. And just check that, you know, and how many times Damon and we had like, oh, man, I watched that interview with so and so I watched that interview. So and so I just I told you, I just had a, you know, meeting yesterday with somebody, they’re like, oh, yeah, I watched your interview on Monday with that woman from Adobe, you know, you know, that’s Adobe, you know, you know, that brings street cred to, you know, to your environment to help strengthen that trust or that credibility of what you’re trying to build on. You know, and I, I don’t know how to do it without live streaming, man. It’s like, it’s completely change. Our you know, I can do it. I can go on and on, you know, our friendship, our relationship. I’ve been in your home, I’ve stayed at the dinner with you and your amazing life. We’ve hung out together. We’ve gotten a football game together. Yeah. coupled together. So I mean, you know, we could go on and on.

Damon Pistulka 21:35
Right, yeah, it but I think that people sometimes look at it, and they go, why don’t want to be on camera. Right. And I said, so first thing about, yeah, look at us. And you can be on camera. But then they go, is it hard? Yeah. So going into it at the beginning, think back to that wasn’t really as big as you thought as hard as you thought.

Curt Anderson 22:02
Thank God after, you know, two or three years listening to you, you know, we I think we’ve so to go back to the beginning, we just had, you know, literally, it was building the parachute on the way down, right? Yeah. But I mean, to make it sound like it was, you know, rocket science is like, you know, I’m returning on our, you know, you know, like, we’re not going into the Hollywood studio, and you know, our homes just doing our thing. But I had no idea I had going into it, I had no idea the relationships that would build the friendships that would build the doors that it would open, you know, travel opportunities that we you and I have taken advantage of together. I just had no idea. And I think the biggest thing is, you know, what I what I love about you, my friend and respect and admire your I don’t know, anybody that’s a more fierce connector, go giver. And I feel maybe that’s a chemistry, you know, symmetry that you and I have. And so this has been a great platform for us that just shine a bright light on other people. And so by them coming on the show, we’ve had people that have come on and show they’ve closed business, to new friendships, new relationships, you know, we have dozens and dozens and again, I’m not this not about us, you know, but dozens of comments about like, boy, thank you from the show. I got this. I got a new member, my organization, my trade association, I’ve got a new client, I’ve got a new this or just I really had a good time or, you know, you broke me out of my shell. I was so camera. I’m a painful introvert never wanted to be on camera. You know, we’ve got one person I know who you know what I’m talking about our friend in Chicago. I had I had seen her. You know, we were working with her for months. I had laid eyes on her. She never put her camera never put her camera and I and finally one time, she came on camera and I didn’t I had no idea what she looked like. I’m like, oh, that’s what she looks like. She’s been on the show four times now. Like like that. Now she can’t get off of it. You know? So I think you know, for a lot of folks that are camera shy, introverted, hey, it’s not for me. I totally get that. I respect it. But man, we’re finding out firsthand and I’m not saying the folks that have come on wanted to do this on a weekly regular basis. Yeah, man, they love it. They love that the opportunity to get a bright light shine on them. And so again, if you’re looking for a way to shine a bright light on your clients on your referral partners, for you to take your business to the next level. I just I just think live streaming is just a great way to do

Damon Pistulka 24:27
it. Yeah, and you know, if I really can’t imagine, say I’m going to local bakery on the corner. Yeah. Or say I’m a manufacturer, you know, contract manufacturer or a regional contract manufacturer. Both of them can benefit from this because the baker on the corner could could interview the restaurants that that use his products. He could interview that suppliers that bring them the grain and the flour to do what they do. Because if it’s farm to table you know, there’s so many things that you could do To, to really establish yourself in your industry in your community as as someone that’s helping other people. And and it’s, yeah, I just think that the the community and the trust that you can build from it. And when you talk about, we talked about community a lot, and we talked about trust, the one thing that that will I can tell you this happens, two things. First thing is, you will have people call you up that have watched a fair amount of your videos, right? And will talk to you like they know you. Yeah. And that’s a little freaky at first. Because it is they’ve seen you enough, they feel like they know you, but just think about what I’m saying. They’ve never met you, they’ve never talked to you. But video, live video, not some stage commercial, but live video allows them to really see you people know, when they come to me, I’m gonna get a lot of this, you know, they’re gonna get a lot of that talking to me. And and it’s, it’s good. And then the second thing is that I never realized is that, like you said earlier, if they have a question, and you’ve talked to all these people in your industry, and they’ve got a question about some you can say, well, take a look at this video we did you know, don’t you don’t have to listen to me talk about just take a look at this, right? And where we talked about that. And you can you can just help so many people with different things that you didn’t even realize. And I think it’s just it’s something it’s something that trust in, you know, because we’re looking at, if Why would someone pick me? Yeah, that’s what these business in marketing and business and business development which why would they pick me? Well, they have to, we always talk about know, like, and trust, you know, like, how do you do that? How do you do that become known in your industry? And then become, because everyone’s talking about you so you can be a referral partner, and then let your customers get to know you, because they’re gonna see you on these things. They’re gonna see you in these these.

Curt Anderson 27:09
It works. Yeah. And I think a big to kind of piggyback on what you’re saying. It’s, it’s raw, right? Yes. Raw. Not scripted. In for the record, and probably 90 plus percent of our guests they can attest, Curtis could attest, we don’t send any questions. They don’t send us questions is kind of like, I sometimes feel like, you know, I put people in a bad position. But that’s our Mo. And that’s our shtick is, is we come in. I do a ton of preparation for the show. But we don’t we do not send out questions to the client. So the guests and the guests are not sending questions to us. It is totally, they don’t know what direction we’re going half the time. We don’t know what direction we’re going. It’s raw, it’s authentic. And it’s just kind of, we’re just kind of being this is what you see is what you get like this is us. Right? And with the client with the guests. What what now and I, I know you and I take this very seriously, we goof around a lot, but we want it is we are adamant that we want the brightest light shine, shone isn’t shined or shown on that. Guest. Right. It’s all about the guests. And we and hopefully after however many we’ve done in hopefully the guests would attest to that, right? Maybe not, you know, I’m sure we don’t, we’re not perfect, right? We’re not for everybody. But that is certainly whether we hit the home run or even get a base hit. I can’t guarantee that but boy, when we come in, man, we’re given that person everything we’ve got, but it’s raw, it’s raw, it’s authentic. It’s you know, I’m not for everybody, though my mom thinks I am. This is just what you see is what you get. And, you know, and we just and we love what we do. And we love the topic that we’re you know, we’ve, we’ve, we’ve we’ve branched you know, we, you know, we primarily talk about manufacturers, but we cover you know, it’s a lot of women in manufacturing, diversity manufacturing. We’ve talked about you know, different efficiency our friend Dave Chrysler Michael Rego, you know, had all sorts of different people that talk about different things we’re talking about, I think, the tax credits tomorrow than I know nothing about the research and tax credits tomorrow, right. And so you know what, but what we’re doing is we’re trying to bring on subject matter experts, that our ideal customers, maybe it’s not in our lane, or our area of you know what we’re specifically talking about, but boy, if it’s something that can help make our clients money or make them better, we’re bringing that person on to talk about it, right. Are you on mute?

Damon Pistulka 29:45
Oh, yes, I am sorry. Yes. See, it is life. So yeah, first time Yeah. So that’s what I do. You know, and that’s what the face of the business about you know, we we put the show together because I always And you brought this this term up, we want to edutainment it’s educating people while being entertaining. And we want to want to give something more business owners and executives will get something from listening to this and and bring on people that will will help them. Right. And and really you think about it, you think about what we’re talking about today. Yeah, we’re not going through the intricate details of live streaming, you know, one on one technical details, we just want to put an idea in someone’s head that I’m maybe get dangerous enough to ask some questions about it. And think about some different things. Because that’s really in the faces of business. Are our crowd the people that listen, they need to be exposed or or I would think like to be the people I talked to anyway, that say they like to be exposed to these different people that are talking about these different things, whatever it was personal development, or it’s the new financing, or its new leadership, or whatever it is, right. And this platform, live streaming works with just about any topic. It really does. It does it as a matter of fact,

Curt Anderson 31:15
like, you know, we’re not the most polished. That’s the understatement of the night, right? Yeah, we’re not the most polished we’re bringing on share Jones, who’s coming on in May ish, or whatever, who is just a rock star, just an amazing live streamer. very polished. She has a live stream, she does LinkedIn learning for live streaming. So Amen. I want to she’s coming. I sent her no, she totally embraced it can’t wait to have never met her before. She’s coming on the show. Now if I sent her a No, it just be like, hey, Sherry, you know, you’re awesome data. You know, she might be like, you know, Wait, who are you? But this is an opportunity for us, you know, shamelessly shuffle selfishly, to learn from someone who just is doing an incredible job with live streaming, I’ll say speak for myself much, much better than what I’m doing. And so now she can come on the show, she can talk about it to the crowd, hopefully, somebody not hopefully people will get golden nuggets off selfishly, I want to learn how to do better job live streaming. And so we can do that by bringing a guest on who does what we do. But she just does it a heck of a lot better. And so you know, and we can promote her class or course here on LinkedIn learning. And so and that live stream opens up a relationship to someone at her level that otherwise I probably wouldn’t have access to, you know, yeah,

Damon Pistulka 32:36
yeah. And you think about that, if you are in an industry say, see your new manufacturing industry, I’m just gonna come up with a with a whatever, right. So I’m in this this industry say, I mean, I’ll take one I was talking to you today, we’re in the oilfield services industry, right. I’m in the Permian Basin, and I’m doing something I work with the oil majors or I work with big oil companies, they’re doing something

Curt Anderson 33:02
it would be it would be a great thing

Damon Pistulka 33:05
to do to highlight those people in those companies that are doing good stuff out there, that and have them come on and talk about those topics that people care about in that industry. And you could be the one that is the center of that industry. Right? Just by helping those other people and those people oh, by the way, could be the people that could connect you into people or be the people that you really want to meet in those those companies, right? Like you said, you can bet and you can as you say, you fight above your weight, or is that what you say? You can say fight?

Curt Anderson 33:39
Yeah, punch above your coverage or you punch above your weight, right? Yeah,

Damon Pistulka 33:43
you can punch above your weight because because people want to come on and talk about the the topics are passionate about right. They want to talk about those. Right passionate Pat and the topics are passionate about so you that is lead like it was share. She’s passionate about LinkedIn and training and live streaming. That’s what allowed us to do. It’s like when we you had Scott Oh, the editor, Inc. Do it twice. Twice. Yeah.

Curt Anderson 34:12
Three, dude. Man, I’ve been an Ink Magazine junkie since like, I had hair back then when I you know, like this. I’m going back to like the early 90s. I’m an Ink Magazine junkie. You know, so for a guy like me to get the editor in chief of Ink Magazine and that was just you know, personally that was just a total home run that was that was awesome. You know, I think Damon I you know 39 and a half is a lot so I know people don’t have all night you know, but let’s go here right? Yeah, you’ve you’ve helped me make this we’ve got the system down pretty efficient. A year ago, I was not very efficient. This you know, it was like a lot of you know, figure this out figure that do this manually. I’ve stubborn you know, old don’t want to you know new technology. You You and I’m crediting you and our buddy Dave Chrysler finally, you know, got off my tail and got more efficient. Like, we’ve got this down in a pretty tight efficient where a lot of people like, like, dude, like, Do you have any time to like make a living? Are you doing does you know? Like we’ve got this down pretty efficient where it doesn’t really take an enormous amount of time, right? Don’t I mean, you’re doing it four days a week. What do you think?

Damon Pistulka 35:24
It takes me literally anymore? If you look at igloos, four days a week? Yeah, I bet it only takes me another 15 minutes per episode, right? Other than being on the air, right? That’s all it takes. And if I really pushed it, it would be less, right. Because there’s some I still like to do, because you can set this up and you can you can make it so that it is very easy. Right? It is easy for your guests. It’s an enjoyable experience for them. And they can roll. It works. And anger.

Curt Anderson 35:59
We got anger, man. Oh my God. Man. Yeah. You love the courtesan and loved it. Yeah, well, you anger has been both both folks. Oh, man, lots and lots of love to both

Damon Pistulka 36:11
awesome, awesome. Anger. I do have to talk to you too. Because? Because, again, we know we know people, right? I know people.

Curt Anderson 36:21
Yeah. friendship and relationship that you’ve gained from the show through gal, right? Our dear friend gal gal is gonna be on the show in a few weeks. Yeah. And, yeah, so total anger

Damon Pistulka 36:31
has helped some of our clients and her and her company, and she’s gonna be helping some more. And it’s, this is the kind of stuff that you can do and build this community. And that can really come out to help your industry and help the people you’re working with. And you’re right, as a live streamer, you do have to look at how can we make this efficient? How do we make it most effective in you being current, and I want to talk about your stuff. Just a moment here, too, is you are an SEO. You know, you’ve been studying SEO before they knew what SEO was. And, you know, you can take this, and we and he did this today. And this is honest to god people. This was not rehearsed. Kurt, they did a webinar on Tuesday. Yeah, they put it on the internet yesterday. And he put the keywords in that he wanted that webinar to rank for today. And it was the first page first thing after, like SAP and big commerce, it came up right after that. So

Curt Anderson 37:39
go and what I have to I have to interject, and those were paid ads, those were paid ads, those are paid ads. Yeah. So

Damon Pistulka 37:46
how much did you pay to get there?

Curt Anderson 37:50
Exactly what was hysterical that it

Damon Pistulka 37:53
was, but it shows the power of this. And if people want to know, yeah, go type in manufacturing ecommerce success, and see what you see, right now, you could be someone that is making, pick your product, pick your service, put it in there and talk about this, you can move yourself up those rankings in Google without paying a ton of ads at adspend.

Curt Anderson 38:24
Right. And that’s an especially for our manufacturing friends, I know this probably a conversation, you know, more on our Monday, Friday show. But you know, for our manufacturing friends, or you’re, you’re in a really tight niche, you know, where maybe your keywords aren’t as competitive by doing this, you know, you know, hey, maybe you do a podcast, maybe you’re doing you know, whatever, if you get that consistent content out there. And you start using, like, what, so what Dave and I are doing, we have certain keywords that we want to go after, you know, so like, you know, averages, do you know, these guys just doing these live shows? Like, like, no, it’s like, we’re bringing folks on for business development, we’re bringing folks on that we want to work with, we want to do folks that we want to be a referral partner, maybe they’re gonna refer refer business to us. So like, you know, we’re in in we’d like having a good time to write. So, you know, we’re trying to check all those boxes off. So now from a content standpoint, so say, you know, like, for us, like we’re targeting, you know, b2b e commerce or SEO for manufacturers, or, you know, like today, it was e commerce readiness, you know, and so, you know, if you’re manufacturing, you know, like you said earlier, I bend metal, I’m cutting steel, I make a turbine engine, you know, I make a part that plastic injection molding for this, you know, certain part that goes on planes on Tuesdays, you know, whatever your keyword is, if you get that into the title of the program, you have a great opportunity, and I’m geeking out so we’ll step back from that. But yeah, so from a keyword standpoint, yeah, live streaming is a very powerful tool for you to capture your keywords. That

Damon Pistulka 39:58
is that is for sure. And, and the other thing that we talked about today that I couldn’t get off here, or I couldn’t end the program without talking about is you can turn your company into a content generating machine. Yeah. Yeah. Because, you know, like, like we do now. And this again, this is all within the confines of what we talked about. But our videos are recorded here, right? They go live to a bunch of places, they get uploaded then on or, or on our YouTube channels on our websites, they go to podcast, we make a blog post out of that thing on our website with the transcript from the videos, we have all the keyword rich stuff about building community and, and trust with live streaming, you know, all this kind of stuff goes on there. So your website will start to rank higher. I mean, I looked at it. I looked at it, and this is no kid I looked at the other day. Our website has over 500 blog posts on it. Oh, does it 500 Yeah. As far as like, 530 or something like Yeah. And and I don’t think I’ve written 10. Right, right. Right, right. It’s all these kinds of things from our shows, and all this stuff, and all these broad topics around what we do, right?

Curt Anderson 41:19
And that’s And so before I was, I was blogging, I was blogging on a regular basis, I took I took those blogs that convert into a book, my mom’s favorite books that being secret. So, you know, just trying to, you know, create that content in, you know, like, Dave Chrysler, Mr. I keep how many times man, we need to give a lot of love today, right? Yeah. So Mr. Efficient like in and how many folks content folks have come on and are like, repurpose, repurpose, be efficient with your time repurpose, right. So I use some blog, I probably have 60 7080 blogs, on my website. However, when you take the live stream, you know, now it’s, you know, probably same as you, you know, there’s hundreds, right. And so now you just have an average of a content rich, so I Daymond. I’m not sure what number we’re on, we’re probably up to like 32 by now. Yeah, yeah, we

Damon Pistulka 42:12
gotta be close.

Curt Anderson 42:13
We’ve talked about building community. amazing, incredible relationships. Yeah, wonderful friendships. We’ve talked about business development. We’ve talked about SEO rich, we’ve talked about being a content machine. I’m sure I’m leaving a bunch of things out. What else? Anything else on that list that we should be getting down to?

Damon Pistulka 42:32
Well, I think we need to go to the half. Guys. The half is the one that will make you giggle until the end of time.

Curt Anderson 42:42
Are you do you think? Can you handle the truth? Damon, are you sure? Can

Damon Pistulka 42:46
you I think I think people are ready for the truth.

Curt Anderson 42:48
Are you ready for the truth? All right, we

Damon Pistulka 42:50
got a presentation for the half. It’s gonna take us a while, as you see, hey, we’ve

Curt Anderson 42:54
got a couple of notes here from I know, we got to put that out there. Thanks anchor a and she’s a just said my favorite, you know, building committee community and we gotta get anger back. I miss you. And so we got to get back on the show. All right. So let’s, you know, Damien, I’m going to if you don’t mind, I’m going to share my screen just for a second. And you. Alright, Damon? So we have 39 and a half. Yep. of the top reasons benefits. Why folks, manufacturers entrepreneurs should consider live streaming, right? Yep. Let’s let’s talk about the half that half. Now when we say half you know what? It’s not it’s not that it’s a discounted benefit. It’s just a special one. That’s why we deem it half. So Damon, can you see my screen? Yes, I can. Hey, it makes our moms proud. There’s mom right there in there. Yeah. And so we put this on the fridge. Right? What do you think of this one? Yeah,

Damon Pistulka 43:49
I’m put, yeah, that that is that is it? It’ll make your mom proud. Because I tell you what, it’s so funny that that, you know, in I said this this morning, and it’s the truth. I was talking to my mom because I call her every so often. And she’s like, Oh, I was watching your show. I’m like, Oh, God, what did I do? But it is and I mean, it’s it’s that’s the half that makes it makes it all worth it.

Curt Anderson 44:12
I just you know, though we are on maybe older guys, man, I don’t care age. I don’t care what you’re, you know, live streaming. If you are considering it. It’s a great you know, I’m telling you firsthand, it’s just you know, the relationships that you can build the friendships, the business development, the content, we talked about SEO opportunities, and most importantly, it just makes mom so proud. You know, so yeah, you know what? I you know what I we got another we got one more minute I’ve got you know, let me share one more. Let me share one word, one more screenshot here. You know, let’s let’s go here. So we showed off Mom, how about can I go? Let me go back one. How about that one? That slide? Right. Yeah, put that one right there, dude.

Damon Pistulka 44:56
Now, Yeah,

Curt Anderson 44:57
that one’s priceless. Right. You can see that one. You’re not in the plane. We’re in Alaska. We’re at the Seahawks game. We’re on a plane. I mean, just my goodness gracious. Are you kidding me? And a little good point. We’re

Damon Pistulka 45:10
at beluga point. And that one is all

Curt Anderson 45:13
thanks to this little live show. So, you know, we’ve been able to travel and so, you know, we’re coming at you with total humility. You know, I guess, you know, we’re not jumping. It’s not like

Damon Pistulka 45:23
we’re No, no, no, it’s not. It’s unregulated. It can it can help you change your business and help you change your life if you want it to. So absolutely. Thanks so much for being here. Man. I just I appreciate this because I want to get this out. And really share it because there are so many businesses and you and I both we talked about this a lot, I think can benefit from it. So if people want to reach out to you what’s the best way to get ahold of you, Mr. Anderson?

Curt Anderson 45:52
Hey, if you know Kurt Anderson at I’m on LinkedIn, once in a while Damon so people can find me right here on LinkedIn, they can find me hanging out with you. You know, for folks that want to know more about live streaming man connect with Damon Damon can certainly walk you through it to help you with that. I can certainly help you with that. My company is b2b stopped by B to B And we would love to help you so not a good stalker. Daymond dude, appreciate you brother. Love you man.

Damon Pistulka 46:22
Thanks, sir. Thanks for stopping by today Kurt. Thanks, anger for being here today. Curtis thanks for being here day and a all of you that are listening but didn’t write the comments. didn’t drop a comment. A thanks for doing that. Thanks for listening. We appreciate it. Man. I was looking at our phone. We had lots of people listening today. And it’s it’s always fun to have have people stopping by. We appreciate all of you. We hope that you have a wonderful day and we will be back again Kurt hang out for a moment and we’ll wrap up after this. See everyone Thanks

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