Sales consulting to create a funnel marketing content

In this week’s Exit Your Way Roundtable our guest speaker was Greg Mischio. Greg is the owner and strategic director of Windbound. Windbound creates content for companies to keep their prospective clients engaged.

In the beginning, funnel marketing content was a new term for many but for some, it is the content used to help customer make decisions about reaching out to a company if they can help them. This is why we focused this week’s episode on understanding this much better.

In this week’s Exit Your Way Roundtable our guest speaker was Greg Mischio. Greg is the owner and strategic director of Windbound. Windbound creates content for companies to keep their prospective clients engaged.

The conversation started with Ira Bowman and Andrew Cross sharing the question for the episode. The Question was that what is your favorite acronym? The format of the episode was the same, all the people from the audience joined the talk one by one and shared their favorite acronym.

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Firstly, Greg started sharing his views.  Doing so, he said that this week he will talk about the concept of funnel marketing content. Further, he also said there are three main steps of the funnel, which he shared after.

Answering the question of the day, Greg said that his favorite acronym is SWAG. It stands for a Scientific Wild Ass Guess. According to Greg, this happens when your data doesn’t tell you what it has to.

Among the other audience, Jacob shared his acronym which was PEBKC which stands for Problems Exist Between Keyboard and Chair. After this, Greg talked about funnel marketing content. To this, he said that in midsize businesses, 10 to 250 clients are our target market.

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After this Ron Higgs shared his favorite acronym which is TLDR. This stands for Too Long Didn’t Read. For him this makes him realize if his emails are too long. Furthermore, Greg shared another one of his acronym which is TMB. It stands for Top Middle Bottom.

By the end of the conversation, Greg talked about funnel marketing content in detail. To this, he said that it starts with creating a digital twin of your sales team. That means that your online presence should be such that people trust it.

After this, they break down that trust into three main stages. The first one is the top of the funnel where they get to know you. There, they put up informational content. Further, he explained it in detail saying that the content here is deeper. Moreover, in this step, you also put the focus on keywords.

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Furthermore, Greg talked about the middle of the funnel. He added that this is the stage for using a tool. The bottom stage in the funnel marketing content is the buying stage. Here your focus is on product pages etc. This is how the three stages of funnel marketing content work.

The conversation ended with Ira and Andrew thanking the guest.

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Jennifer Wegman, Brad Smith, Ira Bowman, Andrew Cross, Michael Gidlewski, Pete Alexander



takes a minute to start this one.



There it is.



There it is.


Ira Bowman  00:29

All that just for that beat to start. button start the camera is down at the bottom



should be on the toolbar at the bottom,


Ira Bowman  00:39

down at the bottom and the mic on. Yeah. Hello, everybody. It’s the Andrew and Ira show.


Andrew Cross  00:48

Forgive us in advance.


Ira Bowman  00:52

Oh, you know what, maybe I forgot to make you a presenter that could. Sorry, Greg. We invited you through the private meeting, we forgot to make your presenter, check it again. There we can. So good morning, everybody. If you did not know, Damon’s not in the house today. And Damon does a lot of the driving of this show. And you and I are figuring it out as we go. But Greg is our guest. Today he’s going to be presenting. So he was trying to turn this camera on, but I didn’t. I didn’t give him that ability. So I said, you have to turn the camera on. He’s like I would if there was an option.



Excuse us in advance.


Ira Bowman  01:35

Excuse me in advance, y’all. We’re gonna do the intros just like we normally do. But just to give you a little heads up, as we always do. The question of the day is going to be it actually came with the table, I was gonna ask you, what is the favorite thing you’re watching? Like show you’re binge watching or whatever? Or what book are you reading? For those of you like me who don’t watch live TV, but instead, I think we’re gonna do acronym, what’s your favorite acronym?

So tell us what the acronym is. And then tell us what it means. I think you can learn a lot about people buy the acronyms they use. So we’ll see. We’ll see what you guys come up with. And just a point of order, why Damon is not here to see all know, his dad is on his deathbed. And so he flew out yesterday to South Dakota. And he’s spending all obviously all the time he can with his dad before that is done. So he should be back next week. But if you can send him a word of encouragement today, that would be very, very much appreciated. I’m



sure. Yeah,


Andrew Cross  02:34

you won’t bother him. That’s, you know, happy insured grid. Appreciate some reaching out. Anyways, he regrets not being here. But yeah, that’s, that’s good. Yes.


Ira Bowman  02:46

Anyway, and he considered being here this morning, which is kind of crazy. But we’d sit No. Take care of your family. We go Who do we want to go bottom up or window top down? Who we gonna bring him first?



Well, let’s,


Andrew Cross  02:59

let’s do we’re gonna have Greg on here. Maybe introduce Greg and what we’re talking about today? I’m not sure everybody?


Ira Bowman  03:06

Oh, yeah, Greg. Yeah, maybe like two minutes, who you are and what you do. And then if you want to just touch on your presentation, topic?



Sure. And do I get to play acronym to?


Ira Bowman  03:19

Yeah, well, save? Yeah, we’ll do that at the end. Oh,


Andrew Cross  03:24

you’re writing personal rules? You can?


Ira Bowman  03:26

Okay, well, typically, the payment will actually have the time daemon forgets the people on stage. But we teach them about that. So yeah, if you got if you got an acronym,



I’ll save mine for the presentation should take up about five to 10 minutes. Perfect. A long line, actually, it’s an acronym is Mississippi. Yeah. Um, so my name is Greg Misha, my company is winburn. We do content marketing, for manufacturers and industrial companies.

That’s kind of our niche or focus. But really, what I’m going to chat about today applies to any b2b marketer, any b2b company. So I gave this presentation on the digital twin concept a few weeks back on the show, and Damon said, Come on back and talk a little bit more about content at each stage sales funnel. So that’s what I’m going to dive into a little bit deeper today, and build some questions and share some of our experience.


Ira Bowman  04:36

So I talked to Damon last night, when he said, by the way, you’re going to be hosting this thing because I’m not gonna be here like perfect. So he said, make sure Greg talks about the three levels. He wants the top of the funnel. When you don’t know anybody, you’re just prospecting and then the middle once you kind of like got their attention a little bit, but they’re not ready to, you know what I mean? And then right before they spit out and sign those orders, so make sure if you As I said, Okay, oh, yeah.


Andrew Cross  05:04

We got this, Damon, we got that. But we have to Yeah. Well, thanks for introducing yourself, right? Because I know that Damon set this up. So he was Yeah, he was really excited about this topic. As we get into these kind of subjects as


Ira Bowman  05:19

well, and we’re, we’re recording this too, so he can watch it later. Yep.


Andrew Cross  05:25

Be tuning into but and we’re not on LinkedIn today. Typically, we livestream this on LinkedIn. But that’s beyond IRAs and ice. technical capability. So we’re just here today, we


Ira Bowman  05:35

didn’t even know how to get Greg on stage. So did it. We got it. We fumbled through it. You know,


Andrew Cross  05:42

why not? Some folks right now to do our networking circulation.


Ira Bowman  05:48

Yeah, you guys. Don’t get to introduce yourself. You know, if this is your first time here, I don’t know if you have any first time guests. But typically we do is we let you introduce yourself for 30 seconds or so. And then yeah, and then we have you do the questions of the day today. What is your favorite acronym? And what is it? What does it stand for? So Andrew in full disclosure, when he and I were talking to a table, and he saw he said, Nothing matters? list.


Andrew Cross  06:13

Oh, he’s either usually first or usually last. So I usually work out the list down at the top of bottom and switch it around. But first today, it was high school gym picking teams last.


Ira Bowman  06:30

If I was if I was the captain, that was the last man standing Yep.



Yeah, I was that guy that they said, you know what we needed? We need someone to hold these towels.


Andrew Cross  06:44

I’m thinking hold water. They just towels only?



No, that was that was the waterboy


Ira Bowman  06:51

it looked like



Yeah. So that I’m debating between to the spam acronym, which is what is it seriously poor advertising method. But the most common I did a post about about data gathering, which always leads to swag, which most people think is giveaway stuff. But swag stands for what you do with the data doesn’t tell you what you want it to tell you. And that’s when you take a scientific wild ass guess.





Ira Bowman  07:21

Those are good man. I like those spam and swag. You know, we should do we should write these down. So if you guys want to, after you’re done telling us we want to put them in the comments. That’d be cool.



It’ll be the exit the exit your way. acronym manual.


Ira Bowman  07:36

But then what we’ll do if you put them in the comments what we’ll do later today, we’ll create a post out of this on exit your way page. And I’ll actually tag you to your acronym to give you some some free some free run on Windows.



I heard we weren’t on LinkedIn live, so I was willing to share.


Ira Bowman  07:58

Yeah. Yeah. And so that’s why I can’t wait. If you don’t put it in the chat. I won’t put you in that for that reason. Case. Anybody does want to be funny. That’s



super serious to



Andrew. Okay.



How are you helping?






what’s your business?



We We are a full service, global marketing and sales organization and I help people convert every touch into voracious advocates for their brand.


Ira Bowman  08:29

And he’s, he’s going to be putting out a video course that I’m going to take and I think y’all should take too because if you haven’t noticed Andrews got always got great special effects going live. Right. Awesome. So I’m looking forward to that when it comes out. Andrew, Mr. Brad Smith.



Good morning, brother. Good morning. Sorry. It


Ira Bowman  08:48

was snowing in Vegas brother. What the hell,


Brad Smith  08:50

we had a half inch of snow, buddy. And it lasted all the way until one o’clock.


Ira Bowman  08:56

My family. My family. You should have seen my Facebook. It looked like a winter wonderland. They’re all in Vegas. For those of you don’t know, I grew up in Vegas. So my family’s still there. They’re out there. Like I’m like, what was that when I was a kid? We never got that.



So happens.


Brad Smith  09:11

I hope people do things they can’t they think they can’t do beyond in a way of business growth. Right now my latest as some of you saw from my post on LinkedIn. My latest focus is I’m going to figure out how to get us to 500 injections a day for vaccines. 500 excuse me five, 5 million a day for vaccines which would move us through instead of a year and a half would move us down through the whole vaccination for the country in about



60 days.


Brad Smith  09:48

87 like that. Any rate, that’s my advice as far as acronyms are concerned, I won’t repeat the only one that comes to mind. This way, the only one that comes to mind are my initials BS.


Ira Bowman  10:05

Well, the Ph. D. ph even better pilot higher and deeper. Yeah,


Brad Smith  10:09

I understand well, so my story about my initials, our afternoon recess, probably late May, in second grade. Steve Johnson, the class boy walks up to me, puts his fist into my stomach. And as I’m trying to figure out if I’m ever going to breathe again, he looks at me really intently and says, Do you know what your initials stand for? And he walks off.

And three and a half minutes later, after I walked back into my room, put my sat down on my chair, put my head down, so I could actually get a full breath. When I got my first full breath. Like, it was three and a half minutes. I realized, did he mean bullshit. And so I’ve done my very best to live up to that ever since. take yourself seriously, you’re in trouble, help it help you to not get hit in the stomach anyways. Well, and I avoided that for another probably 30 years. So


Ira Bowman  11:09

that’s great. Bread. Jacob. Good morning, brother. Good morning. Now clear this



screen. Ex military.



I have a pile of


Ira Bowman  11:21

Hang on. Hang on a second. Remember, remember last week we were talking about the the challenge of the beards. And the way my screen is stacking up? I don’t know if you guys see it the same way. But yeah, Andrew, you’re on top of Jacob. Well, now Jennifer jumped in. But it looks like Jacob has still got a solid lead. I’m just saying.


Andrew Cross  11:45

We’re different colors going on there.


Ira Bowman  11:51

Anyway, Jacob brothers, tell us what you do. And then give us a give us a good acronym.






What I do is make technologies simple. For companies do that through security. It support cloud services managing as a whole. And then we do have a political SEO side of the house where we do digital marketing, it’s not so much in the design. It’s on that. What do you do with the data once? Right, right?


Ira Bowman  12:22

The important part so people see your pretty pictures.



Yes. And when there’s, you know, people like Jennifer and Ira and others in this group that are working with your clients, it’s, hey, I can show that there. They are bringing value by looking at the data details and then processing it from there. And so it helps with mapping out campaigns and all that stuff. The acronym is actually it’s a it’s a complete nerd acronym. So it’s head CAC p Eb. KC. That’s a hilarious one. That’s kind of an inside joke, but it stands for problem exists between keyboard and chair.


Ira Bowman  13:14

It can relate to that.



Not limited, just you know that that one was popular when I first started in technology, and it’s just like, you hope you never see that on an actual service ticket or something like that. But every once a while you get a salty tech that will or something like that. 120 But yeah,


Ira Bowman  13:38

yeah. Cool. Well, thanks. All right. for sharing. Jacob. We’ll see down at the tables after Jennifer. Good morning.


Jennifer Wegman  13:45

Good morning.



How are you doing?


Jennifer Wegman  13:48

I’m good. I’m good. I’m kind of bummed. We’re not doing the TV one.


Ira Bowman  13:52

Yeah, I’m sorry about that.


Jennifer Wegman  13:54

Book slash tv together one.


Ira Bowman  13:57

Well, if you want to, if you want to throw that in there, you can


Jennifer Wegman  14:00

bridgerton man. Thank you. There we go. So I’m Jennifer wegman. And I own my brand is get socially content, and I do social media and content marketing, writing and strategy. I want


Ira Bowman  14:16

it can we hit the pause for just a second, if you all are struggling on Facebook? And who isn’t? honestly have no idea what we’re doing there? Jennifer wegman runs a group on Facebook that you need to join because it’s active. There’s like 900 members, or something like that. I joined it a few months ago. I love that group. It’s like when Facebook, I get a post notification about something that’s happening in that group. So anyways,


Jennifer Wegman  14:41

and it’s called build your business with networking, boom.



Facebook, so


Jennifer Wegman  14:46

you know, we actually network, it’s fine. Thank you. That’s the highest compliment because I’ve had that group for like four years, and it’s been on and off because I was working full time and I wasn’t doing anything with it. But the people are so loyal and they’re great.

So, yes, if you’re on Facebook and you mark it on Facebook, please do join the group networking. So, acronyms. The only one that I, the one that I focus on in my life is simple. Because content should be strategic, intentional, manageable, lasting and engaging. So that’s, that’s what I work through. And I create my own content based off of that gives me 60 days a week worth of posts. If I if I did, as I said, it does, as I say, and not as I actually do



that right.


Jennifer Wegman  15:45

Yes, I’m happy to be here and look forward to the presentation. Cool. Thanks, Jennifer.



We’ll see later.


Andrew Cross  15:52

Kevin, Hey, guys,



how come you’re not me.


Andrew Cross  16:00

I’m in Park City, Utah, with a Andrew Actually, I don’t think angels in Park City right now. But I am. I’m in Old Town. Oh, you’re an old town. Okay. But I’m really I’m a brand operator generally. But I was just joking a minute ago. I’m kind of a captain without a ship right now. So I’m looking to buy a brand. My major project though, which could be interesting to a lot of you right now is dealing with changes of privacy for iOS 14 for and the impact that that’s going to have on things like funnels, which we’re going to talk about funnels here in a little bit.

I’m part of the Facebook Technical Marketing Services Group. And we have a server side application that we’re developing, that are going to help more mid tier brands deal with direct tracking of data. Because as time goes on, that’s going to become increasingly difficult for anyone. So you’re running into into tracking issues, and we will all have tracking issues, I promise you in the next few weeks, as this change rolls out.

A it’s real, and be aware of it. And you need to have a decent plan for what to do. So if you have any sort of sales model that’s complex that involves funnels, upsells, downsells, whatever, you’re going to be losing lots of data. Or if you have a long sales cycle that’s outside of seven days, you’re going to be losing lots of data and you need to know what to do. acronyms. My ex business partner with that was a fighter pilot. And he was just full of them. But I can’t actually believe them because they’re all dirty. I’m going to actually go with Andrews swag. That’s always been one of my favorite the scientific, scientific, wild ass gas. or cash. Just keep it simple, stupid. Yeah,


Ira Bowman  17:41

that’s actually even though mine but that’s okay.



I love that one, bro. Because


Andrew Cross  17:49

you’re dealing with complex systems and trying to dumb it down and systematize things in a way that, that a lot of us are pretty lean operators. Like, you know, I don’t have like this big matrix organization. If I’m gonna manage everything that I have to manage. It has to be simple.


Ira Bowman  18:04

Like, yeah, that’s to me. Like, you can’t explain it to a five year old. You probably don’t understand it. And you probably made it too complicated. That’s


Andrew Cross  18:10

my that’s over my head.


Ira Bowman  18:15

Thanks for sharing. Kevin. Marty. Good morning, brother.



Good morning,



everybody. My volume my mic.



You’re good. We hear you. Fine.


Andrew Cross  18:24

Sounds good. Good.



Hey, uh, yeah, it’s good seeing you guys. It’s



been a little while.



Yeah, going? Well,



yeah. Yeah, I do Eos. So



that’s got to be my acronym. What the hell?


Ira Bowman  18:36

Yeah, sure. What is the OSI on it all over the place? What is that? Yeah.



Yeah, the entrepreneurial operating system, right. So it’s a complete set of proven tools used by 1000s of companies around the world at this point. But really simplify what small midsize businesses need. So when I’m talking about small midsize businesses, 10 to 250 employees is our target market. So something where it’s starting to get a little bigger, and you’re it’s really a management system, right?

So it’s, it helps you get three things we call vision, traction and healthy vision from the standpoint, get everybody on the same page with where they’re going, how they’re going to get their traction from the standpoint of getting that leadership team 100% on the same page with discipline, accountability, working together, healthy is about functional, cohesive team, because most of the time, they’re not as good as the leadership team. so goes the rest of the organization and we get the whole organization to a point where they’re disciplined, accountable, executing on that vision on a consistent day to day basis and a healthy, functional, cohesive manner.

So that’s EOS and there you go. Thanks, Ira for this


Ira Bowman  19:47

book. That was my favorite read of 2020. Nobody. Yeah, yes, but



it’s a good one.


Andrew Cross  19:56

We’d love to exit your way because when we sell businesses, people Buyers love companies that have traction. That’s no doubt. Yeah. Thanks, Mark.



Thank you guys.



Appreciate, Michael. Good





Michael Gidlewski  20:08

Good morning. Good morning.


Ira Bowman  20:10

Mike. I want to I want to come read books in your office one day. That would take me at least a month.


Michael Gidlewski  20:17

Yeah, maybe maybe two.


Ira Bowman  20:21

Maybe by the time Brad Smith is done vaccinating the population United States, I could have that done. He said 80 days. So


Michael Gidlewski  20:27

That’s right. That’s right. COVID helped me read this library.


Ira Bowman  20:32

My wife, my wife was like, she was shocked every college book I ever, you know, I bought them and I kept them all the resort. She’s like, are you ever gonna read those things again and go, maybe, maybe she’s tired and she’s tired of moving them?


Michael Gidlewski  20:47

Right, right. Right. That’s what I’m hearing to those books for the next move. All right, my company’s achievement unlimited. And we do a number of things to help entrepreneurs and small to midsize businesses, you know, 10 to 500 employees 10 million to 500 million. Implement processes like EOS Rockefeller habits all up in the cloud, all automated so that everybody gets a seat, everybody’s on the same page and it helps drive the business towards that vision.

We also help get the right people in the seats on that bus through a battery of assessments that really help identify job match job fit by the right person on the bus. And my acronym is extreme is the most powerful acronym that anybody will share today. It’s called sido. SED Oh, and what it means is that we should work on our highest path activities to get to our personal and business vision right? And everything that gets in the way of that of those activities. We should simplify them, eliminate them, delegate them or outsource them



like it


Michael Gidlewski  22:10

That’s great. There you go. Amen.


Ira Bowman  22:14

The other the other Michael Michael, I don’t think you and I have met before but Good morning. Oh, you forget I



was I was on the one we were talking about our favorite band. That’s the only one Oh, that’s



right. Yeah,


Ira Bowman  22:24

well welcome back. Thank you. Thank you. And I like the waves that you’ve got behind you there sir for you Are you so cow



I grew up in So Cal and lived in Hawaii for a year and a half and so that that line where the sky meets the sea to quote you know, my favorite movies that calls me kind of thing always if anybody gets had small kids and gets that


Ira Bowman  22:46

there’s eight kids I get it trust me all right.



Yeah, Southworth I live in in South Jordan Utah now come on


Ira Bowman  22:57

it for all you people outside the area like yet so just like taking over the hall



Yeah, yeah, pretty much everybody’s moving here we wish they would kind of slow down a little bit it’s it’s it’s both good and bad you know, pros and cons my brother lives there by the way. Oh yeah.


Ira Bowman  23:12

My brother just moved from Hollywood to West Jordan. I think six months ago



right up sold his house and bought five of them or something here


Ira Bowman  23:21

well he sold his apart he sold his apartment and bought a house so there you go.



Yeah, it’s crazy. So yeah, I moved here in 2005 I am a partner in a digital marketing agency we do digital marketing kind of holistic marketing for e commerce brands primarily in it really all of retail now that that line is getting very blurred between e commerce and brick and mortar retail so that’s very exciting. Primarily food and beverage in the health and wellness





Ira Bowman  23:54

are well we should we should get on a call you and I I’m in the same space kind of I do. I’m Bowman digital media, but I typically work with service companies I don’t do a lot of e commerce and retail so I might be able to send some work your way.






so that’s a great Connect appreciate that. Kevin on the on the kiss one that came to mind but


Ira Bowman  24:18

I’m gonna go for me he didn’t know it, but he’s still left for me.



Yeah, well, I just I just gonna latch on to that a little. I tend to complicate I’m one of those people that kind of complicates things, certainly my stories and giving too many details and things so keep it simple is kind of at least the thing that my wife is trying just religiously to get me to do. So I’ll hang with that wouldn’t but also lol It’s probably one of the social media and text you know, acronyms and and somebody Brad said earlier about, you know, not taking not taking life too seriously.

And just want to laugh. It’s my my wife’s grandma passed away a few years ago, she lived to 107. She was the oldest woman in Utah. So they thought in the in the local news channel went down there and interviewed her. And they asked her the secret to, to her longevity. And she said laugh. laughter You know, she just said, You can’t take life too seriously. You just got to enjoy it. You gotta laugh and go. Fans around here anyways.


Ira Bowman  25:31

That’s gonna live forever if that’s true, too, cuz I am never serious. Thank you very much. I look forward to I’ll reach out to you. I will tell you. Pete is my best friend in this whole room. Love this guy. And if you ask me why it’s not because he’s awesome. But he is awesome. It’s not because he’s funny. But he is funny. It’s because he routes for the Raiders. Oh, my God.


Pete Alexander  25:58

Thank you for that introduction. I really appreciate it. And I you know, the whole thing about laugh is so so true. I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m actually a trained laughter yoga instructor. And I did


Ira Bowman  26:11

it right now.


Pete Alexander  26:13

No, seriously, I, I really am I really am. And so laughter. Yoga is one of the many ways that I help people better protect their health and handle challenging situations with grace. So for that, what’s that


Ira Bowman  26:31

make you a graphic?


Pete Alexander  26:33

There we go. Yeah, I’d love to incorporate that. And my, you know, I don’t want to repeat anybody else’s because some of them had some of the ones I thought but one that I like to always remind people about is the acronym for what fear stands for. And that’s fictional evidence appearing real.

I love that one external evidence appearing real, we get fearful about stuff. And we What do you think you start getting anxious about it in the future? And when you get anxious about it, you actually manifest a negative outcome. And it’s all fictional, because we’re thinking it’s gonna turn out wrong, and why not think about it? As you know, looking at it as not failure. But what if you couldn’t fail? So fictional evidence appearing real?


Ira Bowman  27:19

I love him.



I think he’s


Ira Bowman  27:21

a poster comment before but



Yep. All right.


Ira Bowman  27:25

So Raiders. Brother run now run routes for the Seahawks. So I’m not quite as excited about him. But he does have the best cover photo on on LinkedIn, because it’s out yet. And if you’re in a jet, that’s cool with me, so



thank you for your service. Alright, guys.


Andrew Cross  27:45

So you could probably kill a paragraph with acronyms. I



think from your



ad share. We’re not



you know, there’s a few But first, let me tell you, I’m Ron Higgs. I’m a fractional CFO right now, searching for my next opportunity with a small company, a CEO or a large company as a director of operations. Good news. On that part, I’ve been through four rounds of interviews with a company called Data miner for a Director of Operations position. And I’m really hoping that they didn’t interview me four times for nothing. So hopefully, I’ll hear something by tomorrow about that. And I could use good vibes this way.


Ira Bowman  28:31

And you say data mining



data miner that could actually be a TA


Ira Bowman  28:37

a time well with the topic today? Yeah.



Yeah. acronyms so first one, you know like Navy stands for never again, volunteer yourself, which is what we all learned when we were in the Navy. You know, what am I favorite from my Navy days was very simple. A few you guys figured that out? all screwed up. But these days


Ira Bowman  29:06

that doesn’t fit the letters. But



these days, one of the ones I really like is TL Dr. Which means too long didn’t read, right?


Ira Bowman  29:20

Oh, that’s good.



I allow that to guide me when I’m writing emails trying to write keeps in line with keeping things simple and everything else and for people with you know, a five year old the attention span of a five year old like me, it really is I we’re


Ira Bowman  29:39

not we’re not on LinkedIn live today. So I can actually share this. This applies to your posts, guys, if you’re making if you’re using all 1300 characters, that’s TLDR. Don’t do that. Well, I get



that that’s one of my favorite. I really enjoy being a part of the group. missed last week. But looking forward to the rest of the day, look forward


Ira Bowman  30:04

to hearing you got hired. That’s what I look forward to.


Andrew Cross  30:08

Yeah, good luck. And yeah, let’s, we can’t wait to hear about my


Ira Bowman  30:12

brother. How are you doing this morning?



Good, my friend. How are you? How are you? I’m Andrew Also,


Ira Bowman  30:17

I’m always happy to welcome brother bald brother in the house. And I was looking at your fire in the background when your prayers?



Yeah, that’s what



works for me early in the morning. Are you?


Ira Bowman  30:30

Alright? Sorry, what you do?



Bruni house, I’m with Bernstein, Private Wealth Management, I focus my practice working with entrepreneurs, business owners, and what I do is help make money meaningful for them for all of our clients. So I work, the majority of my practice, working with business owners from startup all the way through exit and beyond. And so helping them think through things like, you know, do I want to sell my business? Does it make sense to sell my business? What’s that going to mean? To me? We do a lot of planning for business owners who are thinking about,



you know, killing and who are thinking about taking their company public. So my acronym that I’ll share is IPO. There you go initial.



Yeah, I talked to a lot of founders who are thinking about taking their their company public and so we do a lot of planning around that. Again, it’s all based on you know, not doing what you do Andrew, as you know, but really what what does that exit mean to the client and how can they build an expand upon that by reducing taxes? Right, you know, different strategies of that nature. So



that’s what I do. Yeah. I you know, and, like, Ron, I was in the military. trying to think of someone you know, anyone ever heard of fig mo? It’s f it got my orders.



The real popular anyone in the military, you get your orders, like ah,


Ira Bowman  32:07

screw it. I’m gone. I got my orders for my next assignment. There you go. Well, thanks for thanks for sharing Troy. Absolutely. Good to see him. Greg, did you share your acronym yet? No.



I actually have to okay. The first one is an ode to anybody who sees acronyms come up on social media that you don’t understand. So earthquake, earthquake.



I really don’t know what acronym I like to be seen those acronyms come up in social media and you’re like what the


Ira Bowman  32:45

hell does that mean? Yeah,



that so I like to just take really long sentences and make them into acronyms. But my other one is tmb top middle bottom content


Ira Bowman  33:01

now that’s exactly what Damon requested so that is that Andrew that’s a link Andrew Oh my ball brother well we got


Andrew Cross  33:13

well you know introduced myself as an almost everybody in here but exit your way we help guard small medium business owners build their empires and exit for nine digit. Yeah, exit values. And love working with guys like Troy who help them make their exits meaningful. So


Ira Bowman  33:35

after we give it to him,



yeah, that’s right. Ah, acronyms.


Andrew Cross  33:42

WTF? It’s one of my favorites. Kids. My my adult children use that on me all the time. So where’s the food? Or what?


Ira Bowman  33:54

Is wfh work from home? Get that? All right. My name is IRA if you don’t know me, hi, I run Bowman digital media and I also work with the team exit your way. That’s why I’m always up here each week, and I love that I help people increase their sales by design. What does that mean? I create pretty pictures, the still ones and the moving ones to help you capture attention across social media, your website, email campaigns and those types of things. My favorite acronym right now. Well, I really like TL Dr. Thank you very much, Ron. That is amazing. Because it happens to me all the time. I get these emails from people.

And then I use kiss all the time because I’m stupid. So keep it simple, stupid to remind me not to overcomplicate things, but the one and another one that I like to read. Many of you might or might not know I am. I’m a believer. I’m a religious person. So I like the expression, you reap what you sow. So the acronym I like there is scope of work. Because when you ask me to work on a project, I want to know the scope of work. So there’s another one for you. Anyways, all that we are going to transition out into presentation mode, Greg is going to teach us about marketing data. And the top, middle and bottom. What did you say t tmb? The tm BD?



What did I say? Your?


Ira Bowman  35:23

Sorry? Your second. Your second acronym was?



Tim, is my is my screen showing up? You


Ira Bowman  35:31

don’t see it? Yeah.


Andrew Cross  35:36

We don’t have Damon to bail us out.



I’m trying to and it’s not do I need in or?


Ira Bowman  35:46

So you see where it says share screen, right? Yeah. So or if you hit alt S is another way to do it.



And I’m clicking on the screen, and I’m sure we try a different screen. Maybe that’s


Ira Bowman  36:04

gonna make for a very quick presentation if you can’t share. Or if you you can always send, you can always send it to me the file and I can I can hear mine.



Yeah, I’m clicking on it. It’s not sharing. So here I’ll just send you your way.



You can put it in


Ira Bowman  36:26

the chat as a as a file, open it up, and then I’ll share my screen. I just tested it. I can There we go.



Perfect. Oh, Google.



There you go. That’s why.


Ira Bowman  36:39

All right. Now I’ll share my screen. And there it is. Okay, and then we’re going to go and see just this.


Andrew Cross  36:51

Nice worker. Yeah.


Ira Bowman  36:52

Well, we do it we can. So now for any of you that are watching. If if the screens not big enough. You can hit the little box. There’s a little box on the right hand of your corner and that will take this screen to full screen. Okay, so cuz I don’t know how to get this to. Oh, here.



I mean, I’ll put it into


Ira Bowman  37:13

a wait. It’s right here. I got it. Okay,


Andrew Cross  37:17

I do. It’s good that


Ira Bowman  37:18

my finger. So now you tell me where you want me to be. And I will go there. Actually, I can run it from here. Okay, got it. Okay, cool. Yeah.



So we got like a delay.



Mad towel.





Ira Bowman  37:43

how cold is it right now in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s probably like 30 below.



So hang on a second. This thing’s got a mind of its own. Um, are you clicking anything? I


Ira Bowman  37:56

am not. Let me Okay, so I’m not even on that screen at all. Are you? Are you clicking something? Now is like forwarding. Yeah. Let me hit pause for a second. Let



me go all the way back. There you go. Yeah, you just run it.


Ira Bowman  38:12

Yeah. You tell me where you want me to be?



Here. Let’s start. This one. Yes. So tmb content, I just renamed my presentation. We’re gonna target top middle bottom funnel content. David. Why don’t you go ahead. Yeah. So just, as I mentioned, the beginning, we provide digital marketing, for small manufacturing marketing departments, really focused on small marketing teams since 2010. I’m in Madison, Wisconsin, obviously, we work with clients everywhere, like most people do, and specialize in manufacturing and industrial clients. So there’s just some some metrics there. I can just click through that just really focused on growth leads ranking. And overall success. So


Ira Bowman  39:08

look at that, that’s impressive to over 300 keywords and top three and 3000 purchasing to you. That’s Yeah,



yeah. Yeah, there’s, in really, this is a kind of a strategy. And a lot of these keywords are ranking throughout the funnel. And SEO is just one part of it. So now, you can go ahead. So just real quick, we frame because we work with manufacturing and industrial clients. And I also want to be conscious of the time so I have to like 11. Yeah. Is that Yeah, okay. So we focus on industrial manufacturing clients. And one of the things we do to help explain content marketing is in manufacturing. There’s a digital twin concept and that’s creating a digital representation of Your machine or your manufacturing process.

So think of your content in your marketing as a digital twin of your sales team. That’s how we like to think of it. So in that context, why will people visit an old adage for sales? Why will people do business with your people will only do business with you, if they know you, they like you, they trust you. And so what we try and do is break up the content to mirror those stages. So the getting to know you stage are the top of funnel, informational content, we start up there with informational content to address customers problems, the starting to like you is content with specific tools that can help solve their problems. And then the willing to trust you stage.

They’re at that point, they’re ready to learn about your product and try it. Okay, so that’s kind of an overview. I just want to go through this quickly, just to get like I said, SEO is just one part of it. But I want to share, share just some, some details. So content, there’s typically two forms of content on I’m going to talk about website content here. There’s a you’re buying pages, transactional pages, and then there’s your informational pages. So like your blog posts, content like that. So both of those have keywords, and when Google sees those keywords, that indicates relevance. So okay, your your page is in the game.

But when we share content, especially our informational content, collaborators, people like IRA will see it and if they like it, if they’re writing a blog posts, or whoever IRA outsources is writing to writes blog posts, for example, or even post a video, you can link back to those informational content. And those inbound links help you your transactional pages, your buying pages rank. So when Google sees the inbound links, and the relevance, that’s how you’re ranked number one, so I just want to go through that real quick. I’m just at the stage. So let’s start out with his top of funnel, and I’m going to talk about Delta MMA took one of our clients, just because I mean, he keeps specific examples to this client.



So this is a the no use stage the thinking click it again, Ira, the we’re gonna answer problems and questions. So here’s an example of a piece of content that we created for them. So they sell converting equipment, large machinery, and at the no use stage, we wanted to just get out there and get on people’s radars. So we created a piece about the 179 tax deduction. Right? Before we even get to the piping, you know, these are people who obviously need to buy big pieces of equipment. And this is part of their problem part of their overall challenge, right? How am I going to even pay for it? So we get on, we got on their radar by thinking like, you know, here’s your product, right?

I always kind of talk about this, like the sales funnel, imagine a line kind of running straight down through it. And at the top of the sales funnel, like you have this solution down here. But if you go all the way up to the top of the sales funnel, their challenges are like this, why? Right, you’re just one piece of the puzzle that you’re helping them solve. So what are all those issues out there that you can use to get on the radar? So here’s the piece about, you know, section 179. Now, these are converting equipment, machinery manufacturers, what the hell do they know about the tax code? Right?

Well, part of what we do is, you know, we’re kind of that intermediary where we’re gonna do the research, but we also bring in outside experts to put in the content. That’s what we call collaborative content. So what we do is we try and reach out to other experts and get their opinions and get their thoughts to help us build the article. So like, for example, I’m going to be writing posts on LinkedIn strategies. And I talked to IRA, I’ve reached out to IRA and I’ve said, Hey, Ira, will you help me out with this because you’re the LinkedIn guru.

And so that’s how I’m going to like bring him in, make the post better if I don’t have the complete knowledge. And then also, when you’re working with other experts, they can share your content and hopefully link back to it. Remember that posts the the SEO, we started out with, that’s a great way to build inbound links from highly credible sources. So So that’s kind of the function at the top of the funnel and you can see here, we are ranking for this client. We’ve been A ton of rank for Section 179. And we’re not an accounting firm. But it’s a really good post. And it also is generating some backlinks.

Now, I’m not gonna oversell this on the backlinks, it has to be, if you really want to get a ton of high quality backlinks, it really needs to be maybe a piece piece of proprietary research. So something really unique that people will quote from like informational sources like New York Times, something like that, or a Business Journal. But just by virtue of you being ranked, and when people are looking for answers that they see your article, they’ll they’ll refer to you as a source, and they’ll link to it. So you know, there you can see, there’s a ton of keywords we rank for, and we got a bunch of backlinks that we didn’t do anything to try and get.



Okay, so that’s the next stage. So I just want to mention this book that I just read. Tom grenzer I think I’m butchering his, his name, but it’s a great book about when you’re creating content. And I’m just going to talk about SEO here for a second. People get fixated I you know, I know, he started out with that SEO, that’s one component of what we do. But Tom’s point is, if you do want to get ranked, you have to think like Google and, and and write content with empathy.

So really understand what your customer needs, and how you can help them and what they’re looking for when they search. So top of funnel content tends to be more and I’m talking about blog posts, especially more informative in depth content. But someone might just need a quick answer, or they might just want condensed information. We were looking at, I’m giving another example. We were looking at a top of funnel piece of content for a educational institution that we have as client.

And one of the top of funnel pieces of content was just general scholarships, like what scholarships are available for this type of the programs that they teach. The number one ranking piece of content was all links to scholarships. Okay. So it really there’s a term called search intent, which means what are people really looking for what when you when you’re trying to rank for a keyword, so if you’re trying to rank for something, just go Google it, see what types of content are coming up, you might get a book, you might get a video ranking number one, you might get an infographic.

So that’s Google, understanding the what people are searching for, and ranking that piece of content up toward the top. So next one, so top of funnel, informative focus on customer problems. The content formats, typically are blog posts, videos, infographics, guest posts can rank high. And you know, that’s great. If you rank high for a guest post. On an authoritative site, you’re you’re linking back to your site, you get great inbound links, social media posts are top of funnel content. And then the goal here, you want to add them to your newsletter.

Really just trying to get their email address, they’re typically top of funnel content is they’re not always ready to buy. In fact, many blog subscribers don’t turn into customers, an amazingly small percentage. But you get that inbound link, you get brand exposure, and you get shares. And that’s when we talk about content marketing. We really talk about the ultimate goal with this is you want to generate referrals. You want to get your name out there, you want to meet people, and then get them to refer you to other people, especially in b2b and manufacturing. 100% All right, next. So this guy,


Ira Bowman  49:06

I was getting lost in the presentation, bro, that



spot on 100%. Okay, thank you, Ira, or as they say, individual retirement account, right?


Ira Bowman  49:16

That should be my favorite acronym, by the way.



All right. Next one is middle of the funnel. So here we’re getting into tools. So what we say here is, you know, this is where your this is you’re getting closer to the buying stage. All right. Top of funnel, don’t expect you always get people like why aren’t people buying from you know, we got all this traffic coming in for our top of funnel content. Why can we convert those people in the you know, in the in the buyers? Listen, you know, they’re not closer to the purchase yet. We want to get people close to the purchase and get more information. This is when we get a tool. So for example, delta has got this great coding methods comparison chart that they’ve created.

So that’s a downloadable tool, you’ll probably see stuff like checklists. checklists are great. We do a bunch of checklists on our sites, interactive ones, what we try and do so you can go ahead and score things. You can embed in onsite calculator, something like that configurators, naturally, we’re going to talk about configurators with, you know, in manufacturing is probably even a little closer to the sales purchase. But these are things that people will link to get direct traffic off of, and it really helps them and you get their information gets them closer to the buying purchase process, we use them.

And we actually advertise in trade pubs, and on social media to go to these specific tools, not to try and get a transaction, but just to help people out and get them closer to the transaction. And they get great results. Like, don’t just go into a trade pub and show your brand and your logo, give them some good middle funnel content. All right, interactive tools, solve problems related your products and services, downloadable charts, checklists, online calculators, white papers, yes, but on gate them unless you have proprietary research.

Now, there’s a great Mark Schaefer, this guy wrote marketing rebellion, it’s all about being human. He wrote a great post about ungated content in ungated, means you’re not asking for an email address, they are seeing statistically a lot, much higher conversion rates actually by people, you can just give away your content for free to get more people looking at it, more people sharing it in, you can get better results off of it. So we’re going to start moving more and more on gated content. And then bottom of the funnel, this is where you get your landing page, your your your actual product pages. This is where they’re at the buying stage.

And I’m putting up a case study here. You know, your product page, you definitely want to address pain points there, you want to talk about data that in, as Andrew will talks about often is like, you know, what’s the benefit? What’s in it for the customer? How are you helping them? How are you showing them how this product will make them more successful. But bottom of the funnel is also there’s content in terms of case studies. So we’re really big on case studies. In in writing them in the correct way to like there’s a there you see a bunch of case studies out there that seem pretty generic, we’ll make it into a piece of sizzling content, you know.

So this is a case study example, how Strauss responded to the COVID-19 Challenge by designing and building capacity for 2.5 million masks per week. If you can get a quantitative figure in your headline, that’s like, bam, you know that. That’s it, you’re already leading off with a tangible result. And once we also use case studies and trade pubs, and that kind of approach, and we get much higher click through rates than other ads. I mean, here’s example, just to some of our own case studies where we’re always trying to get if we can either get a quantifiable goal in there, or a qualitative one that really speaks volumes.



You can also take your bottom of funnel content and use it as guest posts in trade pubs, that’s one of our secret sauce, little recipes. So what’s interesting about trade pubs, is they don’t want you to just get in there and sell yourself. But if you can show what you did for someone in a particular industry, they’re all for it, because they want to show how people in their industries are succeeding. Oh, go in there and tell the story of how somebody in the industry succeeded and then how you help them do it.

So this was for a nonprofit. And this was for a printer we were working with. And the printed piece actually helped this nonprofit achieve some incredible results. What was great about this is not only did we get placement, but it did incredibly well for the trade pub. And it was one of the most highly read articles and shared articles. So then they love to us and they want more of Okay, I’m


Ira Bowman  55:03

telling curtsy later, Kurt Anderson was in the house, everybody.



And he would pick her.


Ira Bowman  55:08

He was giving you props to By the way, Greg. Sorry. That’s good, man. I probably missed this. Sorry.



That’s okay. All right.



final products, services, websites, collateral pages, get social proof on their testimonials, links to case studies. And then, you know, basically these are your website pages, form submission, detailed company information. You want inquiries. That’s the essence of it.


Ira Bowman  55:38

I’ve had I’ve had classes in marketing that don’t have this much detail guys, this is you getting a masterclass here.



Thank you, Ira, you can actually believe this still, this should be working. You can text digital twin to that phone number. And there’s a link to our current interactive content conversion scorecard, we’ll send you that. And then a link to our marketing manufacturing Guide, which kind of walks you through all this stuff that I just touched on?


Ira Bowman  56:10

Yeah. And again, this is being recorded. So if you want to copy this video, you just let me know. I’ll get it to you. That’s it. Right. The presentation. Yeah,



that’s it.


Ira Bowman  56:23

Let me turn that part off. So we’re bigger again. Greg, thank you. Oh, my God. You got a question for Greg. You can put it in the chat. But we do need to jump off here in a minute. So make it quick. Or you can see him down at the tables, but I wouldn’t add anything to that. It was perfect. No, I



say this, Greg, um, you know, we


Andrew Cross  56:46

are you squeezed it in there. I think our acronym question was popular, so it ran a little longer than we usually get.





Ira Bowman  56:55

I was gonna go if we were gonna stop people. I do have a question for you, though. Say yeah, talked about blogs, right. And one of the reasons obviously we like to guest blog is to get that backlink to our content. I have actually done a guest blog. It was a pretty big website, and I was excited about it, because I’m like they have a good da. You know, it’s a whole new audience with a lot of traffic. He didn’t backlink to me. Yeah. Yeah. I



mean, it’s a win win. If you can get a backlink. I mean, some blog posts have nofollow. They coded nofollow. So you Yeah,


Ira Bowman  57:31

which is a new, it’s a new, so there’s four backlinks, people aren’t familiar, there’s follow nofollow their sponsor, and then there’s user generated content. That’s the four types now that they that they tracked, so yeah, it wasn’t even it wasn’t even a nofollow. Because he didn’t, he cut it out. And he didn’t have anything that if I have my name in there, but that was,



yeah, that’s, you know, that’s unfortunate. Um, you know, we we just, we approach a more like, there’s content, content marketing, but break it out into content and marketing. So you, everybody creates content? I don’t think people focus enough on the marketing end of it, how are you gonna distribute your content? How are you going to get it out there?

And then, when you’re guest blogging, that’s a mode of distribution. So you might have a small website with really low domain authority, and nobody’s gonna visiting your site, you don’t rank for anything? How are you going to get the content? How are you going to get your message out? Right. And so, Ira just by you getting in front of that audience, that’s great exposure. You know, the old What is it the old PR is, it’s a PR piece, six times more effective than paid. So you’re not, you know, you’re getting your message out there. So that’s how


Ira Bowman  58:49

I got out and the guy if I told you this guy’s names, you guys, a lot of you would recognize it. Because he said, He’s a big social media guy. And he has a website, he put me on and I was like, cool. So so happy to be invited to write a piece. And then I was disappointed that he didn’t backlink because I Oh, you know, I mean, that’s just kind of most of us understand. That’s the that’s the value in us is that.



That is strange, though not even a nofollow link to your site.


Ira Bowman  59:15

Yeah. Well, and it made me not promoted as hard, honestly. So you kind of look at though you talked about it there to the win win. Right. I mean, you know, if he had if he had put my link in there, I would have put it all over social media, you know, in different ways. But anyways, yeah, just something to think about. But my question on that was, Do you think that’s worthwhile? And I think you answered it as like, if you have the time, yes. It’s not shouldn’t be your priority, because there’s no link there, but you still are getting exposure so



well, when the point is, and then there was a little graph there. And the I think we had to go through it. We went through it quickly, but there was a little graphic on that guest post that they had a ton of leads from that article. Yeah. Because because it was bottom of the funnel content. Right. So if you want guest posts on tax deductions. We want to get into our client. But we talked about actual results that client was generating he study and people want to buy. So that’s one funnel. So that that makes for good blog


Ira Bowman  1:00:15

guest posting on somebody else’s site, you’re saying trying to focus on bottom of funnel activities? Well,



so what we do is like, Okay, so what, what niche or what industry are there? Right, so that was a nonprofit. So we went to a nonprofit magazine publication and talked about, we didn’t even talk about our client, we talked about a nonprofit that our client helped. So we were like, they were not the main story. They were like, you know, by the way, this product came from these guys. And it worked. Cool.


Ira Bowman  1:00:52

All right. We’re gonna have to wrap this up. A lot of people are dropping off. If you have time. Stick around. We’re gonna do networking at the tables. Anything you want to say wrap us up there.


Andrew Cross  1:01:04

And you know, this is good. Well,



I think we made it


Andrew Cross  1:01:09

without our fearless leader, Sarah. Oh, hopefully


Ira Bowman  1:01:11

Damon will be back next week and everything will return. I’m gonna turn on the music. We’re gonna get out of here. Absolutely. See ya.

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