Marketing Efficiency Tips

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success series, Curt Anderson and Damon Pistulka led the group to discuss some of the best things the group has found to make marketing easier and more effective.  

Everyone wants to make their marketing more efficient and we got some great tips today!

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success series, Curt Anderson and Damon Pistulka led the group to discuss some of the best things the group has found to make marketing easier and more effective.

The conversation started with Damon introducing the show. After this, Curt came along and explained the format of the show. Curt said that the show will operate in the Bring Your Own Hacks format. This means that everyone from the audience will get on the live show and mention their own marketing efficiency tips.

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Starting the discussion, Curt asked Lori Highby first to share her hack and one thing she is thankful for this thanksgiving. Responding to this, Lori said that one hack that they use is the lotus blossom with their client.

In this hack, they have one core question that identifies the rest of the deal. Lori said that it’s called the lotus question because it’s kind of the beginning peel that blooms with the rest of the conversation. Answering the other question, Lori said that she is thankful that each member of her team is their authentic self.

After this, Kriss Harington shared her hack. She said that what she does is ask her sales team about the frequently asked questions. Then she makes sure that her team has all the right answers to those questions for their new prospects and old clients as well.

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Moving on, Curt asked Erin Courtenay to join the discussion. The marketing efficiency tip that Erin shared was an app that she uses for all her marketing work. That app is called Clips and it is available on all iOS devices.

After this, Inger joined the conversation and shared his insight on marketing efficiency. He said that he is from Africa and an ancient South African word that he lives by is Ubuntu. According to Inger, this translates to, “I am who I am because of who we all are.” Inger said that the same goes for sales, you have to look at what people around you need and do that.

Further, into the conversation, Gail Robertson shared her views. She said that when it comes to marketing efficiency, she uses LinkedIn as her top tool and works with that. She also mentioned that the way LinkedIn leads with trends and everything, she utilizes those services the most.

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Paul also joined the conversation after this. He said that his hack is to repurpose everything into smaller things. Moreover, Paul also says that when you have an idea, you can repurpose it into many other things. For instance, you can turn it into a blog or a video clip, or anything like that.

This is how you can create many things from one thing. By the end of the conversation, John Buglino joined as well. Sharing his hack, John told Curt that he uses a text optimizer. The purpose of this is to give you an optimized look at your content with a proper score. This also lets you know where something feels off.

Moreover, it’s an extension to chrome so everyone can use it. The conversation then ended with Damon and Curt thanking everyone for sharing their hacks regarding marketing efficiency.

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Damon Pistulka, Gail Robertson, Paul Kiesche, Kris Harrington, John Buglino, Lori Highby, Erin Courtenay, Curt Anderson


Damon Pistulka  00:00

I’m Kurt, Kurt. Kurt, we’re here we’re here. We’re here. We’re gonna get live on LinkedIn. We’re gonna get going if I’m reading and writing you we still made it we still made oh man


Curt Anderson  00:11

Dan bigger won’t be won’t be up. Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  00:13



Curt Anderson  00:14

man this is gonna be a good one so yeah, yeah, even Laurie Hi B’s even in the house today. Yeah, we’ve got this is gonna be a power session.


Damon Pistulka  00:23

Yeah it is Paul’s here



Paul Callie in Jersey.


Damon Pistulka  00:27

Awesome. Awesome yet


Curt Anderson  00:28

my girlfriend Jean we got Yeah, indoor Chris. Man. This is gonna be a good one. So I’m yeah, I’m fired up about this.


Damon Pistulka  00:35

Yeah, no doubt, no doubt. Well, we’re gonna go live on LinkedIn and then we’re gonna get rolling. So here we go. We’re gonna do this, we’re gonna get like that. And T G I F Alright, everyone. Awesome Friday to everyone. Just want to put that out there. Because A is this not only a great Friday, because every Friday is a great day because every day is a great day. And the other thing is, we’ve got a holiday coming up in the US next week that everybody I think enjoys. But with us today in the manufacturing ecommerce success series, I want to welcome my co host.

I’m Damon Pistulka. First of all, but my co host, Kurt Anderson, is going to help us through today. And we’re going to talk a little bit about marketing and fish sneak tips. Bring in your hacks to us, we’re going to get a bunch of people on stage we’re going to have some fun with it. If you’re on LinkedIn, we want you to tell us where you’re at and share with us on there. Make some comments. We’ll be we’ll be talking about you on on our presentation here on LinkedIn. If you want to join us with this group. We’ve got a crew today, don’t we Kurt?


Curt Anderson  01:45

Yes, we do this like Hall of Fame. nnessee. We don’t even know stars. We have a Hall of Famers here today.


Damon Pistulka  01:51

No doubt. No doubt. We’re all in it. So awesome. Well, Kurt, take it away, man.


Curt Anderson  01:57

All right, guys. So hey, Kurt Anderson here. Happy Friday to everybody. First off, what a great week for gratitude. Right? Just I can’t express Damon, I can’t express how much I appreciate you, dude. All you’re like a fierce networker just lifting. You know, rising tide lifts all ships, right. So this, we all appreciate you and what you do. Secondly, appreciate everybody here that comes out on Fridays. I can’t express how much fun we have. We put a lot of time and energy into this and we just are so grateful that you guys join us. So today the topic is B Y O H man bring your own hacks. We’re gonna pull you guys up one at a time here.

But I want to share a funny quick story. So how this came about I’m so I’m sitting down and Greg Misha would be here today. But we were talking about and Laurie. Heidi knows us when we go through our training sessions. We like to teach preach, how can we be lazy right Damon? We got to be lazy. And so David was just telling me, you guys, David gets up at four in the morning starts his day shortly after four and I said Damon, what time do you end up like four or five o’clock. So David’s only working half days, right? Same in half days, those 12 hours a day, five days a week and weekends a guy works tirelessly. So obviously Damon is not lazy in any capacity.

None of our manufacturers are lazy in any capacity. Here’s the story I’ll share super quick demon. Years ago, I had this little goofy e commerce business man, it was just I was outgrowing me it was just like Wes, I don’t have any hair left Damon it was just like it was beyond my control. I moved it to a fulfillment center, the fulfillment center lo and behold they were starting to have some growing pains some challenges. I’m like, Dude, you guys need to hire like a manager for this project right from for my account, if you will.

So the guy that owns a company we were super tight goes Kurt, I found this awesome manager. I’d like you to come interviewer meter, just see what you think. I show up to interview shake hands. This is when we were allowed to shake hands. This is like this is 2010 days. 1011 years ago, I meet this woman we sit down at a conference table. I’m like, Hey, tell me a little bit about yourself. The first sentence she says to me, okay, every sit down for this. She goes well, you know, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed. I’m and I’m really lazy. She tells me that in a job interview. I’m like, Did I just hear that correctly?

She goes, Yeah, I go. I go Excuse me. She goes I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed and I’m really lazy as a manager if I don’t understand something how on earth do I expect my staff my team to to understand it? If I can’t explain it number one, number two. I’m lazy. Why do I want fast moving goods in the back of the facility? I want the fastest moving goods in a front. She goes on and on blew me away. I run in joke was instead of you had me at hello. You had me at lazy so that’s our lazy story. Eight years later, I was on another project. I was working with a electrical engineering company. They were looking for electrical. She’d been electrical engineer for 34 years.

She’s in her 50s She goes was on a shop floor at six in the morning didn’t leave she’d like put Damien’s hours in. She ran circles around kids, you know, young folks half her age. First day of the job. She looks at me, she goes, Well, you know, I’m a lazy person, I need things as efficient as possible. So to the hardest working most admirable women I’ve ever worked with us the line lazy, so therefore, that’s our lazy story. So even what to do is let’s be lazy. Obviously, we are looking for shortcuts. I know Laurie, high B has a tight schedule today. Let’s bring Laurie to come on stage because she has this awesome, awesome hack. Can you bring our friend?


Damon Pistulka  05:35

I will get Laurie up here now. So you know, of course we I do even tell people? We’re bringing them on stage? I don’t know. But they are used. I mean, they used to it with us.



Very. Happy Friday, how are you?


Lori Highby  05:56

Good. Good.


Curt Anderson  05:58

So, so we’re looking for two things today. Okay. And obviously we think the word of use. So Lori did an awesome job. She helped us out with training last month, man, you crushed it. Lori. Phenomenal. So two things. We’re looking for a hack, and you have an awesome hack that I know you want to share with everybody. And number two, since it’s Thanksgiving week, something that you’re thankful for. So let’s hear your hack.


Lori Highby  06:21

Oh, my hack? I have a have a ton of them. Actually, I know. You’re a couple. Oh, well, one of the ones that we like to use with our clients. We call it the lotus blossom exercise. And it’s a it’s a Google sheet. And I’ll find the link and if at the very least, because I know I got I do have to jump off a little bit early. I’ll send it to you, Kurt, you can just share it with everyone else once I did. Because it’s not it wasn’t I just jumped on, you know, between meetings right now.

But basically that is you identify your core offering or one specific offering that you have and you think about the big picture questions that people ask about it. It’s you know, your who questions, your what questions, you’re why you’re when you’re where the yes, no questions. And that’s really going to help kind of springboard into these deeper what I like to call the peeling of the onion type questions. And this is why it’s called a lotus blossom because it’s just continuing to, to bloom bigger and bigger.

When you think about that one initial question around the who or the why. And then you ask like, well, what is a deeper question that comes from that? So it’s not just, you know, why is your product better than someone else’s? It’s, it’s going deeper, you know, how, what is an additional question related to the, you know, why is that specific type of functionality going to?

Or how is that going to help me solve my clot? My problem or a challenge that I have. But basically, the reason you do this exercise is all of these questions, then convert to content, and it’s answering the questions on your social media posts and your blog posts and your emails. You know, everything that you’re creating on your landing pages and just make it really easy for whoever’s got that challenge and is thinking of these same questions. So they can dive right in and and find the answer and you’re proving yourself as the expert in that space.


Curt Anderson  08:22

Absolute I absolutely love this. And we went through this exercise. So again, like so our friend Chris Harrington, an E, in E commerce, topic if fall, if I’m thoroughness correctly, Lori and I used your little tool, I loved it. So say we start with E commerce. Well, topics around e commerce could be Hey, do you have your SSL certificate? Do you have one step checkout? Do you have you know, you know, follow up communication?

What? What payment processing? So now you have all these topics going around that main topic of E commerce will hate payment processing that could become its new main topic, and you could have all sorts of topics around that. So fantastic tool. Our folks loved it. Laurie, did you have another tool for us? Or another hack?


Lori Highby  09:05

Oh, man, off the top of my head. I didn’t prepare for this.


Curt Anderson  09:12

How about this? Because I know we want to get others Yeah, well, what what are you thankful for? We know hockey, your family, your dogs, right? What do you think? What are you thankful for today?


Lori Highby  09:22

Yeah, you know, I you know, it’s funny. I asked my team that this morning and our morning huddle, we always have a rotate who has the ask the question the day and I asked them what are they thankful for within the business within? Why about working at the company? And my answer was, that I’m thankful that every member of my team is their true and authentic self. And I think it makes it a really fun experience and culture that we all that it’s obvious that no one’s trying to put on a different persona or you know, when they’re in the doors versus outside and I’m really thankful that everyone feels comfortable to be themselves in my organization.



Well, that is a Let’s give a round of applause. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  10:02

That one’s right there.


Curt Anderson  10:04

Laurie, you’re so you will see that tool. Thank you so much. Appreciate you appreciate all you do. Fighting relentlessly helping manufacturers. Hopefully you have a couple good hockey games coming at you next week for Thanksgiving. We wish you and your family awesome Thanksgiving. And thank you for joining us. All right. Thanks for having me. Thanks, Laurie. Whoever guys, whoever wants to come down next out Chris Harrington. Do you want to join us?


Damon Pistulka  10:28

Let’s do that. Let’s bring up Chris right now. We’re gonna do that. And then I’m gonna I’m gonna giggle a bit because I’m looking at the LinkedIn over here. And Christie probably need to turn around. But Greg over here. Greg had the comment of the day. I’m just gonna say he had the comment of a day so far, because there’s other good ones in here. But he said, I’m so lazy. I’m too lazy to go on Remco. So he’s on Greg. Well, we got Gail there and, and Bonnie’s there and a body. Margo, cargo Margot’s on there again. Great. Thank you so much for being there. But I thought Greg’s Greg’s comment was good there. So Chris, great to see you today.


Kris Harrington  11:11

Good to see you guys. I am here. You know, my my real special hack is just follow whatever you guys are doing. Oh.


Curt Anderson  11:21

Say that the other guys? Don’t? Not all of them though. Yeah. So obviously, Chris, you know, being the, you know, what’s my favorite hack? You’re right, that my favorite word that configurator? Right. Get it? Right. So guys, and you got it. You have to check out Gen alphas website. They do amazing job. And I’ll tell you, Chris, you have phenomenal phenomenal content, you are consistently putting out helpful, intentional, valuable pieces, man, I go down these like, I’m like, Man, these are so good. So thank you for all the value that you deliver to everybody. You’re showing hacks on a daily basis. So again, Chris, on LinkedIn, how about a hack for our crowd today? Chris, what do you have?


Kris Harrington  12:03

Yeah, so one thing that we do as a regular exercise with our sales team, is we ask what are the frequently asked questions when they’re prospecting with clients. And we just keep building that list and that list gets longer and longer. But the idea there is to make sure if those are the things that are top of mind for the, for the prospects that we’re looking to attract, and we want to make sure that we are giving them answers and ideas and solving the problems that are heavy on their mind.

We can create content around those topics. So that’s really what we do then is we take that feedback from our sales team who came directly from our prospects, which came directly from our prospects. And we turn that into the content that we create, whether that be short videos, whether that be nice blog that we write, whether we reach out to a referral partner, and we have a lot of referral partners.

And I think that those are great hacks, too, right? Because many of us can’t solve all the problems that our customers have. And we’re better when, when we’re a team. So then we can reach out to the other people that can help us in solutioning, whatever our customers needs are, and then there’s full integrity in that as an organization. They see that, you know, we aren’t relying on ourselves in our own resources, but we can tap into the resources and knowledge of others as well. So I would say those are some that just come right to mind. I had to follow Laurie HyVee. And you know, she’s


Curt Anderson  13:47

Yeah, mol now, and if I’m not mistaken in David much, we need to pull Aaron up next, because I know she has a client and she’s a big new client meeting coming up. So let’s get Aaron on stage. But Aaron, Laurie, are all what’s the name your new program? I love this name. What is it?


Kris Harrington  14:03

The manufacturing Maven series that we’re working on? Yeah, actually, we’re recording a podcast right after this. So awesome. Laurie, Aaron and I awesome. So recording the third.


Curt Anderson  14:16

So guys, so just in case I couldn’t love that enough again, I’m sorry to like, make it all about me. You know, it’s all about me. 100 years ago, my ecommerce business, I used to dry my customer service team nuts. I’m like, every question that came in every time the phone rang. I was like, What did they ask? Why is that? You know, let’s get Yeah. So our running joke was and this was 2009. We were like, how can we get the phone to not ring? How can we get no emails that come in? And it was kind of like a facetious joke but again, kind of like my lazy thing.

Like how can we get every answer possible? In Damon what we love to preach is, how can we help that ideal buyer our soulmates make that buying decision on a Friday night at midnight, without any wait for us? opened up our doors on Monday morning. So Chris, kudos to you. Thank you for sharing your hack. We wish you your family a phenomenal, phenomenal, magical, wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for all that you do. Guys connect with Laurie connect with Chris on LinkedIn. And


Kris Harrington  15:16

great saving everyone. Thank you. Part of this. Yeah, so


Damon Pistulka  15:21



Curt Anderson  15:22

It’s like It’s like the Wisconsin show right now. It’s all about whiskey right now, man. A lot of whiskey right here. On Thursday, welcome my friend. earthling internet interactive e commerce guru, guys, if you need help with E commerce, Aaron and her firm, yeah, they are wonderful. Aaron, you have an incredible hack to share with us to my understanding, what do you what do you have underneath that sleeve of yours?


Erin Courtenay  15:50

You know, I if you if you guys go to my LinkedIn page, I’ll put the link in here in a minute, you’ll see my most recent posts. And so what I did, Kurt was I went to my team, I said, I’m going on to curse webinar and I need smacks give me some hex. Because these folks are amazing.

Part of what they shared with me is pretty deep dive on the game, okay, so just be you know, I’m not going to go into that if you have any programmers that you know and love, send them these, these tips, because it’ll be very helpful. But I’m going to stick with the ones that all of us might make use of. The first one is is mine. Because why not? I also like to make it all about me. Oh, it’s it’s a, it’s an app that I really like for video and the video clips that I do for LinkedIn. I have an iPhone.

So what’s iOS, you know, for any business using that. And it’s, it’s called clips. It’s I think Apple makes it. And the thing I love about it is it’s got the captioning auto captioning in there. And then it gives you your text and you can edit it because you know the auto captions is a little dicey. And then it has all these wonderful soundtracks so that you can put the music I mean, it has hundreds of soundtracks by really good, like compute, composers and music writers and stuff.

So I would say a shout out for clips. And then there’s two more that my colleagues shared one is called, let me just pull it up really quick. Keyboard, Maestro folks, anybody that has to do, repeatedly, repeatedly do keep stroking things, opening up ABS or entering whatever and it’s just like every single time, you can actually record you know, what you call a macro with keyboard Maestro. And it’ll do a get all that stuff set up for you so that you can quickly execute those things that where you spend half your time opening up various windows and apps and so forth.

So those are two clips, keyboard maestro, and then the third one is called a bar manager. And so keyword maestro, also for Mac Sorry, folks, but far manager that’s for Windows. And it’s just a very efficient system for searching all of your files and folders and it brings that whatever like it does sort of the detailed search, and it brings it right to you. So those are the three that I have for you guys


Curt Anderson  18:20

today, man. Ah, so good. And how about this? How about Laurie? This is classic. So Erin, so apparently you and Chris and Laurie have this new man this is such a what a tree oh man. Yeah, the dream team the Wisconsin Dream Team. And Laurie says maybe we should be recording our podcast while drinking old fashioned that I’d pay to see that one yeah. Oh


Erin Courtenay  18:42

my we’re gonna do that girls because yum. First of all, although I will say I go with the brandy. I like mine. Sour with fruit. So we’ll have to discuss


Curt Anderson  18:53

next night. Okay. So Aaron before you cut out we’re so where can we find your


John Buglino  18:59

show, but you guys are doing?


Erin Courtenay  19:00

Well. We’re getting. We’re gonna finish up our third installment today. We decided to start with a series. So as soon as we get all the edits ready and done and Laurie is so generously taking that on. We’re gonna promote the hell out of that. You’re gonna be able to get away from us so just be prepared for the onslaught.


Curt Anderson  19:21

How are you hiding? Oh, yeah, we are all over so guys, we will be supporting you guys fiercely we love you guys. Yeah. So Aaron, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Everybody interactive. So yeah, again, your job your LinkedIn job, guys, any of your hacks drop those in the chat box and Aaron I have an awesome week. We’ll see you guys and we’ll see you in two weeks. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  19:43

Awesome. Awesome. They’re awesome. Thanks, Aaron. So great to have and you know, the it’s it’s that’s good. That’s good. The whiskey conversation is taken over the chat I think for them right right.


Curt Anderson  19:56

You know what? Laurie loved her bourbon sour with green Aloe So guys, it’s ladies first. We are now heading over the border to the great country of Canada in gore. Welcome. How are you today?



I’m well thank you. How about you? Okay,


Curt Anderson  20:10

I’m man I am so I if I was any better I don’t know where I’d be right? Yeah, that’s so good. Inger, you are an absolute Rockstar, you are networking, just a fierce network. I mean, you are a machine. So what a blessing you are. Thank you for being part of our community. We’re just blessed to be with you. Sure. What are you? What hacks do you have for us today?



Well, something that I speak on quite often is a concept that and it’s actually a principle upon which I live my life. It’s called Ubuntu and I’m South African. So I live in Canada only. I’m only a resident here. That just you’re a tourist. Right? Is that how Yes, I’m I’m a, I’ve been here for 15 years, but I’ll I won’t. One day, I’ll go back. That’s right. But you know, so that’s where that word comes from. It’s, it’s an ancient African word called Ubuntu. and what it means is, I am who I am because of who we all are. And I will


Curt Anderson  21:14

wait, wait, wait, time out. We got we got it. It’s lunchtime here in the eastern time zone. We got to savor that. What can you say that again? Please. Let’s all right, let’s take this round, write it down. So say it again.



Oh, the word is Ubuntu. So it’s UV u and T u you. And the meaning of the word is? I am who I am because of who we all are.


Curt Anderson  21:40

Man about? Yeah, hashtag John. I love it. We got to hashtag your house. Yep. So thank you.



So so. So my hack is you need to look at the people that are in your community, see what they are doing, and what they’re doing well, and strive to emulate them. That’s what I do. You know, everything that I’m doing is as a result of somebody else that has inspired me. So I was actually sweating thinking, what the heck am I going to talk about when I come up here? But I have to say that it’s really what what works for me, it’s because of somebody that inspired me and what I’m doing right now, like I have a live show. It’s because of other people that have inspired me to do it. So I had to why because of who you are. And I’m so blessed to be part of this community and others


Curt Anderson  22:39

moment of silence man that’s that’s yeah. Oh, good. You know what? And again, you know, so thankful for everybody here again giant drop what you’re thankful for in the chat box angered that was absolutely phenomenal. You know, sharing a bit about your new for on the stage here. Just let everybody know, like what you do your superpower. You know, obviously find you on LinkedIn, we’re all LinkedIn junkies. But tell us a little bit about yourself and what you have going on. I know Gail worships the ground, you walk on the rest of us. Same rate behind Gail. Sure a little bit about yourself and what you have going on?



Sure. So I’m in good friend Roy, and I’m the CEO and founder of we got this admin. The company that I have founded, is focused on executive administrative consulting, but I’m also in the midst of pivoting because of everything that I know about LinkedIn, I am now a LinkedIn and business coach.

And I coach especially people in the manufacturing sector to utilize LinkedIn to find the ideal client base soulmate client like your goal there right and and also to some people want want to ditch the corporate world and so I’m, I’m helping others to ditch the corporate world and use LinkedIn to be able to find to to establish their business and to find that ideal client that they need.


Curt Anderson  24:06

Man guys, what an inspiration we are. Thank What are you thankful for indoor, even though you’re in Canada, I know you’re celebrating Thanksgiving ahead of us. What are you thankful for today?



I’m thankful for all the people that are in my community that I can admire and emulate. Every single one of you there’s a reason why you’re part of my community. I don’t It’s not random. So I thank you for being awesome


Curt Anderson  24:32

finger Thank you. You are a blessing what a gift it’s it’s been wonderful becoming gaining your friendship and hanging out with you and we did get an event last month we had an absolute Yes. When we get Sam group Dinah stage, we’re just we’re laughing uncontrollably. So that’s it. It’s been just wonderful getting to know you and we wish you just monster success. Anything here in our network that we can do to help you elevate your business. You’ve got a big group behind you. So God bless you and thank you you for what you’re doing. David, let’s let’s name Canada man. Let’s get Gail on stage. That’s


Damon Pistulka  25:05

what I’m doing now. Now I’m gonna finger off. Thanks so much. God, we got Yale. Gail was on the stage. Gail Now how’s Gail


Curt Anderson  25:17

now? So guys, I don’t know. We don’t need an introduction every


Gail Robertson  25:22

Yeah, well no, I decided what am I hacks was just to show up as I was this is post yoga look I’ve been kind of it’s just down Friday so even though I do have a two minute hack that I’m going to put on tick tock on how I can get ready for a call and put my game face on in two minutes and be ready. I have a I have a few hacks here but that’s a tick tock story for another day.



So nice. Why


Damon Pistulka  25:44

the 15 second hack


Curt Anderson  25:48

this is that’s our show is all about fun, just beat like Ingar just said let’s be ourselves. I’ve got my Alcindor Ford manufacturing Trailblazer shirt on today, you know so you know what, you are suited up gal you are perfectly suited up for our program today. I know.


Gail Robertson  26:06

Kind of Friday, you know just gonna do some Tik Tok videos tonight. I think so. That’s right.


Curt Anderson  26:14

So gals, so let’s hear what’s going on what are some power, we’ve got our pencils, pens, ready and raring to go? For those who are more efficient than me. You’re typing Gail, Greg. Michelle is probably typing.


Damon Pistulka  26:25

Yeah, Greg, gotta go. Thanks, Greg, for being on LinkedIn.


Gail Robertson  26:28

Okay, great.


Curt Anderson  26:31

So Paul calls you yell for so Gail, what? We’re ready for you? What


Gail Robertson  26:35

do you have? Well, I am starting a new focus or it’s actually revised focus around a curious brain workout. So how you need to use your curiosity with a process called sign up, suit up and show up. So the hack is that first you have to have the right mindset, you have to decide you want to do something, because if you don’t have that, you might as well get everything else then the next thing is the suiting up.

And that’s where you use your curiosity you do your research, you listen to I mean, there’s some phenomenal podcasts out there, there’s so many places that you can get information to get inspiration. And that can also mean you know, fitness for brain physical, and all sorts of things when you go take a break.

That’s where that’s sometimes we think being lazy and is a negative, but it’s actually it’s all how you describe something. So part of that suiting up can be, you know, maybe you need to just go lay on the couch, maybe you need to watch a Netflix series, sometimes all I went for a walk yesterday, so I was feeling tired. That changed my whole day and it energized me. Then the next thing is you get to show up and sometimes showing up, you can do your preparation, but sometimes you need to show up even if you don’t feel you’re prepared. And this is something we all struggle with.

I struggle with it at times myself, because sometimes we think we have to have everything, all of our ducks in a row, we need to have everything done all at the end note showing up as a first step. There have been times when I’ve showed up when I’m not ready showed up. When I feel like I’m not ready to do something. And that’s where the magic happens. You can meet amazing people. So that’s the biggest hack is being able to just show up whether you’re ready or not. And of course the best thing is use curiosity and propel prepare. Wow.


Damon Pistulka  28:15

So did I write your you write that you’re going to have a class on you’re going to guide on curiosity, or


Gail Robertson  28:23

that is I’m working on this the curious brain workout because we work out for fitness, we work out for a spirituality, so many things, and we are tunity to train our brains to be curious. we all we all are curious, we all have that ability to be curious. And it’s usually been pushed out of us beaten up. I mean, there’s a whole side where I won’t get it.

I mean, the education system actually can really work against our curiosity, because we’re so much there’s so much push to get people to all follow the rules and do you know, memorize and instead what we need to do is have more things to stretch our brain get more curious. And that’s where the magic and the curiosity where the creativity comes in as well. So you need the curiosity to lead to the creativity,


Damon Pistulka  29:10

that that is incredibly


Curt Anderson  29:12

good. And I love how you know. And Gail, you do an amazing job keeping your folks accountable. And you know, and again, showing up and you see it right on LinkedIn. Hey, so and so show up for this, you know Cavalier to show up for this show up for this so you do an amazing job. You’re just a fierce networker yourself, guys, you know, I know. Everybody here knows Gail but, Gal, thank you. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you for everything that you do your love or your friendship when we just worship you appreciate you more than you know. Crush it with your tick tock videos. We can’t wait to see them. And we have an awesome weekend. Thank you for coming up.


Gail Robertson  29:49

Thank you. Thank you.



Let’s get Mary. Let’s get real real.


Damon Pistulka  29:55

I think I’m on your show next week, right Gail?


Gail Robertson  29:58

Oh yeah. Geez. Yeah. Damon is on show up with DLL live so you want to tune in because you know fun video clips of you doing this we’re gonna we’re gonna have some fun because Damon is going to be the red m&m We’re gonna be talking right


Damon Pistulka  30:21

I can’t catch that. So are we bringing up who


Curt Anderson  30:24

did Mary drop off? So Mary dropped off about Jean I know Jean. Jean wants a pop up and then we’ve got our Jersey Boys. Yeah, boys lap. Let’s bring we gotta get John


Damon Pistulka  30:34

and Paul. Okay, we’re gonna get see if gene comes up now. That’d be awesome. A gene gets on with us, Gail. Thanks so much.


Curt Anderson  30:41

Demon looks afraid and gore says demon. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  30:43

Yeah. I wear that afraid. Look. It’s happening every day. It’s but it’s always fun. It’s always fun.


Curt Anderson  30:52

No fear, dude. No fear in Damon Pistulka. So let’s bring the jerseys ready


Damon Pistulka  30:56

to go. I’m burying Paul up. He’s raising boys up. Yeah, we’ll get John up to right away. Jean can get on to we got plenty of room for lots of people. So awesome. We got eight.


Paul Kiesche  31:07

So fellas, hey, there’s


Curt Anderson  31:09

John. John. Hey, first off, I want to give Paul dude shout out man that picture the posts that you had. I didn’t know. You know, a lot of us didn’t know that. You’re amazing artists. And on top of it, you had your beautiful daughters in that picture, man. I just, I couldn’t love I couldn’t find a love button enough to hit that on that post of yours. So thank you for sharing your your beautiful daughters that you’re using. Tell us a little bit about your art background.


Paul Kiesche  31:35

Yeah. Thanks, man. So I’ve been an artist, you know most of my life and went to school for illustration and graphic design. So I do fine art on the side and nice acting like the 2009 era. I used to do lots and lots of shows. But but most of my time nowadays in my agency, so it’s cooled down a bit but still still fun passion. Yeah,


Curt Anderson  32:02

well done, dude. So a plot, you know, we I’d say a demon. I still talk about your guests a virus, you know, and even believe it was like, what back in February was like, Yeah, let’s go. We still talk about what a blockbuster presentation you gave with your before and afters. Still, still mind? We’re always like, man, we got to get Paul back. So thank you for joining us today. Share what and I know you have an amazing team, you just hired some new folks on your team. Share a little bit about your company. And let’s hear what hack you have for everybody.


Paul Kiesche  32:31

Sure. So well, my company, as you guys know, is a VA creative. So creative marketing solutions for manufacturers and technology companies. And hacks wise, you know, I, I tried to write down a whole bunch of ideas. And I came up with a bunch of things. I have one that I think everybody knows already, but it’s a good reminder. Yeah, is to repurpose content. So to, you know, say you, you’re on a podcast, say you’re writing an article, and it’s a big, big piece. Well, there’s no reason you can’t break that up and repurpose that into lots of other stuff.

So you take, say, if I’m on your show, I’ll take that. And all we work that into a blog post rework, then to 510, social media posts, images, and all sorts of stuff. Repurpose that onto an email campaign and all sorts of stuff. So you get a lot of pieces out of one piece. And that, you know, I think a lot of us know that, but sometimes we just have to be, you know, reminded of that, I think,


Curt Anderson  33:27

absolutely. That is a phenomenal, phenomenal tip. Great, great hack. Obviously thankful for your beautiful daughters. What are you thankful for today, Paul,


Paul Kiesche  33:36

you know, I, I’m blown away by the community in manufacturing, marketing. And I’m like, so thankful for like, everybody’s so giving and so like generous with sharing the spotlight and, you know, just introducing everybody. Everybody’s like, so helpful. So that’s, it’s just been amazing. To be part of that.


Curt Anderson  33:57

I you know what, Dude, you just gave me chills? Because yeah, the great thing is when you look at manufacturers, they’re like, the salt of the earth backbone of our country of our economy. They work relentlessly. You know, they work diligently but I don’t consider them cutthroat. You know what I mean? Like, I think like meat, not that you’re going there. But like maybe some other industries are cutthroat. It’s like manufacturing is just like, everybody has each other’s back. You’ve built such an I know, you’re super humble.

And I know that there’s a team behind it. But I still give you a lot of credit for your Twitter group. Everybody. I think everybody is familiar with your Twitter group. If not, if anybody’s listening to this on LinkedIn, connect with Paul on LinkedIn. He has an awesome, awesome Thursday Twitter group every Thursday. And so Paul, again, you do amazing work. I’ve seen it firsthand. Thank you for being part of our community. Thank you for all that you do not we wish you and your family just a incredible Thanksgiving next week, my friend,


Paul Kiesche  34:50

thank you so much. Then I seen back to you and I shouldn’t say I can’t take credit for the Twitter group. That’s definitely that was before me and I’m just a big part of it. But I love it. And if anybody’s curious scale, just message the hashtag.


Damon Pistulka  35:05

Yeah, get on it. What time is at one o’clock Eastern time on Thursday?


Paul Kiesche  35:12

And I do a virtual live mixer every two months or so. So yeah. Okay.


Curt Anderson  35:19

And that’s and you know what perfect segue. And I’ve made amazing friendships through your your networking events. So thank you, Paul, for everything that you do. And that’s exactly where I met my friend John. So it was that was networking event. So John locos. Paul, I thought because of Paul, Paul, Dan bigger, Jennifer Blackman. Kirsten, the whole the whole crew. So yeah, there’s a lot of people behind it.

But again, it’s it’s it’s just it really is a magical group of people that have come together. It’s mirific Demon. So Sue Nordmann from obsidian. She’s going to be our guests in a couple of weeks on our Monday, our LinkedIn live so I Drive Dragon Sue on for nice. Yeah, so we’re gonna, so again, thanks. Thanks to Paul and Dan bigger in the current self. So Paul, thank you, dude. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys. John, how are you my friend? Happy Friday, buddy,


John Buglino  36:08

dude. Well, Happy Friday. Thanks for having me on again. And it’s been great.


Curt Anderson  36:13

So guys, if anybody missed it two weeks ago, let’s just let’s just think about it’s it’s three words. It’s perfect. I’m getting T shirts for me, you and Damon. That’s gonna be that’s on my Christmas list. Oh, can’t wait. The three words.


John Buglino  36:28

Please drop them. Hunt the relationship hunt the


Curt Anderson  36:34

hunt the relationship. I use that training this week. And now you’re I stole your line. And I gave you credit. So dude, you’re you’re just you’re you’re such an inspiration. Just what a great friend share a little bit of anybody out here. I think everybody knows you. But if anybody’s on LinkedIn, or Twitter, not familiar with you share a little bit about yourself. And what hack do you have for today?


John Buglino  36:55

Yeah, yeah. So John gluino, Director marketing would have Tessa and my hack is I dropped it in the chat. But it’s text optimizer, and it’s an extension for Chrome, I believe you get it for others as well. But if you have content that you’re looking to publish, and you want to be sure that it’s hitting the right notes, or it’s around the topic you desire, it kind of gives you a score. The piece I would also say is don’t try to get 100% Try to get over 80%.

Because you’re never there’s no value getting 100% When it’s you know, fully optimized is really, you know, there’s no difference there. But it kind of lets you understand, is the text I’m about to publish or right. Is it confusing to the audience? Is it conveying the right messaging? Right, because I think that’s a lot is too many people try to do too much with like, one post, keep it simple. Keep it focused, because you can’t confuse your audience when you’re posting texts and different posts, things like that. So it’s text optimizer. It’s an extension for Chrome and other browsers. And it just, it just helps me when I’m doing posts, even blog posts, make sure I’m hitting the right topics.


Damon Pistulka  38:10

Right. Yeah, that’s a great one, one I’m gonna have to use.


Curt Anderson  38:14

That’s, that’s phenomenal. So And, John, let’s hear what do you have plans in big plans for Thanksgiving next week?


John Buglino  38:20

Yeah, so I’m thankful for actually, my father just had his second hip replaced, okay, I’m actually waiting for him to call me that he’s not he’s home. So I’m thankful for the team that you know, got his quality of life back where it is and will be low key next week. We won’t be able to drink our, you know, our bourbons together that would be for Christmas Eve, but yeah, I’m just thankful for family friends.

And like Paul said, like, and you guys saying like, this network is incredible. I was late to this. I was actually on the call with Greg Michaud. We’re gonna probably align I have an open conversation with Jeff Long like, I absolutely, again, hunting the relationship. You know, I’m looking to get better. And I’m looking to leverage individuals in this network. So definitely appreciate everything you guys have done.


Curt Anderson  39:07

That’s I’d say and Greg, miss you, you know, amazing sense of humor. One of the funniest people you’ll ever meet. Jeff Long just such a man of integrity. Just great family, man. Great dude. You know, fiercely competitive, brilliant just like yourself. So John, we know you your wife, your boys, your family, your dad, we wish your dad the absolute best, Happy Thanksgiving to you and everybody.

Thank you for sharing your your hacks with us. And yo, yeah, so dude, have a great week. We’ll see you guys in two weeks. Damon in two weeks, man, guys, we have a huge influencer. This guy’s a sales guru is like 377,000 followers on LinkedIn. He is absolutely phenomenal. He was a relative of one of our training trainees, I guess you’d call it Mark Hill, right? Yeah, one of our trainees that came through our program so we will be offering Next Friday Daymond Do you have a hack that you want to share with everybody before we wrap up?


Damon Pistulka  40:05

Well, you know, I was listening to this. And I was like, man, you know, this lineup ahead of us. I was like, There’s nothing I’m going to be able to raise these guys. I mean, cuz I am a hack in and of itself, just me. The fact that I can get up every day and do this. But yeah, no, I think a hack for me is there’s a couple that I honestly use. I post a little bit on LinkedIn, right? Yeah, just once or twice. Yeah. But one thing is, write your posts ahead of time, right, your posts, when they strike you, when a post, when you hear something in a conversation, write it down.

I mean, just today, I’ve got I’ve got a whole page of notes here. And I’m probably going to get a post or two out of it, write that down into a note and then turn around. And and use that to develop a post.

And the other thing is, and Gale recommended this We use that a lot for video to video to text. And but another thing that actually works a lot in the background for me is and this is anyone can use this is if this then that if you’ve never seen IFTTT, I think it is if this then that I did enough T’s that’s a great automation tool in the background for different things, you know, you want to if you post something one place, you want somebody to like some content someplace, it’ll notify, there’s a lot of things that you can use for that.

But if this then that super inexpensive, it’s like 99 cents a month or something stupid like that. And it really works well. But those are a couple I mean, but when you look at it, the one real hack that I’ll tell you that that helps more than anything for me is set a schedule, do your stuff on a schedule, because if you know that Tuesday’s my day to do this, and Wednesday’s my day to do that, you’ll get it done a lot more consistently. Than you they’ll


Curt Anderson  42:04

train you and you schedule and you schedule your posts, right, like you had like so like you’re not put like when a post comes out from you. You’re not like hitting submit that day like you, you put your posts out on the weekend for the upcoming week, right?


Damon Pistulka  42:18

Or our company pages. We do my own personal posts, I do post them myself. And I can do that it’s but it’s a copy paste. Right? So if you get your posts ready, yeah, you don’t have to get up Tuesday morning and figure out what it is. I just get up Tuesday morning go copy paste mentioned the people in the post if you’re going to do that companies, whatever and boom, you’re done. It makes it’s it’s it’s it’s super quick. And and I used I mean I just use word I just write the post up in Word simple. And and do that.


Curt Anderson  42:47

So what am I you know, oh, Kurt, and Matt, you know, I you know, Gal chopped otter, I’m, I think we both you introduced me to address if I’m not mistaken. I love otter, I have it on my phone. And now you know, when I’m doing things like, you know, I think I mentioned it last week, I can just talk right into the phone, I now can go into my computer, copy and paste it and so like, you know, blog posts, you know, so on and so forth. I’d like to know what one password is. So I like


Damon Pistulka  43:15

to one password. It’s one of those password managers. That’s a big deal.


Curt Anderson  43:19

That’s work manager. I need that gal. And I need to do a better job of scheduling. I’m like a scheduled disaster. Do you know that? Damon, I know I drive you crazy with that. So I need to get better. I need to get? Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  43:30

I mean, that’s that’s one of the other things I live and die on my schedule. You know, with in the day of automatic schedulers where I just send people to do it. You got to keep your schedule up. You got to book office time and everything like Yeah,


Curt Anderson  43:40

yeah. So slack. I love slack. You know, Calendly works great when you know, I know you do a great job of setting up schedules with folks. So, you know, we have all sorts of great, and this is fine. David, this is a great program, man. I’m glad we did this. This, this 45 minutes just completely flew by. Yeah. So guys, what we’ll do is there’s just a handful of us here. Let’s just go back to the table. If you guys are gonna


Damon Pistulka  44:03

stick we will but you’re not going to get off. Kurt. You’re like I said I was what do I got? You said? You said all right. Okay,


Curt Anderson  44:10

here’s a you know what? LinkedIn? Yeah, LinkedIn. And Google Slides are like the two things I could probably I could probably, I could write a book on like how, you know, hey, if a little pandemic hits, what do you do with your business, go on LinkedIn and use Google Slides and you can build a business. So like, Daymond, I do a ton of webinars, workshops. I don’t know if I’m exaggerating, obviously, like with our Friday show, you know, I don’t know 50. If I say 100. That’s probably exaggerating, but we did probably well over 5075 webinars this past year.

Yeah. And we live in Google Slides. And it’s free and it’s easy, and it’s just so easy and simple. I the folks that I work with I use Slack. That is that’s the best way for me to communicate with a couple people that I work with and Bright local man. Bright now is my absolute best friend. I don’t know if that’d be relevant for anybody here but it’s for search it’s like a lesser version of Moz or SEO sem rush it’s a cheaper version and for the clients that we’re working with in our training programs bright local his man I live in that probably daily so Broncos probably my best BrightLocal Google Slides slack LinkedIn those are probably you know, handful.


Damon Pistulka  45:30

There you go. What are you thankful for


Curt Anderson  45:33

Kurt? Man Well, first and foremost my you know, my my wonderful daughter, my wife, my my Rottweiler you guys here like John hit it Paul hit it. Everybody came up here our community. This I look for I have I just I love our Friday show. I do you know, in the friendship that you and I’ve created we got to come together in person. I was on Seattle. Yeah, be back out there again. And so again, I’m just thankful to all you guys Damon, how about yourself?


Damon Pistulka  46:01

You know, first of all that that is courage. Just the relationships we’ve been able to build with the group here you and I is super fun, man. We, we we do have a great time. It’s what we do and and just being able to do what we want of course, my family my wife, my kids, you know, that’s, that’s that’s my heart.

And but being able to do this and act like the crazy fool, I am every week and share information with people really, because really, what are we doing? We’re up here. We get to get up here and act crazy and have fun and but we share people so many talented people, we get to talk to so many talented people in these things and share their greatness with the world. And it’s so much fun. I just get jacked about me to do that. That’s before.


Curt Anderson  46:46

It’s absolutely awesome. And we have we’re lining up some awesome awesome guests for you guys. So so let’s do that. So we will wind down we’ll wrap up for two weeks. So guys we wish every thank you thank each and every single one of you out there anybody on LinkedIn obviously our crew that’s left here on Remo. Thank you guys for your time, your energy, your expertise, your awesomeness. Yeah. And Damon, let’s close it out. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody out there and have an awesome weekend.


Damon Pistulka  47:12

Yeah, that’s thanks so much, Kurt, everybody. Thanks so much for being here. I’m shutting it down on LinkedIn now. Thanks for listening to us there. We’re going back to the tables and remote and we are going to hang out there for a bit and get going back to the floor

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