March Professional Networking

Every month, the Exit Your Way Roundtable members have an episode on professional networking. This lets them interact with their current members and get to know new members.

Every month, the Exit Your Way Roundtable members have an episode on professional networking. This lets them interact with their current members and get to know new members.

The conversation started with Damon Introducing the pattern of the episode. He also mentioned that there was a guest speaker for this week’s episode, however, he got busy in a family emergency. Therefore, they dedicated this episode to March professional networking.

After this, Damon appreciated everyone who joins the show on a weekly basis. Further, he also thanked the new members who had joined for the first time. He said that these interactive sessions are very beneficial for everyone who joins the show.

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Furthermore, following the same pattern, Damon introduced the question of the day for the professional networking episode. The question was that do you feel older or younger than your age and why?

Moving on, Damon asked Andrew Deutsch to introduce himself on the show. Andrew introduced himself saying that he works in a company that is a strategy first marketing company. This includes helping companies that are stuck and don’t understand who their customer is.

Andrew answered the question saying that he feels younger in most situations because he likes to have fun and enjoy life. After this, Brad Smith took the stage. Brad said that his job is to understand his clients to know where they currently are and where they want to get.

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Brad mentioned the answer to the question saying that he feels younger. This is because he is in better shape now.

After this, AJ introduced himself. AJ is from India and is a staffing agent for an IT company. Answering the question AJ said that for him when he is with his parents he feels young. However, when he is with his friends he feels older. So for him, he says that it depends on the situation.

Further, into the conversation, John said that he is in a clubhouse. Answering the question, he said that he has a teenage daughter who keeps him young. After this, Damon introduced Jacob Warren. Jacob said that he helps people with technologies like cybersecurity, office 365, and other related things.

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Answering the question Jacob said that he is 37 and considering Mark Zuckerberg he is way behind his age. However, overall he feels roughly his age, gives or takes 20 years.

Moving on John joined the life to put in his two cents. He shared that he is the Director of Marketing at Tessa. Answering the question John said that he just recently celebrated his 16th anniversary for being 21. He also said that there are days he feels young and days he feels old.

After this, Damon welcomed Jill Valdez on the stage of this professional networking episode. Jill said that she works as a strategist for businesses and helps them understand how to utilize their staff in the best possible way.

Answering the question Jill said that she definitely feels young and her inspiration for this is Walt Disney. Josh Curcio from protocol 80 answered the question saying that he definitely feels younger than his age.

Kevin William, Troy Neihaus, and Garth Brooks said that they always feel younger than they are because they’re in the process of learning. Lastly, Damon himself answered the question saying that he is usually accused of being 12 years old and he loves it.

The conversation ended with Damon thanking everyone for their presence on the show.

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Kevin Williams, Damon Pistulka, Jill Valdez, Andrew Deutsch, Troy Neihaus, Brad Smith, Josh Curcio



Thanks. Good morning.


Damon Pistulka  00:04

Good morning. Good morning. I’m going live here on LinkedIn. And I see that we got more stuff here. Thanks, everyone for joining us here today on Remo. Appreciate you here. Thank you for joining us. Again, if you’re joining us on LinkedIn this morning, go ahead and tell us where you’re coming from. I apologize profusely for those people that got on remote this morning. And it said 8am. On I set up wrong. You think we’re doing this over here? I would have done it right. But no, I did not. Oh, and I see we got some new faces here. And unreal. Oh, that’s cool. Glad to see on there. So if you’re on LinkedIn, go ahead and hit the





Damon Pistulka  00:51

What’s it saying?



I’m not going live on LinkedIn. I’m gonna try it again. There we go. Now we’re live.





Damon Pistulka  01:00

I thought we are live on LinkedIn. But we weren’t until now. So if you’re live on LinkedIn, go ahead and tell us where you’re coming in from ask questions throughout the event, we’re monitoring the chat there. So we’re gonna do that. Thank you. Like I said, once again, everyone returning people that have been here to the roundtable, make it a great place, I apologize, because I had it wrong this morning and was here for the 730 networking I had set up for 8am. And then as AJ was so kind to remind me, I had to reset. But let’s, let’s get started today, today is our March networking event, we were going to have Mark Sacramento talk about jobs to be done theory.

But marks Mark had a little COVID incident his family with it with the child that I believe got it. And we wanted to make sure to give him time to, to work through that. But he will be here next week doing the jobs, jobs to be done theory and how he actually used it in a ecommerce company to help understand more about their customers, I’m pretty excited about that to be able to, to just learn because if you haven’t talked to mark before, he was with a company from about 10 million in revenue, all the way up to 150. So you got to think about the changes that you had to go through in that. And it’s gonna be interesting to see the different things about this.



He’s got an interesting background too, because he’s got web development, e commerce. I mean, he’s got a lot of good experience.


Damon Pistulka  02:27

Yeah, yeah. And thanks, Bonnie, they’re on LinkedIn. I see you’re here on remote and on LinkedIn. So you’re rocking it in both places. Thanks for being here. So again, without further ado, on our networking event, we like to have fun. And if, if we don’t, we need to know how to get better and do that.



So your suggestion we did is right, if we’re not having fun.


Damon Pistulka  02:50

Yeah, it’s not right. And we’re not having fun. Because those of you who’ve been around know that we like to have a little fun. And while we may not be the most polished, we do like to be prolific and have fun while we’re doing it. So what we’re going to start out with today is Andrew is is, is taking care of some home repair emergencies. He actually is is trying to do things from Wi Fi hotspot, but it’s not working. So we’re gonna go go with that we’re gonna fly solo without him today or do without him today, I guess with Iran.



We might go along because he wants us to shut it down.


Damon Pistulka  03:26

Yeah, yeah, that’s right. That’s right. Because he is the timekeeper if you guys don’t know that he’s in the background, you know, and he’s hitting the watch and the watch going that god he’s mentioning your background, it’s time to wrap it up, guys. So glad to see everyone’s dropping their names in the chat. She says she can’t hear IRA for some reason. I don’t know. Can everybody else if somebody is on remote? Can you guys hear I were there.



Oh, sing your song. Very good song. My bear quit seeing if you can hear me. All right. Well,


Damon Pistulka  04:02

we will we will work on this. If we go we got some technical details.



Oh. There you go. Use it and use it.


Damon Pistulka  04:13

Unfortunately, yes. Oh, we we had at least a barrage of of our comments. And that’s great. Because we know we know that



on LinkedIn. Can anybody hear me on LinkedIn?


Damon Pistulka  04:25

That might be worse. It’s hard to hear but well we’ll get that figured out. So thanks once again, everyone for joining love this. I just got to say I’m so appreciative of being able to talk with you guys on a weekly basis and and some and I love the way that people can float in and out if their business is busy. Hey, go take care of that. We love that when you get a chance. Come back and stop by and you’re gonna see some familiar faces, get to build some better relationships, and maybe even do some business.



Yeah, that’s that. That’s what we really want, right? We want Yes. To help win win, you know, Mike O’Connor talks about all the time I talked about times, you know, it helps you It helps me it’s that’s a win. Let’s do it.


Damon Pistulka  05:10

Yeah, yeah, if we can do nothing more than encourage each other in this group, I think we’ve, we’ve, we’ve accomplished our goal. But if we can have fun, and we can actually build some business out of it, then I think it’s stellar. And, and I’m so appreciative to see everyone here, when you can be enjoying with us in the new faces too, because I think, as we bring new faces in, they will, maybe some of them will see that the magic that that some some of us do CNS and the fun we have.

So I’m just, I’m just so appreciative of that, and glad you’re here today. So what we’re going to do on our networking event is like we do, we’re going to bring some people up, we’re going to get to you’re going to get to do your introduction, give us your so called elevator speech, pitch, because I don’t like that thing. But we’re gonna do that. And then the question of the day, and this one is something that hits me often. Do you feel older or younger than your age? And why? So do you feel older or younger than your age? And why? So, without further ado, Ira, you got to bring people up. Do you want me start doing it?



I can bring him up.


Damon Pistulka  06:23

There you go. Let’s really start rolling through. We got a good group of people here. We’re gonna



we’re gonna start with AJ. No, he just popped off. So we’re gonna start with Andrew. All right. Bring up Brad as well.


Damon Pistulka  06:35

So well. Andrew is coming on. I just gotta say I was I was lucky enough to interview Andrew this week about the future of sales powered by AI. And if you haven’t, haven’t heard him talk about this. schedule a time to talk to him about it. Because this is pretty cool. Or just catch the LinkedIn that we did, because he’s working on some really cool stuff. So I just had to say it, Andrew, go ahead. Welcome. introduce you, man.


Andrew Deutsch  07:04

Can I give my escalator speech instead of in elevators?



I start using the



escalator graphic.



Yeah. But I


Andrew Deutsch  07:15

know I need to go find



the elevator.


Damon Pistulka  07:19

There you go. elevator.



escalator. Yeah,


Andrew Deutsch  07:23

maybe maybe I’ll just use I’ll use my hoist speech.



That’ll get me up there.


Andrew Deutsch  07:29

Yeah, I mean fangled. We’re a strategy first marketing company. So I help companies that are stuck and don’t recognize who their customer is. recognize it, learn from it understand their pains and needs and how they can differentiate as a company to best alternative solutions for that customer and convert every one of their touches into a voracious lead for their for their brands. herbaceous advocate for the brand. I’m sorry.



And I’ll make you look cool on the process, too. Yeah, we’ll


Andrew Deutsch  08:02

have some fun. We’ll blow stuff up. Yeah. Especially myths, myths and legends that keep people from from growing their business. Yeah. And the question was, do I feel older or younger? And why? Yes.


Damon Pistulka  08:16






Andrew Deutsch  08:18

Depends. Depends on the audience. But usually, I’m certainly much, much younger than my my years. In the way I like to have fun in life. Most most of my friends were already looking for when they get their sugar free jello when the nurse brings it in. So


Damon Pistulka  08:38

good. That’s good. So you feel both. So let’s, let’s hear about this a little bit. What makes you feel younger than your age?


Andrew Deutsch  08:48

Because I still like to really enjoy most everything I do, like a kid. And I want to have fun and, and learn, always learning and so many, so many folks, my age and older have sort of gotten to that point where they think they’ve already learned everything. Yeah, if I can’t, if I if I’m participating in things that don’t make me smarter and better. I don’t want to do them anymore. Yeah, I want to, I want to be involved in constantly learning and figuring things out and experiencing new things. And I think that’s, that’s what keeps me Oh,


Damon Pistulka  09:17

nice. Nice. Awesome. Awesome. Well, great to have you here today, Andrew. And for those of you on LinkedIn, I just did reset the audio sharing. So hopefully that’s improved it there. Yeah, you’re asking the questions there. So good. Well, Brad, awesome to see you today. Tell us a little bit about how you’re helping people and then answer the infamous Question of the day. Alright.


Brad Smith  09:40

So I feel like my job is to understand my clients well enough that I can shorten the distance from where they’re at, to where they want to go. And if I can’t reduce the time by half hour, so I think it’s gonna take me you know, four years to get there. Good. Let’s do it in two.

So That’s, that’s my goal with my clients, and always take that outside edge, they feel like they can accomplish and just add a zero to it and we’re good. Okay. That’s my goal. Listen, listen deeper, no better, you know, give feedback and open my mouth. Why do I, I feel younger than I am. Um, I think I just took, like, 20 years out of my life. And it’s like, I, I feel like I’m minimum of 50 I’m actually in better shape right now than I was when I was any What? When I was 18 in high school. So


Damon Pistulka  10:39

yeah, that’s, that’s awesome. Because I hear you there because I am I’m, I’m getting that way myself. And it I think that is, is really something to think about as we age is, is your body becomes much more important. The health of your body as you get older. Yeah,



I’m thinking about that right now.


Brad Smith  11:00

I treat it like a lab experiment. The things I put in depend on what I get to experience and what comes out. Right. So yeah, the skin all the other stuff, all the energy experiments, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  11:18

Well, unfortunately, for me, when I was young, I didn’t know what sunscreen was. So I think I’m gonna be dealing with that. But yeah, it is great to hear Brad and and and it’s awesome to have you today. Love your input and your experience and how you help companies, you know, add a zero to their revenue. It’s pretty crazy, really. So good stuff. Good stuff. I’m AJ, awesome to have you here today.

And I think I think we probably have the LinkedIn stuff fixed because I had this is a new computer I’m using so it’s, I think the output video, audio was gone to the wrong place. So you probably can hear us now on LinkedIn. And we’ll keep going. AJ, tell us a little bit about yourself. And then you can answer the question of the day.



Hey, guys, this is AJ, I’m from India. So I’m into the staffing industry. I work as a business development manager and it recruiter as well. So where I help my clients to find the right people for their, I mean, the work for the looking for. So so I just removed me to the IT sector like developers, that means DevOps and all this kind of stuff. So if you have trouble in finding people, so I’m the person to help.


Damon Pistulka  12:33

Yeah, yeah. So do you feel older or younger than your age? Jj?



It’s a kind of a mixed. few instances, I just feel well, so in few instances, I just fill in the survey. When I’m just, I mean, when I’m just being with my parents, I just will have still me as a kid. Yeah, okay. So when I’m just just roaming with my friends, so I just feel that I’m just getting older. And particularly when my birthday comes up, I just say, Hey, I’m just being critical. So I’m just getting old.


Damon Pistulka  13:08

Good stuff. Good stuff. Well, I’ll tell you the interesting thing since it since it just happened this way. And Kurt, you’re on the screen the same time as AJ is. AJ used to work in manufacturing. He’s got a mechanical engineering degree. And most of his it sourcing he does are for manufacturers. So I thought that was interesting.

My little screw up this morning about not getting the time’s right on the event allowed me to talk to AJ for a few more minutes and learn bit more about him and how he, when he’s doing the recruiting, he really goes into the deep details of someone’s experience, and ensures that that candidate has the actual experience that they’re talking about and hasn’t, you know, the C stretch the truth of it, is what I’ll say so it’s awesome. Thanks for being here. AJ, we’re gonna get Kurt Anderson, the e commerce evangelist for manufacturers. Great to have you here today, man. So, AJ, great



to see you. Man, john, a new guy in our group. He’s an awesome dude. We’re we have a chat scheduled tomorrow. He’s been to our Friday webinar. So So guys for the Anderson. Ira. Love you, brother. How are you? Damon? Love you.



Um, I have a



I have a quick little clubhouse thing. So if you guys haven’t been on clubhouse yet, so I jumped on. You know, my friend Damon got me on clubhouse. And so I’ve been actually kind of enjoying it. It’s pretty interesting. So I have a teenage daughter who keeps me young and love of my life. And she’s a nice skater. So I for those of you who’ve ever had kids that are ice sports, you live at the hockey rink or ice rink. So when I sit at the ice rink all the time I listen to podcast so yesterday, I’m like, you know, I’m going to listen to clubhouse.

And I jump on my K. Damon’s in a room and so I jump into this room for a clubhouse chat. And it’s it A bunch of women, there’s like 20 women on the stage and they’re celebrating International Women’s Day. And as woman’s going into this huge, huge introduction that she’s going to introduce this person that just came on stage, and she’s going on and on and she goes, and it’s my dear friend Damon Pistulka and all sudden, 20 women come off of new and they’re screaming at the top of their lungs for Damon, and I’m like, I’m new to clubhouse, but I have never seen something like that. daymond Dude, you are a celebrity.


Damon Pistulka  15:31

She’s just a nice lady. And



so I text Damon, I’m like Damon, I go to your celebrity. I get your celebrity with the ladies. He goes those words I’ve never put together in one sentence ever.


Damon Pistulka  15:45

Yeah, they’ve ever been putting together I can guarantee you that but it but it was Tina de Lewis and she she is quite a quite a host on clubhouse. And, and it is it is interesting seeing how that platform is evolving. And it really



But the thing is, in all seriousness, I’m kind of kidding. But you know, so I jumped on it and right when I jumped on is when it happened, but you know what, in all seriousness, it’s just a testament of like, You are such a relentless networker. You’re such a go giver, you know, your Thursday meetings for the past year. So many of us have created great friendships because of what you’ve done. We’re doing business together because what you’ve done and now you’re bringing that energy to clubhouse, so my hat’s off to you. I’m just teasing you but I was just I was like, man, way to go dude. So it was just it was really nice to see people celebrating you yesterday. So


Damon Pistulka  16:34

yeah, yeah. laughing I would add your Deutsches put it in there. You know, that’s so great. Well, thanks. Great. Great to have you here. And and we will be hosting another wonderful guest tomorrow on the manufacturing ecommerce Success Series. Tomorrow and we’ve got another rat Roundtable. Tandy, Dan Biggers gonna be talking about his USA manufacturing our Twitter chat group in that thing. And if you haven’t checked that out, if you’re not in manufacturing and not getting on at least on Twitter and talking to those, get those people on there. It’s It’s It’s an awesome group there as well. So yeah,



thanks, guys.


Damon Pistulka  17:13

Also, Bonnie says she doesn’t have access to clubhouse, but I think it’s because you’re on Android. Right, Bonnie, I see that on LinkedIn. But if you have an apple, just let me know.



And get any invites we can send? Yeah. Let us know. Jacob Warren.


Damon Pistulka  17:29

awesome to see you. The man with the beard. I mean, he’s there. There are very few that equal a beard like that.



We’re supposed to be having a contest between you and Andrew, but maybe you will.


Damon Pistulka  17:42

He I think you win for the Grizzly Adams beard, that’s for sure. So



I like consistent. It’s not like it’s some of them. You see them and they’re like they’re missing chunks of something. Oh, yeah. You know what I mean? It’s like,



yeah, yeah.



Yeah. So



tell us about how you help people. And then we can answer the question of the day. Yeah. Well, very, thank you for that introduction as well. And for the wonderful beard. I don’t know I think.



Yeah, I think it started on Instagram that the Jacob beard. And then just, you know, keep picturing it. But yeah, no, I essentially I help people with technology, and how that transpires is whether it’s office 365, cybersecurity, or the complete it environment,



managed support, and help you develop the best strategy moving forward with it.


Damon Pistulka  18:48

He’s on rolls, man.



Yeah, no, I



just saw, ya know, the zip code is 42. You know, everything for you, for you nerds out there. But that’s the zip code for the beard. But yeah, um, and so, for the do I or do I feel younger? than



or do I feel younger than my age or older? And why?



Well, so let’s see. I’m, I’m 37. And Mark Zuckerberg is way ahead of me at this age. So I think I’m behind on that one. But now, not comparing it to that. But seriously, I think I’d feel roughly my age give or take 20 years.



That’s the delta of protection with it. Some things I’m very immature with and other things. I’ve been told them my head of my years, but mostly the immature things I think, according to my wife, I’m definitely younger than my age. Most of the kids and definitely will do that my age. Yeah. I think that about sums it up.


Damon Pistulka  19:56

I think anyone that has kids year older than They think then your age for them. That’s what it is. But



I think it’s been compared to dirt or something like that, you know, a couple times.


Damon Pistulka  20:10

Oh, awesome. Well, thanks for being here, Jacob. Glad to see you. Always, always happy to have you around. It’s great. Great. And having you and the beard. So yeah. awesome to see you here today, Gil. So happy you could join us. You’re on mute right now. Let’s get you off. Mute. unmute. Oh, you might have to get out and get back in again. Jill, and then then I’ll we’ll bring you up on stage again. All right. Cool. Like she can hear us. That’s good. Hey, john. JOHN, great to have you here today. Man, we have never met well on video before. So this is awesome.



No, this is awesome. This is


Damon Pistulka  20:53

not what you do, man. And then you can you can get on the Rapid Fire question today. And you actually got in on a pretty easy question, because some of our questions are like, Oh, I really don’t want to have to answer. This one’s a good one. So what you do?



Yeah, absolutely. No, I appreciate the time. This is fantastic. You know, Kurt and Dan bigger, have been instrumental and getting me involved in you know, things that you guys are doing. And the weekly events, the Twitter chat, I can’t wait for the the chat later today. So I’m the Director of Marketing for Tessa, and I am just on a path to get this company out of stealth mode. We are helping manufacturers optimize their production plans and schedules. And I’m looking to get in front of as many manufacturers as I possibly can to tell the company story, showcase our software, and just get the word out, you know, I’m a marketing team of one.

And I’ve been leveraging my CEO as the individual to kind of be the focal point of the company. But at some point, you know, I just within the last six months or so, you know what I was gonna throw throw the company on my back as well. So I’ve been very active on LinkedIn, Twitter, I think I posted more Twitter chats in the last six months I have in the 16 years. I’m on Twitter, so.

So it’s fantastic that way, and go into the question, the easy question. I think, like Jacob said, You know, I just celebrated my 16th anniversary of being 21. So that’s fantastic for me, and my kids keep me young. But then the next morning when I wake up, I feel 30 years older. Yeah, yeah, that’s gonna run. I’m gonna go play tag, we’re gonna do this. We’re gonna slam dunk, and then the next day, it’s like, I can’t get out of bed. Yes.


Damon Pistulka  22:38

I think that’s a lot of it. And that’s what kids are good for is that keep us young in that way. And then also help us realize how old we really can be.



Yeah, yeah. And later this month, we got, you know, we’re starting t ball, and we’re starting baseball, and my other one wants to do hockey. So I figured I’ll be living at Ball fields and ice rinks for the next probably six months. So that’s gonna be interesting as well. So I mean, this is going to be fantastic.


Damon Pistulka  23:01

Awesome. JOHN, great to have you here and look forward to learn more about you and the company that you work with. So Jill, you’re back. We got, we got we can hear you now. So awesome. To see you again. today. Jill. Jill comes to us from the Portland Oregon area. And tell us a little bit about what you’re helping people do Joe.


Jill Valdez  23:22

So I love having the opportunity to help people with strategies of bringing out the best in their staff. I love working with the small businesses or smaller businesses, and, and just helping them you know, I find so often that they’re doing great work. And they have great goals. And they haven’t figured out how to activate their staff how to activate their team to really be a part of the success. And so I love to provide those strategies for companies to do that. And as far as the question goes, I definitely feel younger than my age.

I love how old I am. I’m in my 50s. And it is a great time and I my husband and I were watching a documentary The other day on Walt Disney, Walt Disney and I posted about this on LinkedIn. He was 52 years old. When he first pitched the idea of Disneyland ground hadn’t even been broken. The land had named him purchase, but he had the vision for it. And he was 52 years old when he started that and he was flat broke like he was, he was bankrupt. He was in deep bandini and, um, and so I’m like, you know, what, if he can do what he did, starting at 52 then I’m, I’m doing great, you know, so


Damon Pistulka  24:46

awesome. Awesome. That’s a great example. That’s such a great example and I forget about that. I’m glad you reminded me because it’s, it’s something that you know, we all feel this pressure when we look at, like Jacob talked about with Mark Zuckerberg These young people that have been able to do these and you know, make these incredible businesses, but it happens at all ages. Yes. Yep. Having said all ages. Awesome, Jill, so great to have you. Thanks for showing up and and letting us know more about yourself. Yeah. Oh, Josh Kersey. Oh great to see you today, my friend. Tell us a little bit about how who you help and how you’re helping them. Yep, so


Josh Curcio  25:28

I’m CEO and partner at protocol at we work with manufacturing companies, typically they’re going to be contract manufacturers, tier one, tier two tier three suppliers and we help them with their inbound marketing efforts create content for them blog posts, ebooks, white papers, all that fun stuff. To good time.


Damon Pistulka  25:47

Yeah, yeah, well and you guys do it well and and we’ve seen got you and other people talk and Holly talk about the some of the work you do and the HubSpot stuff that you guys do. And it’s, it’s really remarkable. And I know the manufacturing community appreciates that guy things that that you do, and also have to say that I have been following you on on tap now. And I hope that that that I’m not over because I’ve just started using it if you can’t tell because my wife and I like to go out and visit breweries. If it’s nice days here in Seattle, and I started posting a lot of that so


Josh Curcio  26:24

I don’t know. That’s great. Make sure you just leave, leave the score. We’ve a good review so that when I come in I look at it I’m like well Damon like this. Here’s why I should probably try to get this. Yeah. And drink it and try it as well.


Damon Pistulka  26:36

Well, I tell you what, this last weekend I just have to divert for a second we went to a brewery here in in in Woodinville. It’s a little ways from our house and, and had some samplers, but they had a whole German beer theme. And I gotta say, I liked that a lot. It was tasty. Tasty. So good stuff. Well, great to have you here, Josh. Oh, I can’t leave without you answering the question. Yeah,


Josh Curcio  27:00

so I am 38. And I guess I would say hands down. I feel younger, younger than I am. You know, I have two children that are 13 and 12. I’m fairly young to have children that age. And I’m looking forward to the day where I can retire and they’re still young, and we can be friends and hang out. Our business is successful for our age. And I’m as Brad said, I’m in much better shape than I was when I was 18. So I feel younger pretty much all the time, except I play a lot of pickup basketball. Sometimes you get some of those younger kids that have just stopped playing High School ball. And then I feel but


Damon Pistulka  27:41

yeah, yeah, yeah, I could relate to that one. awesome to have you here, Josh. Thanks so much. Thanks. And thanks for your participation just being around you being awesome. Kevin, great to see you today coming from the lovely Park City, Utah. And we have a sunny and snowy day there today, or what’s your weather, like?


Kevin Williams  28:03

three inches of fresh powder out my window, but I’m hanging out with you folks, as opposed to let’s see,


Damon Pistulka  28:09




well, I


Damon Pistulka  28:11

feel I feel good about that, then I feel blessed that we’re able to see you. So tell us tell us how you’re helping people, Kevin.


Kevin Williams  28:17

So So I I’m a direct to consumer marketer, I’ve owned several different DTC brands, then omni channel channel type stuff. But I also own a few different types of agencies that service, Amazon brands, Facebook, advertisers, etc. But 99% of my focus right now is helping brands better understand and retain their data in terms of changes with attribution models within platform advertising, mainly involving Apple privacy initiatives that are all marching our way.

And standing up, assess that’s that that should help large advertisers. million dollar a month type advertisers deal with some of these changes a lot better than they are now. older, younger, I will probably always grow younger than I am. I think Brad said at the very top that it’s a lifelong learning process. And getting getting I don’t think I’m ever going to get to the point where I’m not always trying to learn and feeling like there’s something else to learn that. This just around the corner. I’m feeling a little creaky though. Like I gotta say that like the good living here in Park City and all the mountain biking and skiing. It’s taken its toll on my joints. So that makes me feel


Damon Pistulka  29:46

there you go. There you go. That I think a lot of us can relate to that the mind is young with the body just doesn’t want to cooperate. Oh, great having you here today, Kevin, and it’s super interesting to work. You’re doing because the changes you know what Google announcing they’re not going to use cookies and the apple privacy stuff. There’s there’s this this Internet’s a changing game and it’s going to change quickly. So, good stuff. Thanks for being here. Michael. Michael. Good. bluesky How are you today? Good morning, dammit. I am fantastic. It’s gonna be a beautiful day in Westchester. 70 degrees.



Can only kidding. Yeah,



yeah. Okay for smoking cigars, man. There you go. There you go. So I’m the founder of achievement on limited and we work with small to midsize clients to really help them stay focused. And we do that by helping them grow their leaders and their managers create plans of actions getting the right people on the bus, in the right seat to really accelerate growth.

Keep everyone just laser being focused on on what is most important, what really matters most right now and get off of that insanity loop. Get out of that firefighting crisis mode and build an organization that you really want to have. Yeah, yeah. If you’ve been in a business that’s been in caught in the insanity loop, it’s nice to get out of it. That’s for sure. Yes, it is. Yes,



it is.



So do I feel older or younger, my body definitely is feeling a little bit older. But every day I wake up excited to learn new stuff. I’m always I probably spend more on personal professional development in one year than most people spending their lifetime. I’m just I love it, I get excited. I’d rather go to, you know, watch a TED talk or go see a great workshop then do a lot of other, you know, thing, go drinking or whatever. Not that there’s anything wrong with drinking, but



I just get excited about that. I’m curious. Okay. And even with my clients, I’m curious about like, how everybody makes and does things that that they sell, and they make money. It just fascinating. It’s fascinating how many different ways that people do that, so that my spiritual life is rocking and rolling. I’m in a great meditation and centering prayer mode right now. So



I’m good to go.


Damon Pistulka  32:21

Awesome. Awesome, Michael. That’s, that’s, that’s incredible. Thanks so much for sharing in it, I think is is inspiring, quite honestly. Thank you. Great. Thanks, Dan. Awesome having you today, Michael Troy, in sunny Seattle, or the area called Seattle. We we are enjoying some nice weather this week. So you’re gonna think join us.


Troy Neihaus  32:44

It’s been great. Nice to see you and Iran and everyone else. Let’s say elevator pitch. I make money meaningful. I advise wealthy individuals and families. And one of the biggest reasons that clients hire us is for our advice, and our assistance to help guide them through complex issues that come with having significant amounts of wealth. So we’re a fiduciary were a lot different than other firms, because essentially, we actually are money managers in our business. And we meant we leverage our world renowned research capability, and design, build and manage your own investments from that.

And so that’s kind of how I would describe us, I hang my hat here in the Seattle office, as Damon knows, and I focus my practice on working with business owners all the way from startup through growth, maturity, and exit and beyond. And so if you know anyone who wants to sell their business, talk to Damon, and if you know, anyone who’s thinking about it, talk to me, and we can help do a lot of planning upfront around that.

For sure, I you know, what I’ve always said that I felt younger than my age, although this last year with COVID, I think I’d put on the COVID 10. And so that’s been a little bit tough for me. But I definitely still feel younger than my age. And I’m looking forward to having Minos the society open up a little bit more and hopefully get a little bit more back to normal. And so I can start feeling much younger, again. But that’s me.


Damon Pistulka  34:22

Great. Great. And that is and you said one thing, Troy I just want to highlight with people that and most places that that our financial advisors don’t actually manage the money, or a lot of places don’t manage the money they they they get the money and they pass it off to somebody else that’s wholesale. managing money, correct? Yep. Yeah. So that’s one of the differences I think about Bernstein in the way that you guys do it. That is is something to think about. So awesome having here today. Great.





Damon Pistulka  34:59

All right. Well, are we down? Are we down to the end? IRA? We got more people.



Awesome. Awesome. No, but I think I got everybody.


Damon Pistulka  35:08

All right. If we didn’t get someone in there, I realized too. We forgot to ask her to Anderson, I think about the age question, but he can he can get into that getting into the chat there if he needs to, to answer that one.



Bring him back up real quick.


Damon Pistulka  35:23

Yeah, let’s bring him back up real quick. That would be funny. I want to not funny, but I want to hear his answer. Is I using the wrong word? Well,



man, I can’t tell you at the top. Michael. Michael. That was very inspiring. JOHN, is Troy great to see everybody Jill just moved into a new house. So congratulations to Joe, Kevin, everybody on the group. So I’m 52. And you know what I just, I had a great line this week. I’m 52. I’ve never heard this line. guy was talking about how we just bought this new piece of property. And it’s for his family, his kids. And he’s like, 40.

And I’m like, and I look at him I go, you know, good for you do that. You’re doing it now. So many people wait for tomorrow or that day that never comes in the scale, very soft spoken. He’s a school teacher is built like a rock. And he looks at me goes, You know what, tomorrow’s not a day of the week. And I go, dude, I bet my father was standing with me. My dad goes, I’m 77 I’ve never heard that line.

So you know what, just trying to come into life with a total sense of urgency. And I find all everybody on here working with IRA Damon, all you guys just so inspiring. And just you know, regardless of what our calendar says, or what our lifespan is, like Brad says, just having that deep curiosity and just given it all you got, so that’s my story, man. So thanks, guys.



Awesome, awesome. philosopher Garth Brooks said, What if tomorrow never comes? So?


Damon Pistulka  36:47

Yeah, there you go. The philosopher Garth Brooks. Tomorrow’s not a day of the week. That’s great. Kurt, thanks so much for answering that. So, Ira, tell us about yourself. And this lets you get to answer the question too.



Alright, so first foremost, I am very excited to be a part of the exit team. I’m handling business down here in the LA area. I also am the owner of Bowman digital media, as you can see behind me, and what do we do we help like, john, I’m excited to talk about john because john, I work with people like you a lot. One person marketing teams can’t do everything. It’s impossible. I help, you know, do some of the stuff that you don’t like to do. What does that help with building your audience, that’s what it’s all about.

So people are on social media, you want to get them to your website, and then you want to get them to fill out that contact form or hit that order button. That’s what we do at moment digital media. We have a variety of tools and tricks that we implement to do that. As far as how old I feel. I think we have to segment this a little bit. Because in energy and stuff, I feel young, I’ve always felt younger, like I had more energy than most people. And I have a pretty good worth that work ethic.

So in that way. I still feel young. I don’t feel old or tired yet. I love to do what I do. So I do I go hard. Where I feel older. At first, I think it was with the kids. You guys can I think you guys kind of hit on something. So I have two kids that are in college. Right? And I still well I graduated college when I was 37. Okay, so 2013 I got my bachelor’s degree Finally, and I graduated online for those of you who don’t know my story to be 19 years degree from that.

From the moment I graduated high school, the moment I graduated college was 19 year gap. So I’m really that smart. But I’ve always felt younger for that with my energy, but I felt old. When it came to the way I managed problems the way I handled things, how I am with my finances, when people would come to me for big time serious life advice. I I was in ministry. So you know, I had some I had some of that experience. So older in the mental aspects younger in the area. Hopefully that’s not a cop out. But that’s how I feel in my body. Josh, I don’t play pick up basketball anymore. So if you could still play that pick up basketball at 38. That’s when you said yeah,


Damon Pistulka  39:16

that’s pretty darn good. Yeah, that is good. That is good. And that is



still knocked down in the corner three. Just don’t make me run to the floor. And certainly don’t put a whippersnapper on defense garden because yeah, yeah. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  39:33

Good stuff. Well, me most you know, Damon Pistulka founded eggs a year away with Andrew Krause. Now, it’s been a while ago now. But what we do is we help business owners repair and grow their business. So it’s making more money today and then when they’re ready. We help them sell or succeed their business so they can move on to whatever’s next for them.

We privately We are doing it with companies that are doing something tangible manufacturing ecommerce, you know, construction construction related services, we love what we do we, we have a ball, we have some great clients and guests get to help them realize their dreams and make a better life for themselves. And that’s really what we enjoy about it.

And, and, and just get, I just can’t say how blessed I feel to be able to help people do this. And then and then we get, then we get to do things like this where just to reach out and be able to allow people an opportunity to build relationships and I’d love to see how how people are doing that. With this format and others and and just the the wonderful people that we get to work with it’s it’s it’s just a pleasure.



I don’t realize how many people are involved in exit your way we have, like 30 some odd people.


Damon Pistulka  40:55

Yeah, we in one way, shape or form. I mean, we’re working with a lot of different people we’re help. We’re you know, because it takes a lot of resources to to help help a wide variety of people. It certainly does and, and we just are so appreciative that we can be able to we can do this. And do I feel older than younger than my age?



After you’re out for your run? Okay, yeah. Yeah, you’re feeling pretty good. Let’s talk to you after you.


Damon Pistulka  41:25

Well, unfortunately, I in my mind, I am and I’m accused of being 12, which I love. And I think and as Michael and Brad and Kurt and just a lot of people said, I am curious as heck. I mean, I’m still, as Andrew Deutsch pointed out, you know, I’ve got I’ve got my, my tablet here that’s gonna start to control my video someday.

Maybe it’s so that can be. I mean, like a junior Andrew Deutsch that and does does some of the video stuff, but just a prank on us. Yeah, dropped a bomb on us nothing like he can. But I’m just hoping to be able to have my video game a little bit. But that curious. Curiosity has always kept me young because I as you know, you get the more you know, the more you realize you don’t know. And you realize that I’ve got this much time. And I need to learn a lot more because I want to learn a lot more. Yeah,



I took I took Andrews course. Now, I make videos for a living, right? I mean, people pay me to make videos. That’s what I mean by that. I took his course I’m gonna tell you if you guys have not taken that course, you really should check it out. I learned a lot. I use the program that the base program with every every weekend church to run the screens at the church and put it on social media. So just like to your point, there’s always something more to learn. And I think that does help keep us younger.

And yeah, I work with you. Almost every day. I mean, yep, we work together an exit rate team. So like, you’re super sharp. I don’t know if people you know, if they haven’t if they haven’t had a conversation with you one on one, like they should, because you’ll you might surprise him because you come off as sometimes Aw, shucks guy. You know what I mean? South Dakota boy likes to drink beer and kick back. But you know, there’s your deeper look, sometimes?


Damon Pistulka  43:14

Well, it’s it’s Thank you. But I don’t know about all that. But when you look at do it, how does my body feel my body definitely feels older. And it will but I think as as as we all know that. Keeping young with our mind is where it’s at and staying healthy. And I’ve been fortunate in the last year not to get the COVID 10 or the COVID 20. I’ve been the COVID minus, so I’m pretty happy about that. 50 I saw that COVID 50. And yeah, I know it’s been tough on a lot of people, but I



read Smith had it right. Treat your body like a chemistry experiment. And you know, base what you put in is totally covered up. You probably be Alright, that’s it. Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  43:56

no doubt, no doubt. He’s actually right. And I and actually, Brad doesn’t know but he’s, he’s one of the people that inspired me to get started on an exercise journey. Because he and I talked about it and how he is in better shape now than he was 2030 years ago. And, and I if I can say anything to anybody, how you age, you know, it’s more and more important to do that. And, and because it just did another one. And I’m an example of what you don’t want to do when you’re younger. So



you’re talking yesterday about time management, right. And time is really the most important resource, I think because you know, you can’t get more of it. It just is and when it’s gone. It’s gone. Yeah, yeah. Yep. Is is a close second. For the salary. Get one. Yeah, you can exchange some of the parts but you can’t exchange.


Damon Pistulka  44:49

Yeah, good point. Well, it’s awesome to have everyone here. Thanks again for joining us. And we got a few minutes here at the end like we always do in our networking events, and what I want To talk about today, which which I think is coming up more and more, as as I see this. And as for our company for everyone’s company, they’re talking about CRM. And I know we’ve got some people on here have Josh is still on? I hope, hope so.

And I know some other people on here using CRM, and a couple of things that I was really wondering, a, are you using a CRM? And if you are just dropping the chat, yes, I’m using it. And then what do you think the biggest benefit is giving you because that’s really something and i’m not i’m talking about? Are you any, and then maybe even if you’re if you’re doing a subscription service or not, or whatever you’re doing, but that’s the first thing I’d like to understand is how, how if people are using it. Oh, that’s good androids. I see the chats are rockin rockin. So that’s good. And I was



watching on LinkedIn, this is one of the reasons why you should join us on a remote because you don’t see everything that’s happening in the chat. And when we ends LinkedIn live, we’re still gonna be here networking at the table. So yeah, I put that link on LinkedIn. Guys, if you’re watching on LinkedIn, there’s a few of them watching. Go ahead and hop over if you can, because we’re gonna we’re gonna sit down the LinkedIn live part.


Damon Pistulka  46:18

Yeah, yeah, we shut down the LinkedIn live at the top of the hour. But so now, one of the things that I see and and and I see in business is the reluctance in especially some old school and success. It’s not and I don’t mean old school, and it’s well established businesses. And well established businesses don’t understand the need for a CRM, and some new businesses, and we don’t implement them. Right. And I know that Josh on here, and those guys, we got HubSpot pro and they’re dialed in. And that’s, that’s cool as heck. But what what do you think that these, the CRMs have helped you with? So much, because I see



this for a whole hour if you want, if you really want me to?


Damon Pistulka  47:05

I think we talked for a couple of minutes. But if there’s people that that want to chime in on this, go ahead and raise your hand on remote here, and let’s bring it up and talk because I want if we can to uncover the one or two reasons why we should do why we should consider a CRM or changing our CRM, CRM. And what are the one or two things we are I mean, where’s the place to start and I know HubSpot is got a free place. And I’m not trying to what platform use is what platform use, but what are the two or three things that we should try to be doing with it. Like, if I put in a CRM, it should do this first,



an existing CRM is the biggest thing with CRM is that a, it’s going to help open up depending on the size of the organization, right. So as a one man band at Bowman digital media, I use it differently than I use it in an enterprise organization. But typically CRMs are going to help increase communication across the board. So if you have an owner, who doesn’t have time to interview all their sales for their sales staff in your marketing team, because usually there’s two sides that are putting the data in. So the inputs are usually from the sales team and from the marketing team, right. But what that’s going to do is it’s going to allow communication across the board.

Also for your sales, your marketing team is going to help people not slip through the cracks, then it’s automating the message delivery, if you choose to you don’t have to do that. But it is one of the managers. So for example, we have drip campaigns, yeah, in email via phone call, whatever. Also you can start to record for sales. This is one of the main ways is that as an individual contributor, contributor, if you’re just like a sales rep, right, you can start to put in notes about the prospects.

So before you go into visit with them, let’s say you haven’t seen them in three months or six months, you may not remember everything about him, like, Hey, don’t bring up this with this guy, because he’s sensitive about that, or make sure you don’t show up late because he’s former military. And if you’re three minutes early, you’re late, right? So you can put things like their birthdays and generic stuff, too. But you might want to put where they went to school. I mean, there’s so many different things. But the biggest thing across the board is communication. If you dad that if you had to just narrow it down to one singular description. That’s what I would say is


Damon Pistulka  49:29

Yeah, yeah. So john, you had your hand up and thanks for thanks for that. Because, and I know Joe, you’re gonna bring Josh up too, because I was I was gonna bring you up anyway, Josh, but and I know, you can dedicate a whole hour to this and we probably will in the near future because I think that you know, if there’s one thing that I’m seeing that that and you guys can weigh in or not is that this is getting not just nice, too, but it’s must have.



Yeah, and CRM stands for contact record management. For those of you who don’t are not familiar with these programs, I mean that that’s what they were designed to do to help you manage each individual contact when you have so many that you can’t keep them straight in your head.


Damon Pistulka  50:10

Yeah. Yeah. So john, you had something to say what what were your comment? Yeah,



absolutely. I think I would absolutely love to have, you know, further conversation and we could dedicate a whole day to this kind of stuff. But you know, so in my experience using you know, CRM, so I am a Salesforce admin have used Salesforce and Salesforce, also, HubSpot, things like that, I think the one thing I wanted to say was a lot of people are utilizing like spreadsheets or email to do these kinds of things.

I think, don’t go with a larger tool and spend all this money, I think going through like HubSpot, and and leveraging their free tool, just to kind of get yourself into it. And then you can see the power of it. And I put in the chat, you know, accountability, right. So when you deal with larger sales teams, you know, we always have to go up, right, so you always have to report up. So it was always a way to ensure that would be accountability, because there wasn’t in the CRM say it wasn’t true, right.

So if you’re going to go to a meeting, or if you’re going to take notes, you’re going to recap a meeting, it had to be in the CRM this way, everyone knew what was going on. This way everyone can pick up where you left off, and you can pick up where you left off. And it was in the CRM, so it never went away. Right. It was always there as a record. So I think that’s it. So my advice would be take a step what I would say HubSpot, you know, they have a free one. There’s plenty of resources out there related to I know, Josh, your product and you know, speak to even further, you know, but that would be my recommendation is give it a shot.



I don’t know how many sales managers there are in the room. I used to I used to be the Salesforce admin for print company. I was the director of sales, but I was also the salesman, Salesforce admin, if you as your sales team did not put your opportunity in Salesforce when the sale came in, you didn’t get Commission on it. Yep.


Damon Pistulka  51:56

That’s a good thing.



So so that we could do our pipelines correctly, right? Yeah. Are you ordered? If? So, for example, how does how does your operations team know how much inventory to bring in ahead of time, so that you don’t get caught with your pants down when orders come in? This is what this is what I mean by communication, the whole organization benefits the inputs come from the marketing in the in the in the sales team, but every every department, including, you know, accounting, including customer service, and could they all access the data if they’re smart, because all the information is then in there.

So you have to make sure to John’s point, you have to make sure the information is being inputted properly. And so there has to be a measurable procedure for that and somebody monitoring that. That’s usually the sales manager. And then ultimately, the Director of Sales is the one that makes sure the inputs are correct.


Damon Pistulka  52:51

Yeah, yeah, you make a good point. So, So Josh, and more like usual, we’re running out of time, but it’s I want to hear your thoughts. Because a, I want to hear your thoughts and be you’ll probably involve be involved in a follow up.


Josh Curcio  53:08

I can talk CRM all day. And I know,


Damon Pistulka  53:09

I know, and I didn’t mean to put you on the spot. I just I just, you know, there it is a must have now I think and and really to figure out as john said, you know, HubSpot I think has a good free plan to start with and get some things going. But what are the the real, you know, the initial benefits that if you just get it in there and get the couple things set up that people are going to see from the CRM once they once they use them?


Josh Curcio  53:37

Yeah, so I agree 100% with john, like, you can start with those free tools, or even the starter tools, which are very, very cost effective. And make sure that you’re tracking your pipeline, all of your contacts, your activities, basically allowing you to get time back in your day to sell more. It’s funny, like a manufacturer will go out and spend a quarter of a million dollars half a million dollars on a machine easily because they can see the return on that right. Yeah, but something like HubSpot, even the paid tools where you gain all this efficiency. And let’s say you invest 10,000 for the year, one customer will pay for that.

And it’s easy to get that additional customer because you have more efficient sales team you have better reporting. It’s just there’s so many reasons to do it. It’s funny how many people at the end of 2019, early 2020 that were dragging their feet, you know, thinking about this thinking about this? Once March hit last year, there was an influx of people that were like Alright, now we need to do it. Like he said, Damon, it’s a it’s a necessity, and we’re still seeing that trend. I think a lot of people thought this is gonna last like myself, two weeks, three weeks, six months. Now they’re like cash. Are we ever going back to the office? We need a CRM. So yeah,



yeah. CRM is not only for you know for now, but Like at Toms Printworks. Okay, Tom supergraphics, that’s where I was doing the Salesforce administration where we had 40 locations, there’s no way the CEO, or the person in charge yards, our CEO, was going to be able to go and talk to every rep in every city and be on top of every word so that they could have the materials in or whatever. You just, look, it’s not just because we’re working on our houses, if you have a team more than one person, you probably have communication gaps.

Oh, I didn’t know you were talking to them about that. Well, guess what, if one of you represents a representative of your company, as promised a customer something, and your company doesn’t fulfill it, they’re not going to get mad, just that that one person, if you imagine your whole company is so yeah, there’s a lot more than just order. It’s, it’s keeping everything that’s like the heartbeat of your company, to CRM.

And especially now, here’s some of the differences. When you start paying for the upgrades, you can incorporate it into your accounting system, for example, and that saves a buttload of time, when you can start making clothes and convert them to sales orders and convert those then into invoices. Holy crap, that saves you a ton of time.


Damon Pistulka  56:09

Yeah, yeah, there’s a lot of ways advanced ways to do that. But thanks so much, everyone, we’re at the top of the hour. And if I go too long, Andrew will give me hell when I get offline. So appreciate everyone being here today. And first of all, I think someone and Josh just said again about it, you know, you thought it might be two weeks. And this is a scary thought, because I saw something on Google that I’m leaving with this parting thought because we’re all getting seeing the vaccination, and vaccinations for COVID.

And everything and and did you know this is a little fact that when we eradicated smallpox, I mean, we as a collective, we as a people across the globe, it was first diagnosed in 1949. And it was eradicated officially by the World Health Organization, get this may 8 1980.

So, hey, let’s, we might have a little bit we got a little bit to work with here. So it may take a while. But I think that the I don’t know, I see positive positive effects of things starting to open up and and people should be in safe at the same time. So have a great, great rest of your week. Everyone. Come back again next week, we’re going to have Mark strumenti talking about jobs to be done theory, it’s going to be awesome. And then of course after today, knowing that we had only like seconds to talk about a CRM, we’re going to arrange one of these weeks to talk about CRMs and and have some good fun with that.

Because I think that that is something that when people are willing to take the plunge and get into it a little bit and can really help their businesses. So thanks, everyone, for joining. I’m a drop off on LinkedIn here live. Join us here every week Thursday. I apologize for not having the event set up right today. I had it for eight instead of 730. But we’re here at 7:30am pacific time and enroll until 9am pacific time and glad to have you here everyone. We’re going to go back to the tables and reimo and everyone else on LinkedIn. See you later. awesome guys. Thank you so much.

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In this week’s Exit Your Way Roundtable our guest speakers were Andrew Cross and Damon Pistulka. Andrew and Damon are the Co-founders of Exit Your Way.  Exit Your Way helps business owners build businesses that provide more money today that they can sell or succeed when they are ready.  Today we are discussing the final part in building annual projections.  Estimating the fixed costs and calculating the projected net income.

Developing Annual Projections

In this week’s Exit Your Way Roundtable episode, our speakers were Damon Pistulka and Andrew Cross. They are the Co-Founders of Exit Your Way. The conversation of the episode started with Damon sharing the topic of this episode.  Damon and Andrew help their clients build businesses they can sell or succeed.  Developing accurate projections is a big part in building a successful business.

Annual Strategic Planning and Projection Development

In this week’s Exit Your Way Roundtable episode, Andrew Cross and Damon Pistulka covered the steps business executive teams can use to perform their strategi planning for the upcoming year.  This episode is the first of a 3-part series where Andre and Damon will cover strategic planning, projection development for variable costs, and projection development for fixed costs to project the net income.