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In this week’s The Faces of Business episode, our guest speaker was Jaris Tucker. Jaris is the owner of Real One on One Consulting. His company provides various kinds of marketing and business consultation.  Jaris is an expert at building businesses and he leads with helping people to do this.

How to be a pro at leading with service and becoming better individuals?  To answer this question from one of the best speakers, we had our talk today.

In this week’s The Faces of Business episode, our guest speaker was Jaris Tucker. Jaris is the owner of Real One on One Consulting. His company provides various kinds of marketing and business consultation.  Jaris is an expert at building businesses and he leads with helping people to do this.

The conversation started with Jaris sharing some things from his background. He said that he has nine siblings and as he grew up, his family was fairly poor. As a kid, he had to adjust to a lot of things in his own way. This taught Jaris a lot about life itself.

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Jaris also mentioned that he was a positive person growing up and he had to hide it for the most part. However, as he grew up, he realized it was nothing to hide and he should accept his positivity outwardly while leading with service.

Later on, Jaris said that a person only grows when he helps others grow too. This is the only reason that he has come a long way. He further mentioned that at the beginning of COVID-19, he had a lot of things scheduled and was at the peak of his career. This is why when COVID stopped all activities, it hit Jaris hard.

However, this provided him with ample time to plan his path forward, create a team, and focus on help others. Talking about leading with service, Jaris said that ever since childhood, people perceived him in a leadership role. This is what lead him into becoming a leader himself.

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After this, Jaris talked a little about linked In presence and it’s importance. He said that when you get on, on LinkedIn, be real. You have to forget about marketing and sales for a moment and present something true and inspiring about yourself.

Adding to this, he said that if you want to succeed at LinkedIn, you don’t have to pretend that you are a bigshot CEO. You just have to present your real self. He said that you know your struggles and when you present them in creative ways, you have an amazing story and content to share.

He also said that when you’re putting yourself out there as you are, people know and appreciate it. By the end of the conversation, Damon asked Jaris if he thinks the world will get back to normal and how will it affect him.

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To this Jaris said that for him it didn’t matter if his sessions are in person or online because he likes to communicate and COVID has taught him that it can be done either way. However, he bets that things will get back to a new normal soon.

Thanks to Jaris for sharing his time and knowledge.  Watch the video below for the entire conversation!

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Damon Pistulka, Jaris Tucker


Damon Pistulka  00:04

All right. Thank you. Thank you for joining us on the exit your way faces of business with me today. I’ve got jerris Tucker jerris. Wonderful seeing you today. Thanks for joining me.


Jaris Tucker  00:18

Like we’ve been hanging out for a while now lately, huh?


Damon Pistulka  00:21

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s good. Man, I’m so glad to have you here. I wanted to really be able to share with other people today, have you share a little bit more about yourself, because I think it’s positive, I think it’s really, really something that people should be thinking about. So jerris tell us a little bit about your background,


Jaris Tucker  00:47

about my background, I have nine brothers and sisters, we all grew up fairly poor, now that I really think about it and coming up like that, with a lot of brothers and sisters not having a lot. Show me how to be happy at an early state. So I learned how to be okay. And content with little or having nothing, and upbringing always have a mother always give her credit. She raised us to be respectful, to be memorable. And I didn’t know at that time, but my upbringing in my home, and when I started working, I was actually being molded to be somebody that has a big ball of light, big ball of joy, big ball of positive to this.

Yeah, yeah, I didn’t get comfortable with that until I got older because, you know, coming up like that. And you know, we were raised in the street life somewhat. So you didn’t know kindness was a strength you thought you know, you didn’t want to be you don’t want to show kindness, you want to try to how to tough guy mark for a role. So me coming up that way, actually paved the way for the person that you’re talking to now.


Damon Pistulka  02:06

That’s what I love about you, man. You are, You are a shining example of how your mind can can lead you forward if you if you allow it to this and you have something on your your profile on LinkedIn that we just talked about beforehand, and talks about how becoming comfortable in your own skin allows you to become happier, which then allows you to become successful. What What do you mean by that? Because I think it’s a situation that a lot of people struggle with, quite honestly,


Jaris Tucker  02:42

a lot of people struggle with I struggle with because I was living my life based on how other people wanted me to live or how I thought other people wanted me to live. So I wasn’t comfortable knowing. And just growing up, I would do these different jobs, I will have these different roles, where other people will say, hey, look, we want you to be the leader, we want you to be the supervisor, whatever the case may be.

I didn’t want to do that. But they saw something in me. So I was already used to being uncomfortable, right? Yeah. But I had to learn how to use that to work for my own benefit. And just over time, I just would talk to so many people, and they would always say this to me, man, I’m coming to you.

Because you you you like a sound mind. You’re so positive. And I was going through something in my last job. And that really sat on my mind, like, I am a positive person. And I just thought the playing on that. And I just thought from that moment of me being like 35 years old today, when I was probably like 32 or something when it happened. I just look back on my life. And I was like, You know what? I’m just a natural, positive person while I try to hide it. You know? Yeah, why not put that out. And that leads me to be happy. Because I know I’m positive. I know I’m successful in my brain because I have a peace of mind.

I wake up happy. You know, it’s gonna take a lot to get me upset. I’m not a person, I can count the number of times I get angry. I just really don’t get angry. You really have to do something to push my buttons. I’m never going to be the aggressor in the situation. That’s just who I am. And I had to learn to get comfortable and say, You know what, that’s me. I don’t have to be the tough guy. I don’t have to prove nothing to anybody. Because this is who the person I was. This is just who I am my DNA. So I had to get comfortable with that fact. And that leads me to putting out good positive content. Cuz this is me being me. My true authentic self.


Damon Pistulka  04:38

Yeah. Yeah. That’s cool. That’s cool. We got somebody that found you here. Hey, what’s


Jaris Tucker  04:44

up DJ, how are you?


Damon Pistulka  04:46

All right. And and I think that you know, if people see your stuff, your videos, I mean your video yesterday. It was just cute as heck, but the kids at the end pitch it in that light. Oh, it’s so good, man. It’s so good. And, and a lot of people go back and they look at the positive content you put out just your videos and your offering of helping and the way that you do it, you know, we don’t want I titled this leading with humanity and service.

That’s what I think about with you, because you’re a you’re human first, and you’re offering it and you you help people and that you come at everything you do, it seems like with trying to help and try to help even you know, it’s couldn’t maybe not even business in lots of time. I’m sure not even business. Because I mean, you’re out there, you’re giving your cell phone out. You’re saying text me call me. And and, you know, it just it just really resonates. I think a lot of people appreciate that.


Jaris Tucker  05:54

Yeah, a lot of people do. Because the feedback. I know one time I had to take off like too much just off social media man, it was just too crazy. It was just overwhelming to know, that you make you’re making a difference. You know, what’s the people asking me for anything, they just want to Hey, man, I see what you’re doing. I just want to know if you’re a real person. And I just would sit back like, wow, you know, when you’re true to yourself, you know, where you’re trying to get to? things tend to just work out in your favor.


Damon Pistulka  06:22

Yeah, yeah. Well, and you’re right. And I think this is this is the thing, that’s always I’ve always, honestly, just, I smile, and I see your stuff. Because what I see is I see you lead with humanity and service. And I know that you’re helping all these people. And I know that it’s coming around and helping you in the end, because you’re dealing with it that way. Yeah. It’s so cool. So I tried


Jaris Tucker  06:47

to explain it to somebody else, and I just sent me a you just have to, you know, you can just look at the content that I put out for two years straight. Right, you can go back, and you can actually see me growing, because I’m actually helping other people grow. To me. That’s the proof in the pudding.


Damon Pistulka  07:03

Yeah, yeah. So what are one of the things that that you think is really helped you in? or? Yeah, what’s one of the things that’s really helped you as you’ve gone along, I mean, because it’s not an easy road, right? This, it takes you got to be committed to it.


Jaris Tucker  07:24

That’s what helps me, um, I think the older I get, I practice working on different things. And I worked on patients for a long time in my life. And that helped me to just be comfortable with with what’s going on, because it is a journey, you know, and things are not going to go your way.

But if you get comfortable knowing Hey, look, this is a journey, I’m trying to get to this destination, might not know how I’m gonna do it, I might have to stop a few places. But this is my direction, I know that I’m going in this place. Because this is my reason for doing that. So I let that drive me. I just been blessed to understand my why. I know why I get up. Now I know why I put out this content. I know why I’m a positive person. Because to me, I know the world needs this. from somebody like me, you know, I’m doing my part. And to me, that means the most.


Damon Pistulka  08:19

Yeah. Man, I tell you, I just I sit here and i don’t i, i if people just read your content, watch the videos, do it, you can tell that you’re you’re following your passion. And I’m just really awestruck by it because of it. You You really you really do and a shining example for people.

We got a couple more comments here. And this is one I think that, you know, where are we at with people have to make sure a real person it’s kind of a it’s sad that it’s true. But there’s a lot of people on social media that are fake. We were talking about this a little bit before we got on, you know. And and that’s, that’s that is kind of a sad thing that we are but you know, that the good shines through and the people that are really good, I think in that part of it.


Jaris Tucker  09:10

Yeah. And I think you know, to me, I just appreciate balance. So if I run across somebody who is not who they say they are, that lets me know when I’m networking, just to be cautious, because I mean, we know what kind of world we live in, right? So you just have to be cautious. And I think many times people don’t want to do the proper research.

We just want to click on the computer, we want to click on the television, we want somebody to magically be there. And we want to just believe everything they say. It doesn’t work like that. And putting out this kind of content. You’ll be surprised. The number one phone call or text message I get is I think you’re not who you say you are, you know and they asked me a question, what do you feel about this? And then when I get to talk to them, like Wow, man, I thought she was a scammer, you know, but now I see you’re real deal so that I enjoyed that process as well.


Damon Pistulka  10:03

That you know, cuz, and DJs on here again with it. So it’s awesome. That’s awesome. But it is it is kind of a sad state almost, that’s one of your most common things it says, you know, they’re they’re doubting but then they see, you know, that’s a good thing I see over time. So when you look back on 2020, you know, a lot of people had a tough a tough go of it in 2020. So, you know, how how did it fare for you? And and what are some of the things that you learned? Well, I


Jaris Tucker  10:39

know, at the end of 2019, you know, I was having 2020 visions, you could even look at the content, things were going my way, I was having speaking engagements. And not just that, I was speaking at the places I wanted to speak, while old college other colleges, so as in May of 2020 is going to be my year. You know, my business, I deal with the public a lot, right? So we know when the virus hit man, it took me down for a while, you know, I was just out of it. Because I was like, What am I gonna do now?

Yeah, I can’t even leave my house to talk to anybody. But what I appreciated was, for me, it allowed me time to myself to sit in and do what I was trying to encourage everybody to do. What I think COVID was meant for us in a weird, weird way, was to sit inside your home, get to know yourself. And that’s what I did. I couldn’t go nowhere.

So I just started to take an even deeper look at myself of who I was, you know, some of the fears, some of the things that I had buried in my subconscious brain, you know, we tend to do that sometimes, and hopefully don’t never pop up. I was going right to that stuff. digging it right on up. He asked me to go apologize to this person. Man, it allowed me to grow, because I was I was in the home couldn’t go nowhere working from home. Yeah, very quickly, I learned how to do zoom meetings, I learned how to set up a calendar. based off of that, I met more people that I can even count just because we all stuck in home we on social media.

So it allowed me to grow and take a hard look at myself, I worked on my communication skills, I worked on a whole lot of different stuff. And to me, I saw the blessing in it. In the long run now looking back like wow, being able to sit at home, allow me to get my team together, allow me to get myself together. And that is what actually helped me to be able to organize my thoughts to put out this content. Because I didn’t have nothing else to do. I couldn’t go outside and talk to business owners. Yeah, I had to adapt. And I think just like I said, just for me looking back, it really allowed me to grow. Yeah, that’s awesome. I


Damon Pistulka  12:51

mean, and it’s a great example, too, I think for a lot of people that, you know, while there was a there’s certainly enough bad about not being able to go on a course the medical problems that people have, but but there was an opportunity really to reflect because we weren’t doing all that crazy stuff. We weren’t running kids around, we weren’t going you know, this and that and traveling and blah, blah, blah. And all that time.

They’re either, you know, either use it to your benefit, which I think what someone’s at my front door, sorry, I couldn’t shut off the one thing I was going to, but the you know, either you did that. Or is wasted away. And I think people like like yourself, you took the time really to rethink where you’re at, and plan forward to go and do what you wanted to do on 2021.


Jaris Tucker  13:39

Yeah. And it also showed me who was who, you know, it showed me where the people that really needed the help were coming from because everybody’s at home now. Like you say we’re not all ripping and running around. So everybody has an opinion. And it really gave me the opportunity to say you know what, you need to step your game up because there are a lot of people who need this positivity. They need this motivation they need this encouragement.


Damon Pistulka  14:06

Yeah, yep. I apologize. But what is this guy doing? Excuse me one second. It never happened to me. I’m sorry to everyone listening. I had something very important being dropped off and and I did not realize that it was something that I needed to sign for. So but yeah, so you know, when you look at that, and you go the third time that people And they, they, they really took the time to develop themselves. I think that’s that is a huge benefit for people that took the time and did it because you look at how you fit, how did you feel coming out of 2020 compared to going into 2020? As a person?


Jaris Tucker  15:18

You said I feel coming out of 2020 covenant and totally one.


Damon Pistulka  15:22

Yeah, well, yeah, compared to when you were going 19 to 20. I’m not talking about not business wise, I’m talking as a person, right? When you, you know, and you’re


Jaris Tucker  15:32

well prepared, I was not prepared. I thought I was and don’t get me wrong. I’m somebody who does well under pressure, but I was not prepared. If I hadn’t went through that you will not be able to see this growth that I’m putting out on the camera today. You know, it just wouldn’t be what it was, that actually allow me to step my game up, allow me to step other people’s games up, because I was pushing myself. Other people were pushing me. So this, it didn’t just help me directly, it helped a whole lot of people to really understand, like, you know what, this is ain’t all that important. You know, let me spend more time with my family.

Let me spend more time with my church because it couldn’t go to school, they were coming with me more, I say, you know, what, hey, my business is, is in its third year now. Anyway, so it wasn’t like I was making a whole lot of money. So just allow me to say, focus on what’s important. And that mindset is the mindset that I developed in which I’m putting out now. Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  16:33

yeah, cuz that’s what I was thinking. And for myself, too, and a lot of the people I know the same thing happened, took the time to really look at back of what it’s important, and build on yourself, and get some of these things, in order, for lack of a better term. And like you going into 2021, where we are at today, I feel myself personally, I’m a lot better prepared for this year that even if last year would have been good, I would have missed out on the opportunity to prepare my mind to be ready for the future.


Jaris Tucker  17:10

Right? After the same Zack Let cool, because I would


Damon Pistulka  17:16

the people that didn’t do this, and there are plenty people that decided to they look at some of us, like yourself or me. And they, they think how could you ever say that 2020 was a good year? Yeah. And, you know, like, you just said, have more time on my kids, I figured out what was going on in my head and got some things fixed and really got myself mentally prepared for my my better future. And the people that didn’t do that don’t understand what you’re talking about.


Jaris Tucker  17:48

And that’s why I was saying that allowed me to understand that, that I need to keep doing what I’m doing. Because there’s so many people that just don’t know this stuff. And I learned a lot by just reading the comments, listening to others, I didn’t have time to listen to podcasts, listen to other people share their stories. So now I just became a listener. So I picked up on what society was feeling.

So in my opinion, I’m a leader, I have to know how people feel about what’s going on. So I just started listening more take it in, I realized that people didn’t know. So I was actually making content about, hey, why not take two days off? You’re not working Anyway, you at home, and you’re hurting yourself? And I know a lot of people found benefit in that.


Damon Pistulka  18:34

Yeah, yeah, very cool. I just see a comment. I’ll pull it up here. It’s a it’s a good one. Do you think humanity is getting a second chance so to speak, because of 2020? i did i do somewhat because when you talk to people, I mean, think about last year, a couple things. How many people talk about kindness, humanity serving others now compared to going into 2020 it’s like, tenfold hundredfold. It’s it’s all over.

And and that’s great. Because we need we need more of that. And and then when you look at things also that I know the pandemic sucked and all that in shutting the world down, basically. Take a look at it from an environmental standpoint. I was thinking about this and just doing some rough calculations in my head what that did to the world by just saying okay, we’re going to turn everything off or down by whatever it was 75% the cars running and all the kinds of stuff did it let the environment clean up? I mean, so how many years did that give us?


Jaris Tucker  19:46

And I was reading somewhere I don’t want to misquote somewhere I don’t know where the mountains are subsidizes reading briefly say you know, they got the they was able to see him because it was so much pollution and I think they said like seven days time Everybody’s sitting at home and I said, Wow, if the earth knew how to sit down to correct itself, while you have the universe, the world, why do we have to do that, and there’s something I want to throw out there. I just thought about this. I’m glad to be a part of this whole wave of positivity and kindness, because I was talking to someone the other day, it’s just great and balance.

And we are always trying to see the good in any situation. So to me, I can see what’s going on, this is going to be the new thing. This is going to be what’s cool, what people aren’t talking about being positive and kind and looking out for the next person respecting each other on a human being level. You can even see what’s going on in our country. This isn’t the direction we’re going, either we’re going to be forced to do it, or we’re going to realize it on our own.


Damon Pistulka  20:53

Yeah. Yeah. Michael said, it’s a hill is an Indian. Yeah,


Jaris Tucker  20:57

that’s what it was.


Damon Pistulka  20:57

Yeah. It’s, that’s amazing. It’s amazing that that happened. And you know, it could it could have turned, because I just, I was trying to, in my mind, gather the scope of what that really, really was. And when you think about the amount of cars and planes and trains and everything that was not moving because of this for quite a while. I just don’t know how anything other than this could have created something like that.

On the earth. Right. Yeah. But it’s interesting in that standpoint, and I and I’m 100% with you here, because you hear it now, we wouldn’t have been talking about kindness and stuff. Like if you and I were talking and, and 2020 in this hadn’t happened. Right. So there, there is some positive that came out of here. And as as DJ says, you know, help people reflect and realize how much we need each other.



And they do.


Damon Pistulka  21:57

Yeah. But so when you looked at 2021, what do you think’s coming up for you in 2021? What are the what are some of the fun stuff, things that are happening? Well, for one,


Jaris Tucker  22:10

we was talking on clubhouse about this? Oh, I’ve been working on structure, you know, adding, being becoming more organized. Work learning to work with what I have. So far as I’m concerned. Doing these podcasts like you, you reached out to me, that meant a lot to me, I’m actually becoming closer, building a network with people who are like minded.

So to me, the opportunities are going to be endless for what I have going on. Because people know me now. They become acquainted with what I’m doing and know that I’m a real person. So to me, I’ve just decided I only want to thank 2020, just show me Don’t try to take too much. Just stay prepare, and continue to work on my structure to work on my growth. And the opportunities are just coming in. So when they come across my path, I’m just gonna jump right on top of them.


Damon Pistulka  23:00

Yeah, yeah, it is preparing yourself to be ready for the future. Yes, sir. And you know, in, get an idea where you want to go. So that’s, that’s great. So when you’re when you’re on LinkedIn today, and let’s say somebody starting out on LinkedIn, what do you think are some of the basic fundamentals that they should be practicing? I mean, what if they’re sitting here and they’re on? They’re like, Wow, I’ve never really done much on LinkedIn before? What are some of the things that that you would do? If you were starting over again?


Jaris Tucker  23:31

I would just put it out there just like you did. Hello, everybody. My name is Jeremy Tucker. I’ve never really done this. I don’t know what I’ll do it. Can somebody help me? Because what I’ve been telling a lot of people on other social media platforms is the reason why I think LinkedIn is the best because we’ve really support each other. So if you’re new to LinkedIn, just put yourself out there, put to business and the selling to the side. type something super great in your bio, so people know exactly what you do. They know how to reach you. But figure out a way to add value if you got a story or something you’ve been through.

Forgot a way to create content around that. What if you’re making videos if you’re making written content? I think for me, I’ve heard so many people tell me that they like me because I’m authentic. They like me because I’m real. So just be yourself. And you can just put it out there. Look, I don’t know what’s going on y’all. I’m new. I’m here. I like doing us and you watch the support. And the people that resonate with you have going on it’s just gonna pop out of nowhere. Like you are not we was connected for a long time. The last two weeks, we have been talking more than ever.



I know.


Damon Pistulka  24:44

I know. It seems like it seems like between just on on LinkedIn, but then on clubhouse two, you know being in a couple things on clubhouse and and really figuring that out the the communication just seems like it’s getting easier and and these like you said A little bit ago, the people that are really trying to or thinking about advances themselves personally are are kind of coming together in some ways. Yeah. And it’s it’s interesting to see that but Yeah, I agree too. I think it is, and and get past that being scared about it, you know? Cuz


Jaris Tucker  25:19

you sub out there because that’s what and I was telling somebody today, DJ Matter of fact, I don’t know she’s still listening as it held me back for so many years, I’m actually remember being a kid missing on so many opportunities, and I just got tired of that because people would tell me, you know you need to go live you need to make video content, I knew I should have been making video content, I knew that. I knew that was gonna be my way to add value. But I mean, it was not I did not want to do that. Get on camera, not because I was scared of I just had really bad anxiety.

I’ve always been a good communicator, always been a good banker. I know what I want to say and what I want to do. But I was just so scared. And I put one video out there scared to death shaking and nervous. Did I’m trying to look into paper reading. But so many people supported me. And would inbox means Hey, look, you did a great job. How long have you been doing videos? You’ve been? My first one. They said, Man, I don’t believe that. And those same people that watch my very first video, when they see my videos today. They say man, we can see your growth. And to me, that’s priceless.


Damon Pistulka  26:33

Yeah, yeah. And that that you You are a shining light in how that works. And a true true person. Really it? Because you do you can tell in the end, though. Just like last year, somebody would have told me at this time last year that I would I was looking at it over the holidays. I was like, how many videos did we even do last year? And I didn’t know. And in between our lives like this and our other events? We didn’t spot 100. And I’m like, I wasn’t even on video before that, like you never. And it was because of the same things. I was like hell, I’m not even when I first did the videos, I didn’t even watch them.

I never even looked at them. I didn’t want to look at them now like look, I’m a little bit still like much, but I’ll look at him. So it but but it is like you said, if you want to help people you got to you got to share your message and who you are. And that’s that’s what it is. And like, like these lives that we have with you today. You’re really good sharing yourself, how you help people and the positive message. And and that’s what that’s what’s so great about these these platforms, meaning I’ll do this. Yeah, because when he goes back to the first thing you were talking about getting comfortable in my own skin. That’s what it started out.


Jaris Tucker  28:02

I found out that if I just share my truth, I don’t have to pretend to be this big time CEO. I don’t have to pretend to be somebody that really has it going on. Yeah, yeah, that’s what I’ve learned. Just, I know my story. I know what I’ve been through. And if I could just learn to put it out there in a creative way is gonna get engagement. And that’s why I’m so successful because I don’t if I don’t My thing is I can’t speak on a topic that I don’t know. You’re going to be able to tell all he’s full of it. But I can talk about being positive and kindness and business and marketing because that’s who I am. And this is what Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  28:40

yeah. Yeah, that’s awesome. That’s awesome. You’re right. Because when you know something, you just talk about, it’s not like you’re preparing something you’re just talking about it. Right? And when you when it comes down to that that’s how I think people well for a long time, like you said, people are telling you you need to do video you need to do this kind of stuff. And and and it’s because people see that you authentically know what you’re doing not because you’ve prepared something and you can read it off from the page but you authentically know because you’re speaking about a topic and it comes out like water flowing in a river.

Because you know what’s going on? Yeah, so DJ said again that first video she was shaken from anxiety remember the first live that I had? I was just sweating man I sweat at it. It was so bad. I got that. It was like God this is horrible. I don’t want to do this. Like you said you’re shaking. But you you look cold as ice man. It was just like your videos all the time now.


Jaris Tucker  29:53

Yeah, but you know it just come with that. But what I can remember just looking at my head, a little Afro and I like looking back like, man, come on, man, I just scrolled up my time I do that when I reflect. And I’m like, you put this video out there like that Lego concert, you know, make sure I got a haircut or make sure my background is right. But what I learned from that was, people know, when you’re putting yourself out there, they can feel it.

They felt it on me. And that’s what my support came from, because they said, this is somebody that’s trying. So I tell anybody don’t want out there. You’re gonna get a good laugh, like we just showed up for a year later to get a good laugh. Yeah. Oh, yeah,


Damon Pistulka  30:37

I know. I know. It’s so funny. But it’s but it’s good. It’s like you said, and that’s, that’s what I being real with people is how you how you make you build these relationships, right? I never thought I never thought that you could use LinkedIn to build relationships like you can.


Jaris Tucker  30:57

I’m just now finding out like, vendor world is just so real. And when I first got on it, there was so many people, Nick Dorsey did a post today that was like, you know, you can’t do this. Don’t do that on LinkedIn, I’ll try to fit in every little box. But then I started looking around, like, I’m not a person that fits in a box, you know, that’s just not me. And I was making content for a while.

And I wouldn’t get no likes no engagement, because I was just talking about real one on one consult. That’s it. Focus on giving, sharing nothing, hey, I need some clients for my business, right? Post like, Man, I’m having a bad day. Nobody’s responded to me. I can’t, what’s going on? And then one post Went, went up. That’s bad. That’s Well, you know, you could train very easily on that post train. And I said, Okay, I got it. Now. I will say nothing else about real one.


Damon Pistulka  32:00

Yeah, well, it’s an and that’s what you’re seeing. Because how many I mean, you got to get them like everybody does. These people that come out, they want to connect with you. And you go, you look like oh, yeah, that’d be alright. And then next thing, you know, there’s message, Hey, would you like to buy this? Because it really is, like, you know, did you realize that you’re selling something that you know, I there’s no way in hell I would use because,


Jaris Tucker  32:27

right. Last year, something which I was guilty of that so what I’m noticing now, you know, you got the Happy birthday, and somebody you know, congratulate them on their role. So I would say, you know, send a happy birthday message. And then I would notice when I was sent that message, the prime messages I had made me sent like eight months ago was still there. We’re just spamming DMS and nobody, and I said, Wow, man, you tried to sell your book, you don’t want to nobody won’t respond. So now when I had to apologize, look, I didn’t know any better when I first sent that message. Forgive me. Can you talk to me?


Damon Pistulka  33:07

Yeah, that’s that’s the truth. You know, and it seems like some people that Well, obviously, there’s people that haven’t got that message yet. But, you know, on the other end of it, though, I do think about the other end, and you don’t know what position somebody is in and what, you know what, what situation they’re in really. Because, you know, maybe they they just that’s what they have to do.

And I don’t get angry about it anymore. I don’t like it. I don’t get angry about it anymore. Because again, as you as you kind of working on on yourself personally, you kind of put yourself in their shoes a little bit and go, it’s no skin off my back, it really doesn’t matter. It’s not a big deal. So what are you looking forward to in 2021? The


Jaris Tucker  34:00

most. I’m looking forward to actually showing people my perspective on life, far as networking as far as building relationships as far as interacting as human beings because a lot of people have realized he just don’t know not making excuses for a lot of people. You think we all have our own different upbringings, we were raised our own different experiences that for force us to act and think a certain way. So I’m just somebody here to serve as a reminder that hey, look, man, we can do everything you want to do.

You can make money while adding value while raising your kids while showing growth while enjoying your process while being happy. And I’m just here to say Look, I know it can be done to look at my life. So this year, I’m just gonna show by example, I’m not gonna complain anymore. Of You know why so much hate going on. If you don’t want to see hey, then you put out more loving The world and that’s just where I’m at with it.


Damon Pistulka  35:02

That’s 100% Man, I gotta, I gotta be on right there alongside with you, behind you, beside you, whatever on that. Because, you know, you set that turn that television on, it’s gonna drag you down. You’re gonna drag me down. And, and if you and I, I’ve thought about this a lot.

It’s funny, you said that it said, there’s a lot of things we can’t control in our life. And that’s all the other junk around us. The only thing that we can do is rise above the crap and be a positive light. That’s the only thing you can do. The only thing because you know, in your heart what’s right. That’s the only thing we can do. And and if others choose to embrace that great if they don’t, you still are positive there for the people that will.


Jaris Tucker  35:51

Yeah, and I’m learning now. I don’t know, I’m not a psychologist. And but I guess I’ve just been watching and studying people for so long. And I was trying to get people on this wave of positivity and it just wasn’t working. Because I was just literally being too hard on certain people, right? But now I learned that I let my grip up. I put planet in a subconscious now.

So I’m seeing them being able to grow in their own time because think it’s being a human being just because I got it doesn’t mean that you have to get it the way I get. It may take you three or four years to get it. I’m just glad and blessed that I do understand. So in the shine my light. I know other people will be will find encouragement to shine theirs as well.


Damon Pistulka  36:43

Yeah, yeah. And you know if, if you like you said before, if you can help somebody, just one person. It’s worth it. It’s worth Yeah, so Oh, we got Chris Webb on here guy no up up north me here. He’s he’s he’s off course to Canada. He should be Canadian on there. We’re good guy.

And DJs got another one. Good. I just I know that’s a great season. You got your you got your saying down. That’s that’s, that’s awesome, though, because it’s true. It’s true. And something we need to practice. So going into 2021 you know, the this, this clubhouse app started up? And we’re talking about that a little bit. So what are your thoughts around that and how that’s gonna kind of change the way that people communicate a little bit, is actually


Jaris Tucker  37:43

helping us learn how to communicate now. Because you can’t type up anything. Now I can’t just send you a DM I live, I’ll have to hear your voice. And I’m thinking where it’s helping us to pay closer attention to each other. And I’ve been in a lot of rooms on now a lot of people are doing their thing with it. I don’t have anything bad to say, because I look at it, like, that’s not my thing, I’m not going to go in that room, you know, I’m going to go to a room where I can add value.

So to me is going to actually open up so many doors that were not available for one because I’ve done a lot of meeting people having zoom meetings from Instagram, I would have never thought that I would meet and have meetings and do business from having an Instagram account. It just wasn’t on my brain. You know, I was on LinkedIn now. I’m like, Wow, my Instagram is really picking up numbers. So to me, I love it. I like how people are our brainstorming is forcing us to be able to speak. Somebody said that all? What’s up, Chris. communication was a new currency. And I think that’s true.


Damon Pistulka  38:55

Yeah. You know, and I hadn’t thought about what you just said. And it makes so much sense because it is true. You got to listen to people. And then think about it is it is a lot different than just writing back and forth, isn’t it because you can, you know, you get a message, I can take my time and do whatever but but when you’re when you’re on there and someone speaks towards you, you gotta be listening so that you can respond appropriately like that.


Jaris Tucker  39:23

That’s the you because, you know, a lot of us have assistants and team members that can respond to that email. Yeah, do that because I’m going to No, that’s not you, Damon. Okay, so I’m really, I’m really anticipating to see where they’re gonna do with it. I just hope they don’t. I like how you cannot send out DMS. I just hope they don’t change that. I mean, I don’t know they probably don’t want to drive people to Instagram and Twitter unless they have some type of its benefits clubhouse. I’m not sure. I want to keep doing that. It’s not gonna benefit them but to me, that’s what I like about it.

Because you have to do your research, you have to get out this, communicate on this platform, go on another platform. So if somebody takes the time to send me a DM on Instagram that I met on clubhouse or on LinkedIn to me, what I’ve seen lately is those relationships are becoming stronger, because they’re taking the time to get to know me and do the legwork. Versus me just clicking on your picture on LinkedIn spamming you a bunch of stuff, you have to actually know who you’re talking to.


Damon Pistulka  40:28

Yeah, yeah, that’s true. Because as, as ej brought up, you know, crossing crossing multiple platforms, when you do that, it is more work, and it’s not. You, if they’re going to make that effort, you know, they at least want to explore that relationship a little bit more are going to put the work in to see if it’s worthwhile.



Yeah. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  40:50

So when you um, as far as speaking goes this year, are you thinking that you’re going to be able to be back live with anybody or your Are you betting that it’s not going to happen?


Jaris Tucker  41:03

I’ll always, you know, I will posit a person, I’ve done a few speaking engagements with the community, you know, we had where I’m asked, and everybody practice social distancing. But I will say this, I was I was on a zoom meeting, when it was about 50 of us. Now, I didn’t notice at the time, all I could see was like the nine people on my screen. So I’m just talking, doing what I do normally. And somebody else shared posts on LinkedIn with everybody. And I was just like, wow, I had no idea I was talking to, like, 50 people. So to me, and we can do it on a computer. If I can do a face to face, it doesn’t matter. I just enjoy communicating. But I am betting that things will clear up.


Damon Pistulka  41:46

Yeah, yeah, I think you’re right. And I think that, you know, and it’s going to be different different parts, of course, but I I honestly think this has changed in business forever. Yeah, me too. I think it’s, it’s switched to a different way. And I’ve been, I’ve been researching some other platforms. You know, we use Remo for some of our events, and it works pretty good.

And I think there’s some others that are coming up that that are pretty cool as well that I see there’s going to be this hybrid thing, because the one thing that we talked about early on, this is the time that people are spending traveling, that when you think of going to see a speaker or going to a conference and you go Okay, do I want to take the time to fly, you know, a day each way to go to a conference to listen to my speaker?

Or do I want to pay the same money and stay in my office? Get on and watch the speaker, maybe interact with the speaker with questions and answer sessions? Better than I could in a crowd of 1000. After the event, and, and save all that time? Yeah, I don’t know. But I There sure is opening some interesting possibility for that thing.


Jaris Tucker  43:01

Yeah, you’re right. Because even me, just like you say, just talking on clubhouse, I can read through the notes. I can be on my phone, and I’m looking at your profile while you’re talking. And I’m picking out questions. So yeah, I mean, yeah, I think you got a good point. Yeah, cuz it goes in


Damon Pistulka  43:20

just a lot of stuff. I mean, down to down to the Chamber of Commerce meeting, right? The Wednesday breakfast Chamber of Commerce, if they would broadcast that thing on zoom. And I can’t see everybody in the room, or maybe you set it up, right. So you can and just highlight people as they do their introductions or whatever, these things can change a lot. So now, I don’t have the, you know, 50 people or whatever that show up to it, or 20, or whatever the number is, I can have hundreds because these people are joining virtually as well. And I think they’re going to get better, better engagement overall from these things by by providing it both ways.


Jaris Tucker  44:01

Yeah. But you got to thank, you know, some people have gotten used to getting up the way they are not having to fix their hair and a makeup and just being able to turn the phone. Oh, now So yeah, I mean, you make a good point.


Damon Pistulka  44:15

Yeah, yeah. So I’m really looking forward to that part of how we come out of this thing. Because, you know, it can be it can be fun. And I know there’s some people that have really done a lot of work in the last year for hosting virtual events. And as a business, you know how we don’t do it as a business. We just mess around with it. But I think that could could be a nice way to get better overall participation in these kind of things.


Jaris Tucker  44:42

And I’ve got my team that’s what we’re working on. Now. I was just telling them, I don’t care about trying to get booked, you know, to go to go somewhere. Let’s figure out a way to do it on the internet. But this is what everybody is gonna think now. Everybody whether you’re on this platform with Real Net platform, we own it.

I was talking to my mom was you She’s even doing her lives on facebook live on the internet and who would have thought that? Your mom is? Yeah, she’s got this little arm. She sells jewelry. Yeah, other third party where they’re doing it now. And I’m just so cool. She’s not a tech savvy person. She knows too much too much about it. But to see my mother being going live, allow Yeah, things are changing very fast.


Damon Pistulka  45:27

That’s awesome, dude. That’s awesome. Yeah, you know, it’s, it’s funny, you said that cuz my, my wife is gonna, she’s gonna start doing stuff on Facebook to hers. Hers is not nearly as constructive as that, but she’ll have fun with it. But, but it is it is it is cool to see people embracing it. You know, my parents are my father’s over 80 now and to see them having to embrace it. You know, like having Christmas for us. This year, we had, we had zoom going. And we had all of our families which, which we hadn’t done that. All of our I’ve got, I’ve got three brothers and a sister so I can I got it.

Not a nine person family, but we got enough kids and we never gotten together like that before. We’re all on zoom and you set it up. And it’s like, everybody you’re talking to him how at some of the some of my nephews I haven’t seen for a couple years. And and it was nice to do that. That kind of stuff. So brought us together a little bit, but well, jerris man, it’s great to get to talk to you. And I still giggle because laughing about the video stuff. It’s so much fun and and learning from you is great. So tell me about what you’re doing for your business. Now, we don’t talk anything about business. Let’s just talk about your business a little bit and how you’re helping people their


Jaris Tucker  46:48

business wise, I’m helping people in so many ways, man, it’s just I guess I’m so blessed. Because I find out more and more and more every day that we will never even know how many people that we’re actually helping. I run into people just industries Hey, man, I seen you on Facebook, I seen your Instagram. I’m like, wow, you know, somebody just chased me down. It was like, Hey, don’t stop doing what you’re doing on the internet. I see you. Like, oh, that’s, that’s for me.

Um, you know, I’ll do marketing. And I just know that developing your brand is very important. That’s why I work on myself. So to me, I’m going to continue to work on myself to make sure I’m high level to be able to do just about whatever I can do as far as marketing goes for other individuals.

As far as helping people I’ve learned this, the more I continue to work on myself sharpen my skills continue to grow facing my fears, other people inside of my circle outside of my circle. I heard people all the time say, Man, because you are going in this direction, you’re helping me or I see you doing podcast. Now I just started my own podcast. I mean, this is I can tell you every day or every other day, somebody is gonna reach out to me and say, Hey, because you’re doing this, I’m doing that. So because I’m trying to keep everything quiet, because I have my own way of I got this own as a method to my madness, right.

But yeah, I feel like if I continue to keep adding value, continue to be who I am and not change it up. And I feel like man, I’ve already got huge opportunities. I just want to thank you for this. To me, this was a pleasure and an honor just being on your stage. But I just know many stages are going to get bigger as I continue to get bigger as I continue to give thanks, I’m just going to come back and I’m not even going to jinx myself, like we did last year, I’m just going to stay prepared, because this year is going to be a year of opportunity for everybody that was prepared for them. And that’s willing to just be patient enough to notice the opportunities when they come across Japan.


Damon Pistulka  48:57

That’s, that’s, that’s great, man. And I think you’re, you’re right on right on the mark there. with, you know, you’ve prepared yourself, you’re ready to go. You see the big opportunities, you don’t know what they’re going to be but you’re preparing yourself so you’re ready for him


Jaris Tucker  49:14

to be huge. They’re gonna be huge, because I know to me, huge means not just making a million dollars for this, but huge means changing the world. We all will I’ve already done that. I’m already doing my part because somebody else did their part. Right. So I know I’ve already made an impact. I’ve already know on winning. I already know I’m successful. That’s because we are able to have this chat amongst each other pushing out positivity in the world that has to it has to come back.


Damon Pistulka  49:44

Yeah, it is. I mean I’m getting fired up just listening to you. That’s good. And I think it’s a you know, the fact that that you you got people stopped with you on the street. I think that’s just incredible because that that it would be such a driver, such a driver just to go man I I’m gonna go twice as hard tomorrow. I’m gonna keep it going. We got Chris wrangle and Chris Webber are dropping some great comments in here.

They’re they’re getting getting good stuff and giving us some good encouragement and I love it. And thank you so much for doing it the people watching and you know, man, it is so great to get to talk to you and just, I’m really inspired man I am when I see your stuff and I’m just blessed to be able to meet you and and learn from you, man. It’s It’s an honor.


Jaris Tucker  50:34

It’s an honor to say what he wants you and so many other people. It’s like now we’re talking I wouldn’t have never thought like, you know, I didn’t think like you were like, too hard to get in contact with. But I just watched you grow on LinkedIn the way I was trying to grow. I watched you do everything and then you’re a lot of other people that those people that are watching like you. Now we’re talking more and more every single day like we’re almost two weeks. No plan. No, it’s just


Damon Pistulka  51:05

it just happens. It just happens. Because because like you said it when you when you when you put it out there you attract the right things. Yes. It’s so good. Well, thanks a lot for being here today. jerris. I know it’s evening time, and I could go a long time, but we’re gonna wrap it up. But, man, it’s a good laughs good stuff. You should drop some good bombs in there with that. I’m glad DJ got back in the comments. Because Yeah, we’ll definitely share that again. But thanks so much for being here, man.


Jaris Tucker  51:35

Thank you, man. I just thank you just for noticing me. And just for being a cool guy. Man. you’ve run into so many people just like I don’t have time for that. So thank you. Dang. Oh,


Damon Pistulka  51:48

just, I’m just glad we were able to connect up and do this man. Everyone to listen. If you haven’t followed jerris follow him. Reach out if you need to help a good dude. And thanks so much. We’ll be back again on Thursday.

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