Maximizing eCommerce Opportunities with Communication

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest was Alexandra Holtzman Director, Strategy & Business Development, Trivium Packaging.  We are talking about Maximizing eCommerce Opportunities with Communication.

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest was Alexandra Holtzman Director, Strategy & Business Development, Trivium Packaging.  We are talking about Maximizing eCommerce Opportunities with Communication.

Alexandra helps to set the direction and business development strategy for Trivium Packaging, a global metal packaging manufacturer. Communicating the benefits of metal packaging is at the heart of their efforts to drive business growth and highlight the sustainability of the metal packaging their customers choose.

This communication helps Trivium to separate themselves from other competitors and attract customers who are interested in sustainable packaging solutions that they and their customers’ customers’ will appreciate. The environmental impact of products can be significantly reduced with the right packaging and Trivium is as the forefront of communicating the sustainable benefits.

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Communicating the not so obvious benefits of your products may be the thing that sets you apart from the competition.

Alexandra worked in consulting at BSG and her focus was on brand owners. She explained that she wanted to try something else in the industry, so she got connected to the company Trivium where they make metal packaging. Alexandra explained that metal is an infinitely recyclable material; it has the highest recycling rates of any packaging substrate in the world. It’s an old technology, with lots of new applications, and she was excited to move into something more aligned with her values and sustainability.

She talks about the recent trend moving more toward refill CPG packaging models.  The great thing using metal packaging is, they are lightweight, durable, and premium-looking.

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Damon asked, can you share any wonderful stories of you know, moments or like companies as you know. refillable packaging, that term was unfamiliar to me. Can you take us ‌a little deeper into folks that are new to this whole concept?

She discussed that a lot of the front runners in refillable packaging or towards switching to metal packaging are eCommerce players.

Alexandra explained that Recycling rates for metal packaging are over 60% worldwide, whereas plastic is a lot lower. But It’s a much more environmentally friendly material to choose for your packaging as well.

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She says two to three percent of all greenhouse gas emissions are produced by primary packaging.

Damon ends the show by thanking Alexandra for her time.

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Damon Pistulka, Curt Anderson, Alexandra Holtzman


Damon Pistulka  00:06

All right, everyone, welcome once again. It is Friday in is the manufacturer ecommerce success series. I am Damon Pistulka One of your co host with me today. I see my friend brother from another mother on the opposite coast. Kurt Anderson, Kurt. How are things today?


Curt Anderson  00:27

Damon? I you know if things were any better, I just I don’t know. I’d be like dancing in the streets right now. I’m just so excited. So thrilled for our guests. Yes, before we jump into this amazing incredible wonderful guest that is blessed us today. Can I can I can you share the screen real quick?


Damon Pistulka  00:43

We’ve got some good stuff here.


Curt Anderson  00:45

Can you can you see that? What see where do you what do you see on my screen?


Damon Pistulka  00:50

I see. Val ever.


Curt Anderson  00:52

Look at Val Weber. This one is amazing, incredible war looking over her shoulder. She was on his big screen. There’s like hundreds of people. Here she is on stage. Yep. And so I just want to give a shout out lots of love to our dear friend Val Weber. So Val, awesome congratulate and to send you rate well done, hopefully. Hopefully she caught that. So I don’t even here yet. So thank you, Val for joining us.

We appreciate all of your support. So guys, we want to get started here. And so if it fails not here, maybe we’ll at the end we’ll share it again demon. But anyway. Damon, do you remember when we were back in college we were applying to like Wharton grad school or Wharton for and then however we want to go to Harvard for our MBA? Yeah, I don’t either. So guys, so our guest today, man, my dream was to go to Wharton. And so our guest today is Alexandra Holtzman. Alexandra, welcome. Happy Friday. How are you today?


Alexandra Holtzman  01:50

I’m great. Thanks for having me.


Curt Anderson  01:52

Absolutely. So in Val was here. So she did now lots of love to you. Congratulations on that well deserved amazing reward. What a beautiful night. It was last night. So thank you for letting me be a part of that. So Alexandra, bachelor’s degree from Morton, then you head off to Harvard MBA, you go to the Boston Consulting Group. Do I have that? Do I have this? Correct? That’s right. So you know, there’s some incredible, incredibly famous alumni from the Boston Consulting Group, if I’m not mistaken, like maybe Mitt Romney Daymond. Did you know I think John Legend, is that correct? And Mike,


Alexandra Holtzman  02:25

is that right? That’s right. Yeah, definitely. Here John


Curt Anderson  02:28

Legend was at Boston Boston Consulting Group, John Cook, of course, the founder of Sam Adams. So Alexandra, take us a little bit on your starting your inspiration, your Ivy League degree here, or, you know, education service, a little background on who’s Alexandra?


Alexandra Holtzman  02:44

Sure. So, um, you actually did a good job of covering it, I used to work in consulting at the Boston Consulting Group, my focus was on large consumer goods clients. So you know, the brand owners, you know, and a couple years ago, I decided it was time for me to move on, try something else actually get into industry, I, it was not obvious for me that I would move into the world of metal packaging, which is what I did. But I was looking for something that aligned more with my values, and I care a lot about sustainability.

So I got connected to a company called Trivium. Packaging, we make infinitely recyclable, metal packaging, so both steel and aluminum. And for me, I was just really intrigued by the fact that metal is an infinitely recyclable material, it has the highest recycling rates of any packaging substrate in the world. And there’s a lot of really cool things that you can do. It’s an old technology, lots of new applications, which we’ll talk about today. But I was just really excited to move into something where, you know, I felt that it was more aligned with my values and what I cared about with sustainability.


Curt Anderson  03:49

So Alexandra begs the question, you know, so I know, you know, we can’t talk age or generation, but I’m gonna assume maybe you’re a millennial. I’m gonna go with that for a minute, right? Is that a fair assessment? Am I okay to say that millennial, as a millennial, Ivy League, Harvard MBA, you go off, go off to Boston Consulting Group, we absolutely love.

We’re honored that you’ve come into the world of manufacturing, that is a pure inspiration. And as you shared that you are with the trivium packaging group, and you’re in Trivium, packaging, doing amazing things. Did you think when you were knocking things down at Wharton, and at Harvard, did you did you see yourself in manufacturing?


Alexandra Holtzman  04:26

I never saw myself in manufacturing, to be honest with you. Um, and it you know, like I said, when I was leaving consulting and thinking about what was next it wasn’t what it wasn’t an obvious career path to me.

It was kind of a lucky introduction to somebody who was also an alum from BCG, who works here and he kind of sold me on the whole again, the whole sustainability story, but also I was really excited to actually be in the manufacturing industry and work at a company that you know, employs people in local communities still making things so manufacturing I got really excited about that, too, in addition to the sustainability opportunity, I think not a lot of people in my generation from similar backgrounds will think of manufacturing as an obvious place to go. But, you know, I find it really attractive, like for all of those reasons,


Curt Anderson  05:15

well, I know, you know, Trivium, you know, very small company, what $3 billion, I believe, give or take 1000 employees. So it is a huge company. And now, you know, back then, so if you were, let’s say, Damon, when we come back, like 20 years for our 20 year reunion for this little conversation here, and we see Alexandra is the CEO of some major brand, of course, he’s gonna be when we have this little conversation, and you’re giving the keynote, maybe commencement speech at Harvard, would you be telling like, hey, all the cool kids are going into manufacturing?

Alexandra, what would you share with young folks, if they were trying to get a career path, or the cool kids going into manufacturing or what


Alexandra Holtzman  05:54

I mean, I hope so I hope we really see a renaissance and that, in the US, I think we’re already starting to, and I have to say, I’m the person who, you know, kind of recruited me into this job in the first place into the world of manufacturing told me that, you know, it’s really, there’s a different level of satisfaction when you’re involved in a company that ultimately produces something physical, which I have to say is very true.

You know, like we prototypes shipped here, when, you know, being involved in in making these innovative packaging solutions, bringing them to life. It’s very true. So I hope that you know, more and more people see the appeal in that and actually being part of, you know, producing things. Rather than, you know, I don’t know, the world of tech or something like that. I think there’s a lot of appeal and being in manufacturing. Well, and


Damon Pistulka  06:39

especially to like you and consumer products, you can walk into a store with your friends and family, you can say that’s something our company does right there. Yeah. And that is, it’s an incredible feeling to be able to do that. And so cool.


Curt Anderson  06:55

So guys, so first off, please connect with Alexandra on LinkedIn here. And this is absolutely just, we are so blessed to have her here today. I think like 60 facilities global, wide. If you check out, I did a little research, you check out a bunch of your videos, you have facilities all over the place I saw like Youngstown, Ohio, Binghamton, New York area all over and they show all sorts of different examples of what you’re producing.

So let’s take a deep dive, let’s associate just a little bit about what’s going on at Trivium. And, you know, it sounds like you have just an dynamic team. And I saw a couple of videos with your CEO, let’s take a deep dive into Trivium and what really appealed to you and what’s going on how you’re solving problems for your clients.


Alexandra Holtzman  07:37

Sure, um, so like I said, we do both steel and aluminum packaging. So kind of all the way from you know, like the, the food cans will you’ll you know, you’ll buy canned tomatoes, canned beans, things like that we make those are steel, we make those cans, we also make, you know, aluminum aerosol. So if you think about things that hairspray or beauty and personal care sunscreen products come in.

But what I find really exciting is we’re taking that technology so that the technology that makes those aluminum bottles and we’re using it we’re partnering with brand owners for totally different packaging applications in one of the trends that we’ve seen in the past couple years is moving more toward refill models, right so there’s you know,

there’s problem with waste plays a role in that for sure, single use packaging and so we’ve been really proud to play a role with brand owners helping them find ways to move away from single use plastic packaging, and instead of packaging in our you know, aluminum, reusable, refillable bottles that you know people can keep and hang on to They are lightweight, durable, premium looking, you can print directly on the bottle, which is pretty cool.

So we’re seeing a lot a lot a lot of interest in refillable packaging, and it all starts with the end consumer, you know, wanting more sustainable solutions, reducing their impacts on the environment. And metal packaging in particular can play a really cool role here.

And I think what you know, when it comes to e commerce, there’s the fact that these metal bottles, you know, if you’re shipping them around, they’re not breakable, unlike glass. Right. So you want to move away from plastic waste, but then you want something that’s not going to break or be heavy or cause issues and shipment. These are durable, lightweight, like I said, can be refilled look nice and premium. So I’m very excited to see the new and innovative applications of metal packaging, you know, to help reduce waste.


Curt Anderson  09:28

Yeah, that’s, that’s cool. Yeah, this is awesome stuff. And so like Damon, you know, when I’m at the store buying my hairspray, I was wondering if


Damon Pistulka  09:36

he just dropped it. We dropped and she dropped out for a second. She’ll be back in a minute, which we’ll


Curt Anderson  09:41

come back. But you know, when I’m getting my hairspray I’ve noticed like those cans. I was wondering if Alexander’s company was producing those cans for hairspray. What do you use for hairspray?


Damon Pistulka  09:51

Well, you know, I think we’re on the similar path that occurred. It’s not worth talking about but the this is, this is interesting. There’ll be When you look at and you think about go ahead and look at the trivium I’m sure she’s back again. I knew it was something that was going to be quick. Yeah, so she’s on here probably with video audio, but we don’t have she’s muted. There we go. All right, here we go. I don’t know. Yeah, it’s alright, we’re back. But


Curt Anderson  10:19

to the show, happy Friday. Welcome to Manufacturing ecommerce success and price today. We have Alexander Holtzman as our Alexandria, how are you?


Alexandra Holtzman  10:29

I’m a millennial, but I can’t use technology. Hey, guys, once again,


Curt Anderson  10:33

connect with Alexandra on LinkedIn checkout. And I’ll tell you Trivium has a phenomenal website, you want to check it out. But let’s you’re sharing about a refillable and so what you missed Alexandria demon that we’re when we are shopping for our hairspray, we were assuming that that was probably coming from your company.

But anyway, so as we dig in what I’m hearing what I love, what you’re saying is that on the sustainability side, you are partnering, so instead of just being the commodity, and we talked about this a lot with our manufacturers, so many manufacturers, they are a commodity, we’re commodity and I wish they would stop saying that, what you’re sharing because packaging, hey, I do corrugated I do plastic, I do metal, you know, I could do myself commodity, you’ve taken that to a whole different level. you’re partnering with your clients and you’re providing solutions.

Any clients like Can you share any wonderful stories of you know, aha moments or like companies like you know, gee, I didn’t know refillable packaging, that term was new to me, can you take us a little bit deeper for folks that are new to this whole concept? Yeah, and I’d love to


Alexandra Holtzman  11:33

have a couple of customer examples that I would love to share, you know, a group to check out online and just see what they’ve done. So that is definitely true. We don’t think of ourselves as simply a commodity packaging manufacturer. In fact, we like to get involved with our customers very early on in the product development and ideation process.

So yeah, we hold what we call innovation sessions, both with our you know, existing big customers, but also prospective customers where we look at their product portfolio and we think, you know, where could there be a role that metal packaging plays where it doesn’t and a lot of that is refillable, some of that is even shifting from single use plastic or glass to single use metal, but many of the customers that we work with that are like pushing the envelope in terms of refillable solutions are pure ecommerce players.

I think part of the reason for that is you know, when you sell either chiefly or entirely on a website, it gives you more space to tell the story about your brand and to explain the choices that you’ve made with packaging and why it matters and why it’s important. So a lot of the kind of like, you know, I would say front runners in this revolution toward refillable packaging or towards switching to metal packaging. A lot of them are actually ecommerce players, you know for that reason and so a couple couple examples to share.

So there are two ways that we see customers using you know, aluminum bottles as part of a refillable model and so one is where you say like hey the aluminum bottle is actually you know, really nice looking and durable on its own. We want that to be the container that gets refilled. And you know, maybe it gets refilled out of a pouch or using a tablet or a pod for dilution at home which is a nice really like environmentally friendly and sustainable method. So our bottles are designed you know to last so they’re designed with like nice visual appeal in mind.

They look nice not just on the shelf where people might buy them or choose to buy them on our website but in the home too and so people will leave them out on their countertop, it’s almost part of your home decor. A really good example so there’s a couple of hands so players that are doing this so one is called Pedal PE t a l they offer these really beautiful aluminum hand soap dispensers that we make that people then will refill with the soap pod and water so when it’s empty you just switch out the pod add some water and there you go. You have your hand soap ready to go.

Really nice, environmentally friendly model and there’s another company called three main and they offer very environmentally friendly home cleaning products. So same thing you know refillable this, this company uses actually a large pouch which so the product gets shipped with, you know, reduces the greenhouse gas footprint you know, in in production and shipping and the bottles you know, get reused and refilled.

And then actually one of my personal favorites as a mom of a two year old is it’s called bubble tree and they’re it’s a refillable bubble system so they have these small aluminum bottles that were designed to be really ergonomic and very bright and eye catching for little kids. My son loves them they get refilled from you know a large pouch which significantly reduces the you know, overall use of plastic so that’s where we’re using the aluminum bottle as the container that gets refilled.

The other way you can think about it is that the refill container so you start out with something else right and so maybe this is where you have a fragrance that has a really pretty like keepsake glass bottle and you know then people can buy the refill. There’s a product that we do with a South American customer called Grupo Botha kyrio. They do a fragrance that offers, you know, the fragrance refill comes in our aluminum threaded bottles, which look really nice and elegant on their own, and then you’re not, you know, throwing away or trying to recycle a glass bottle.

That’s kind of like a keepsake. And you know, it stays. So two ways that you can do it. But again, a lot of the companies that are pushing the envelope here, right, we do see a lot of them are ecommerce, and it’s because they can kind of like, tell the story to their consumers about you know, why they’re making these choices. And, you know, what, what role you can play as a consumer.


Curt Anderson  15:36

Yeah, this is fantastic. And as more consumers are driving this direction, so it’s kind of it’s what I love, what we’re hearing is supply and demand. So you know, companies are taking the initiative, and just, you know, back to that culture. And Damon, you know, you and I love talking about, you know, we talked, we’ve had some wonderful conversations, Dr. YuRu. We’re talking about diversity, manufacturing, women and manufacturing, millennials and manufacturing. And now great topic today with Alexandra and sustainability. So what the great pieces, the consumer side is demanding it, but companies are also just taking the bull by the horns and really driving the ship.

And you’re doing a incredible job. So let’s take a little bit further Alexandra on the aluminum side. Okay. So and again, for anybody who just joined us, please connect with Alexandra on LinkedIn. And she was sharing how it went, you know, as a young person, millennial, she was you had a great gig as a consultant, she was attracted on the consumer side to manufacturing, let’s take a little deep dive. So there’s a lot of options for packaging, which give us some of the benefits on aluminum why aluminum might going that route for companies?


Alexandra Holtzman  16:36

Yeah. So a lot of people I think aren’t? Well, it surprises a lot of people when we talk about recycling rates of different packaging materials. And so I think there are a lot of consumers that have all the right intentions. This was me, every package that I would use that had the recycling symbol on it, I would, you know, dutifully rinse it out, put it in the recycling bin, and I thought that was problem taking care of everything’s getting recycled. It’s definitely not the case.

So I there for a variety of reasons, the actual recycling rate of plastic packaging is somewhere between five and 10%. And it doesn’t matter even if you’re putting it in the recycling bin, a lot of times that just go straight to the dump. The reality is, it’s not economically feasible for these materials to get separated and recovered. We used to ship a lot of that off to countries like China that would do the sorting and recycling for us, they’ve stopped accepting it. And so even if you have all the right intentions, a lot of times your plastic packaging is going straight to the landfill.

Unfortunately, metal packaging really big difference. And so this is true for both steel and aluminum. There’s actually value inherent in the material. And so not only you know, when you put it in the recycling bin, not only is it far more likely to get recycled, but even if it somehow ends up in the waste stream, a lot of times the material recovery facilities will actually pull it out, they’ll pull steel out with a magnet or aluminum packaging out with a process called an eddy current which separates it from other waste.

And the reason is because there’s value in recovering it so that the company can go on and sell that it gets melted down and recycled. So what you see is that the recycling rates for metal packaging are over 60% worldwide, whereas plastic, you know is a lot lower five to 10%. So that’s one reason is just the actual recycling rates. The other reason is metal recycles forever. So we call it infinitely recyclable. What does that mean? It means the quality doesn’t degrade. So you use a metal package.

Once it gets melted down, it gets, you know, goes on to live another life as something else. Whether it’s a steel beam and construction or aluminum in a car or a package again, it doesn’t degrade over time. That’s not the case. So even plastic even if it’s getting recycled, oftentimes, it can only be recycled once or twice before.

That’s its end of its life, and it goes to the landfill anyway. So really big, like surprises a lot of people, it surprised me, I had to kind of relearn all of that, you know, a year ago when I joined Trivium. But really, from a sustainability standpoint, when you think about the fact that metal is actually getting recycled at far higher rates, and it recycles forever. It’s a much more environmentally friendly material to choose for your packaging.


Curt Anderson  19:16

Not that you’re on this side. And as you said, you mentioned your two year old son so now, you know playing mom as a consumer and or on a professional side now that you’re you know, at Trivium are there certain products that you see on the shelves? Maybe that we use or see on a daily basis?

We’re like, boy, that really you know, because a lot of times we’re like, you know, how are you going to make that switch? My wife is extremely sustainability conscious and trying to, you know, point purchase things based on those decisions. Are there certain products that you’re seeing on a regular basis? They are boy, we really need to get you on our side. That should be switching to aluminum. Is there anything that kind of stands out to you?


Alexandra Holtzman  19:54

The opportunity I mean, like I shared a couple of you know, companies that are kind of at the forefront. There’s so much more opportunity there really I mean so when I when I look at, um you know, liquid products and beauty and personal care, the more we can move to refillable packaging there the better. You know, there’s no reason that a lot of those packages should be in, you know, single use packaging. I think you know, there’s also a lot you know, we’re talking a lot about beauty and personal care that’s where you see a lot of the refill models. If you think about single use packaging, there’s even a lot of opportunity on the food side.

So there are a lot of different categories that are totally dominated by plastic packaging today that there’s some stuff I can’t share that we’re working on in development but there’s a lot of opportunity when you see something that comes in plastic, a lot of times you can mimic that package in steel or aluminum. And again, you get those benefits of you know, higher recycling rates infinitely recyclable there’s when I go to the grocery store now I look around at all the plastic on the shelf I just see so much opportunity you know, kind of regardless of the category,


Damon Pistulka  20:59

right? Oh yeah, it’s there’s so much there and I you know, I just I ordered that health drink the other day, and they came in tablets. And I think about that same kind of thing. I was like, oh because I bought him I’m like I’m like so I was expecting the bottles of the health drink to come to me right and it was in tablet form. And they’re awesome. They worked just fine.

And I never really thought about it but when you look at using refillable packaging like this your aluminum packaging or metal packaging can come out with the original order but as an E commerce person that could be driving your brand driving your value over time. And you said like you said with refillable Molly you send a pouch you send individual, whatever out with it. There’s so many other ways to do this, including rethinking the plastic packaging, because I think we got hooked on plastic packaging because of the initial cost. But I think there’s some really interesting things here to look at in the future. Lots of fun,


Alexandra Holtzman  22:00

and you brought up beverage which is great too, because we i That’s another big area for us is aluminum beverage bottles. And so the benefit you get you kind of like the same experience with Rico’s ability and portability that you don’t have with a beverage can you don’t aluminum, and but you do have with the plastic bottles. So a lot of our customers, you know will like the brand owners will deliver you know, the or sell, they’ll sell the bottle in the first place. It’s filled, it has either premium water or different beverage in it.

Then the bottle is marketed as temporarily refillable. So what people do is, you know, they’ll purchase it filled, they’ll drink the water, and then you know, you have kind of a temporary refill bottle that you can take around with you for a week or so when you’re done with it, you recycle it. And that’s great. And you know, you get maybe five to 10 more uses out of it than you would have otherwise the benefit for the brand is that person is carrying your bottle around showing your brand for that for however long they’re using it until they recycle it. So it’s yeah, it’s an interesting model.


Curt Anderson  23:00

So far. Well, yeah. We have some great comments coming in. Yeah. You got Paul Van Meter, Paul. Hey, Paul. Here’s pre comment. We’ve got DAB Lucas Gauss here today gal sending our love veiled jab to comment, glasses recycled. She’s you know, she’s a glass scale. Social. Yeah, Larry’s dropping a comment here today.

So Alexandra, let’s dive right into. Let’s talk a little bit about Trivium. You know, as a culture, you know, and again, I touched on it earlier, cotton interview with your, your CEO, talk about like just the energy and just the camaraderie, your teammates, coworkers just talk a little bit like gives underneath the hood, what’s going on at Trivium? So if there’s a company out there, that’s not quite there culturally, on a sustainability side. Trivium is really leading the charge what really, you know, you’ve touched on that before, but get us to let’s get our neath the hood of Trivium and what’s going on with your team and teammates, and so on and so forth there?


Alexandra Holtzman  23:54

Sure. So we’re a global company, we have presence in Europe, the US and South America. And I would say that, you know, that’s important to us, because we’re always learning different things from different markets and sharing across in certain, you know, product types or categories, maybe the European market might be a little bit more advanced than us or vice versa.

And we’re always kind of like sharing that back and forth, which is, which is cool. You know, our state of the art r&d facilities in France, we we’ve got an amazing team of scientists and engineers there that are supporting all the development that we do worldwide. The other thing I’ll say is we really do sustainability is part of our DNA and Trivium. Every decision that we make incorporates sustainability.

So we now have these eco design guidelines so that every new product that we’re designing or any products that were modifying, you know, goes through a rigorous assessment process to ensure that among, you know, the similar products on the market that what we’re creating is actually you know, better more sustainable They’re either it’s lighter weight, or it uses different coatings or there’s something about it that makes it the most environmentally friendly choice on the market.

So we’ve got those eco design standards, there are a lot of sustainability initiatives that we’re, we’re doing. And the cool thing about Trivium is, is it the sustainability really is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, like I said, because we partner with our customers. So early in the product design process, you know, we, there are many occasions where we’re the ones that are actually like, as the packaging manufacturer, we’re proposing the idea and kind of selling them on the idea of shifting to reusable or refillable packaging, and it’s always really cool to see those opportunities become reality.


Curt Anderson  25:39

Yeah, that is absolutely awesome. You think about how many times you work with a vendor supplier, regardless of what that service might be. You know, well, hey, what do you think and you know, you always you feel like, you know, you’re doing the job for them. And what I absolutely love what you’re sharing, like, I’m just, you know, I’m thinking back to my old days, I had an E commerce company, and I’m buying my packaging, I would love for a company like yourself and Trivium to come in, and like you, we’re gonna give you ideas, we’re gonna give you suggestions, you’re gonna help take me to the next level.

So I love how you know, you’ve really created a partnership. You know, you’re not a, as we mentioned earlier, not a commodity, not just a vendor cutting you a check, give me goods, like you’re really focused on the success in your tagline, passion, teamwork, excellence, I just absolutely love that. One, the trivium website, it’s just in you just kind of feel it just even talking to so Alexandra, I know you’re, We’re tight on time. You’re a busy gal, what would you take us? Fast forward? If we had a time machine? Where do you see the future going with either sustainability with Trivium? What’s in store for us ahead?


Alexandra Holtzman  26:44

I mean, I hope and I really believe that we’ll see more of this refill revolution, picking up and accelerating, I think that I really hope that we, as a society look for ways creative ways to move away from single use packaging, I think something like two to 3% of all greenhouse gas emissions are produced by primary packaging. And so I view that as just a really big opportunity for us at Trivium in our industry to play a role here.

So, you know, I really hope that if I were to fast forward 10 or 20 years, we would see a lot more innovative packaging solutions that are refillable in the market, many of which I think, you know, are naturally best suited in metal. I think that, you know, I hope that we also find more educated and aware consumers that are, you know, they know about the impact that their packaging choices and product choices are making on the environment, and they can kind of make, you know, informed decisions. So I, I see a lot of that stuff happening now. I just hope that you know, in 1020 years down the road, we see we see that further advanced?


Curt Anderson  27:46

Yeah, that is awesome. Here’s our last question for the day. You are such a blessing. What an inspiration, I hope you know you’re leading the charge on sustainability. And whether you realize it or not, you are a true inspiration for young people, for women in manufacturing. Welcome to the thank you that you took your skills, your talents, your your, your energy, to the manufacturing world, who and what inspires you, you mentioned two year old son family who inspired you to be such a success at such an early ah,


Alexandra Holtzman  28:20

oh, at an early age, that’s different. So I was gonna say,


Curt Anderson  28:23

Well, you’re early age compared to Damon and I had an early stage in your career, how did you become so successful so fast? And just what, who and what has inspired you to get to this stage of your career?


Alexandra Holtzman  28:38

Yeah, I think if I think about who’s inspiring me now and makes me care about, you know, what we’re doing at Trivium and how my work affects it, I have to say that becoming a parent a couple of years ago has really changed the way that I think about my own career and the impact that I want to have on the world and on society. So you know, I think about my son.

I just think I want the world to be better for it sounds very cliche, but I want the world to be better for him. So, you know, I want whatever I do in my career, I need that I need to think that it’s, you know, leaving a positive impact. For me, I think sustainability is one of the most pressing issues of our time, a real kind of call to action with climate change and reducing waste and taking care of the environment. And so that’s kind of my inspiration right now as I just want to make sure the world is going to be a better place for him, you know, in in 40 years, man, I have a


Curt Anderson  29:32

moment of silence Alexandra moment of silence. So that was alright, we’re at time. Alexandra has a hard stop. We have alexan First off, everybody. It’s Friday. Let’s give a little stretch. How about a standing ovation for Alexandra Holtzman here. So thank you. Thank you guys. Drop a note connect with Alexandra here on LinkedIn. So Alexandra, any we can find you on LinkedIn Connect. We certainly want to find Trivium any other parting thoughts that you want to share with the crowd? Oh,


Alexandra Holtzman  30:01

now just I think about the recycling rates and you know how to, I don’t know, look for creative solutions to packaging use and if anybody wants to reach out to talk more about sustainability and packaging, you know, please do connect with me on LinkedIn, I’d be happy to talk to people.


Curt Anderson  30:17

Absolutely. And again, you know, a lot of pressure on you, Alexandra, you’re leading the charge in sustainability. Please keep being that wonderful voice for young women entering into manufacturing, and of course sustainability. So we’re going to wind down on this Alexandra, thank you for sharing your time, your energy, your expertise. We are just honored and blessed to have you here today. Guys, we want to wish each and every single one of you just an amazing, wonderful, beautiful, fantastic weekend, Damon launch. And I’m just was this a great session? I


Damon Pistulka  30:50

told you this is awesome. Thanks so much, Alexandra for being here today. Hey, I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the other mothers out there. We wouldn’t be here today. I got your


Curt Anderson  31:05

mother’s day out there happy Tuesday, Alexandra saying she might be Daymond. So thank you for saying that.


Damon Pistulka  31:11

Yes. So everyone. Have a great weekend. We’ll be back again next week. Thank you guys.


Alexandra Holtzman  31:17

Appreciate you having me on. Have a wonderful weekend.

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