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In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was David Mantey. David is the Editorial Director of Digital Media at Industrial Media. His work is creating engaging content for manufacturers to promote their businesses.

Creating content that is appealing along with being informative is a bit complicated. Especially when it comes to video marketing, you need a sufficient amount of knowledge before starting out.

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was David Mantey. David is the Editorial Director of Digital Media at Industrial Media. His work is creating engaging content for manufacturers to promote their businesses.

The conversation started with David talking about how he got into writing for manufacturers. He started off as an aviation industry writer. Then later on he moved into Madison and after this he started up Industrial Media with his friends.

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Moving on, David talked a bit about video marketing. He said that when it comes to creating video content, you do not need extensive cameras or settings. You can easily create an amazing video with your iPhone or any other smartphone.

Further talking about video marketing, David said that every person should have a video footprint of their journey. He recently had a client who sold his house and turned it into a mask business in Hawaii. David published his story all the while he didn’t even have any special video marketing content.

After this, he elaborated on the importance of time for video marketing content. David said that for social media, they create 15 to 32 seconds videos that are engaging for the audience. Anything more than this may get boring.

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By the middle of the conversation, he said that when creating video content for manufacturers, they divide it into three tiers. First is the teaser of the company which is around 15 seconds max. Then comes the product description video which is around 2-3 minutes. After that comes the detailed video of the company which is about 5 minutes.

This is how video marketing works according to David. After this, David talked about the best medium to post the video content on, once it’s ready. He said that YouTube is the most powerful medium. However, depending on the length, you can also have it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well. This he says, helps with the searchability.

Adding to this, David said that he finds it crazy that people put in all this extra effort in creating a video but only post it on YouTube. The more places you post it on, the more you get recognized.

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By the end, he added that for perfect video marketing, you first need to look at the platform where your target audience is present the most. Then you should start posting on that site.

The conversation ended with Curt Anderson thanking the guest for his time.

Thanks to David for sharing his time and knowledge with the group.

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Ira Bowman, Curt Anderson


Ira Bowman  00:00

Everybody, welcome. There’s my friend Kurt coming to the stage.


Curt Anderson  00:07

Hey guys, I wrote man, thank you for your lifesaver Dude, I really appreciate you today more than more than ever. So, you’re gonna tell me


Ira Bowman  00:15

that you’re gonna say that Damon’s never looked so good.


Curt Anderson  00:20

Looking more handsome than ever. So everyone so thank you so much. And, you know we have a great time every week and so just I want to so we’re we as our guest comes up hopefully our guest is gonna be coming up here in a second um, says David loves to table but while we’re getting David David up here I just want to give a shout out to Damon is our partner in crime our brother that we love dearly.

And if if just for everybody to know he has family, little family emergency, his father’s not doing well. Damon is flown to South Dakota, to be with family and his father is not in great shape. So that’s where Damon’s today so please keep Damon in your thoughts prayers in our hearts are with Damon through this very difficult time and his dad is a great dude. 85 years old, going strong, but maybe his his time might be coming.

And so our prayers to demon. So anyway, thank you everybody. So my name is Kurt Anderson. guy up in the left. I have the least terror out of this crowd. We’ve got the one and only IRA Bowman. We have Andrew Krause of exit your way. So guys, thank you for filling in today. deeply appreciate it. We’re I’m an e commerce consultant. Ira is I don’t know how on earth you went No, Ira IRA is the LinkedIn guru. Andrew, the owner of exit your way IRA owns Bowman digital media. And so we have an incredible presentation, but I’m not sure where David’s at right now. Right. So



he’s gonna lie back. Hi,



I’m asking him up to the stage for some reason that’s not working for me.



So in the purchase



thing, though,


Ira Bowman  01:59

I’ve got. I’ve got them listed as a speaker already. So he shouldn’t you shouldn’t be David, if you



hear us, you have to turn your camera and mic on.


Curt Anderson  02:11

So just in our virtual 20 this is, you know, 2020 continues, right, those little little glitches but so what we do, folks, so if we have first off what I encourage everybody do this as a networking opportunity. Our good friend, Dan Biggers here, Dan, love your brother. So um, he is he’s the manufacturing guru, and so on, please put your LinkedIn profile in the chat box. If we were at a networking event, we’d be handing out business cards shaking hands, high fiving. So please put your LinkedIn profile in the chat, love to get to know you get to know each other. In what we do every week is the name of our program is manufacturing ecommerce success.

And I running joke is just for a shameless plug, I wrote a book, it’s called stop being the best kept secret. And that’s our goal for manufacturers is just notoriously, they’ve been the best kept secret for a really long time. And so we’re just trying to conquer that. And so every week we come on here every Friday 130 Eastern 1030 Pacific, we bring in incredible, wonderful speakers to talk about high level tips, strategies for your e commerce journey. And today, man, should I start unit mean, I’ll do the introduction. Maybe he’ll just appear when i when i when i started


Ira Bowman  03:26

out. I started I don’t know. So I don’t know that he’s actually here at the moment. I think he might have logged out but he is still scheduled as a presenter. So


Curt Anderson  03:35

so he is one. So what I’m going to do is let me show you guys the areas. Okay, yeah, here he comes. I was going to post so he did it. So David did a promo video for us this week. I was absolutely hysterical or what?


Ira Bowman  03:53

I loved it, man. It was, first of all the production quality is off the charts, right? When you walk you like, you know, this is somebody who knows what they’re doing. And and usually with those you don’t get humor, which I love. And David and I don’t know each other, although we’re gonna fix that. But you know, everybody knows that I’m never leave home without this is always in my hand.


Curt Anderson  04:15

So, so David, so no further ado, so David, Manti from the great state of Wisconsin. David, thank you so much for joining us today. I’m glad you’re finally with us. So Hello. Thank you. Thank you. Glad you made it. Quick, so a quick intro. So you you’ve built an incredible career as an editor at different you’re the content King. So you’re with manufacturing dotnet.

You also have industrial equipment, news. And so you’re just passionately helping manufacturers get that message out. So a lot of written content, but now you’ve made that transition with video. And so that’s what we’re going to dig into today. Just a quick question, just a little background on you. What drove you into Manufacturing a not you know, everyone’s like all manufacturing. That’s not fun. But you certainly make it fun. What got you into manufacturing?



Well, it’s actually it’s kind of funny. Um, my entire family is a family of manufacturers and engineers. My brother is a product designer, my other brother is a plant manager. And my father is an electrical engineer. So I’m actually kind of like the black sheep of the family because I’m just, I’m just a writer. regale you with the words I make things.


Curt Anderson  05:27

Right? Right. You don’t get your hands dirty, right? Just you get calluses on your fingers from typing. That’s



about right. Oh, man, carpal tunnel, it’s really good. Um, I’ll never be able to work again. But, uh, no. So about, like, 15 years ago, you know, when I graduated with a degree in professional writing, I kind of started in the aviation, industry writing about airport business, and the exhilarating world of ground support equipments. Um, but, uh, I moved into Madison. And we, I started up with this magazine, product design and development, where I covered the design engineering industry.

And that company, needless to say, went away. And a group of us kind of spun off and created industrial media, which has a large portfolio of manufacturing publications. And, you know, we’ve all what I like to say is that we’re all very passionate about the industry, we like, the stories in the industry, we like the people in the industry, and we really like helping them and serving them, you know, everyday through video daily newsletters, and a couple of print publications as well.


Curt Anderson  06:34

Did you, man and this is what a gutsy move to, you know, to transition into that was there kind of like an aha moment, if you will, where you went from like, Hey, you know, it’s content content. When I say that, you know, blogging in the video transition, was there kind of an aha was a gradual? What did you see on your end?



No, there was an aha moment, actually. And part of it was because my, like, best friend was a video editor. But uh, he’s waving. No, um, but about 10 years ago, maybe 12 years ago, now, we were working in this manufacturing group. And I was writing a lot of blogs, I was doing a lot of feature writing a lot of news writing for daily newsletters, but I realized I was personally taking in a lot of video content on a regular basis, you know, it was kind of the beginning of, like, long form video podcasts.

A lot of I was consuming a lot of news online via video. And I just kind of thought, like, how difficult would it be to do this, you know, I’m watching it. And I’ve kind of, that’s sort of always been my methodology is, I look at how I’m consuming media and just figure it’s gonna work for everybody else. And so far, it’s been okay,


Curt Anderson  07:42

that that’s a great way to put it 2020 game changer for manufacturers, you know, they’re saying e commerce digital, you know, we’re, we’re, we’re headed what, by five or 10 years, you know, what was going to take place in 20 2020? Sorry, 2025, or 2030. Now is happening now, for manufacturers just out of necessity. ironite, we had the privilege of doing a digital sprint program with Alibaba back in December, and they’re talking about how manufacturers are now digitizing twice as fast as almost any other industry. What do you see in that manufacturing dotnet in your publications,



I mean, we’re seeing that as well. Like, it’s kind of crazy. To think like 12 years ago, we just had a couple of small cameras and a, you know, a loosely hung green screen in like, actually, a back room that we rented from another business, like my back was very similar setup, but now we have offices. But, uh, we’re seeing that manufacturers are digitizing, digitizing faster than ever. And we’ve like, our role in that is, the last couple of years video content is about 10 times as popular on our websites on a day to day basis, as written content.

And that extends not just from features, but also product information at the heart, a lot of our trade publications, our new product books, and even when we do just say like a regular product write up or press release, you know, you get like 30 clicks, if it’s doing good, like you do a simple product video. And I mean, at a minimum, it’s like 300 or more, you know, it’s quite a factor of that. And production value really has a lot to do with that, you know, in terms of people finding these unique ways to get their message out. I mean, once trade shows went away last year, everybody was kind of just like, Well, how do I meet people and where do I get the leads?


Curt Anderson  09:34

Right? Yeah. Stop being the best kept secret so so for the so our target with our program every week, you know, manufacturing ecommerce success. Our goal is really engaging with those manufacturers out there. What do you tell a manufacturer or custom manufacturer? You know, 30 employees family owned been around since the 70s or 80s, low digital resistant, how do they get started? Like do you help them with like what Equipment do you recommend? Are they using their iPhone? Like what? How do you help them? Get over that hump to get into that the video world if you will?



Yeah, like I mean, and that’s our wheelhouse, sort of the small to mid size manufacturers. Those are our core audience. And it really it doesn’t it’s not, it’s not as hard as it seems like a lot of people think video production and they think they need high end video cameras like Panasonic’s csls. But I mean, you can actually get pretty high quality video on a decent iPhone right now.

And it’s even better if you have like a gimbal or something. I mean, the guys behind the scenes are going crazy right now, because they’re like, no, that’s our lifeblood, what a one thing that we’re seeing is that they’re, you know, they get some manufacturers are reticent to get into the video game, because they think it’s got to be such high end production.

And it’s just, it’s incredible that so many companies don’t have any video at all available like I did. And they’re going to run some of the footage that we did from our Made in America series. And, you know, I recently did a story about this mask manufacturer in Hawaii, right small operation, he saw a market opportunity, there were no masks available in Hawaii.

And so he sold his house, he cashed in the 401k. And he created like, he spent like three quarters of a million dollars creating this massive business. And I’m like, I want to do a story on you. Can you send me a photo, and he, he didn’t have photos at the ready, he didn’t have video at the ready. And it was just like, man, we want to tell your story, we want to show people your operation. And it was just, this is something that all companies should have is like some sort of video footprint. So that way we can, you know, show and tell people about 100% agree.


Curt Anderson  11:43

And that’s and gosh, that is so powerful. Because you know, if we go on vacation, you go to a ballgame, whatever, I can come back and tell you about it. If I go you it’s just so much more powerful. And a great thing with manufacturers is we you know, what I always like to preach is, you know, how can you bring your facility to your customer, you know, even pre COVID it was very challenging.

You know, if I’m at Boeing, I’m an engineer at Boeing or a buyer at Boeing, and I find a guidance in the supply chain in New Mexico or Georgia. You know, I can always jump on a plane and get there and that video can bring we can we can, you know, be read on their, their phone, we can be in their office. So again, so what are, you know, I know you guys have a bunch of information for us. Do you want to go into like what you want to show? Or like, do you have some case studies here? Yeah.



Sure. Like? Well, one of the things that we said I talked about how like, video is so much more high impact, particularly with our audience. One thing I didn’t share is that like, our video view Raiders, that people that click on videos are watching at least 85% of it. So basically, they watch the entire story. And as I’m about to say, You know my name, that’s when they cut off. But but like so you’re holding people for? What’s it,



subscribe here? Right,



right, right during the call to action? No. But so people are people engage with it. And it’s not. Length doesn’t necessarily matter all the time. With video, we do everything from incredibly, very short form, like 15 to 32nd spots. I mean, those are great, because they’re really consumable on social media very shareable. And then we do sort of like a mid form anything for like three and a half to five minutes.

And then we even have like long form shows. We do a Made in America series, where we actually go visit facilities in the area, kind of get the whole story of that facility, how it started and tell it through like, you know, sometimes, like 30 minute episode. And what’s crazy is that when you make the content, engaging people, people want to watch it, you know, when we see people hang on right until the end, that’s just so encouraging. Not just because we worked on it for six months, but that people are enjoying it.


Curt Anderson  13:57

Right? No, that’s fantastic. And guys, again, I encourage everybody drop your LinkedIn profile, I just put David’s LinkedIn profile in the chat box, please connect with David follow manufacturing dotnet they are absolutely crushing it. A couple of comments for you, David. So our dear friend, Jeff long if you guys aren’t connected, he’s with true focused media down in Dayton, Ohio. He’s a great ecommerce guru video guy for manufacturers, David for up and my friend in Buffalo. He says owners are fish out of water with marketing videos, how do you create a comfort zone? So how do you help that manufacturer create that comfort zone?



Um, a lot of times it’s just first of all sitting down and talking with them or you know, now on a phone or a zoom call, and just talking about what they’re looking to accomplish. Like, if you guys want to start showing some of the product videos that we put together. Sometimes people don’t want to be as hands on, right? And so this is one company in particular that makes this light didn’t want to do anything. It’s just like fine, just send us the product and we’ll take it from there. And they sent us this product.

Read through it in the lightbox put together this really crisp video, which is actually the highest watched video that we’ve had on our site last year. And these are very engaging, easy to share social videos. And all they had to do was send us a product, right? Like, and some people want to be very hands on. And with those people, it’s you walk them through the process. What’s the story that you want to tell? Is there a particular product that you want to feature?

Or is it more of a general branding play? And really, it’s just building that relationship with the manufacturer. And I mean, you got to be honest, like some people just aren’t gonna play like some people don’t want a camera in their facility. Everything’s proprietary. But people also don’t realize that like, you could also just show the exterior, you know, show, show the signage, show the people you don’t have to like get into the nuts and bolts of your proprietary equipment to tell a story via video.


Curt Anderson  15:55

Right. Now that that is so fantastic. So another boy, guys, look at these videos, guys, this is just phenomenal.



This squeegee footage.


Ira Bowman  16:04

It’s crazy. But it’s it’s it’s products in use to like, right now, if you’re not in the factory, well, now you are but you know what they can do? But what’s the tape measure with the squeegee both of those, those are great product videos. High quality production. Nobody’s embarrassed to show that anywhere. And you didn’t give away any secret sauce. Right?


Curt Anderson  16:26

Right. And speaking of the video Rockstar Bonnie just joined us from go lids guys, Bonnie, you got to drop your LinkedIn profile she is. So David, I don’t know if you’re you guys definitely need to connect. She is a video demon. She has millions, millions of views on tik tok. She posts videos every day. So again, you know, when you look at what David’s doing manufacturers like Bonnie, it’s just such a powerful, it’s just a game changer by getting into that that video strategy.

And again, kind of like bringing that facility, you know, bringing your facility to your customer to their desk, their phone, we always tell manufacturers, especially when you think about that little custom manufacturer that doesn’t have that proprietary product, or that finished good, like treat your business like a five star resort. And you’re like a five star resort.

And like, you know, we’re this little hole in the wall. We’re greasy, we’re dirty. Yeah, but you know what, let’s go back to that Boeing example, if I’m an engineer at Boeing, or a product buyer at Boeing, and I’m looking for one little trinket or I need one little process. And I do a Google search and I find your facility. Man, you are the most beautiful five star resort on Earth. What if I can’t find you on search, or I go to your website, and there’s nothing there. And let alone just pull out your your your camera or your phone and just shoot a video? it you know, that’s how we make those connections. So David, do go ahead, please. Oh, no, I



was I just wanted to jump in and say first of all, Bonnie, I hope the title is video demon because that’s amazing.



diva diva.



Well, and talking about like the search, search ability, you know, video, when you’re posting it on so many different platforms, it makes you so much more visible. You know, it’s one thing to have your press release kind of cut and pasted across multiple platforms. But it’s an entirely different level to have that video available on, you know, every all social media.


Curt Anderson  18:19

Well, intro jazz, great


Ira Bowman  18:21

question right there. What is the proper length for an intro video versus one that provides detailed information?



Like, it depends, like if you’re just doing a quick teaser 15 to 30 seconds is a great intro like. So when rebuild out a marketing campaign for people. Sometimes it comes in three tiers, we do the teaser, which is 13 to 15 seconds, or 13 to 15 very precise 15 to 30 seconds, then we go into a longer form like two to three minutes product video. And then we’ll do something a little bit longer form that kind of ties all the elements together and a five minute video.

That way, you have three different products to put on different channels. And like you can kind of follow the people as they want to learn more and more about your business. So 1515 seconds. So I need pop that iPhone out for 15 seconds and say, Hey, this is us. This is what we do. Right.


Curt Anderson  19:17

So Alex behind your scenes, there you go. Do you have the video promo that you did for us this week? Alex, I don’t know if you guys have that. Andy, I would love for everybody to see that. So while we’re talking I don’t know if you want to pull that up. So I run I we do a lot of webinars and speaking so this week, we do speaking for MEPs the manufacturing extension partnerships. And so David your video was shown in Illinois, to Illinois manufacturers this week. And then I was in Nebraska on Thursday during the workshop and I was talking about IRA, your videos and body of course and again.

The response that we’re getting is just so powerful people are just loving this whole new concept of new strategy and what’s in it you know, because it affects yours for decades. We didn’t need to do this, you know, we chose sales reps hop in the road, the road warriors dig up sales. What do you David, what do you seen for 2021? Like, what are you telling your clients, your manufacturers? What do they need it? You know, obviously video, but how are you kind of helping them walk through that path? Well,



you touched on something that I thought was pretty interesting is that, like, when you think of traditional manufacturing, you think of like, kind of buttoned up a little stodgy, you know, but these videos can really have a little bit of personality. And, you know, they can be fun. They can, yeah, right. Like, I mean, if only the neck would allow me to get that. But, uh, no, um, and I mean, it’s again, you know, you can show a little bit of personality, and it kind of endears you to potential customers, or I mean, it’s completely in your right to just kind of, you know, keep it keep it a little stiff as well.

I mean, navigating 2021, I think that it’s going to be a hybrid, it’s going to be a mix of what we saw before, and a mix of what we saw in 2020, where, you know, there’s going to be a strong digital presence in the beginning half of the year, but I think is that vaccine kind of gets out, and people feel a little bit better about getting on the road. I mean, there is a hunger for people that I mean, travel and just kind of, for lack of a better term, press the flesh a little bit. Although I feel like we’re all gonna travel to the trade show, and then just be like, Oh, yeah, it’s still a trade show. And my feet already hurt.


Ira Bowman  21:25

Even if it wasn’t, if it wasn’t 20 below zero in Wisconsin, I would love to come there and hang out in that room, that room that you guys just showed, oh my gosh.



Yeah, no. Hey, you guys are always welcome. And we encourage you guys to come into the studio. And I mean, I think it was nine this morning, but I think it’s gonna hit degrees.


Ira Bowman  21:43

Now. That’s way better.



Yeah, we, but ya know. So, I mean, we’ve come a long way. Like, when we talk about what it used to be. The old room was like from our tile store that had gone under, we rented it from them for nothing. But you know, it’s still a rental agreement. Our sound dampening was our comforters from home. Yeah, unfortunately, one of our unfortunately, Eric’s favorite team in San Francisco, there’s 40, Niners gear everywhere. And we made a door out of cardboard for sound dampening, and we just had the sheet stapled to the to the wall.

But I mean, you know, we’ve seen the value of video grow. And with that we’ve invested in it. Like we have our top of the top of the line production studio that they were kind of showing. We’ve also, I mean, one of the things with the pandemic is we’ve kind of commandeer the entire office in creating this setup and a bunch of different other setups for different video products. It’s actually going to be weird with more people coming in the office. Oh, no, we’re gonna do


Ira Bowman  22:45

No, actually like this shot to you guys are on right now that we’ve got the overview. Yeah, the guys. The guys was Eric and Alex. But you know, it’s kind of fun. Because I think one of the things people really need to take to heart, especially if you’re doing videos yourself, you don’t have to, like it doesn’t have to be perfect. You know what I mean? Like, you can show some things and have some transitions that maybe are a little bit awkward, or maybe have a little bit more like my curtain right now is wrinkled. It’s like my skin, it’s wrinkled.



And it really shouldn’t be but


Ira Bowman  23:17

I couldn’t figure out because I just got this thing set up, but it might look it still looks better than having a big giant mess behind me. There my bare wall.



Yeah. Are those fake backgrounds? I’m sorry, those are driving me nuts. Yeah, well,


Ira Bowman  23:32

because, like, it always wants to have my ear out. Or my guess is, you know what? I



mean? I don’t like it, you lose half your face. It really takes you out of it when you’re having a discussion.


Curt Anderson  23:42

Yeah. So David, I would if we could dig a little deep, deeper. So, um, you know, encouraging the manufacturer to you know, shoot, whether it’s a you know, if you’re doing surface mount, we’re a CNC machine and like, you know, again, getting that man. And, you know, and again, you know, you go on YouTube, and like I’ve seen CNC machines that have 10s of 1000s of views.

Oh yeah, it’s a 52nd video of just this machine or a stamper or surface mount machine or what have you. So the manufacturers say they’re like David, all in you know, I’m taking your send you products or can you shoot my my equipment? Let’s talk a little let’s get into the search strategy. We want to stop being the best kept secret. How do you help your clients with keywords Seo? What platforms are you recommending? Are you on YouTube? Vimeo? What’s that next step for that manufacturer that now they have some content? Now what do they do?



Um, we recommend YouTube, just because we find that to be the most powerful. Um, we also recommend having it on Facebook, Instagram, if you can, depending on the length, get it on Twitter as well, just because that really helps with search ability. We don’t do a lot getting into the metadata or se tricking SEO because We want with your headlines in your body copy. to just be honest, what are you looking at, like, one of our most popular videos on YouTube is a 32nd video that I shot of this high powered test motor at a Dan Foss testing facility. And people don’t realize that like, I mean, it’s cool, it’s loud,



it’s big,



you know, people want to like, comment on how they want that powering their Tesla, or whatever asinine things I got in the comment section. But like, so what I would recommend just kind of like having a base of decent photos, and decent videos from around your facility. And like, if you want to start just doing it on your own, that’s great have have a warehouse forum, like set up a YouTube channel where people can find them. If you want to invest in video, another big thing is consistency.

You know, it’s not that you have to do it weekly, or bi weekly, or maybe monthly, you know, put something up just so people know, once they subscribe to you, they kind of see you over and over again, you know, the other thing is marketing those videos, once you have them, like we have eight or nine different publications that if you reach out, we would run the video and our newsletters and on our websites, share them via social, you kind of got to get yourself out there and find partners in the media to kind of help spread that message.

But yeah, it doesn’t have to be a crazy video, just find something cool in your facility, hit it with the camera real quick, and get it online. And then you know, if you want to kind of ramp up your video strategy, you reach out to people we work with that unit 202 Productions. And, you know, we can send a crew to your facility have multiple camera setups and gets a more professional looking video for you.


Curt Anderson  26:43

And what a powerful lead source, so say, you know, for our manufacturing friends out there, so you know, they’re there, they receive RF cues. And see there’s a consistency, you know, um, you know, Ira and I worked together on a wire harness manufacturing company, has been helping me with some content there. And so they receive a lot of RF cues, will a lot of the questions come in the same.

So I mean, you can take advantage of your video content, where again, like if you’re bidding circuit boards, and you have some machinery insert, you know, surface mount machinery, and those machines are running or, you know, so there’s a lot of consistency, that you can start replying back with those rfqs.

And what a great competitive advantage over if they put four or five rfqs out, and Nelson, they’re coming back with a message from the owner, yeah, a message from the engineer a message from sales, or just, you know, like these quick little hits, or, you know, hey, here’s our machinery, that is going to be the home to your project. And this this machine is going to be making, you’re helping you make money, and, and so on and so forth. So I mean, that’s a great way to like send those out to customers



well, and not just for those customer touches. But also when you’re talking about lead generation, when we market a video in an ad, it just performs so much better than any sort of just traditional text ad, or banner placement or, you know, regular traditional web ad. If you have video colon in front of that headline, you’re just going to get more clicks. And I mean, a lot of our business is staked in lead generation. And so, I mean, I’m gonna you know, if it doesn’t work, I’m not





Curt Anderson  28:23

And it’s in in our dear friend Bonnie, she asked you a question, David, you guys you met we were talking about different platforms do you guys use Tick Tock at manufacturing? dotnet



we have not gotten into Tick Tock yet. We understand that it is powerful. But I mean, I hate to show my agency I find it scary. But, uh, no. I mean, really, that is one thing, that managing social media can be onerous. And I think that’s a big part of why we haven’t gotten into tik tok is that we’re still scaling up our own social media footprint. And while we haven’t gotten into Tick Tock yet, we certainly realize that we need to next that analog energy


Curt Anderson  29:01

in your in your making a great point. And the key is, you know, like an IRA we talked about this like that social media fatigue, you know, I’m like, I’m on Facebook, I’m you know, now there’s, you know, there’s a new platform every week. And you know, I’m on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, you know, we really have to focus on where your persona is hanging out where your core clients are hanging out, and what platforms are going to, you know, drive the best, best bang for your buck.

However, with this veto strategy, that’s you know, that’s getting on the offensive and putting that out there and social, but when they find you having this video that we’re seeing right here on your website is so critical, and having that video that you can send to those customers. And while I’m thinking of an IRA, you’ve taught me a great tip folks. So when you’re posting your videos on YouTube or Vimeo or whatever tic tac, make sure you’re putting those I read your the backlink King Dude, you know, make sure you’re putting those backlinks to either a landing page or website landing a product page, a blog posts, you know Right, I wrote you want that SEO jersey


Ira Bowman  30:01

present and do circular referencing, right. So if you’re going to put the video link in your posts, make sure you also go into the links and put your website in there. So you’re you’re getting them no matter where they find you, you’re getting them back to your website, and the domain authorities on other social media sites are off the charts. So it’s quality do follow links. Well, I



think, you know, I find I find it crazy that people put in all that effort to create video, and then just like push it up on YouTube, and then there’s no nothing else like not to have more information.


Ira Bowman  30:39

And the thing about that, make sure if you’re doing your links, make sure that you put the HTTP to semi colon, the colon and then you got to do the whole thing. Otherwise, it doesn’t become an active backlink. It’s just like text. But once you get it in there and it recognizes it as a link, then it becomes active. You want them to be able to click on it. Even if they don’t click on it. The bots do that when can I just say one thing?

What are you talking about social media? Should you be on tik tok or any of these others we really need to figure out is where are your your client? your prospect? Where are they hanging out? Because if they’re not on tik tok, you don’t need to be there. You know what I mean? So some people are Emily on Facebook, hang on, you’re your client, are you b2b or b2c? That kind of stuff. So you know where to spend your efforts. So you don’t get that fatigue? He can help you out a lot.


Curt Anderson  31:27

Per couple questions here, David. So um, so So guys, again, if you came in late, so our hearts are off to our normal co host is our dear friend Damon. Damon’s unable to be with us today. His Father is not in good health. And so I read that we record this Are we recording this?


Ira Bowman  31:44

session and recording? So when it’s done, anybody who wants a copy of just reach out to me, and I can send it to you? Okay,


Curt Anderson  31:51

yep. And again, if you guys are new, you know, great crowd today. Thank you, everybody for taking your time joining us. Why



would you want the video? If you if


Curt Anderson  32:01

you want the video? That’s right, we’re here for video. If you guys don’t know, Ira Bowman, so I don’t know how you’re on LinkedIn without knowing IRA IRA is the influencer of LinkedIn, connect or follow. I can’t connect with him follow IRA. And so we’ll get Robert Klein, thank you for joining us. He’s asking for the video, then Jerry has a question here. For a company with little presence on social media and handful of YouTube videos. If they concentrated their efforts, how long does it take to build a big enough following to move the needle? And how much would they expect to spend? So David, what do you think of that question?



I think that first you got to figure out what’s move the needle, because with a lot of manufacturing clients, you know, sometimes if you reach one person, that’s going to be a significant spend, or a significant investment in your company. So I think that in terms of time how long that’ll take, like, sometimes, sometimes you can move, push the needle or move it to look forward a little bit faster by boosting things.

You can share it on Facebook, boost it, you can have a very carefully curated audience, you can also do that on LinkedIn where you can reach the exact titles of people that you’re looking to reach. And really the spend could be minimal. But really, the biggest thing I think, is having that consistent messaging on the platform. So that way, you’re sort of building that audience.


Curt Anderson  33:25

I couldn’t agree with you more that consistency consistency. Our dear friend Jeff long build a video library. It’s like a snowball rolling down the hill builds your SEO engagement showcases your authority in guys from you know, stopping the best kept secret to be found on search, Google’s looking for goodies. And since it’s lunchtime in some parts of the country, Good Eats, he stands for expertise. A stands for authority. T is trust. And what you want to do as a manufacturer, or sometimes it’s an entrepreneurial curse, we’re trying to be everything to everybody.

Instead of like something is someone in focus on what your absolute best that niche that down in is Ireland, David or Tom, I’ll get your key words in this video content. And boy, that word consistency, it’s like going to the gym, you just got to get started. David, when you when you encounter MIT, you know, manufacturers are known to be a little bit on the stubborn side, right? Yeah, a little bit of resistance. When you encounter that manufacturer that you know, maybe, you know, they’re getting a little bit of resistance. How are you talking? What are you telling that manufacturer?



Let’s try it, you know, I mean, there’s really what we like to do here at industrial media anyways is prove it, you know, we’ll do we’ll do a quick video working with you. We’ll promote it to our audience and we’ll show you the interaction. We’ll show you who’s reading it or watching it, we’ll show you what companies they’re from. And if you like it, you know, maybe it’s a good fit.

That’s another thing that I kind of, I should have mentioned in the previous question is that, you know, not just boosting it on social media and YouTube but like reaching out like reaching out to trade publications reaching out to other people in the industry reaching out to other influencers, to try and help push that message to give you sort of a larger reach, you know, it’s a, it can be as slow of a process as you want it to be. Or it can be relatively


Ira Bowman  35:14

quick. Your marketing department has 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of leads from the yours in your CRM, you make a darn good video, what you’re going to do is you’re going to take a picture thumbnail, put that picture thumbnail in the email, and then hyperlink to your YouTube video and say, play me, right, or just lay arrow over the top of it if you want to get really smart, right, but now you can email that video out to 1000s of people doesn’t cost you a dang thing other than making the video and your CRM to do the rest. Right.



So well. And that’s I mean, you talk about email marketing, like a lot of people overthink that to some of the most successful email marketing programs that redo or only text. Yeah, yeah, just two sentences. This is what we do, if you like it. Here we are, if you don’t delete us,


Curt Anderson  36:06

right, that’s all and and, and again, Jeff long, even simple videos, showcase your expertise. And the great thing is the repurposing, right. So I mean, you know, whether it’s at written content, you know, just using that you can just keep using it over and over and over. You can IRA does a great job. If you have a longer video, you can splice it up. Now you’ve got a small, you know, shorter videos. So there’s a lot of different strategies.


Ira Bowman  36:32

Like what Jeff long just said, to put a video in your signature in your email. Right? Right.



Right. That’s


Curt Anderson  36:39

how powerful is that? And again, thanks to like this great group of folks I’m working with, you know, so like a, you know, manufacturer reach out to me, so instead of like me typing up a diatribe, I’ll shoot like a quick I do a lot of webinars. I’ll shoot like a little five, six slide video, like, Hey, guys, you know, if you want to get an e commerce, this is what we do. LinkedIn strategy, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah. Now instead of me trying to, you know, type it out. I just I post it, and I sent it to him in a YouTube video takes me less time to do it. And now they’re hearing me say it instead of having to read it, you know, and it’s just



what’s up, Jeff?


Ira Bowman  37:15

Jeff had a little mistake there. But I fixed it for him. He was, are you


Curt Anderson  37:19

okay? Did he I wanted I wanted to show everybody your video. David, do you guys have that video? Or can I pull it up?



I don’t know, if you want to pull it up. That’s fine.


Curt Anderson  37:32

Let me see if I can share. Let me try to do this. Let me go here.


Ira Bowman  37:35

I was able to figure out what you were talking about there. A guy makes videos. Which one are you talking about?



Yeah. Yes. Yeah, I



mean, my screen disappeared.


Ira Bowman  37:45

What happened? I can you see my screen now we can see your, your, your, your, your ad right now, which I appreciate.


Curt Anderson  37:56

We’ll skip it. So I was I wanted to show your, your video,



we’ll see if they can grab it, and then we can pull it up. But um, one thing I wanted to mention, sorry, I don’t, I can’t see the time, so don’t worry. But um, you made a really good point about having a long form videos, and then splicing it up into like little bits. Those are also really great for tracking people on social media just kind of given him a tease like something that was funny from the conversation. You know, we do some live long form podcasts, and you kind of just pull the clips out to kind of get people to watch the full version. And the other thing we didn’t mention is how like, you can the video can be bad enough to turn people off. Like,



I mean,



there are like, I haven’t seen a lot of them recently, because there haven’t been trade shows, but the like, the shaky cell phone video from the floor, you know, just like I mean, they let Eric and Alex like to joke about how much warp stabiliser they have to use when I come back with those. But it is just, it could be bad enough to turn people off.


Ira Bowman  38:57

No, there’s no doubt. And let me add to that. It also can be really bad depending on what you do. Like if you’re in the print, I don’t know if we have any print manufacturers in the room. But I learned early on in my career that I could not put out subpar print quality products, because it was representing our professionalism. So if you’re in the print space or anything to do with graphics, you got to make sure that your quality is a little bit higher.


Curt Anderson  39:23

Hey, another question for you, David. So my cousin Trisha Anderson. Just kidding. We’re probably distantly related somehow. But Trisha, thank you for joining us today. Thank you, everybody. We really, really appreciate you taking your time. But Churchill asks, What about security parameters with a video and an email or signature line? That’s a fantastic question and any response there?



I mean, I, I think you’d be fine with a link to it. And also you could take the video and put it in a gift generate gift generator and then embed that if you’d like.


Ira Bowman  39:56

There’s two there’s two things that I’ll say to this because I’m a sales guy. This is what I do. Right? So if you’re sending your email to the person like a prospect cold call, typically any attachment or any large files or videos you’re going to be out. So this is why you do what I said. You take a thumbnail jpg, and you do that because even the gifts can get large in size.

But if you’re going to do a gift, make sure it’s compressed to under a meg because under Meg usually it’ll go through once you’re on the safe senders list and usually a video. If you get one that’s like you know under 10. Meg’s then you’re okay. But, but to be safe. If you just do a gift, I love gifts. I’ll do my mic. I do gift logos. Take your logo and like basically build it for now. It just catches people’s attention anyways, or video. Like David said, me, link to it.



Kurt, we have that cute if you want to play.


Curt Anderson  40:53

Yeah, please put your show that for everybody.



Hi, I’m David Mansi. With industrial equipment, news and manufacturing. We get the audio for next week for a video marketing for manufacturers on Friday, January 28, starting at 130. Eastern



1030 to



know he muted himself.



He muted we were



we’re good. Really don’t trust anyone to be punctual. The necessity of video marketing for manufacturers on manufacturing ecommerce success with Kurt Anderson, video marketing. It’s really not that hard. And yes, I didn’t need coffee for a 15 second promo.


Ira Bowman  41:30

He had me right there. Laugh out loud. I was my coffee out if I had coffee in my mouth at the moment, he



said that it’s really awesome.


Curt Anderson  41:44

He said hey, and we had somebody in Columbus, Ohio. So hey, I’m in Ohio State Alumni go Buckeyes to our friend marine in Columbus, Ohio. So, guys, we’re gonna wrap up, we went a little over just because this was just such a great, Jeff long go box. So we went a little over just because we were so blessed. And so gift gifted to have David as a guest today.

David, parting thoughts, you know, you guys, I feel I’ve been following manufacturing dotnet for a long time, I feel you guys are in the cutting edge. Again, you know, that that advice for that small manufacturer, very limited budget. We’ve heard consistency, just do it. Get the iPhone, what any, any last parting thoughts that you want to share with them just Oh, ah, Marine, I Oh, any last parting thoughts to to get them under their digital journey quickly.



If you want to check us out, you can sign up for our newsletters, see what we do every day and kind of see how we approach video maybe that’ll help you get a start. You can find us anywhere from or manufacturing dotnet. And, or you can reach me directly at David at i n Comm. I’d be happy to talk to you about it. And really I wanted the biggest the one message to be that it’s just not that hard.

Like just get started. Just start shooting some videos, see what you like, see what you don’t like, get it up on the get it up on YouTube, share it with and you know, maybe take a few customers, take a few customers that you trust, send it to them, see what they think. And then maybe you’ll get a good you’ll get a good idea for what you created changes to make going forward. And you know how you can be successful.


Ira Bowman  43:23

And the aim isn’t perfection guys remember that? Right? Like you want it good, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.


Curt Anderson  43:30

Yeah, you just got to get out there, you know, who wasn’t said you know, if you’re not embarrassed by your first prototype, you waited too long your first business your first website, right?



That’s I mean, we should have we should have had that queued the first episode that we ever shot. I mean, I’m, I’m blue. I’ve got



I’ve got more hair



and and it was just you know, it’s just proof to kind of go back see where you started from and just realized how far you’ve come and really yeah, you just kind of got to get rolling with it and then you adjust you adjust as you go along.


Ira Bowman  44:03

And there are people like David out there and me too that can help and jump on right i mean there you are so scared and it’s just like way out of your wheelhouse you know you need to do it. Then I


Curt Anderson  44:16

get Bonnie Bonnie show when she showed up when she spoke on our episode she brought her LinkedIn pills. So Bonnie, we might have to bring those those linked LinkedIn video pills back out, you know for our video depression. But guys, so we’ve the big 10 is well represented. We’ve got sparty in the house. We had. We had We are Penn State. We’ve got IRA, we got you you have them. So all sorts of representatives here. I know Andrew, our host who was on. He’s a Michigan alumni. So David, of course is in Wisconsin for no better go badgers. So David, please I put David’s LinkedIn profile in in the chat box guys.

Connect with David. We’re here on Remo. What we’re going to do If you’re new to this, we’re going to leave this and then we go back to the tables. Okay? It’s like a little trade show. It’s a super exciting platform here. If this is new to you, Travis, Go, Go Hoosiers, we got Terran Terran. Am I saying that correctly? Go badgers. So we’ve got all sorts of representatives here, Dan bigger. So go back to the tables, you get it, you have an opportunity to talk with David connect with him. Follow IRA. guys. Thank you, David. I can’t thank you enough, man. This was just such a gem, any anything, anything you want to



know? Just thank you, Kurt. And thank you, Ira very much like, we really do appreciate the opportunity to kind of talk video. I mean, we’re very passionate about it. We’re pretty geeky about it, too. And men will talk all day about this


Curt Anderson  45:43

exact and with our comments, is what’s our common thread manufacturing? Man, it’s like, you know, this is what this program is all about. Go to manufacturing dotnet I mean, they just have amazing, incredible content. I don’t care what manufacturing field or what industry you’re in, go to manufacturing dotnet follow David on LinkedIn. And please, you know, follow IRA again, my name is Kurt Anderson love to connect with you on LinkedIn, where I can we jump back to the tables


Ira Bowman  46:11

you can and just so you know, David, I’m gonna send you a LinkedIn request. I’m gonna make a spot for you.



Thank you very much.


Curt Anderson  46:18

That’s a privilege. So, guys, thank you, David. God bless and everybody keep taming in your thoughts. We’re thinking of him. Damon would love you. Thank you. Good luck to you this weekend. And so, David, thank you, man. Hey, thank



you. It’s pleasure.



And we’ve been extended. That’s a miracle.

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