Learn How to Connect Your Social Strategy to Sales

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Gail Robertson. Gail is the Brand Ambassador, Marketing Consultant, and Keynote Speaker at GailNow. Before this, she also held multiple roles in the digital marketing field.  Gail helps businesses supercharge their marketing by getting social.

Over the course of the social media lifestyle, we have all wondered about ways of connecting social to sales. Our today’s guest aptly explained how to do it.

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Gail Robertson. Gail is the Brand Ambassador, Marketing Consultant, and Keynote Speaker at GailNow. Before this, she also held multiple roles in the digital marketing field.  Gail helps businesses supercharge their marketing by getting social.

The conversation started with Curt introducing Gail to the show. After this Curt asked Gail to elaborate on the bed and breakfast she ran in Canada and how she got here from that. To this, Gail said that even though her major was in journalism, she likes to transfer what she learns. This is why she chose a different path.

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Therefore, firstly she was a reporter, then she ran a bed and breakfast and finally she got into marketing. When she got into marketing after a few years she started her own business as well.

Further, into the conversation, Gail shared a bit about her company. She also mentioned that her goal is to make people realize the importance of transitioning and also curiosity about things. Moreover, here she shared a video as well.

After this, Curt asked Gail about her transition to manufacturing and how that happened. To this, Gail said that when she started her company, she wanted to know the difference between a molder and a mold maker and this is what got her into manufacturing.

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Moving on, Gail talked about generating leads and connecting social to sales. She said that many people ask her about which social media platform is best for them. To this, she says that the place where your customers are is the best place to be.

Gail also shared the three steps that she follows in marketing. It is, sign up, suit up, and show up. This is what leads curiosity to take actual steps towards connecting social to sales. To her, sign up is deciding to do something, suit up is the research for it, and show up is actually doing what you decided upon.

Talking more about connecting social to sales, Gail said that the key is to stay consistent. Moreover, she said that even if you are doing well, you shouldn’t stop with social media promotions. This is how you are effectively connecting social to sales.

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The conversation ended with Curt and Damon thanking Gail for her time.

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Damon Pistulka, Curt Anderson, Gail Robertson


Damon Pistulka  00:00

All right, we’re going we’re going on live here on LinkedIn and then we’ll get started. Boom, boom, boom.


Curt Anderson  00:11

Well, Friday music, Dude, why aren’t you playing ZZ Top?


Damon Pistulka  00:16

Alright everyone, Welcome once again to the manufacturing ecommerce Success Series. I’m one of your co host Damon Pistulka. And with me today, my brother from another mother bromance partner, Kurt Anderson. Take it away Mr. Anderson.


Curt Anderson  00:35

Happy Friday everybody man look at we got raised a guy no in the house today gray. Our Wisconsin tribe down in Alaska in gore Dan, the man bigger. Guys, welcome. Happy Friday. Cast Dude, I couldn’t sleep last week last night. I’ve been fired up all week for this one. I don’t know if this person needs an introduction. Gail now is in the house. Gail. Welcome. Happy Friday.


Gail Robertson  01:00

Happy Friday. Yay.


Curt Anderson  01:03

No, I don’t know if gal needs guys. I don’t know if anybody is not connected with Gail I just dropped Gil’s LinkedIn profile in the chat box. So guys, please connect with Gail if you don’t know Gail man, you are missing out. She is an absolute treat. Jean just joined us Brian’s here all sorts of amazing people. So let’s just dig right in gal. Let’s just jump right in. So you had an amazing, incredible, illustrious career. I want to share I don’t know if a lot of people know this little stat about you. You were a bed and breakfast owner. Craig like what and where? Where’s Paley island? Where is this?


Gail Robertson  01:42

healing Island is the most southerly point of Canada. It’s an island out in Lake Erie. So if you want to find because often people think point P Lee’s most pili Island is the most southern point and it’s on the same latitude as Northern California. Yes, I read a bed and breakfast there. That is usually if someone says what’s the strangest, you know thing to know about meat? Well, depending on who you ask, what’s the strangest thing?



That’s for another show?


Curt Anderson  02:10

That’s right. There you go. We’ll save that that’s for that’s later tonight. We’ll talk Yeah. No, this is this is a family program here. Yeah. On a Friday. So sure a little bit about that type. So it’s it’s just so north of Sandusky, for our friends in Ohio. You’re seeing cedar points kind of like west of Cleveland, you’re putting Bay talked a little bit about that experience. And then we want to get into like how you got here?


Gail Robertson  02:41

Yeah, well, I have I use transferable skills. And that’s one thing that I encourage people in manufacturing also to use is tap into those things like so I originally was a journalist. That’s what I went to university for, because my plan was to out to change the world on deadline. And then that didn’t quite work out. I knew I didn’t feel that was a really the right place to change the world. So I went from there to the bed and breakfast. After that I was a fundraiser for a culture and recreation complex.

And then from there, I met one of the cabinet members hired me as a marketing manager. And at that point, I had no experience as a manager, it was strictly based from relationship and connections I had. And you know, I think he believed that he could probably train me to where I needed to be to be a manager, which I was there for 11 years. And then after that, I decided to go start my own business, which is where I’m at now. And I would like to maybe what I’ll do now now might be a good time just to do my quick video introduction, because I think this will help.

Is that okay to do that. I think we have a lot of people in here and one of the things that I talk about, especially manufacturing is you know, how can you get outside your comfort zone and also make connections and even if you’re not comfortable all the time with doing everything there are ways to do that and we’ll talk when we come back talking about curiosity and how curiosity can help rock your world. So here we go. I’m going to show this video this video was created by my son so as a video editor now so hold


Damon Pistulka  04:12

on all right, awesome. Well for those you listening on LinkedIn live there, go ahead and drop where you’re listening from in the comments at any comments for Gail will be ready to go watch DC and nerve video going here.


Gail Robertson  04:37

Well, hello, every gal needs cowboy hat, scanning the room. You look for a familiar face. Everyone is a stranger. Your heart’s racing. You feel nauseous. You plan. You meet new people. Okay, three



You can handle to



this just feels so


Gail Robertson  05:08

big. For you talk to even one new person, you’re looking for the nearest crazy.


Curt Anderson  05:20

Who invited this check?


Gail Robertson  05:22

My heart races when I walk into a room full of strangers to accept it’s not anxiety. It’s excitement. I’m not thinking, networking quota. I’m thinking Look at all these stories. And I get so pumped about talking to people that I don’t know. This guy stage


Damon Pistulka  05:50

that is awesome. Yeah.


Curt Anderson  05:54

So that just you know, that’s just so fitting for Gail that’s so fitting for your personality. Just absolutely love that. And so and again, guys, if you haven’t connected with Gail, you have to connect. She has that natural ability, you feel like you’ve known your whole life. She has a contagious enthusiasm, deep passion. So Gail, you’ve gone from breakfast, you know, bed and breakfast, you know, owner on this wonderful Island in Canada. And now you’ve drifted in did a ton of fundraising. A great career there. I know you did some work with a PGA actually golf tournament. And so now you found yourself in manufacturing, talk about how on earth did you make this transition to manufacturing?


Gail Robertson  06:32

Well, that intro and talking about networking is so key to how I got into manufacturing because I got into insurance and knew nothing about insurance. I got into manufacturing and not only meant even mold making and I knew like nothing about what making I did not understand it. And I believe there’s some people from one of the companies I work with Cavalier so I will tell this stories when I it took me and I’m ever saving a lot. It took me a while to figure out that the difference between a mold maker and a molder.

And so when I’m working now with some of the staff and some of the people in rulemaking I want to you know, everybody understand that, hey, you know what, it’s okay to stumble and fall. But as long as you pick yourself back up, get on with it and learn some more.

So now I do know Oh, Brian Bendix here. Brian just heard that story. So now we’re learning about the power of moldmaking. And the people that make things that make things so it’s very, it’s an exciting world. And a lot of people would look at me and go was like, What is that about? And that’s where curiosity comes in. Because it’s really moldmaking, toolmaking, manufacturing, it’s really about people you meet, the connections you make and the stories. Because of my background.

As a journalist, I often say the best stories were from everyday people. I interviewed, I worked in entertainment and did interview, some, you know, famous people. But when people ask me for the stories that I remember most, it’s the ones from regular people. And manufacturers out there, you have great stories to share about who you are, what you do. And we need to make some of those connections. And that’s where the networking and curiosity comes in. Because in my three step process that I and I will probably be talking more a bit more about that. But it really starts with being curious, asking questions.

And we all have that ability to be able to ask questions, and most people want to share information. So if you’re, if you want to know something, contact someone ask them a question. Ask them to explain what they do. They will be more than happy Kurt. That’s how I met you. Sam Gupta. I mean, I’d say okay, I call them we started with E Rp. I’m not exactly sure exactly what all that means. But we had a talk when Saturday morning, we had so many laughs. And I think I’m still learning about your pee. But what was important about that call was the doors that got opened.

And just what this shows about, you know that I’m a regular here every Friday, and even if each week, if the speaker isn’t someone that I’m necessarily even maybe like that connected with or that, okay, even interested in, it’s what’s happening in that chat along the side and in the networking tables afterwards. That’s where all the magic happens is not just listening to speaker but how you can talk in the chat. Good example is Brian bandag is just saying, you know, yes, I hear you. Here’s the president of a company like Cavalier tool and manufacturing that stopping in here today to take part so anybody that needs any toolmaking done Proctor Brian.


Curt Anderson  09:33

Perfect. With moldmaking we have I think, Jesus here,


Damon Pistulka  09:38

right, Jake North lives here too. Yeah.


Gail Robertson  09:40

Oh, okay. Yep. And I think I’m trying to think, looking at who else is in here. I know there were some other people obviously right now. Cavalier


Damon Pistulka  09:49

chases. Chase Dixon is in here, too. Yeah. Yeah.


Curt Anderson  09:52

Yeah. Andy plastics, right. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. And he’s a mold maker and just over the border and in Ohio. So yeah, Chase is in the house. So again, Guys, if you’re just coming on, just drop your LinkedIn profile, I’ve jumped gals in there, connect with Gail, but gal, you know, let’s talk about your video. You know, like, I absolutely love that video, you know, and you’re, you’re an awesome Mom,

I know, we always talk about your son, you know, talk about that video where you’re like, you know, I get excited meeting these folks as opposed to like, Ah, you know, more fake conversations, you know, like, you’ve just been a you’re a fierce networker, you’re relentless, you’re all over the place, just talk about how important that’s been for you, your business, you know, and again, like, you know, you don’t have a lifelong career of manufacturing, you’ve gone into different fields, and just you crush it just because of the natural ability that personality you have of engagement and connecting. Just talk about that for a little bit.


Gail Robertson  10:44

A lot of times people think yes, I would lean more towards being more of an extrovert. I do enjoy networking. But everybody can network when you connect with people that you’re interested in. If you have that interest, and you can ask questions. You don’t have to go to the networking event. And you know, do this, some people don’t like small talk. So I would say find a group where you find other people that are talking about things you do have an interest in if you don’t want to do the small talk, you don’t have to. I talked to people I mean, I talk about cycling, I talk about size parenting, I talk about fitness, I talk about health, I talk about mold, baking, so find what you’re interested in.

And don’t always think about just you know, is it about business? And can you make money? My mom told me this and this is more in the world of sort of dating relationships. If you marry for money, you’ll earn every penny. And if you work for money, only your you will earn every penny because if you’re gonna wake up and go, Oh, hey, we’re I know there are people that I’ve talked to the best salespeople. They’re not of course they do it. They’d like the paycheck. But the best salespeople do it because they like people they love. They’re passionate, they’re engaged. They’re energized. Yeah. And that’s when you have success.

I wake up every day now and I love what I do. And I mean, again, not always but it’s it’s finding that that ability to do stuff you love, find the people you like connecting with. I mean, I ended up I’m in a happy hour each Friday was so good. It’s that is connected me with amazing people. Kurt, you’ve introduced me to someone like Brian Leo, who’s now I’m working with him on some Google so it’s, it’s fascinating when you can not think about networking and social media only about what you’re going to get from it. Yeah, this is this is a lesson in life. It’s really about what can you offer, what can you give, what can you contribute?

Ingres on here. Anger is someone that works with me now. And she is probably the best example of someone. She does a lot of talks for inspiration and gratitude. And we often talk about you know, she she is the best salesperson and she doesn’t sell in this in the typical sense of the word because people come to her because she offers good information. She’s supportive, she expresses gratitude. She’s very knowledgeable. So and there’s lots of people that I know on this, like Greg Michio, who’s shared this event today did a bigger I want to mention a date.

Now Dan, is someone okay? I have to talk with them for a minute because it is. Well, well, I got I got Dan. Yeah. The I call him the poster child for manufacturing, marketing and sales, because his background is not in also in manufacturing. But he is phenomenal at networking connecting. So anybody that’s not connect with him, please connect with him because he will just go watch what he does stand back and watch what he does on LinkedIn. It’s amazing. And Twitter. And another person I do want to mention because this is about getting outside your comfort zone as well.

Tim Galbraith is a sales manager Cavalier, and he has become someone that’s really stretching his comfort zone when it comes to some things about social media when it comes to doing trade shows. And I sometimes think they they question me at times, but they they’ve had great success because I often say, I’ll quote daymond right now, you want to be the red m&m in the bowl of green m&ms. People also are reluctant to do that. They often think that if they do that, they’re going to look like they’re bragging, they’re going to look like oh, people might laugh at me. And you know what they might? They might, but you you’re not going to please everyone you’re not sure.

So just think about how you can connect with the right people. And I’ve done lots of testing on this and been teased about selfies and teased about all sorts of things. But people remember it and they approached me because they want to learn more about that. So even if you’re not comfortable with it. Again, anger is a good example. She said she started out she hated doing videos. Now she’s about ready to launch a live show. So


Damon Pistulka  15:03



Gail Robertson  15:05

Good examples too. So


Curt Anderson  15:07

that’s right, man. I’m 52 we have no hair and I’m all over the place, you know. So if I can do it, anybody can do it. But I absolutely love what you’re saying here, Ghana and what a perfect title the chief curiosity officer, my dear friend, Jean Corollas is on the call with us today, Gail, you need to connect with Jean. She’s a business advisor with a Small Business Development Center in New York and her and I go way back and was with the SBDC Small Business Development Center, encourage everybody go visit your SBDC.

But as an advisor, I always kidded around. I’m like, you know what, I’m the advisor that hates given advice. I figured, you know, I could do a great job, the better I don’t use the word perfected. But the better questions I asked, the better I could become as an advisor.

So I love what you’re saying about being curious. Yeah. And like, English is a perfect example. I would love to connect with you sometime. I know I see your posts all the time. selfless, you know, always helping always doing shout outs other Greg issue is just phenomenal at this. Greg can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. And of course, you mentioned Dan bigger, just that relentless marketer always lifting people up, always connecting. And of course, my friend Damon, all of us are here, because of demon damage through COVID. I dude, your MVP.

I know you’re so modest. But going through that. But let’s dig into manufacturers. Okay, we have a lot of manufacturers on the call today. That’s our friend diamond, Alaska, again, Chase in Ohio Valley here in New York. So for our manufacturers that are very resistant or reluctant. They think social, like that’s dinner on Facebook last night. That’s not for me. Let’s dispel that myth right here right now Gail, talk about like, what social strategies? What should manufacturers be doing right now with social?


Gail Robertson  16:52

Well, here’s the thing with you, or you might be doing okay right now. But I often say you don’t want that well to run dry. Because priming and dry well is never a good idea. Yep, the pandemic has forced manufacturers into the forefront of social media. And there is some resistance because they’re not used to it. They’re used to doing face to face they’re used to doing trade shows. But the world has changed.

And even now with upcoming trade shows, you’re going to find fewer people, you’re just not going to find the leads, this has already been happening in other areas in the market, and other retail and other, you know, worlds of retail and consumerism manufacturers is a little slow on the uptake on this. And I strongly suggest that people start, you know, looking at how to use social media as a tool. And I get asked as well like, what social media platform should I be on? And I always say you should be on the platform where your clients are your customers, your future? And also what are you going to use and embrace and be able to, to tailor it with your messaging?

So yeah, that’s a and you don’t have to like it. I think that’s the other thing is it’s not necessarily something that you may love. But we all do things that we don’t love sometimes. So I will one of the teachings that I do around curiosity. And then I have a three step process, which is sign up, suit up and showed up show up. So the signup part, this is if you don’t do step one, you’re not going to be successful at two and three steps. Step one is mindset. You have to sign up and decide, do you want to do this? Do you want to have success at sales? Do you want to be able to get new clients?

Do you want to have another opportunity, it’s another tool to use. It’s not the only tool, it’s one of the tools, you’re still going to be on the phone, you’re still going to see people in person, but you have to start looking at other opportunities. So that’s the sign up deciding that you’re going to do this, even if you don’t want to do it. Number two is the suit up. That’s where you do the research, you start looking at where what platforms are the best to use. Maybe you’ll like LinkedIn, maybe you can use Facebook, Twitter, that’s where you can also reach out, get some help.

There’s lots of people even on this call right now that can help you guide you through that. And then the final one, my most favorite is show up. You do need to show up, you need to step up, you know, use some video, be able to show up at networking events, even if you’re uncomfortable, and maybe you don’t know you’re not sure how to use the platform. And I know there’s some people on here today I see. And I would bet that I Brian, I’m going to do another show from Kevin, I don’t think he’s been on Rambo before.

He’s here. He’s commenting. He’s a president of a company to me, that’s now that company last year also had the best year ever during the pandemic. There’s a connection here. If you connect the dots between and if you look at anybody that’s had success, they’re usually that red m&m. They stepped outside their comfort zone. I mean, I started again as in journalism and had to make some change. Just along the road and Dan I’m going to do it in bigger shattered again, because he’s saying issues with LinkedIn. And if you have too many connections and all that, come over to tick tock


Curt Anderson  20:11

and Twitter


Gail Robertson  20:12

and Twitter Yeah, Twitter is pretty limited, but you can have like, you know, there’s 4 million followers on Tiktok so and that’s an area see now that’s that’s like I’ve started doing some Tick Tock because that’s a bit outside my comfort zone. But with my son’s help, I’m I’m trying some, some different things because it’s an opportunity for me also to expand and get outside my comfort zone. Still, I know people still think Oh, come on, do you must be


Curt Anderson  20:39

so on Yeah. Like Dan says, any of us with teenagers will just get like, yeah, like you did, we’ll just get our teenagers to help us with with tic tac, but even what we’re gonna we’re gonna say, Well, I mean, I


Damon Pistulka  20:49

think even the you know, comfort zone is is relative, right. And, and comfort zone would could be I’ve never posted on a platform before. And I know that you know, that. LinkedIn is my platform, I should be posting and, and people really, and especially manufacturers, they look at this, and you know, hell, I’m an I’m an engineer remedy, you know, I’ve moved out of my comfort zone by miles over the years.

And what we really need to understand is, I think that when we as manufacturers look at it, we think social media, and we all gravitate, and it may be our age, Facebook, and it’s not like it’s it’s not like that, really it’s about meeting people and meeting people learning about them sharing stories, you know, and like, yesterday, we had an event where we’re doing e commerce training and, and met Chase and who was Mark Mark hill from MD plastics, why used to be injection molding, I mean, I grew up I literally I started when I was in my teens, and and till my mid 30s, I was in molding.

And you know, you just meet these people as it’s interesting stories. And you know, Dan, being in mold molding, Dan, and I connected. And now Dan’s in extrusion, well, one of the companies that I ran, after that we bought 10s, of 1000s of feet of different of different types of extrusion to make the products we did. And you just, it’s just so much fun meeting people and talking to them and learning their stories. And then building this network of people that can help help everyone succeed.


Gail Robertson  22:22

Yeah, amen. You said it, that best comfort zone is relative. So I don’t expect like I’m not saying do what I do. Like, that’s, this is me, I use certain platforms. Maybe for a lot of people that are starting out, it’s maybe just, you know, saying I’m going to post once a month, once every two weeks, especially on LinkedIn, that’s a good place probably to start. To me, it’s like the safest place. If you don’t want to show too much, you know, personality, or first you just want to start out at an easier pace. And LinkedIn is no longer just for people looking for jobs. LinkedIn has changed dramatically.

The other thing is that I’m really finding, you know, when we make assumptions about some of these platforms, there’s, as I’ve been digging in and really watching what’s happening on tik tok, it is there’s some changes on there, all young people on there. So again, it takes, but again, you have to find who is your audience? Where are they? How do you commute, you’re not going to communicate the same way on each platform. And but it’s, again, it comes down to you know, I go back to what is your goal, and if you want to have success, look at the people who are doing well right now and the people who are struggling. And I’ve seen this across the board with us.

People that have you know, stepped outside of their comfort zone. And I’ve got feedback from people that once they start using a social media, they do get over time people reaching out to them wanting to do business with them. But it doesn’t happen right away. Oh, no. That’s so start. If you you know, you want to build something. You got it. Yeah, start now to build over time. Like I’ve been building a manufacturing over the last, you know, year and a half.


Curt Anderson  24:05

Yeah, right. So to give a shout out to give a shout out to you know, I’m president of the Greg Micheel fan club, you know that, you know, that demon right now, you know, just to give a shout out to my buddy Greg Miss, you know, so he preaches the digital twin. If anybody has not seen one of his workshops, webinars, his content, you have to connect with Greg misu.

And I love what you’re saying gal because what he preaches that digital twin is like, act online, like you would in person. And so at our e commerce training just yesterday, you know, Mark, Chase, you know, again, if it’s new to you, you know, like, like, I broke up with Facebook A while ago. You’re welcome. You’re welcome, Greg. But you know, I broke up with Facebook A while ago, just that might, you know, was my thing a while ago and not my thing anymore.

So like, again, if you have that stigma or that, you know, that negativity towards like, Facebook sees I don’t want to connect with you know, somebody went to prom with you know, 100 years ago, that type of thing, but it’s a totally different thing. And again, every relationship on here, john and jersey, Aaron, you guys, is purely what not the relationships we’ve created through a really difficult past 18 months, all these amazing friendships have come in relationships. And we’re doing business together. We’re rooting each other on. We’re helping propel each other’s businesses all through and thanks to LinkedIn, you know,


Damon Pistulka  25:22

both people here. That’s how we all met everybody on the stage here.


Curt Anderson  25:27

Yeah, that’s right. You know, it’s all about LinkedIn. So So again, let’s go, let’s speak to that custom manufacturer. Okay. You know, their website looks like Damon, what do you what do you call it back to, you know, back to the 90s? Yeah, yeah. Well, you know, let’s say your website is, you know, your nephew did it in 2005. It’s a little shaky, a little resistant.

How do you work with, you know, say a guy like, Brian, we’re like, Hey, you know, I’ve built a really successful business for a long time without this whole social media thing. But you know, what the world is upside down. Now, I can’t go to trade shows, my sales reps are grounded. How do you like help them baby, like, let’s go through some baby steps through that manufacturer that’s a little resistant to this?


Gail Robertson  26:06

Well, number one, I will say I am. I mean, the reason I am working with Cavalier and it’s gone well is that they were already had the website, they were already like, steps ahead. And Brian has an exceptional marketing mind already. So that’s why we work really well together. I will say for people starting out, you know, if you have a website, that’s probably step one.

But you do need a website, you need a functioning website, you need a website that should reflect your image, much like what Greg said, your digital twin, it should reflect who you are, like, what is it that you stand for your values, so and you can get some websites done, you know, WordPress, things have changed again, too, in terms of you can, you know, set your budget to get a website. The next thing is looking at how you can and this is what I do, I always try to do a whole strategy. And that’s where I provide some guidance around that. And there are other people like Greg’s that were like, there’s people on this call, too, that could also help.

What you want to do is look at what are your goals? And then setting up the objectives? And what are the steps that will get you there? So it’s not like, Okay, I have to be on every platform, I actually say, No, you should pick the platforms again, that you that you’re going to actually manage and work with. And there’s different views on this, this gets a little more complicated, cuz you want to also establish your name, and you know, get your name on all these.

Yeah, but pick which one that really is going to resonate and where you’re going to connect. And, you know, I use LinkedIn differently than Facebook differently than Twitter. And I don’t use the same messaging across each platform. And, you know, it’s, it’s really about taking some time to plan out that and decide what you’re going to commit to, and how you can set you know, what is your budget and seeing marketing as just like, you know, the equipment you’re buying, you know, people will invest in it and HR and other piece of equipment.

Well, marketing is also something you need to invest in, because you want to invest also in even when you’re doing well and having success, that’s the time when you’re still promoting. So, you know, a lot of times what happens is people either stop when they’re doing well, or stop when they’re not doing well. And you want to have consistency. If If I can suggest one key thing when it comes to social when it comes to building your brand. Be consistent. If you’re going to post post once a month post, like post on a regular enough basis, show up regularly in networking groups, because people will open doors for you. Yeah, but if you don’t show up, that won’t happen.


Curt Anderson  28:41

Yeah, yeah, consistency is absolutely key. absolutely critical. You know, doing St. That’s why we’re why we’re here at 130 to 1030 to write Damon every week, every Friday, every Friday, but I love you know, I think Ray I think Ray’s a guy know how to jump but Ray gives an awesome line. If you guys don’t know, you know, connect with razor guy. No, he talks about you know what, so many manufacturers, they’re like, I don’t have time for social media. I’m too busy making cold calls and sending emails that nobody responds to. I just have no time for social media. So I think that’s one of the most brilliant lines I’ve ever heard.

But, you know, you know, our group here on Fridays, Dan and john, everybody, the Twitter manufacturing group every Thursday, two o’clock eastern time. They do an amazing group and what’s every every one of these What are they doing? They’re building community daymond I know that’s what you’re preaching a ton in our training workshop. Yeah, it’s fun. is building talk about building community like how talk about like what you’ve done with exit your way? Well, you


Damon Pistulka  29:46

know, it really it happens with him and I see Dan doing this with the USA manufacturing, I it really happens because you’re like, Hey, I just want to help people and then all of a sudden more and more people get engaged. You’re injecting energy and they’re injecting energy and, and then you just start to talk about stuff and business and challenges and become friends with people. And it’s so much fun. It’s like it’s intoxicating to be able to, to meet with people and learn more about them, you know, and then it started.

And honestly, it started off in COVID, because business owners were having problems. I knew it was a hard time. And it’s something that I had gone before and been gone through in businesses before because I was doing turnaround management for equity companies. And then the next thing you know, I was just gonna have some zoom calls with a few of the people I knew.

And pretty soon we got 60 people on a zoom call. And here we are a year and a half later, whatever the heck it is. And we’ve got all these shows and podcasts, and I just, it’s just so much fun, meeting people, and building relationships. And if you’re in sales, like Dan’s doing with the USA, manufacturing our group on the Twitter chat, it all this is fun growing your business by building relationships. It sure


Gail Robertson  31:02

You know, and David, you said it best to that, you know, what is what is that comfort zone for people? And you know, what is it then it goes back to how do you define success because if you want to have sales, even if you may not find it as fun, you will, you know, if you’re in the right group, and you may have to test out a few that’s the other key thing is, you know, maybe this isn’t the right group, but another one is that there’s some groups that I’ve connected with. And you know, the for me, my long term goal is also to do speaking in the manufacturing world and use some of these you know, my background and knowledge and now I’ve opened doors have opened up globally.

So the same thing can happen with salespeople because this the Global Connections you can make. Now by using virtual networking is exceptional. There’s there’s no borders, you don’t have to worry like right now even with the border being closed. I it doesn’t stop me from you know, jumping on to even, you know, a virtual conference, doing calls using, you know, this type of platform using hoppin using zoom, I use stream yards, starting a live show.

So yes, I agree with you, David, there’s I mean, there’s nothing better to a salesperson than closing some deals and building relationships that ended up in not just you know, the money part of but also helping someone solve a problem. Yeah, what better way to show people how to solve a problem and telling a story on social that’s that’s phenomenal.


Damon Pistulka  32:35

When manufacturers have so many stories they don’t even understand the stories they have. You know what in every time you talk to the manufacturer, I just go god there’s so much here there’s so much here to talk about and it’s like well, I just run on my runner mins manufacturing business and it really, but they didn’t understand like all of us that our day to day is interesting to hear how we’ve overcome challenges or our successes and things like that. So


Gail Robertson  33:00

it’s not an age thing. I will say this, like a lot of people say all social media, it’s it’s young people, no young people may use it for certain reasons. But I tell you people that have knowledge and the expertise, it’s like learning a new learning any new tool that you have to use, and I will say this, I started on a manual typewriter. I mean, it was a mere child, but But yeah, a manual typewriter to the typewriter now to using all these devices and technology.

So believe me, it’s not an age, it’s a mindset. And if you don’t have a great mindset, you will probably have very, you’ll have some difficulties as we read because if you don’t change your mindset, it’s going to be hard to find new and creative ways. So


Curt Anderson  33:48

yeah, perfect young Dan, but bigger says I was explaining that printers to my kids last night. Well guess what, Damon was that ZZ Top last night for us older dues. And Damon I know both of you and I we had our eight track players. ZZ Top all the time back in the day, right. So again, so what I love what you’re saying Gail, and again, and I just big bromance, Damon, I’m cheating on you. I got to throw another shout out to Greg, you know, Greg misu always preaches that know, like, and trust, know, like and trust. And we had Dave Meyer, another great marketer, for manufacturers in Minneapolis. He was our guest back in July.

Yeah. You know, and he talks about, you know, he had a slide up in his presentation 70% of that purchase, or the buying decision is already made before they even pick up the phone. You know, again, what we preach at our, you know, training workshops. Don laska. You’ve heard me say this 1000 times, we want How can we help those buyers make a buying decision on a Friday night at midnight, without having to wait for us to open up our doors on Monday? And daymond? Just yesterday you were talking about? It’s no longer it’s not b2b. It’s not b2c.

What is it? human to human, human to human and that’s what socialist guys so again, so no manufacturers out there that, you know, hey, newer, this whole social thing, let’s just be ourselves, let’s put ourselves out there. videos, so and so forth, gal now I, you know, one of the things I love I wouldn’t I actually went back and looked like some of our conversation, I’m like when did Gail and I actually meet, you know, and went back to some of our conversations now you kind of you you deem yourself a little bit of an accountability coach, if you will might correct, right. If, if a client doesn’t really kind of like, like, what, how do you handle that?


Gail Robertson  35:30

Well, I just was on a network event earlier to global tea break. And one of the women that was in that small group said, you know, she doesn’t take all clients and and I think that’s a really, you know, people say, Whoa, that you should and like, No, I think, again, the most successful consultants are, there is some being selective, but it’s like any relationship, you don’t want to just, you know, connect up with anybody, you want to connect with people that have similar values. And for me, it’s like, there has to be some buy into that they’re committed to that three step process.

So step one, there has to be the mindset and the belief in social media, and also the belief in me, I mean, I, you know, not to sound cocky with this, but like, I have had a lifetime now of some experiences from being in journalism to being a marketing manager.

I’ve tested out things, and I know, what works. And if I don’t know, this is what I learned as a journalist. And this is so key. If I don’t know something, I know who to go to, to get the answer. So there’s people like, you know, last year on this call, and Greg michos, would be a really good person as well. There’s lots of agencies out there, Brian Leone, I mean, I’m, I know something about Google Analytics, but we’re going to be working together because he’s going to help me take that up to the next level.

So that’s key, it’s so yes, in terms of that’s why I call myself a strategy guide, and not so much a coach because a coaches you’re supposed to let me help you get there. I’m gonna say, I’m gonna guide you. And so I kind of get out of the way a bit and let’s move forward because it’s like going on a trip. So let me prepare the map. Let me prepare the snacks that you may want, you know, chocolate chip cookies instead of oatmeal raisin. But, you know, you want cookies, right? So this is this is the plan that I bring forward. And it it works.

So that’s how it works. And, you know, working with clients that I do have, I also have one client outside of manufacturing in mental health, that’s Canadian Mental Health Association locally. And that we’ve also had some connection. I love connecting like you, Kurt, who I call the manufacturing Matchmaker, I like to connect the different parts of my world. And there’s lots of and that would be probably a discussion for another day to talk about the impact of, you know, mental health and issues for manufacturing, especially in male dominated workplaces. We really need to do more about that, too. So


Curt Anderson  37:57

no, that’s awesome. And I think just a note, you know, Damon, we said human to human, it’s, it’s hard to hire, you know, and that’s the thing is like, we’re all in this together.

And just coming online, and it’s just, you know, and again, like we back to raise a gun on we’re giving shout outs a lot of people today, you know, he calls it you know, we’re talking yesterday about the wee wee syndrome Yeah, much make it all about us and me and we and I on your website, or like, like commission breath, you know, like you have that, you know, you’re at that networking event or you’re at that chamber event, and someone’s always trying to sell you again, you know, Dan big are just out there relentlessly helping, helping, helping, you know, Greg said, being the go giver, gal.

I know we could chat all day, my friend, but I want to it was time to get back to the table. So let’s we’ll start winding down. What’s in store for you? So we’re coming into Canada last of 2021? Man, time flies by I haven’t. What, what’s, what’s on the forefront for you? Where are you taking your business? What do you preach into your clients moving forward for the rest of 2021?


Gail Robertson  38:58

Well, it’s continuing to just keep you know, taking up a notch so I like to lead by example. So one of the things I am doing is I am exploring and doing some things on Tick Tock not so much develop on my Tick Tock platform, but how the tick tock provides some of my videos like the one that my son did, how can we bring a little bit more fun to things that make it you know, enjoyable. The other thing that is coming up, there is a trade show, I’m working on that with my client to go the Emerald, which is in Chicago.

So that’s all about planning, you know, doing the social connecting the dots between, you know, we’ll be doing some Google ads, we’ll be doing, you know, preparation for the actual on the floor type work, as well as the digital. So again, connecting those dots and I loved what Greg said and what you said, just to summarize this is that, you know, bring your self to social just as you would if you were on the floor at the trade show.

It’s really important that that personality comes out because people want to do business with with those individuals that they can Connect with. So that’s really key. And the next thing that I’m doing is for 2022 months traveling is I will be if and if anyone now wants to book me as a speaker, please get in touch. I am lining up my calendar for traveling the world and being a manufacturing marketing speaker as a chief curiosity officers.


Curt Anderson  40:20

That is so awesome. That’s when you know when you and I first met that was one of the first things you shared with me like you know, I’m on a Warpath, I’m on a mission. This is the direction I’m going. So get out. Everybody on this call. There are tons of people in your network in your corner. We are supporting you, we are rooting you on to success victory. It’s just such an honor and privilege being in your circle. You’re just you’re just such a breath of fresh air man, I just, I can’t express how much I appreciate you guys.

Again, I dropped Gil’s LinkedIn profile in the chatbox. What I’d like to do is how we do in time I ever hammer at quarter after already. I’m going to give you some time. So let’s let’s wrap up on a couple of notes number one next Friday. Next Friday, Damon Aaron is in the house. Aaron from Wisconsin, man we’re going to geek out hard on e commerce for manufacturers Aaron. Thank you. We are looking forward to that. Guys. I’m dropping a link in the chat box man you do not want to miss this temple university. Damon what’s going on at Temple University on Wednesday at 12 o’clock eastern time.


Damon Pistulka  41:23

I guess I’m speaking


Curt Anderson  41:25

you guys if you want a rock star webinar on e commerce for manufacturers Damon we were built were blown out this whole e commerce webinar series Temple University Damon I dropped the link in the chat box if you want to catch demon 1212 o’clock eastern time nine o’clock Pacific on Wednesday. Gail, I’m giving you a big virtual hug I want to thank you I appreciate you. You are just such a man big big hug. We all love you guys go out and connect with gal be like gal just spread that passion that contagious enthusiasm gal. God bless you. God bless everybody. Damon, take it away my friend.


Damon Pistulka  42:08

All right, Kurt. Thanks so much Gail for being here today is awesome. You know, and it’s hard not to get to get fired up when you’re when you’re on stage with two people like this. Thanks everyone in the chat. Russ hedges over there on LinkedIn live comment and given good stuff for Gail you. So thanks for being there and LinkedIn live. We’re going to drop off there and go back to the tables on Remo. Shout out,


Curt Anderson  42:31

Brian. Shout out to Brian in Toronto. Thanks, dude. Thanks for being here today. Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  42:36

good stuff.

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