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Building social networks is the new evolution in time and in this digital age, one must learn how to do so. In this week’s Manufacturing Sales Series our guest speaker was our very own Ira Bowman. Ira is the Founder and Owner of Bowman Digital media. The Bowman Digital Media provides SMBs with guidance in communication for their businesses. It also helps them in building social networks.

Building social networks is the new evolution in time and in this digital age, one must learn how to do so.

In this week’s Manufacturing Sales Series our guest speaker was our very own Ira Bowman. Ira is the Founder and Owner of Bowman Digital media. The Bowman Digital Media provides SMBs with guidance in communication for their businesses. It also helps them in building social networks.

The conversation started with Ira introducing himself to the audience. Ira said that social media and networks are the next evolution. He says that you need more traffic on your website to get more leads and that will increase your sales. So this, according to Ira is a complete cycle.

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After this, Ira shared a presentation with the audience to demonstrate the importance of building social networks. He said that he is always asked if the size of the network matters, and according to him, it always 100% matters.

Later on, Ira also explained how you can improve your SEO, strengthen your branding and your lead generation. Furthermore, how can you increase sales with the help of all of the above? Ira says that the number one traffic sources are paid from ads, the rest comes from social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Moreover while addressing the matter of building social networks, Ira also talked about sources of visitors. The best source is Google and is the king of search engines. It attracts the most visitors. The second best source according to Ira is YouTube.

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Ira further explained that it’s all a game of backlink building and keywords in building social networks and sales. An example, he said that he created a press release for curt a few days back. When he posted that press release as a post, he added a few outbound links too. This way it drew more attention to the post.

Having all the social media posts, the post on the website, and other links, all of this helped in creating almost 600 backlinks just by this post alone. This is also how building social networks help greatly.

Ira lastly explained that he has 80 different sources or channels for his PRs. It all depends on the genre of the client’s business. For example, if it’s for finance, he will use the sources of finance for it.

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The conversation concluded with Ira saying that if your google Ads game is strong and you’re good at building social network you have a thriving business to run.

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Damon Pistulka, Ira Bowman, Curt Anderson


Damon Pistulka  00:00

All right.


Ira Bowman  00:03

Hello, everybody.


Damon Pistulka  00:05

Yeah, thanks everyone, again for coming to our manufacturing e commerce Success Series. I’m gonna drop off here and let Kurt Anderson take it with our speaker IRA.


Curt Anderson  00:19

Man I’ve been I’ve hardly slept this whole week IRA. So guys, big thank you shout out to Damon demons, the owner exit your way he is our host with the most. So thank you for your commitment to every Wednesday for this little shindig. So I’m going to jump right in.

I don’t know if this gentleman needs an introduction or not. So this is IRA Bowman, the founder, the owner of Bowman digital media, the founder and owner of the Bowman family with eight children and is enough, he says, and this is such an honor and privilege. I had a little sneak preview of this program. And please strap on a seat belts, this is going to be a killer, so but I will take it from here, buddy.


Ira Bowman  00:58

Cool. Well, thank you for having me, everybody. If you don’t know, I’m IRA, I own Bowman digital media. Also, I work with exit your way. I’m the Director of Sales and Marketing here in LA. So I’m happy to work for them. And today we’re going to have a series that I’ve done growing Excel did one for jobseekers, how to you know, use LinkedIn to find a job a good one for people who want to build their personal network on social media.

And so this is the next evolution, how to grow and excel your business profile on social media, we’re going to talk all about why you want to do it. It’s basically it all boils down to web site traffic, you need more traffic on your website, so you can get more leads, so you can increase sales and and that’s the cycle. So today we’re going to talk specifically about how to build a ridiculously massive social media following.

While driving insane traffic to your website. There might be a little hyperbole there. But anyways, point of order. If you’re seeing me and my screen and you can’t read the screen, some of us have bad eyes, what you can do is take your mouse, hover over the four arrows in the top right hand corner of my screen, and that will enlarge it to full screen, then you’ll be able to see things bigger. And anytime you want to come back to this view, just hit the escape button and it’ll take you back to this view.

Okay, so I’m going to keep moving. So slide number two says network size matters. A lot of people ask me about that. Does it really matter how many people I’m connected to how many people follow me? Well, let me tell you, when no uncertain ambiguity or doubt or hesitation in 100% matters. Fact it 1,000,000% matters. It’s a huge part of your success, whether that’s as an individual contributor, or as a business organization, we’re going to talk about why.

But specifically, I’m going to cover how you will build your social media audience, how you’re going to increase your website traffic, how you’re going to improve your SEO, how you’re going to strengthen your branding, your lead generation. And finally, and most importantly, how you’re going to generate more sales with all this, I’m actually gonna blow up my screen. So so I can read it myself. Social media growth is an opportunity to build your brand awareness, generate interest, drive website traffic and engage with more prospects.

It helps you do all of those things, the cost per visitor can be far less expensive than what you would spend on Google ads or other social media advertising, and drive surprisingly large volumes of traffic to your website. Today, we’re going to review these concepts, I’m going to give you a 30,000 foot view on how you can generate all the above by focusing or paying someone like me to focus on your business social media. So let’s get started. First and foremost, what are traffic sources? Where do you gain traffic for your website? Where does that come from?

Okay, there’s actually a few different categories. Here they are. The number one source for traffic is paid. So Google and social media ads. Number two is social media, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and micro sites. There’s many of them. And there’s advantages to all we’ll talk about that a little bit. Next, you have backlinks so your follow links are what they call do follow links from blogs, partner tabs, social media profiles, and more. email campaigns are next.

So your marketing and sales team efforts, referral sources from clients and from vendors, and then organic or natural visitors. That’s the different buckets where people are coming to your website from or they could be coming to your website from if they’re not. Okay. So the number one source of visitors for most business websites are driven from Google. Google searches Google ads, so they see your ad, when they’re searching for other things. These are the two ways either direct search which will be organic, or paid advertising.

So Google ads are King in the marketing space, but they don’t come cheaply. Okay? Many are putting all their eggs in, when we talk about all their eggs, I’m talking about their marketing budget in the Google Ads basket, because they are the largest search engine, and they’re the largest search engine by a million miles. The number two search engine in the world is YouTube, behind Google, and Google owns YouTube, when you add YouTube and Google together, nobody even comes close. It’s It’s insane. So Google is the is the king of search engines, right?

So that’s why people are paying for Google ads. But large companies are spending, on average, 80 $500 a month, just on the Google Ads alone. Small and medium businesses, that’s SMB, by the way, SMB company, small medium businesses, company companies are spending around $3,000 per month. And that varies, obviously, the closer they are to bootstrapping, or starting their business, probably not spending anything. And the closer they are to a midsize company, they might be spending in excess of five $6,000 a month. But on average, those companies are spending around three grand complex.

Google ads are very complex for beginners, and really should be managed by a professional, which does add to the cost because you have to not only have your budget for the ads, and you have a management fee. So anyways, if you have questions about that, we can cover it at the end, because I know Google ads are complex. But here’s an analogy for you or a breakout. When people say, Well, if I spend $3,000 a month, let’s say I’m a small to medium sized business owner and I spend $3,000 a month What am I going to get? Well, it depends on what industry you’re in.

I’ve taken two different industries and given you an exact, you know, based on industry standards, what they could expect with their $3,000. here’s, here’s what we have a competitive legal website versus a competitive e commerce website. The competitive legal sites going to get a $20 per average cost per click, or CPC, ad spend three grand, they’re going to get about 150 clicks on that per month, they’re going to get about 7% conversion rate, they’re going to get about 10 and a half new leads per month.

And that’s the most important thing for you as the business owner, how many leads are you getting right 10 and a half, if you’re competitive legal site, spending $3,000 with an ad campaign that is highly efficient, right? competitive commerce, e commerce site on the other side, $3 cost per click average, look at that, it’s a lot less expensive. And ad spend same $3,000. So it’s apples to apples, instead of 150 clicks, they’re gonna get 1000 clicks. conversion rate, however, is a lot lower three and a half percent versus seven more people, but a lower conversion rate, but they are going to get on average about 35 new orders.

Okay, and again, this is just industry averages. So hopefully that helps you like if you are like I am in the media business, right, creating videos, websites, and that kind of stuff, you’re gonna get different results than somebody who is perhaps a business coach, or maybe they are an architect, or maybe they’re building widgets, right, whatever, whatever industry you’re in, that will affect your results, okay, and how much you need to spend to get the desired results. So that whole category that’s paid advertising, this is the second category, social media and the one we’re going to focus on the most.

Today, social media is free advertising, it’s an opportunity for free advertising, even though you can pay to do social media ads. And when I say social media, I’m talking about the interactive part where you create a profile for your business for yourself, and you engage with people, right? So the very first thing you have to understand is your business needs a LinkedIn and Facebook profile. Why? Because there are hundreds of millions of people. In fact, there’s over a billion people, when you add them together that are on both platforms. Now, are you b2b or b2c?

Because if you’re b2b, LinkedIn dominates, if you’re B to C, then Facebook dominates. But you need both either way. And we’ll talk about why in the question section if you like, which you need both the other the other ones, you definitely want to consider YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Why? Because again, they all have hundreds of millions of followers. You know, help. Okay, make sure you have a Google verified business. If you go to Google Maps, and you type in your business name, and it doesn’t show up.

It’s because nobody has verified your business with Google. It’s how you’re going to get Google reviews. It’s going to help strengthen your SEO, but you have to verify your business. So make sure somebody has done that, especially for you newer businesses out there starting up right. Make sure you have added Is it website link to your company profiles, every single profile profile you have on every social media platform should have a link to your business, especially if you own it. But even if you work there, you should have a link to your business site.

It’ll help them out. It’ll help your business make more money, and therefore it makes your job even if it’s just a job more secure. If your honor, it’s going to help you in a variety of ways, okay. You want to make sure that you’re using hashtags with your business name or acronym, we’re going to talk about that in detail in a minute. And you want to consider microsites, like SPN, which is service professionals, and project help you grow calm, for more follow links, why? Because it’s free, they have good domain authorities.

And it helps, the more link backlinks you have, the higher your website is going to rank as long as they’re not spam sites, right. And most social media sites are not spam sites. So it all helps for your business, your profile photo should not be your company mascot dog, even a product of your widget, what you want to do is you want to make it your logo, okay? You want this is for branding purposes, primarily here. But for branding purposes, unless you’re, you know, like Nike, or Google or somebody who everybody knows your logo anyways. Right.

But if you’re if you’re have 100 followers, and you’re trying to build your business profile, you want the brand the logo to be what people think of when they see and hear about your company. So just make that your profile photo, then the note here is make sure it fits, the whole thing fits for some of you, you have really wide excuse me, you have really wide or landscape logos, and you need to use an alternative version. So what we call in the design business a stacked logo, but needs to be a square, okay, needs to fit inside a square.

If you have a really wide one, and you fit it all in, it’s going to be so small, nobody can read it. So if you have one of those logos, you might want to consider actually changing your logo to more of a square shape can be a circle or a square, but don’t make it a wide rectangle. And that’s the reason why because it’s for a variety reasons for social media. And for websites, it just fits better if it can fit inside a square. Okay. Now, your cover photo is the most important part of your whole social media profile personal or professional, for your business.

And what you want to do on there for your business is you want to summarize in just a few words on the right hand side, what it is that your company does, why? Because when people click on it, they’re going to be there for just a second, they’re going to scan it. It’s like when you go fishing and a fish bites the hook. If you don’t set that hook right away, the fish can get away. So the the cover photo is not dynamic. It’s not searchable. If somebody goes into a search bar and certain types of words that you have there, it won’t, it won’t hit right, this is just a visual thing. But

when you come to Bowman digital media’s business page, and you see social media management, website, designer, video and graphics, hopefully that’s what you’re looking for one of those things or more, and it gets you to continue to read on. So that’s all that is.

But it’s important because if you have a blue starry sky, or a blank cover photo and they come they might go in, these people are boring, and go away. Now, most of you don’t know how to create a post, I’m going to tell you that this works for your business as well as your personal so you can use this interchangeably for your business posts. And for your personal posts. What you want to do is you want to start with a question a powerful phrase or a statement, think headline in an article. Okay, then you want to create some space some I’m right here now.

So the whitespace creates a calming effect, then you want to support your statement or question with a few sub points. Think about like subtitles here. Do a succinctly again, brevity is good because people are lazy by nature, they don’t want to read a book, they want to, you want to catch their attention, you want to draw them in with the subtitle. So just one or two sentences, easy to read, then more space than for the main body of the post, you can add a single type of emoji to act like a bullet point and it helps break it up and add a little visual spice to it. And it doesn’t count as a photograph, which we’ll talk about in a minute. That’s a pitfall that you want to avoid.

And that will help you communicate your message clearly and get people to read it then you want to have more space, then you want to do a call to action, which is usually a statement or question could be like visit my website, see the link below in comments. Or ask a question like, you know, would you like me to do a press release for you or do you need a new website something like that? smart tag people. I’m going to show you what that is in a second but you want to add your smart tags and then you want to add your help relevant hash tags, which again, I’m going to cover in just a moment.

Okay, so let’s keep going in your posts, especially if you have a very small network, you want to avoid these pitfalls, because these are like, I call them boat anchors, okay, your post is like a boat, and you want that boat to go 100 miles an hour, you want to get a lot of views, a lot of comments, you want people to share it, and engage with it and all that stuff. If you avoid some of these boat anchors, you’re gonna increase your chance of that happening. If you add these boat anchors, it’s kind of like your boat is stuck in place. And it’s not going to go anywhere.

Okay, so the number one thing that I tell people, this is the worst, you can get away with some of these things. But this is the worst videos, you want to link your videos, especially native videos, because a linked video to a YouTube channel is considered a hyperlink, not a video. But I’m talking about videos, I’m talking about a native video that you upload directly to YouTube, I’m sorry, to Facebook, or to LinkedIn, LinkedIn, primarily in this case, okay. You don’t want to use any profanity. Again, your professional so stop it. Don’t do that. Right.

Even if that’s your brand, you still don’t want to do it. Because you could offend people that might, they might have shared it if you didn’t do it, but because you did swear or use profanity, they won’t share it. So even if it doesn’t cost you directly, it can cost you indirectly with shares, and followers, frankly, misspelled words. Now I suffer from dyslexia. So I’m misspell stuff all the time. It’s awful. I double check, triple check, quadruple check sometimes, and I still make mistakes, but don’t because your business you need to be professional, or relevant or too many hashtags.

Again, I’m going to come back to hashtags. But what I mean here is, let’s say you have a post with two sentences, and you have 50 hashtags, that is way too many hashtags at different times. And the algorithm actually can pull you down as a boat anchor. But this is a visual boat anchor, all the time, it comes across as spam. So you want to do is you want to do like five to 10 there is no magic number, the first three that you use are the most important on LinkedIn, because it actually will include the hashtags as part of the URL. So the vanity URL will include that.

So that’s always use your most important hashtags first. Usually, those are the biggest ones. So we’ll get into that again in just a second. But then hyperlinks This is the number one mistake I see business owners making in the post, they want to put their business website in every single post because you’re trying to drive traffic to your website, I get the idea. But if you would say See the link to our website in the comments, and then put it in as a comment, you won’t have that boat anchor, holding you back.

And you can still get the desired effect. In fact, because your visibility might be three or four times more people because you didn’t put the hyperlink in the post itself. The net, the net effect is more people will actually visit your website, even though you didn’t have a website in the post. Again, you can ask me questions about that later, if you would like to. So I’ve given you pitfalls to avoid. Now what I want to do is tell you that commenting is far more important than the post comm content itself. Here’s what I mean. If I was a business, which I am, I’m a digital media and exit, right?

I want to comment 80% of the time and post only 20% of the time, the 8020 rule, but in the reverse order for most of you, what you thinking like I need to post post post post post post post. Now what you really need to do is comment, comment, comment, comment, comment. If you have 100 people, when you make a post that goes big, what is that going to get you 250 views, 1000 views, if you’re lucky, something like that many of you can’t do that. I could teach you how. But many of you can’t you don’t get a lot of eyeballs. But if you would take the time as your business to go and comment on other people’s posts that have large networks.

For example, like follow me Friday, that’s happening right now with IRA on LinkedIn, you can take your own profile, make a comment and tag your business in the comments. And then go to your business page, come back to the following Friday posts that has 100,000 people in it and comment as your business and now more people see your business and then and then they’ll come and follow you You see what I mean you’re engaging in where there are people actually swimming. It’s like swimming in a water where you’re looking for a feeding frenzy.

Because you know your website is the bait. You want them to eat the bait. Well, you’ve got to put the bait where the fish are. So right now your business pages are small. So when you make a lot of posts and we make content, as in the form of posts, you’re not actually doing a lot of good. You’re not helping yourself until you build that audience. So comment, comment, comment, okay, you want to grow on LinkedIn, don’t Comments. One great tip is to ask open ended questions. The questions help encourage more conversation which increased views and activity.

If someone posts anything negative in your post, just delete it, stay away from negativity, cut it out whenever you can just delete them. And by all means, don’t engage with trolls. Don’t forget to tag your personal profile in any posts that you have in your company pages, and then go and respond. And when you respond as yourself, tag your friends to why don’t know like, Hey, can you come help me out? That’s basically what you’re doing with tagging people. you’re inviting people to the party. And I’m going to tell you what a tag is in a minute, just in case you don’t know. First, I’m gonna start with hashtags.

Okay, so what is a hashtag? hashtags are the little pound sign and then a word no spaces, no symbols, no abbreviation, none of that stuff. Right? So innovation 38 point 8 million people follow the word innovation, and a hashtag on LinkedIn. So use it management, 36 million, digital marketing, technology, future entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, these are some that you should just sprinkle in, don’t use the same three every time mix them up, because now you’re mixing your audience. Now, here’s the other thing. I don’t know if you caught this before, but in the title.

In fact, I’m going to go back up to it. One of the things that I said I don’t know where I put it anyways, I guess I won’t. Um, one of the things that I suggested is use a hash tag, kind of like a dig digital signature. Okay, so your company, let’s say it’s Bowman digital media, you could put hashtag Bowman digital media, or you could do it, I do and use the acronym. So I use hashtag BDM. Every post I make, whether it’s my personal or my company, I put hashtag BDM. And that helps me build my followers. Okay, now smart tags. And I got to speed this up a little bit because we’re getting short on timer. Smart tags are just the A or the ampersand. That’s not the ampersand.

It’s a little a symbol, whatever that is called, right. But you do that symbol and you start typing the name, there’s a drop down list and you pick the person. Smart tags, invite people to the party, they get a notification when you post them. When you do this, on a post, they get notified. And so you’re inviting them to come. But also every time somebody comments or engages with the post, they can get a notification, which is very helpful to bring an audience in. Now you want to smart tag people that are interested in the post don’t don’t smart tag people you don’t know. Don’t smart tag people that are irritated by it. So you kind of want to ask them like, Hey, is it okay?

If I would tag you, you should be tagging your employees, you might want to tag some of your best clients, you might want to tag some of your vendors. People for the most part are flattered by tags as long as you don’t overdo it. And you can ask them for their permission. Again, if you have questions about that. You can ask me at the end here because I’m saving a little time for questions. backlink building is done in blogs, partner tabs and social media profiles.

What are backlinks, backlinks are when I click or hover on this, the hand comes up, it changes to the hand. And that takes me to their website. This is the partners tab of project help you grow which is one of my websites. Okay. So like if you come here, you could click on service professionals network, it would take you to their website. Most people don’t come to partners tabs and look for businesses that they can do business with. But this is SEO strategy.

So like I am linked on service professionals network. He links back to Bowman digital media Bowman coaching and so we help each other out that way. Okay, so backlinks. Also, blogs provide backlink opportunity and keyword opportunities which are both important in building your website traffic, which again, all of this comes together to help you get web track website traffic in case you’ve forgotten. All of this works together to build your website traffic. So write blogs include links, you want to make videos include links in the video, all of it comes together to build backlinks which will boost your SEO score.

And this is why I recommend I talked about it and one of the other sites you go to any social media site that allows you to create a profile for free and and you incorporate what we call do follow links. You should create a profile for yourself and for your business and put those website links in there. Service Professionals Network comm does it project help you grow calm does it. So those are some what we call micro sites that you can use.

But you can write blogs and like blogger, you can do your YouTube videos everywhere. If you have a Gmail account you have Google or I’m sorry, a YouTube channel whether you know it or not. So you can create follow links and all of those for free. Now I’m going to wrap it up because time is short here and I do want to give time for questions. So if you have any questions, go ahead and put them in the chat now. And then if you’re looking to get a hold of me, you can reach out to me at Bowman digital media at IRA Bowman or project topia you He was I think that’s my time. How did I do?


Curt Anderson  25:09

Oh, there we go. Okay, can you hear me? I wrote that was absolutely phenomenal. I think we’re good. I mean, if I were to have, if you want to elaborate, so I just I put a we were having a good time in the chat box. Erica joined us. So welcome choice Jean Mercedes, everybody that’s joined us today. Thank you for taking time in your schedule. If you want to talk about Jeffrey stern is on the call today, I run off you saw Jeffrey,


Ira Bowman  25:34

say was watching the chat at all I had I had my presentation screen. So because I was trying not to do this right.


Curt Anderson  25:42

My presentations are laser focused. But just so everybody knows. So IRA, I asked him earlier this week on Monday, it was like five o’clock eastern time. I’m like, Hey, could you throw together a press release. And I thought, you know, if it give, I’ll give him like a week or whatever. And few hours later, he comes back with this amazing killer press released. And I really want to talk about like how we’re going to like repurpose the heck out of this press release. And like all the benefits that yeah, this manufacturer is going to gain by your press release.


Ira Bowman  26:11

Like, right, right now, if you go to Bowman digital media, which is my business page, so I created the press release and actually created a post, which again, this is it’s all about. If you do a blog or a video, you can make blogs and videos that you know you can do the other. And then that should it’s all about backlink building. It’s all about keyword building. So for example, the press release, we want to just talk openly here, we want to create some keyword enhancement for ground straps, right for flop. So we write the press release, we include links to certain pages on it.

So that’s going to help when it gets picked up by over 200 news outlets, which it was over the last couple days. And then what we do is we create social media posts, which helps draw attention to it. But then we take that press release, we put it on the website. So now we get our keywords pick up because we didn’t until we did that. And then we create a video, which links not only to the article itself on the website, but also to some of the news organizations, articles, the actual press release their press, you know what I mean?

The actual story on their websites. And then we make little teaser videos that we can then use for social media to all just builds eyeballs, we’re just audience building. And we’re backlink building, because that’s one of the sources of social media, I’m sorry, of website traffic. So you’ve got your paid views via Google ads. You’ve got your social media views via your social media activities, you’ve got your backlink building, and that’s where press releases really kind of helped the most.

This press release right here was able to establish over 600 backlinks all by itself for electronics. And I did it for 150 bucks just in full disclosure. That’s what that’s what it costs, right? So 450 bucks, they got an extra 600 backlinks from news out news organizations to have high domain authority, then we’re going to take all that we’re going to make a video, put it on YouTube, and bring it all together. YouTube, by the way is 97. So domain authority, it’s out of 100. It’s almost perfect. And you get all that extra pop or you know very, very small budget.

Now consider what I said most people are spending somewhere between 3080 $500 on Google ads. Well, you just got 600 backlinks, which is about 12% of your overall website traffic if you have a healthy, healthy, healthy mix, about 40% will come from Google advertisement about 28% a volume will come from social media, about 12% will come from your backlinks right. And then the rest will be referrals or organic search. So $150 in backlink building that last far longer than any single CPC, and can have a much higher conversion rate, frankly, because those backlinks are going to help you be seen all over the place.

Now. You take you know, maybe $150 out of your Google Ad budget and it doesn’t affect it hardly at all. But you just like I said they just built 600 backlinks and in that I included a link 200 more are going to go to their business LinkedIn profile page. So and you it’s easy to do. And also they’ve got some artwork that I made. It’s right there. I mean, it’s nothing spectacular, but it’s art work. I can make that as an Instagram post as a Facebook post as a LinkedIn post anything I want, you can use that image and that’s cover art for the blog on their website. Right. So that’s how it all works.


Curt Anderson  29:39

Yeah, absolutely phenomenal and just stretching out that money that hundred $50 it’s almost criminal IRA. So that is you just covered you know how many different publications are going to pick that up to quality backlinks that are coming out. Now we hit and he did an amazing job where he’s putting in stats he’s pulling out different how it was about it was all about safety.

In all different deaths from electrical shock, we turn that into a blog post. Now we have meaty content that we can put it on different social media posts, as I mentioned a video. So there’s the, it’s just, it’s just amazing the amount of opportunity just from that one blog posts that we can stretch out. Now in the chatbox. I just want to give a shout out. Melissa joined us, Virginia, I saw Susan, then we have a question coming from Pakistan. So do you do backlinks on LinkedIn posts and blogs only is the question. Now.


Ira Bowman  30:35

These these backlinks, and we’re talking about are in the news outlets. So Fox, NBC, ABC marketwatch, ask digital journal, I mean, now so you do create, do follow links, I do create do follow links all over the place, including social media. But is that the only place? No?


Curt Anderson  30:58

And can you let you know, just for everybody on the call IRA? Can you elaborate on like, how did those publications catch this article?


Ira Bowman  31:07

I cannot, you had what


Curt Anderson  31:09

you hire, and you hired. Yeah, without warrants for sauce. So you put it out into a syndicated. And then And then also, I’m sorry, go ahead,


Ira Bowman  31:21

I have 80 different sources that I use for prs. So when I’m putting out a press release, I have 40 different channels, or I’m sorry, 80 different channels, some of them. A lot of them actually kind of duplicate there’s, there’s a PR, there’s a PR back channel, that a lot of getting the same place. But there’s 80 different ones, depending on the industry, depending on the imagery that I would use depending so for example, Joe’s a finance guy, when I do a press release for Joe, the finance guy, he’s in a certain genre, like I’m going to try to pick up financial outlets, we’re going to use a different channel.

And I used for this one, because this one was more about manufacturing. Right. So there was safety and manufacturing, I could have tried to go with health organizations like health magazines and stuff, but there wasn’t enough there. So I didn’t when I was started to write the article, I was thinking about going that way, but ended up going safety, manufacturing and safety. So yeah, he’s somebody like me, because honestly, to do a press release, you know, the 150 includes the writing of it. But reason why I write them is because if you write them wrong, they’ll get rejected six out of 10, press releases get rejected,


Curt Anderson  32:45

right. And the thing in those, those outlets, they are starving for content. So it’s a benefit. It’s a win, win, win all the way around. And I know in the past, anytime I’ve gone with a press release, you’re talking 502,000 bucks, you know, very expensive. And so I just I can’t thank you enough for that element. I’m just what we’ll do is we’ll wrap up. And again, I want to say hi to Jean and Joyce.

So you know, from your business standpoint, look at the benefits that I laid out today from hashtags, getting involved in the comments, to tagging friends, your team. So just very powerful strategies, strategies here. You know, if you follow IRA, it’s just it’s really just a piece of education, just following Iran itself. And just you can see what he’s done for exit your way. Jeffrey stern at voice Express, I can attest, you know, just watching all this elevate, as we’re all in it together, working together, just trying to help each other’s businesses.

I know, like Erica does a great job, you know, we’re all supporting each other. And the thing is, when I open up the program, he talked about the spend on Google, everything else that he talked about is basically from a service standpoint, free, you know, the social media posts being aggressive 150, you know, not free, but $150 blog post, press release turned into a blog post, how you can stretch it out,


Ira Bowman  34:05

you very, you can generate more traffic from non paid sources than you can from paid sources. If you know what you’re doing.


Damon Pistulka  34:14

Yep, well, it converts better, it converts better than the other. Because you if someone knows you, you know people do business because they know like and trust you. And if they come off of a media site where they’ve seen your videos, read your posts, they’re going to be more likely to convert


Ira Bowman  34:29

5% more likely. So you’ll have a much lower bounce rate. And you’re going to have their 75% more likely to do business with you if they were referred via social media channel through a friend as opposed to so if they’re coming to you because they visited your social media channel and decided to click website, those visitors are 75% more likely to do business with you.

They’re gonna stay on your website longer, they’re more likely to fill out the form they’re more likely to engage and are more likely to order 75% it’s not even close. So it’s 100 views from Google ads in a month. Or you could only generate 100 views from people on social media. And you had to pick one or the other. Mathematically, you’d make more money, make more sales, just with the social media, and most people are ignoring it, because they don’t know how to do it. Well, I’m gonna tell you a secret.

This is what my all my clients are figuring this out, you pay me $500 a month, $1,000 a month, 20 $500 a month, it’s less than what you were spending on your Google ads. And I bring a lot more business to you. Not in overall volume. But in terms of orders, click on order here button. Right. That’s, that’s what I bring you in again, if you have a Google Ad game that’s on point, and then you increase your social media to now you’ve got a thriving business.


Curt Anderson  35:49

drop the mic, Ira, drop the mic. I mean, just and just let that sink in for a minute. You said when we did our run through the other day, you know, I’ve been doing this for years. And you said that and it just hit so you know, think of us as consumers. And you’re looking for a product you have a problem needed solved. And you do it you click you know, like, well, do I want to click the Google ad?

No, I’ll go to the organic link. I click into it Do I know the site, but if I see somebody on social and they’re talking about this company, or they’re, they’re providing value, there’s that social proof we always talk about that is so powerful.

So that was a great way to so great. Pay, virtual clap, everybody give IRA virtual clap. He’s a busy busy man and he advocated donated his time for us today. Ira, thank you, you are a blessing. We appreciate what priceless tips were on LinkedIn live. We do this every Friday 130 Eastern Time. 1030 Pacific Pacific. And we’re now putting us on LinkedIn live so you can get there. Yeah, we have lots


Damon Pistulka  36:47

of comments on LinkedIn live thanks, everyone for joining us there we’re going to shut down there on LinkedIn live and and this is one of the benefits to actually coming to the remote event is you can participate in the networking after these events. So hey, look for the The links are all over our pages every week.

And join us here the link stay the same. So you know if you’re joining any one of our events, everything from Tuesday, speed networking with Mike and Ira to our our Thursday event for this Friday event, the link stay the same. So let’s just keep coming back and learn more with us. Thanks a lot.


Curt Anderson  37:24

We’re going to the tables and everybody stick around. We’re going to go back to the tables and we can chat with IRA gets more information from him. So thank you, everybody. Thank you. Thanks, Damon.

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