Clubhouse what’s The Big Deal?

In this week’s Exit Your Way Roundtable episode, there was no specific guest speaker. The chat was targeted around the people in the audience discussing clubhouse and their thoughts on the platform.

What is a clubhouse and what’s the big deal about it? This is the question that anyone who has heard the word clubhouse may ask. To answer this question, we had our talk today.

In this week’s Exit Your Way Roundtable episode, there was no specific guest speaker. The chat was targeted around the people in the audience discussing clubhouse and their thoughts on the platform.

The conversation started with Damon introducing the pattern of the show. He said that in this episode, they will direct the conversation towards the clubhouse and what it is. After this Damon introduced the first guest, Andrew Deutsch.

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Andrew introduced himself and told what he does. After this Damon introduced the question of the day. The question of the day is that what is one thing that you would spend your time in your 20s and 30s on?

After this, Andrew answered the question. He said that if he was in his twenties he would spend more time on his creative pursuits. Moving on, Brad answered the question. First, he told that he works in eliminating leading problems in leaders to run a smooth company. After this, he then answered the question saying that he would work more on building relationships.

Moving on, Curt Anderson answered the question. He said that if he was in his twenties, he would have taken care of his hair more. After this, AJ took the stage and answered the question. AJ said that he works in the staffing industry.

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Furthermore, Dan Bigger joined the conversation. Moreover, he said that he is the Director of Operations and he is also one of the founders of the USA MFG hour. After this, Dennis Bolger also joined the chat. He said that he worked in insurance and that if he was in his 20s he would do more skiing.

Moving further into the conversation Jacob Warren joined the talk. He said that he works in helping people secure their digital workforce. Answering the question, Jacob said if he was in his 20s he would get out more often into the woods.

Later in the conversation, John answered the question saying that he would build more network and community. Kevin William also joined the chat saying that if he has a chance, he would buy lots of property around the DC area.

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Furthermore, Kon Apostolopolous joined the chat saying that there is nothing that he would change in his 20s because he was living the dream life then. Mark also joined and said he would keep it clean and do more networking in his 20s.

Melissa Worren joining the chat said she would travel more in her 20s. Apart from this, Ron, Peter, and randy also answered the questions. Further, Damon directed the conversation towards the clubhouse. He firstly introduced what clubhouse is. It is a social media platform that is completely audio-based.

Further, into the conversation, Damon asked various people about their experience with the clubhouse. Curt shared his experience. Curt said that it is a great platform from a business point of view for various discussions.

After this, Kevin Williams talked a little about the clubhouse. He said that it’s a great platform for interacting with various kinds of people. From big technical executives to a smaller group of people. Pete also talked about it. He said that he is not a big fan of the platform.

The conversation ended with Damon thanking everyone who joined the show.

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Kevin Williams, Damon Pistulka, Andrew Deutsch, Dan Bigger, Randy McNeeley, Melissa Worrel, Ron Craig, Kon Apostolopolous, Pete Alexander, Curt Anderson


Damon Pistulka  00:00

All right, let’s get things going here. So we will get live on LinkedIn. And we’ll be on our way, everyone. Thanks for coming. Alright, everyone, thanks for joining us once again at the erway Business Roundtable, where Today we’re going to be talking about clubhouse. What’s the big deal? Everyone’s got at least 100 people that’s ask them are you on clubhouse and bla bla, bla, bla, bla bla bla. So we’re gonna see what we’re gonna get some opinions for the people out there, they’ve been using it, we’re going to talk about, you know, the good, the bad, and all that kind of stuff.

But just happy to be here once again, and allow everyone the place to connect and learn and grow and build relationships. So if you’re listening to us on LinkedIn live, one of the things we want you to do is go ahead and tell us where you’re listening from, ask any questions, put comments in there, we got IRA, and we’re going to be looking at that I even see it once in a while. And the other thing, so the then, oh, Mark asked, What’s the garbage disposal? I said, No, that’s his desk moving up and down.

We hear that a lot. So but yeah, so drop your LinkedIn. link in the comments if you want people to be connecting with you. Same thing, if you’re on LinkedIn, you want to do that you can join us on remail. If you just go to my profile and look at the link in one of my post this week, it’s there. It’s the same, you can come back to us. So we’re going to get started like we normally do.

And we’re going to have everyone come up and introduce themselves. We’re going to talk what we want to do today is introduce yourself how you’re helping people. And then we are going to do the infamous Question of the day. And this we have a we have a multi choice. What’s that? Andrew? You look like something’s going on there. You’re on mute, on mute.



Don’t give him the question. Let’s just do a shot first and, and then give him the question. Don’t



let him prepare. Well,


Damon Pistulka  02:07

yeah, okay. Good. Good. So yeah, bring Andrew up. Cuz I know. What? Yeah. Welcome, Andrew. How



are you today?


Andrew Deutsch  02:19

I was better before I was singled out as some sort of a clown or something by by the other Andrew. Andrew.



Andrew crime.



See comes before D. But okay.



I got my eye on you.


Damon Pistulka  02:40

Yeah. Andrew Deutsch, our resident video expert. If you want to learn about how to use, you know, upgrade your video presentation skills. He’s the guy to talk to you. That’s for sure. So tell us a little bit about what you do Andrew, and then I will give you the question of the day,


Andrew Deutsch  02:59

I get called on in meetings to go up first, so I can be a clown. That’s what I didn’t know. I were a strategy. First marketing and sales consultancy. We we we help companies get unstuck and grow because they need to understand better who their customer is needs, desires, and the pains that need to be solved. They need to know how to differentiate in a way that helps them get in front of all of the other alternative solutions for their customers. issues and problem. And we do it better than anybody else. How’s that for





Damon Pistulka  03:37

That’s awesome. That’s awesome. And I would I would reinforce that those statements, because I’ve seen what you can do. So our question of the day is, what is one thing you would spend more time doing in your 20s or 30s? Then you did now this is not go back and change anything. This is just like, Hey, I would blog about this. Or you can share a win that you had in the last week or so you can choose. But what is one thing you would spend more time doing in your 20s and 30s. Or you can share a win. So you got we have a multiple choice today.


Andrew Deutsch  04:16

I will in my 20s and 30s I would have spent even more time on some of my creative pursuits that I that I do now. probably spend a lot more time in the glass shop or something like that or making furniture.


Damon Pistulka  04:29

So do you actually blow glass?


Andrew Deutsch  04:31

I sometimes rent rent in a studio, but at home I don’t have. Yeah. at home. I have kilns and work with glass in different ways. Yeah, yeah, yeah. If every every couple couple times a year I’ll rent time in a in a studio. It’s too expensive to do that from home. Oh, yeah. The fire burning keeping it keeping it liquid for Yeah, that would be insane. Yeah, of course I would do since it is insane, but


Damon Pistulka  04:59

good stuff. That’s awesome. That’s awesome, creative more time to your creative stuff I think that would in later in life that would probably pay off and being more creative throughout your life.


Andrew Deutsch  05:10

Creativity is the thing that keeps me sane.


Damon Pistulka  05:13

Yeah. Awesome. Awesome. Thanks, Andrew. Thanks, guys. Great Green. Thanks for being here. grad once again, boom. All right, let us know how you helping people, and then we’ll get you talking about the question.



Um, I think I think the phrase I would focus on today is you can’t grow a company beyond the limitations of the leader. And so what I do is I I help people eliminate lead limitations, so that they can get to their goals faster, and I shorten up the distance to so that’s what I do.



Very good. Very good.



Something, I think something that it took a bit, something I would have done more in my 20s given the wisdom I have now. Right, I would literally have built more relationships.


Damon Pistulka  06:08

Great point. Great point. That’s, that’s that would be a powerful one. And you think about and think about that. And if you would have been able to build them and maintain them better throughout the years without those people falling out of your, your, you know, out of just knowing where they’re at and what’s going on. Yeah, yeah. Awesome. Awesome, Brad. So great to have you here. Thanks again. Kurt Anderson, the manufacturing ecommerce evangelist. How are you today my friend?


Curt Anderson  06:39

Awesome, boys. How’s everybody it Ladies and gentlemen, so Happy Thursday. Thank you. So hey, I dropped. Andrew Joyce had an awesome podcast interview on with Alison and Ray MFG out loud, guys, I got the link Ashong encourage everybody catch Andrew. Awesome. What a great podcast. So what a great story Andrew has. On e commerce. We do ecommerce training for manufacturers.

As a matter of fact, just a little shameless plug, Ira. Damon myself, we’re going we’re taking the roadshow to Temple University in April. So we’re gonna we have a whole webinar series that we’re doing helping manufacturers. We’re excited about that. And in my 20s and 30s, I would have taken a lot better care of my hair, man. I don’t know what happened. So that’s



what I would. That’s



my pain, right? So


Curt Anderson  07:30

yeah. And lastly, Andrew, go blue. Man. We’re rooting Michigan on for the tourney. So



happy, everybody.



Happy Thursday. Thanks for thanks,


Damon Pistulka  07:40

Likert we’ll have you back up. We’re talking about the old clubhouse here later, AJ, awesome to see you again, my friend. How are you today?



I’m great. Hey, Andrew. Hey.


Damon Pistulka  07:51

So how are you people? Awesome. Awesome. So go ahead and tell us about how you help people.



This is AJ I’m from India. So I’m into the staffing industry. So I help my clients to to find the people for they are looking for like a



mostly into the IT sector like


Randy McNeeley  08:12

developers and all this kind of stuff


Damon Pistulka  08:14

throughout the US. Awesome. So you help them place IT staff United States. That’s great. That’s great. That’s why Thank you so much, AJ, awesome to have you here. As always, hope you enjoy the talk today. So I know you’re on clubhouse. I’ve seen you there before. We’ve been in same room. So it’s good. Good. Thanks. So I just want to quickly say rim backers, and Jason Rick’s thanks for joining us on LinkedIn. Got some got some great stuff going on here today. And Mr. Dan bigger. How are you doing today, sir?



I’m doing well. How



are you?


Damon Pistulka  08:50

You know, it’s getting better every day. getting better every day. I love doing that. Yeah. Yeah. You know, if you got to get older every day, you might as well get better every day. Well, Dan, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you’re helping people.


Dan Bigger  09:08

I’m the Director of Operations at an injection tooling and molding company in Central New York, we help companies make their parts. So my days are filled with trying to bring back jobs from China and bring jobs back here. And I also have I’m also one of the creators of USA manufacturing hour, which is a chat to bring manufacturers together to talk about topics and manufacturing.


Damon Pistulka  09:31

Yep, that’s a Twitter chat every Thursday at 2pm. Eastern Time. Correct. Great, awesome. Get on there. Check out the hashtag. You can see the questions, the answers, all the interaction is it’s a fast hour. You will not believe how quickly that hour goes. But yes, amen. Yeah. And it’s so great to hear that Dan talking about bringing bringing and keeping working in the US or bringing work back.

You know, we had Harry Moser on our Friday manufacturing ecommerce thing with the reshoring initiative that was an awesome presentation yesterday where he was talking about total cost and products compared to offshore so it was just that was really cool so thanks for bringing it up dan and and like i said people if you haven’t seen the usa manufacturing our twitter chat thursdays at 2pm it’s a great great place to interact with other manufacturing people so dennis bouldered thanks for being here dan dennis bolger awesome to see you again sir oh well you’re doing your world



this is what happens when you take a couple weeks off and you and you don’t get to see your friends again for a while but i’m back so we were live and living in in edmonds why evans michael to lynnwood washington and watching the rain and all is good we’re in the insurance business and our goal is to help people understand the products that they have and improve their protection decrease their expenses and increase the client the client satisfaction with products that they have and so that’s what we do and we have a great team that that does it and which lets me go

when i need to leave town right so what i do in my 20s and 30s more of i would be i would still be skiing that was the one thing that i just absolutely loved when i was when i was a kid and i kind of truncated it when i got married and i wish i was still doing it and he’s very blue





Damon Pistulka  11:52

yeah andrew had to get as michigan stuff on that’s awesome dennis though i think a lot of us would do that because it’s it’s one of those things that i believe i’ve got a friend of mine that that lives over here in redmond and he skis almost every day throughout the winter he’s got one of those passes where he goes up early in the morning and does it and he’s 70 and and he or he’s in his early 70s and he can outski me any day of the week and it but it’s just that repetition and doing it that’s



a great one


Damon Pistulka  12:20

that’s a great one awesome dennis thanks for being here well jacob warren our bearded it warrior how are you today



pretty good how is everybody else doing today


Damon Pistulka  12:32

you know awesome man just freakin awesome i don’t know why but i it feels like i had two pots of coffee already



yes absolutely


Damon Pistulka  12:44

all right i’m falling behind you’re on linkedin so tell us a little bit about yourself jacob and and how you’re helping people then you can answer the infamous question of the day man



all right so how do i help people essentially i help secure your digital workforce and i do that using some awesome technology to make sure that you’re able to do your job more efficiently more safely that’s the right grammar to use there and to really help your teams be able to still collaborate when they’re spread across everywhere and really just allow you to truly connect in and present your business better to your clients awesome awesome and then i came in late so i totally missed the question well


Damon Pistulka  13:35

the question is what is the one thing you would spend more time doing in your 20 years 20s or 30s if you could no one what you know now



i would be late is not his



20s let’s see i think i would have spent more time



probably out



on an atv so i really enjoyed getting out in the woods on a quad or for me it was a dirt bike and i think i would have spent a little bit more time out there just enjoying nature getting a little bit more involved with it and having a blast or something


Damon Pistulka  14:17

that’s a good one that’s a good one yep yeah thinking about that that’d be really good thanks for being here jacob awesome seeing you man i know he’s gonna be part of our clubhouse discussion john awesome having you here today tell us a little bit about how you help people and we’ll go to the question after that



awesome thanks for having me guys and you’re doing a great job of these events so john mogliano with director of marketing what up tessa and i look to align with manufacturers to optimize their production plans and schedule so we help you get what you need to get done and produced in the most efficient way and we’re helping manufacturers in the us and around the world so definitely looking to All manufacturers tell our story. But we just like to optimize plans and schedules. And if I had to do something different about 10 years ago,

I definitely think I missed the opportunity on building community and networking. I think that I should have done it earlier in my career, because I’ve learned so much from the individuals around me and whom I’ve aligned with in this company been going back to, to get their intake and speak with them a little bit more. So I think I should have focused on that earlier in my career, for sure. Well,


Damon Pistulka  15:32

that’s a good one. You know, that’s just it’s a powerful thing to have those people that you can, that that you can text now, 20 years later, right? or whatever it is. It’s a it’s a big thing. And it’s, it’s easy to overlook it in the moment. That’s for sure. Awesome. having you here today, john.



Thank you.


Damon Pistulka  15:50

Thank you. So on, on LinkedIn, we got a few people Ron Craig’s weighing in Matt Swain and John’s weighing in. And then we got a little bit between Matt and john here. We’re talking about the Packers, because there’s Wisconsin guys here, so they might get something going there. So that’s, that’s good stuff going on LinkedIn. Kevin, awesome to see you again.


Kevin Williams  16:12

Yeah. So I’m Kevin Williams, and Park City, Utah. This is sort of interesting for me, because I’m in mid reinvention of myself, I would have called myself. direct to consumer product brand owner said why but I managed to sell that company last year. And now I am almost very closely officially founding my seventh startup, which is an ad tech. And we’re helping digital marketers better own their first party marketing data, and visualize it. In light of a lot of technological and privacy changes happening in the marketplace.

Things I wish I’d done in my 20s I seem to have a bad habit of moving from like hot real estate market to hot real estate market and never actually buying property. And if I could have my 20s back, I would have bought a lot of property in Washington, DC. I think my life is a little bit different. Now had I? My kids have that when they get there.


Damon Pistulka  17:13

Yeah, yeah, that’s a good one. That’s a good one. Kevin. Thanks so much for being here, man. Enjoy it. And if you haven’t talked to Kevin about what’s happening in in privacy and how that’s changing your your the data, you’re going to have to advertise man, it’s worth it’s worth talking to him a little bit about it. We’re actually going to be on our live stream talking about it here. And I don’t know in April sometime. So awesome. Thanks, con. Awesome having you here today, sir. Good to


Kon Apostolopolous  17:41

be here. Guys. Good to be here. Good to be seen. Thank you for having me. So a little bit of an introduction. My name is Connor Postol, opolis. Simple just the same way it sounds that’s the way it’s spelt. Right. Yeah. I’m the founder and CEO of fresh breeze solutions. It’s an HR consulting practice. And I help individuals and organizations improve their performance and achieve their goals. And I typically do that through one of three ways, either through tailored events, workshops, training, facilitating team building sessions with strategic planning,

I do executive coaching for their leadership team. And I consult with them on their people systems to make sure that every dollar that they spend is $1. That goes to the right place to help their people and their organization. Really, really achieve breakthrough performance. So that’s in a nutshell what I do. As far as the question of the day, I wouldn’t change a damn thing. Because in my 20s, I lived my dream. I really got to enjoy, pursue, realize and live my dream and travel the world and get paid for it. And so I wouldn’t change a damn thing.



That’s awesome.



That’s awesome. Do you hear that? That that just makes me happy? It does.


Kon Apostolopolous  18:59

Dude, it does. That’s


Damon Pistulka  19:00

cool. That’s cool. Well, thanks for being here today con. And you know, I always think whenever I hear con speak, he’s got just like this voice a goal. Just like just so soothing and so awesome. He could have been he could have been the Mr. Calling to be a radio announcer or TV personality, man. Awesome, Mark. great having you here today. Thanks, Damian. Yeah,



yeah, good to see you too. Glad to be back. So I am a fractional CFO. And I’m a bolt on right hand, man. I’m helping visionary CEOs develop a strategy for growth and execute that strategy, whether that’s marketing, product development, customer experience, all that stuff all the above. And so in terms of my 20s, what I what I would do differently in my 20s or what I yeah, I’ll keep it clean. Of course. I think I would probably have done a lot more networking is what i would have done you know i think that’s a common theme and maybe taking some more entrepreneurial risks pursued my own ideas i was part of some startups but usually following somebody else’s vision so i think i probably would have just taken the risk to do it myself


Damon Pistulka  20:18

yeah that’s it that’s that’s a great one think about whether you could go back and do that instead and do that again with the knowledge today that’d be good right awesome man thanks for having me if you didn’t see it mark was here last week wasn’t it and did the job yeah done theory that was awesome dude that was a great great one if you haven’t caught that and got the book and took a look at it jump onto our blog it’s on there jump onto my live you can see

it last week that that that’s that was an awesome presentation and here’s the description of a milkshake me think completely differently about a milkshake that’s for sure so melissa cutting them off quickly all right he knows he knows me he knows we’re having fun so melissa i’ll see you again today tell us a little bit about yourself and then answer the question of the day


Melissa Worrel  21:12

sounds great thanks for being here it’s good to see everyone’s faces um i saw i was i’ve got sidebars when you talked about milkshakes because right now i’m on like a milk chocolate milkshake kick and so every time or like grabbing a snack i’m like i want a chocolate milkshake and it’ll last like a month and then it’ll turn into something else but right now it’s chocolate shakes all right sidebar i’m also think i’m the only chick female lady on the call today so representing all the female business owners out there i know tina was on the drop off so i was like looking at the list anyway so my practice is twofold it’s all about elevating leaders so i work with individual leaders on coaching

whether it’s group coaching or one on one coaching and then i also partner and those that are more connected with me on linkedin i partner with coach you who i did my coach training with to share the programs that they have around elevating leadership and how the big thing for me is how do we get more leaders to take a coach approach right and for those that are coaches they understand that we don’t want leaders to become coaches they can be but how do they listen more intently how do they ask better questions how do they message and acknowledge

their teams to create collaboration and teamwork and culture right employee retention we talked about how expensive it is to replace someone and if we just did things maybe a little differently damon i think you said it people leave people right they don’t leave organizations okay off my bandwagon i talk fast so it helps me get a lot of words in really fast so 2030s the first thing that came so i am in my 40s i know i look young i’m just helping myself feel like that but in my 20s and 30s i

i would have traveled more and i i think mark said network more so i really only network with the people within the organization i worked with and that was just a learning lesson that you have to you have to be more connected than just the people in your current organization and travel i worked super hard and i played hard within my organization in my network but i would have traveled more internationally and i did that i’ve done that more recently but man there was a lot of energy i left the table of not traveling to europe and other amazing countries when i was in my 20s so that’s what i got great to be here today and i’m happy to see everyone’s faces


Damon Pistulka  23:27

awesome melissa thank you so much wonderful having you professor pete alexander our stress relief expert awesome seeing you man


Pete Alexander  23:38

awesome seeing you too my friend it’s a tough act to follow with khan and actually mel has a very similar one for me i’ll say that first and then i’ll just say what my my elevator pitch is so in looking back i definitely regret not taking my bike to europe and just riding around staying at hospitals and stuff when i when you know at that age i would have loved to have done that and what happened was i needed to start working and so it just i started you know making

the money because there wasn’t any money around so i didn’t have the money to go to europe and just say screw it and just go ahead and and enjoy learning the culture and stuff so if i had to do things over again that’s what i would have done for sure and just a little about me i’m a popular podcast host and i as Damon mentioned earlier i empower prep working professionals to go from mentally and emotionally overwhelmed to better protecting their health and handling challenging situations with grace and success


Damon Pistulka  24:44

stress relief awesome awesome feet if you haven’t heard some of pete’s podcasts or or listened to some stress relief tips get on linkedin get on the websites and take a take a lesson good stuff in there that means your stuff is that the thing I think it’s powerful about Pete stuff is it’s like literally a minute, you can just do one of these things. It’s like, stress level goes way down.






how are you today?


Randy McNeeley  25:11

I am fantastic. I’m happy to be here. It’s great to be able to be seen and have a chance to just be on here with a bunch of great people. And so,



I am,


Randy McNeeley  25:21

I am a, I am known as the kindness giver. I’m a passionate kindness advocate. I’m the chief kindness officer for the P POC Institute. I work with organizations to help them identify fundament to create a world class culture and operationalize those behaviors. I also I’m an author of the book The kindness givers formula. I teach people and coach people on how to more fully implement an embrace that the behaviors associated with kindness so that they can create a more creative, better personal brand as well. Awesome. Being here,


Damon Pistulka  26:02

Yeah, awesome. So what’s the one thing you would do spend more time doing in your 20s and 30s? If you could,


Randy McNeeley  26:10

I would spend two things I would spend more quality time with my family, with my children with my wife. Yeah, and I would spend more time on my creative jet taking a leaf out of Andrew Deutsches book, I’d be spend more time on my creative side of me writing books sooner, and I’m getting into those kinds of things a lot sooner than I did. So. Oh,


Damon Pistulka  26:34

very good. Very good. Well, Randy, awesome to have you here. And wonderful, wonderful. Just having you around, be able to participate today. Thanks so much.



Thank you. Appreciate


Damon Pistulka  26:43

that. Um, I did see a comment over here on LinkedIn that Andrew may want to address, Matt is saying he has a badger W hat if you need one. upside down and get a W hat. Go. All right. So who else do we have to come up? Here we go. Ron Craig, our resident cybersecurity expert. How are you today are



pretty good. As you know, I haven’t been around too much. So I guess. I thought I’d come home. Or you know, you can see my new haircut. And yeah, and of course, all my space stuff I wear but



yeah, yeah. So



anyway, yeah. It’s nice to be here. Nice to see you guys. And I guess I might have missed the Christmas shirt. I guess the the basis of it is what you would have done differently in your 20s? Is



that the idea? Well, tell us tell us about what you do first, oh, what



do I do what I am a writer copywriter for the cybersecurity and now space industry. So I actually have a number of things that I’m doing, I’m managing and looking after the content for our society for the US and Canada. And, of course, all the cyber clients that I have, as well. So a lot of work going on there. So if anybody needs any copywriting for technology space, I’m your guy.


Damon Pistulka  28:00

Awesome. Awesome. Well then answer our question, what would you spend more time doing in your 20s? And 30s? If you could do it, go back and do it today?


Ron Craig  28:10

I think I would actually do. Because my heart and my passion has always been about around the space industry and space in general. And Mars, as you guys can tell, I think I would have spent a little bit more time focused in that area and actually getting more, you know, education and more direction and getting into the aerospace industry. And, you know, I’m kind of getting into that now. A little bit more than then in the past. So I’m a little late to the party. That’s okay. I’ll make it work. But how do you want to get a little easier if I was doing it when I was younger? So yeah, I think I would have liked to put my head there as well.


Damon Pistulka  28:43

Yeah, it would have been Yeah, there’s there’s some good stuff that’s happened in the last year or



so I you know, which makes sense. I mean, those glasses. I saw Marcia wearing those glasses.


Damon Pistulka  28:54

There we go. There you go. Thanks for being here today. Ron.



It’s great to see you.


Damon Pistulka  28:58

Troy. How are you today? I’m good. How



are you guys?


Damon Pistulka  29:04

Awesome. Awesome.



So proni house, I’m an advisor with Bernstein, Private Wealth here in our Seattle office. Let’s see what do i do i make money meaningful. And, you know, our clients know that they’re going to be okay. But one of the higher you know, okay financially, because they’re, they’re very wealthy, but one of the reasons they hire us is that help them work through, you know, the complex issues that come with having significant amounts of wealth. And I focus my practice working with entrepreneurs, business owners, and very senior corporate executives.



Awesome. And let’s see,



what would I have done differently? It’s probably I you know, I’ve mentioned this in the past on these calls, but I regret not being able to see a lot of the landmarks throughout the US. And so, you know, when I was younger, I wish I would have traveled a little bit more to see some of the the you know the big things that the us is famous for and i’ve seen it i’ve seen a bunch but i wish i would have done a little bit more





Damon Pistulka  30:10

yeah that’d be that’d be awesome because it you know they’re just so many incredibly beautiful places united states just yesterday i mean just you just think of even even when you go east coast central west coast there’s just so many different places and you could literally spend your lifetime i think looking at them going and seeing them and then you just explore you just find more that’s great troy thanks for being here today



thank you for having me


Damon Pistulka  30:43

awesome awesome well we got a we got more people or is it us on the stage now



that’s it i


Damon Pistulka  30:52

think oh we got some we got anybody missing your john john says he actually lives in minnesota so he may be a vikings fan instead of a packers fan which can start a whole different argument on the on the linkedin chat over there so i will let them take care of that because i’m just glad to be out of the midwest so i don’t have to like either team that’s why i’m good for



so so the cool


Damon Pistulka  31:16

ones on the diag yeah i grew up in south dakota i had to like the bears just because i hated the packers and not hated but i did not like the vikings or the packers so that was my team



are smarter there’s more to the world than nfc north guys know i’m saying like there’s more yeah


Damon Pistulka  31:35

there is that’s for sure so let’s go ahead i’ll let you start off and also about yourself and then answer the question and then we’ll go to andrew



all right well what am i i’ve been trying to figure that out for a while apparently i’m not a male martians fighter but that would be good i am the owner of bowman digital media what do we do it’s basically about building your audience that’s that’s what it really is right so your digital space a lot of people said they’d network more i happened to be very good at networking and i’ve been good at networking my whole life so that’s a talent that i’ve used to help other business owners build their audience online right website traffic social media traffic we create images capture images manipulate images to create marketing tools but the bottom line is we’re there to help you

build your audience so that’s what we’re doing the bowman digital media as far as what i would do more of in my 20s i think that if i could get to the place where i learned that life is too short to be selfish faster that’d be good so if i could sit myself down and say hey buddy it’s not all about you it’s about others helping others when i got there in my 40s my life has been better since so that’s what i would tell myself if i could



that’s pretty good awesome


Damon Pistulka  32:59

that’s a great day all right well andrew



yeah so



yeah well you know damon and i founded exit your way and we help business owners get to eight figure exits



bilberry company






that’s that’s what we do what would i do for my 20s my daughter just went through medical school she’s now in her late 20s and she was at the beginning of that said you know i’m going to be 32 before all this is done you know i’m gonna miss my whole 20s i’m like while they were overrated don’t worry about it you’re doing a great thing but and i can’t say i did you know i didn’t hold back i did a lot of

what i wanted to do but if i had to go back i could change time or do something different would i change the time continuum but that mess things up i don’t know maybe like hot tub time machine but i think it says spend a little bit more time at michigan down in the computer lab and maybe get friend be friends with sergei brin and start a little company with search engine capabilities called a data ai invest a little bit in that and see how we are still



other than that


Damon Pistulka  34:18

yeah good that would be that would be something that’s for sure good stuff good stuff well it’s down to me and as i’ll repeat what andrew said yeah we help business owners you know take take care of the frustration get their businesses running right so they can create the money they want today the legacy they want to leave tomorrow it’s so rewarding to be able to see business owners doing these exits where they you know never thought they could do this and and and seeing them see the payday today make more money today and then the long term

because you want to see somebody that’s happy is when they drop a multi million dollar wire into their account out and it’s a good day for everyone believe me so fun stuff we love doing it and if you can’t tell i’m passionate about it well and i think you might be sleeping but what would i do different when i’m in my 20s and 30s



i would


Damon Pistulka  35:17

i think i honestly i would have if i could go back and do it more i quit riding motorcycle after i got out of college is probably a good thing i probably wouldn’t be here today if i didn’t but i probably would have a street bike and do a lot more writing than i did now but i also i also can really can really bond to some of the people talking about networking

because i was horrible throughout the years i early in my career i created a lot of great relationships that i did not maintain long enough and people just left or you know dropped off over time and you know but social media has helped to do that but i think that networking thing when you’re younger is very very very important especially keeping the on the on the phone where you can talk to people






we didn’t know what it was and we


Damon Pistulka  36:05

know no you didn’t you just like go to work for a company and that’s what you get you know



we need to mention we’re having an event guys on april 13 and it’s called the entrepreneurial business accelerator blitz if you’re running a business of any kind this is a free opportunity to see what we do at exit your way you know so it’s gonna be a 90 minute event we’re going to talk about 12 different factors that can help you look none of us every single person that came up on the stage none of us are perfect at everything you’re not right you can be really good at a lot of things but you’re not a master at these different things so come help us or learn how we can help you diagnose the 12 these 12 different categories as fundament sections of your business you can identify maybe

some things that you’re like man i didn’t even realize that that was a part of this and then you know we can give you some tips and practical takeaways that you can implement for free and get your business stronger and then of course if you’re interested in you know hiring us to help you in one of those 12 or multiple those 12 you know afterwards then at least we’ll know what we do a lot of people in this room probably still don’t know what we do at exit your way so we’re gonna we’re gonna teach a little bit more and it’ll help your business i promise you know help you well


Damon Pistulka  37:26

like here today i mean we want to share information that people can take and use and if they can use it great if they need help great you know we’re here to give people information that can help them in their business and build better lives and better relationships and that’s that’s what this is about and what we’re trying to do overall is really be able to bring our program that we use in the large businesses to a level in group coaching and one on one meetings to bring it to a much much wider audience that can benefit from it because we have seen you know just really wonderful results with our clients but let’s get on that’s awesome april 13 what time



is again our 10 o’clock in the morning at 10am pacific time on that one eastern it goes to 1130 pacific time yep


Damon Pistulka  38:13

we’re gonna have four or five people speaking so it’s gonna be pretty wide pretty fast like this we’re going to keep things rolling and do that so you’d be ready to take notes and we will push the video out to the people that have have that attend so back to our back to our session today on clubhouse if you haven’t been bombarded with about 100 people asking about clubhouse i don’t know you must be under awake right not awake yeah or not on social media which that could be but you know this is this is something that that confound or you know just really confuses me to a certain point is that how did this social media platform build like this it’s been around for over a year now

i think the year anniversary is a couple weeks ago or something like that i don’t know how many users are on it but there’s millions of users and it’s it’s really an interesting audio for audio only format if you haven’t seen it basically it’s you can get in and i don’t know if if you can show a screenshot or something ira or something but you get in you can get on in basically it’s audio listening there’s a stage where people can be up there talking for those of you who’ve been in there obviously seen it so you can open rooms with different topics and yes as you can imagine the topics are wide ranging and and some of them are you know as as as you would expect you don’t even want to go there but

there are some that are that are different and they’re business related or professional related that are actually pretty good so i heard in the in the chat during the conversation beforehand kevin williams was talking about it android was talking about i know kurt anderson has been on so i’d like to really start the conversation off with if you have any Someone in the comments, drop or raise your hand if you want to call them and talk about it to your thoughts if you’ve been on clubhouse and what have you seen?

Let’s get a couple people up here and your I know Curtis queued up. And let’s see what Kurt or Kevin Williams, let’s get them up here if they’re available, and have them talk about their experience so far. And I know Pete’s been on and what we really want to do is get some people up talking about their experience and how they’ve seen it beneficial or not beneficial, because you can waste hours on the damn thing, right? Because you can go from room to room to room and waste tons of time. But I think there are some good and some interesting uses of it. So guys, take him here, Kurt. Let’s Let’s start with you. There you you’ve been on clubhouse now how long?


Curt Anderson  40:51

I think you invited me maybe a couple months ago. And it’s I tell you it really is intriguing. You know, we’re jumping comments in the chat box. Like I have a great face for clubhouse that’s why I enjoy clubhouse, you know, right. So um, with that, you know, we’re talking about like those radio voices like con brandy, Professor p, you know, like Ben Baker,





Curt Anderson  41:13

I think those types of topics would resonate extremely well on clubhouse, a lot of those rooms are very active. Ira night we share a client. Wonderful job, gentlemen, Damon, you know, I’m Jeffrey Stern, CEO of voice Express, hugely successful entrepreneur. He used he’s very deep in faith and he uses his he uses clubhouse as an escape to get away from business. And I sometimes pop in his chat rooms, and he’s talking about faith, you know, his his Jewish faith and what have you. You can talk about I know Andrew Joyce is huge in music, there’s a lot of folks that are active in music.

So I mean, there’s a lot of interest hobby topics that you can talk about. As Damon said, you can find anything as inappropriate as you want. On from a business standpoint, Damon does a great group on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, what 1130 Pacific 230 Eastern Time with a group of great entrepreneurs, they and the people love that group, I pop in there periodically. And these guys, and it’s a lot of entrepreneurs that are just starting out or even seasoned a lot of seasoned entrepreneurs that are just looking for answered and the dig in. And daymond and his true crew do a great job. So um, I think there’s a lot of tremendous value with with clubhouse from what I’ve seen.


Damon Pistulka  42:30

Yeah, okay, good. You know, I’m






That’s how you have to that’s what Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  42:36

I’m done talking. So Kevin, you, you mentioned that you you go in there and listen to highly technical subjects. So So what is your experience been?


Kevin Williams  42:45

I’ll say that my use case is entirely different from Kurt’s. And I think that’s sort of interesting unto itself, like, absolutely no way would I do that. Like, I’ve got enough interactions in my life for for specialty for like social topics and things like that. For me, it gives me access in a very small set of rooms to extremely high level people in technical avenues, people that even if I was invited to the right conferences, I would probably never meet. So I’m not up there on the stage, I’m lurking in the background and looking listening to Senior Technical executives at Google or Facebook.

You know, the chief Privacy Officer of Facebook was, is a frequent panelist in one of the rooms where I attend. And I described this earlier when we were on a roundtable, but it feels like being for me, it feels like being at a super high end, elite conference, and sitting like a fly on the wall at the speaker’s table. And being able to hear all of those really high level interactions between people know that they have mutual credibility. They’re all in this, this sort of rarefied space. And they tend to kind of forget that there are other people in the room and the knowledge bombs that I’ve gleaned from that are really exceptional.

I don’t think it’s going to last. I think that these are the same people who are going to be the first ones back to the real conferences. Yeah. And right now I know that they they’re, they’re all jonesing, as it were for for interaction. And they’re doing clubhouse because it’s, it’s convenient. They can do it at seven o’clock at night after work and hang out for a while. But pretty soon as the world starts turning on, again, a lot of those people will stop, drift and start drifting away. So that’s my use case, is access to really high level people, not not from a networking perspective, but just an informational perspective that I wouldn’t otherwise have. Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  44:46

very cool. Very cool. And I’ve seen some of that and then and then to to I’m on bring Pete up here too, because he’s got a different case. And then Jacob if you’re if you’re good to come up to I want to hear from you and Ron about some of the jacob’s got some alternatives ron i know is going to be able to if he’s still here can give us some some of the security perspectives but it is an interesting platform i do think kevin you’re right that it’s going to drop off and there’s there’s a hole to me when i see it there’s a whole group of people that it worked for fairly well you know if

you’re a one to many type of coach for entrepreneurs there’s a lot of startup people on there and a lot of stuff like that i just don’t see and there’s a real high end people like you’re saying now on there which i do believe once they start traveling and once they start going back to the conferences their time constraints are just going to cut back their time they’re just not going to be able to do it like they like they’re doing it now so pete what’s been your experience on on clubhouse


Pete Alexander  45:48

i’m still learning my way with it damon i do a joint thing with liz jones twice a week i tried one on my own and what i have found is that the where it seems like the most popularity is when there’s like six or eight moderators and each of those moderators has a large following and then they tend to pull in big groups so you know that that part i’ve seen has been interesting like there’s been a couple of discussions i’ve sat in on to learn you know some different techniques about podcasting etc

that have been good but i have you know in the small groups that i’ve been the moderator on i do enjoy the conversations i have and you know it’s just kind of like going through different ideas and sharing ideas that part i think is good i don’t think it’s gonna last either because it’s just i think it’s just kind of like oh this is the newest flavor of social media and it is good that you can if you don’t have to participate if you just want to listen and multitask while the conversation is going on i think that’s pretty good but you know i’m not i’m not not i can’t say that i’m a big fan of it


Damon Pistulka  47:18

yeah yeah great great perspective pete i appreciate you for sharing it because i know it’s wide ranging when you hear what people are the experiences people have and i think it’s going to be on and use you person by person basis on basically what you’re doing and what you’re using it for


Pete Alexander  47:39

you only if you have a big group of people listening the other thing that i’ve seen that is been challenging for those people is if they have a question they may or may not get pulled up and so you know there when you have 1000 people in one of these groups how does the six or eight moderators figure out who to pull up i think you know that that that to me is a challenge in itself





Damon Pistulka  48:06

yeah that’s for sure that’s for sure because you can’t get your questions asked or you got to wait an hour to do it so jacob um we talked before you had mentioned that that you know you and i talked about clubhouse you said yeah you know this and that and you bring up alternatives and it brings a good point and to the to the point of others what’s what’s going to stop a big platform from from creating something that’s that’s way better because if you look at a facebook or twitter or even a linkedin if you had a similar kind of thing from one of them they’ve got a user base that even if they got a minuscule percentage would would dwarf what clubhouse has now



yeah and where where i think i’m i guess i would say a little bit more reserved with the clubhouse adaption is that you know clubhouse is great but it’s still strictly popular in the united states only in japan with a little bit of germany mixed in there and so it’s an invite only platform that limits you to one platform whereas both facebook and twitter are loads ahead in resources that they have available to be able to push a competing solution because there’s really when you break down clubhouse it’s not unique in that sense of what it what it does i mean it it basically creates a social version of

what anchor has been kind of doing over time in anchor i believe recently was acquired by spotify and so when you start looking at the larger group of platforms it’s interesting to see how those are working and when when you dive into the actual different rooms in clubhouse there are some amazing groups within there but it there’s there’s not a unique feel or there’s not that uniqueness that will last and so it comes back into my like everybody else is saying is that once we can do these were world conferences again how is that going to affect it and so unless there’s the kind of the world yeah as far as users come in there um i think that’s where the concern is


Damon Pistulka  50:43

yeah i think i think you’re right i think that’s it’s it’s how and kevin brought up a great point is what’s gonna happen our feet i forget it just like early on once the people come back and can travel it’s gonna be hard to get them around so ron i brought you up because you’re you’re you’re the cyber security guy what how badly are we letting everybody into our data when we when we jump on clubhouse and i’m gonna



cuz i know what


Ron Craig  51:13

david i’ve already downloaded all the data you’ve ever spoken on there it’s yeah yeah literally actually so so yeah i mean one thing that clubhouse i think you know where they fell down in the beginning is when it came to kind of the privacy not even looking at the nation states and the data being stored offshore and where you know it shouldn’t be and you know american canadian data being you know offshore i mean that’s another problem and another issue but i think where they kind of fell down in the beginning is very quick to market which we see happening with a lot of products is you know let’s just get this out use what we can to get it out and clubhouse use a lot of api’s

that were actually not even developed for use here they’re actually developed there they’re in china and it’s being hosted there and there’s a lot of security and privacy concerns with terms of recording and i think you know they kind of hinted at that in the beginning is saying that you know we moderate and we check whether or not something is you know unsafe now of course in order to do that they need to record it so this whole live streaming it actually is being recorded and stored on servers and of course that those servers are being backed up and other other locations that are that would come down and governance basically is where is the data located now now the way i look at it

if you’re on there and you’re performing business and you’re doing business as usual you’re just keeping things on on topic on task and you’re just talking about just you know things that are relevant yeah the topic i mean i don’t think it matters that much i don’t think you have to worry from that perspective like if you’re talking about how to improve your marketing i mean that says safe happy walk going and saying things that are actually going to be a concern or you know so i always think that we always have to watch that we don’t jump overboard we don’t you know go crazy when we talk about privacy and security to the point of oh my goodness they’re storing my data yeah but i just talked about marketing i mean


Kevin Williams  53:05

that’s it’s


Ron Craig  53:06

that’s not going to come back and haunt me i think what you always have to do and we have to do this in any kind of life you know promotions and in life context is keeping things on point keeping things in your lane on task we should always try to do that better in general from a private privacy perspective in just cuz then you don’t have to worry so much who cares that we’ve gotten you know my audio where i talked about how to improve sales

how to improve marketing how to improve leads that is safe information to be out there talking about when you start diving and saying okay i’m going to be making a more personal i’m going to start talking about other countries and their rules and their record you know legislation well don’t do that



yeah don’t do that


Ron Craig  53:50

so yeah just keep on point on focus on task good stuff and then you don’t have to worry as much but from a personal perspective i don’t do really anything on call post just because i’m not you know into the talking and yeah you know i’m busy writing and stuff so i’m not really even listening from that perspective so i don’t know if it’s a fad that’s gonna go away you guys would know better than i when it comes to that perspective i just know from the privacy just just like anything keep it on point





Damon Pistulka  54:18

awesome thanks for your opinion ron and your thoughts it helps a lot because i know that you you look at the details and many of us don’t even know great thank you so much well if anyone else has comments they want to do just go ahead and raise your hand jacob go ahead man



yeah there’s one more piece with how it’s building on what ron was saying it’s basically this the next six will determine if clubhouse is truly going to be around and be a major player or be a major major acquisition and i almost compare it to it’s at that teetering point where i don’t know if you all remember there was a live streaming streaming platform called meerkat that literally got funding get everything it looked like everything was in line and then periscope from twitter came out and killed it virtually within months and it was something that nobody really saw happening

but the difference with clubhouse is that they’re trying to breach in the market in their in its land grab and so it has a lot of potential it shows whether it’s going to be independent or it’s going to be acquired that’s kind of i think where where everything’s kind of indicating there right at that teetering


Damon Pistulka  55:48

yeah i think you’re right it could just be bought by one of the biggies and and that’s the end of it or fold it in and those kinds of things but it’s a great point a great point i mean you look at how many social media things have come and gone this could be a flash it could be a two year thing and



look at the numbers real quick about clubhouse is like an emerging pimple on somebody’s face yeah because it’s 10 million users just 750 million users on linkedin so avast isn’t even 5% of the volume yep again turned on an audio only lane clubhouse would disappear because most of the people that are on clubhouse are trying to connect with you on linkedin and club houses still been so stupid or to wherever you want to call it because they won’t even let you put your linkedin profile on there to connect they’ve got twitter and instagram which most people on cabela’s couldn’t give a rip about so they’re not the smartest people in the world because if they were they’d be doing a little bit

different yeah and you know i actually understand the slow ramp up why they have rolled out slowly like people are frustrated while i’m an android user i can’t use it you know either doing that or doing that because they’re trying to build their infrastructure so that they can keep up and not have crashes when they have some of these people like elan musk who come on the platform and crashes it because it can’t handle the volume that’s why it’s a slow roll but that’s where again somebody with deeper pockets facebook twitter pinterest instagram any of those that have millions if not billions of users it wouldn’t have that same limitation yeah

i think clubhouse has been a nice petri dish the other players are just watching it going is is something that’s worth actually not buying clubhouse so when i say investing in i’m not talking about an acquisition here i don’t think we’ve clubhouse interest within because they could why do they need to buy that they can just turn it on you well you can already do this message in your in your dms if you want to send somebody a voice message right now so you know as a as a substitute product for linkedin live i think it makes a hell of a lot of sense because the reason why everybody doesn’t have linkedin live is because videos slow down websites so audio only data is a lot less taxing on the network

there’s a lot of reasons why the clubhouse won’t make it and the biggest reason i think he won’t make it is because nobody frankly wants to hear the opinions of the common man they seek celebrities what happens every time somebody joins clubhouse on in a room everybody on the platform like they jet whatever room they’re in and they crash the system because you don’t have 5000 people in a room i think when you get a big player who really wants to become an audio only place disappears but if they were smart they’d be looking to sell in my opinion





Damon Pistulka  58:55

yeah there’s a lot of work in it so



we you maybe that’s one of the things yeah


Damon Pistulka  59:01

that might be there might be just positioning for an exit because that that would be built with quite a bit of height but we’re running up on the nine o’clock hour so i wanted to stop stop on time and let andrew take it from there but yes remember april 13 we’ve got the entrepreneurial accelerator blitz 10am pacific stop by we got it the links in my comments we can drop you the link if you want just go ahead and message me on linkedin let’s have a wonderful week rest of your week kick it next week until we talk we need anything let us know andrew take us out from here man






yeah we i think it’s great good conversation it’s an interesting thing but you know what reflect back though that might be the plan from the beginning that they become the pimple on linkedin ira as you said and that might have been the goal and when they become a pimple then then linkedin buys them up and makes it go away job done yeah so it’s interesting Interesting stuff. Cool. Hey, we’ll go back to the tables. Again, everybody hanging around. If you still want to network a little bit, we’ll be here and I think that’s it. Hopefully, my Wolverines will. Well, I’m



not I’m not saying anything about it. We’ll go. Alright,


Damon Pistulka  1:00:17

there we go. There we go. Thanks, everyone. We’re gonna drop back to the tables. I’m going off on LinkedIn, live here. Have a great rest of your week. Boom, here we go doing this. Go and do that. Back

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