The Gratitude Maker

In this Business Round Table by Exit Your Way we invited Danny Shannon, The Gratitude Maker to talk about his journey from his days of addiction, and the tough road to recovery.  Danny is also the founder of and hosts his own podcast, The Gratitude Maker.

Drug addiction is bad but getting treated for it is just as hard. It requires patience, resilience, motivation, and hope. Read on to learn how with The Gratitude Maker, Danny Shannon uses what he has learned in his life to help other make the process easier.

In this Business Round Table by Exit Your Way we invited Danny Shannon, The Gratitude Maker to talk about his journey from his days of addiction, and the tough road to recovery.  Danny is also the founder of and hosts his own podcast, The Gratitude Maker. He has been sober for over 11 years and now provides guidance and counseling to those going through the process of getting sober.

Danny opens up about his journey, he started taking drugs at the age of 14, and everything went downhill from there. Relationships, friends, studies everything. Even though he had supportive parents, he made bad choices for himself and spent the next 15 years imprisoned in his own body. He admits to committing illegal crimes, spending time in jail, and worst of all, hurting the people he loved. He later spent a time in rehabilitation and has now been clean and sober for many years.

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Danny shares how he spends his days developing a healthy connection with addicts on their path to recovery. He says that the opposite of addiction is connection and it is very important to develop a positive connection as it helps the addicts break free. He adds that one thing that helped him recover and stay sober was his decision to record his struggles, hopes, and dreams for the future. This is what motivated him throughout his recovery journey and he also asks other addicts to do as well.  By recording and reviewing their progress it helps them to thinkn about where they want to be and then to see how far they have come.  This was also the main idea that prompted him to start his own company, that allows people to record these videos to themselves and then open them at a future date.

Danny then talks about how he creates gratitude by helping addicts become happy, healthy, and able to earn again. According to him the feeling of gratitude and the positive influence he has on people is contagious, and pushes him to continue on.

Danny is always available on LinkedIn for anyone who wants information on embarking the journey to recovery.

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Thank you for sharing your time and telling your story Danny!

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Damon Pistulka, Danny Shannon


Damon Pistulka  00:02

Alright, everyone. Thanks again for stopping by the Exir Your Way round table with me today from Australia. I’ve got Danny Shannon, wonderful talking to you, Danny.


Danny Shannon  00:13

Things. Thank you, Dan. It’s a pleasure to be here. Oh,


Damon Pistulka  00:16

yeah, yeah, well, I’m really excited to have you eight, you’re the first person from Australia, that I that we’ve had on our live stream. So that’s cool. Good. And, and you know, more More importantly, you know, when when people look at your profile on LinkedIn or something, you talk about you are a gratitude maker. And I want to talk a bit about that. And, you know, I, as we do on this, we like to talk a bit about your background so people can understand more and learn more about you. And then and about, what kind of how you got where you are today. And then Then what are you doing? So, let’s start there, man.


Danny Shannon  01:00

Yeah, um, Thank you, Madam like to that gratitude maker. It’s quite, I was always say one of the things I’ve learned about myself over the past 11 years in recoveries, and I know this just from other people’s feedback, he’s, I am is extremely happy spiritual. When I say spiritual acts. My spirits arrive up and I’m and in grateful commander guy, you know, and I’m sir. And often I get as hell and when you’re a small and Debbie Natty, heavy keep a smile on your face often. And I think of kind of a little bit of a recipe.

Oh, I know, I do. How do I maintain my gratitude? Therefore, I, I come up with these gratitude makeup. This is a way of sort of letting people know that, you know, I think I can help people with gratitude today. So that’s that in the sobriety, a sobriety King is a little bit of a controversial one. When a lady I’m on LinkedIn actually named me then.

So whether it sounds great, but when I do say, sobriety King, I’m just a noisy many, many others who are on my same journey, doing just wonderful stuff, just like myself, you know, but for LinkedIn, it’s a recording catchy name. And obviously, I haven’t had a drink or a drug for 11 years and 23 days. So that’s no mind or mood altering substance, for way over a decade now. So yeah, just for today. I am the king of sobriety, you know, even for me say Yeah, awesome. Another anniversary is awesome, man. Every time you make


Damon Pistulka  02:39

that up, another one’s a great year,



man. Yeah, absolutely. I’m 11 years bloody older than I was when I got clean. So the first the first couple of years were really touching go for sure. You know, and even if I use it five years is a massive milestone, but it’s kind of like Tom’s gone very quick since and then the obsession and compulsion to drink or to use drugs is completely been lifted. And it’s only lifted because I do a heap of things on my daily program just to keep it at bay.


Damon Pistulka  03:13

Yeah, yeah, I can imagine that just being able, being able to keep your mind and the right the right, the right position and then keeping yourself busy because a lot of people it’s obviously they got a lot of time on their hands or their or their minds. Not right when they’re not in Right, right.



Very true. Is it fine one between is a balance and make to keep a healthy, balanced diet to keep me sane, serene it. Um, yeah,


Danny Shannon  03:42

it’s definitely,


Damon Pistulka  03:44

that’s for sure. That’s for sure. Well, so. Tell us a little bit about that. So growing up, I mean, did you what what really happened to kind of, in a nutshell, get you to that point. And then what was the thing that just said, Ma’am, I’m effing done with this. I’m gonna I’m doing something I’m gonna try to get get right or not right, but get sober anyway. None of us are right.



Great. Look, I love He said in a nutshell, too, because, like, I think the story of how I got here and the carnage of my past is, it’s no different like, Whoa, look, always a full blown and I will try and put it in a nutshell, but like all these full blown drug he picked up drugs at the age of 14. And up until that stage, I combat a pretty normal life. You know, I do identify as having a loving mom.

So there’s no big trauma in my life prior to that and often people think that every drug addict or alcoholic, he comes from maybe comes from like a horrific true. Yeah, show we’re doing and then come identify with that. But my thing is the day I picked up drugs, I just never stopped For the next seven or eight years, I just came from this pretty good boy with a lot of friends. And quite a popular kid to a minister society within six months. And every one of those friends dropped off, you know, I am.

And I spend like the next 15 years in prison, sir boy James first and then adult prison. I, I spent that time stealing, hurting loved one hurting people around me. right down to the lowest of the low world, you know, the giving and using on drugs was all that I was just driven by these, like these daymond definitely. It’s like, I can’t believe some of the stuff we’re used to How the hell do I do it, but an affiliate of the third story window of a rehabilitation center. Back when I was like 21, maybe 19. It was a massive drop was like a 25 foot drop, and I hit the pavement boom. And the the detox phase around the corner hurt me hit the ground.

And they just just as anyway, and that was me climbing up sheets to get back into the surgery window of syllabi that I’d climbed out of to go and get on, you know, like this. This drive. They used to be behind me. And I like to think I use that drive these days. So positive. But yeah, but yeah, my look, it was 17 years of just she can ease or hurt people. It was horrible. What am I ashamed of it? I wish it hadn’t happened. Some of it hadn’t happened. But today, I really do drawn my experiences to shows share recovery without this.


Damon Pistulka  06:52

Right. Yeah, you know, in a lot, a lot different sets. Because I don’t I don’t understand your experience as well as you you know, but often, when you see people that are really, really good at something, they probably started at a pretty low position to get that good. And they fail a lot on way. And you know, maybe that’s Yes, you’re you’re you’re getting your, you’re getting your practice in. So now it’s going to be better as you keep going. And



that’s exactly exactly how it is,


Damon Pistulka  07:26

you know, so. So I just I mean, I see your see your stuff, the content you’re putting out and just the the sheer the positive emotions flow from you. And that’s just what it’s always attracted me to a stop and listen to what you’ve got to say, you know, when we want we’ve interacted before on some live streams, live chats and stuff. And it’s always cool to just to hear what you’re talking about and how you’re helping people because you’re still you’re still counseling people, correct?



Yeah, absolutely. So look, my days pretty much filled every day with some type of interaction with release one, two, maybe 10 different addicts in recovery on their journey. Now, I’m not saying that stuff from necessarily helping people I’m doing this stuff for me, Johnson, the opposite to addiction is connection. You know, it’s my connection with other human beings. And actually, the more I give back to humanity into my mace into my piece, and anyone can help, the more I believe the universe will provide So, so it’s kind of like a 24 hour job. But on top of that, I get paid by rehabilitation, technical Glebe house.

It’s actually the program I went through. Back in September 2009. I scored a job there in about 2012 and our vein, moving forward ever since in that facility. So I do spend 48 hours each week leaving with a bunch of men in a rehabilitation center, teaching them how to leave. That’s my best way to describe it. I actually get paid to show people how I live. I just do my normal D day with it. But I just I just show them how I do it. You know? Yeah. It’s the best job on Earth.


Damon Pistulka  09:26

Wow. Well, you know, you are one thing there that I think is true is when you’re helping other people, you get it back double. You just get it back double man, that’s the way it is.



So true, right? It’s um, it’s so true and see people I was you know, instant gratification sometimes. We think you hear that right, that the more I give, the more I get back. But when we give something often people want something in return, and it just doesn’t work. Alright. I reckon the action I put in today and yesterday is this test is gonna make me happy tomorrow. And next week, you know, every day, I’m going to continue that balance to keep giving back because it might not come back, but it will. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  10:15

Yeah. Well, I mean, and you feel good helping people, and you think it’s gonna come back, but you’re not counting on it, because you’re not in it. Because you want that back. You’re in it because you’re helping people.



Yeah, sure. Damn it. I’m not, you know, it’s funny. Yes, sales sitting there as a shopping center. And I was looking I was having today. And one thing I do a lot. And this is something I learned in counseling, is through my supervision with my supervisor to help me he’s been a conscious observer. So watch people. Yeah. Which is something I do often. I look around, and I was watching people, yeah, does interacting, walking past with the children. It’s something I do often I think, like, are they happy?

Oh, no, I want to try and bring this home to people’s face. If I can say, if I get an opportunity, we’ll say hello. And how you doing? to someone who looks angry or want to do that. It’s this thing of God where I want to make I don’t know if it’s a want to make them small. But if I see them not looking at me, and then just because they don’t look happy, I’ve learned doesn’t mean they’re not. Yeah, gonna be we’re just gonna face. Yeah, but you’re still want to try and make someone smile. And very often, I have interacted with strangers. And they just looked at me like, they didn’t give a small back this was this guy do a shout out. But whatever. Doesn’t matter if I may have to.


Damon Pistulka  11:39

Yeah, yeah. Well, no doubt. I mean, because it’s just you gotta you gotta let it out. When it’s in, man, you got to let it out. And you gotta let other people experiences as well. Because, you know, when you look at things, and this is this is something that I don’t know, I learned this a while ago. And and, you know, if you wake up, that’s your first gift to the day. You woke up? Yes. Oh, man, man, Get it. Get on from there be happy. Because there’s a lot of people and it’s as a friend of mine, Pete Alexander told me one time. If you look at everyone that’s been alive in the history of the earth. It’s like, what do you say four out of five are dead. So we’re pretty damn lucky just the way?


Danny Shannon  12:27

Well, is that right? Oh, it’s not good.


Damon Pistulka  12:33

But it is what it is. So so we woke up today. So let’s, let’s, let’s use it, let’s have some fun with it, and nothing else. And then the other thing because I’ve got kids and they get they get down about something, I said, Listen, if it’s not going to make a difference in a year, don’t sweat it that much. You know, if it’s not gonna make a difference from if it’s gonna make it, if it is, well then think about a little bit, but then still, you know, it’s probably not as bad. And that’s, that’s if I see people doing some people anyway.

You know, it’s, it seems like it’s a big problem. When you look at it’s like, Okay, come on, it’s not really that big in the whole scheme of things. Yeah, it’s an inconvenience. But, you know, but when you do, like you do, and trying to make people healthy, happy and earn, you’re trying to create that gratitude and to have that, that being grateful just to just to be able to do what you do. It’s contagious. And it seems like it builds upon itself every every day. And when I see you, I mean, you can tell when you’re talking that that is in there.

And it’s, it’s great to see because I was I was watching a video recently that you had can’t find it. Now, I should have found it before we got online, because I’ve shown it, but you are with another guy that you know that you’re setting the table, it was his five year anniversary, or something like that, it might have been an older one, but man that was just awesome is awesome to see. And to see that and to see the influence, the positive influence that you have, and helping someone like that, you know, and it it just it drew me to you.

That’s why I had to reach out and ask though, it’s it’s cool to see that. And you don’t get a lot of people like you said, a lot of people think that addiction is, is someplace else or it’s someone had a bad upbringing and something like that.

And when we were before we got on, I was I was mentioning to you that, you know, my kids have a first cousin that they lost to heroin. You know, he was sober for a while. And then for whatever reason, started using one night and he died. And you know, in the first time, a long time he died. And as and then we we have some friends of ours that have a child. That’s been In and out of addiction, and and they’re they’re raising two grandkids. And it’s not. It’s not. It’s everywhere. It’s everywhere. And when you say, and you know that, and you see it firsthand, but I just, I think it’s something that that more people don’t understand how close he really is to him.



But one thing I’m learning more and more, almost like a stays, you know, sharing about the stuff, let’s just say on LinkedIn just as we are, right now it is bringing information to a lot of people who need to eat some of that stuff, you know, and so like, I’m very sorry to hear about your kids having to go through the event to you know, it’s, it’s horrible, but yes, it is everywhere, you know, and, um, you may not be out of court, imagine this footage, community of recovery, brings it to a whole nother level of madness, because what happens is people get clean.

And you just mentioned this, they get clean and sober for maybe a week, maybe a month, maybe even just a couple of days, right? And then tolerance drops. So you know, they’re not dependent anymore. And then, and then this monkey on the back gets him against his cat on your right now you can have, you can have one more? Yeah, this is the insanity that goes on with it constantly.

No, I don’t have any more. But, um, and then they go and they peek out, let’s say usually in overdoses from some type of, you know, opiate talks, definitely right. And they have the same amount that they used to use, because that monkey on the back says, if you just have office, you know, can’t get stone proper, let’s do it properly. And then and then they, you know, they, they die me and now overdose of, I’ve actually been, I’ve only been to one funeral in the last in the last 11 years.

And I cried in my first one, and I’ve have not back who have made the decision not to go to so many more mania, there’s been so many people, like I’m talking upwards of 50 to 100 people the way in the last time, people I know people have spoken to notice people earner. These are people I’m connected with, you know, maybe on Facebook, and it’s terrific. It’s like a war zone out there in recovery. Now, addiction in general. It’s not quite as high. And I think because they’re not generally trying to get clean, and then relapse trying to get clean and rate up citizens out there. But when you’re in recovery, it springs a whole nother level of them. Yeah, of madness, too. Right. So you wouldn’t go to have place to be?


Damon Pistulka  17:51

Yeah, yeah, I got I can’t imagine. But I’m sure that that that is



hopefully at least over time that that with replacing, replacing their habits, and then that the physical part of it has to wane after time. But it’s still the mental part. It’s got to be a challenge. It’s got to be a challenge. full time job. You know what I mean? All right, can the hard way, which the hallway means doing all the things that I probably suggested to you in rehab, on foreign cast and doing all that stuff?

It’s actually the easy way right to the hallways, right? Because the easy way, peeking out is not the way my leads, jails, institutions and death. Like that’s the result of Aftershock because it’s a disease, you know, they say at this age or like, and our people can believe whatever they want on it. I do believe that it’s not something I talked about. It’s a disease but it’s just she’s singing the head that obsession compulsion that just takes over crazy me.


Damon Pistulka  18:59

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s, it’s, yeah. But you know, it is, and you’re a good example of this is that you can overcome this. And if there’s anything that people should understand that it doesn’t matter where you’re at, and what you can overcome it.



It’s true. And just so people know and for your loved ones, I always, always, because my mom never gave up for me. I like to just say, you know, like, if you do have a loved one, or a family member, or if you chose, like, don’t ever give up, you know, it’s important to put in measures to Gauthier ourselves as family members. Of course, I’m not suggesting you don’t do that.

In fact, being there and giving money and all that it’s just enabling them at all, but don’t ever give up I think because for me, I honestly had like over 50 rehab and detox and hospital admissions where I had a chance Just pull up and stop. And I just didn’t. Yeah. And then all of a sudden this last time around on the 15th of September 2009, I just made this different decision for the first time in my life. And it’s like, it was just that, whenever I would get the potion, I would just do it. For this time. I just decided, you know what, I’m gonna try not doing it. Yeah, it’s simple, but it was the most difficult decision I’ve ever made. Yeah, and there I am.


Damon Pistulka  20:32

Yeah. Wow. That’s that. That’s it is like he said, You just made a different decision.



Yeah, hard, very hard. But you made a different decision. It was great to see you that I didn’t think was possible to like, it’s hard to explain. Like, it’s insane. You in a community where you seen, let’s just say 100 other people who did make that decision, and they’re looking happier, and they clean and sober. But you think in detox, or wherever, in the beginning, JC it’s good for them. I’m good.

I’m glad they made that decision. But how the hell am I gonna make this? Yeah. And maybe you even feel really positive at the time, but then all of a sudden, boom. something clicked in and he says, dude, next time, Danny, I don’t think I ever thought it was just like, let’s just go use this time. And maybe next time, we’ll get it. Yeah. And that has happened. For 11 1213 needs everything you know, all the time, or just yeah, common addictions.

And if you think about it, like maybe with another addiction, you know, like maybe chocolate one for me that I struggle with, but maybe sugar or a food Samson take you like, I maybe I don’t know, this is powerful, but but it’s like, for me, I say I’m not gonna eat chocolate, say, and then boom, if there’s if I find a chocolate bar, and I just did actually the only car that was in Fairmont. But if you’re fine, I’ll just stop at it. You know, like, and I swore I wasn’t gonna do it today. So anyway, Hey, you know what, Damon gambling? For anyone out there?

We’ve, I think, Well, I think gambling is like one of the most insidious and destructive addictions. And the reason I say that, because I’ve certainly been now affected by personally, but what it’s one of those addictions that there’s no really result as well. Like, you’re not getting stoned or drunk. So you’re chasing these madness? Yeah. And it can lead to you know, there’s a lot of suicides in in that area, as well, because people can throw away their whole life in and out, like, drug money spent too much money on drugs, and now they’re like, gambling he can really throw in millions. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  23:04

And half the time. Oh, yes. Yes. That it is. It is like you said it is it is a chasing there is no high to it, where you’re like, I’m, I’m as high as I can get right now or anything like that. Yeah.



Well, I just started just on that. I guess the reason I like do is this euphoric. And it’s it’s fantasy, isn’t it? That’s sort of the highest fantasies Auric fantasy when he that feature, was the bonus round go off. That didn’t mean be. It shouldn’t be easily. Let’s not take away Yeah. But it is it’s a it’s so similar to drugs isn’t saying that. I can feel almost like the rush of, of drugs or the rush of the gamblings it’s, it’s the same shit. Except just worse. It’s worse. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  23:56

Yeah. Well, it’s, it’s perfectly legal, legal, and you know, in places like here. You asked her? I do. I mean, it’s when you go into a casino, you see a lot of retired people that just sit there and just do it. And that’s what they do. I mean, they the in and out in and out and out. And we experienced that with some of our family members, too, that were older and and, you know, it can it can take into some pretty bad places in and of itself. Yeah. It’s


Danny Shannon  24:29

my dad’s my dad’s bad gambler.



By nature, what like the the solution to gambling and drugs and alcohol, it’s all the same. Yeah. And for me, it’s his total absence. And I use a 12 step, fellowship, to keep me on track and it’s also it’s much more than that to it’s about connecting. It’s about being honest, sharing your feelings. There’s a lot you know, Believing in a power greater than myself, I’m ready to go. I believe I can’t do this alone. So maybe it’s you know, for me, maybe it’s for my age, but I can’t do this on my own. Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  25:11

yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it is, it is, it is. And there’s a higher power I believe as well. And it is your people around you, and that that’s going to get you through it in those in the darkest times. I mean, that’s what you got to rely on. And they really have to and, you know, whether no matter there’s, there’s all kinds of tough decisions in your life. And, and, you know, and this is how you choose to handle it is a result of a lot of what’s around you and then higher power and how. Yeah, yeah. So now you you you have a company that’s called encapsulator. io. What What is that about?



it, thank you. Um, so, along my journey of recovery, I discovered that about five years claimed that I was full of gratitude. One day on my milestone, it was my foggy birthday, a seeking. I was working in the office that I was once a client in that entered for the admission process, like for visa alien thinking. I wonder what I was like, when I was sitting on that side of the desk. Yeah, like, what was I thinking? How’s a feeling? I kind of could imagine it, but I couldn’t quite identify Absolutely. Two feelings. Yeah, I do. Remember, there’s a lot of anxiety, fi nervous, sadness, shame, guilt. But I cannot.

These ideas are so wonderful. I recorded a video now to myself from attendee, Boston. Yeah. And as I, as I came up that idea, I did a little bit of research and some questions that you’d answer for the old school time capsule that gets very hungry to me. And I’m like, you have a list of questions. And I have bought myself a camera. And I started the camera rolling when I started answering these questions, diamond. And instantly, I realized this was the weirdest thing I’ve ever done. recording a video message to myself in the future is not something that we do you know, like, yeah.

So one of the first question was, What is today’s date? It kind of makes it like real that I’m sending this to the future? And the last question, amongst some really other powerful questions was, is this something you’d like to say to to our future self? And in that question, I always encourage people using in calculator to be kind and loving towards themselves, you know. And when we, you’ve also got disabilities start talking about some stuff that you may not have ever spoken about, because these questions really help you to make the best video possible.

Like, tell me about your loved ones. And when you think about your loved ones, in five years time, a whole range of emotions came out of me. So Obama lied for one thing, and I hope they’re okay to you. I hope my relationship my son was stronger was building more at the time, my daughter wasn’t even born to. She didn’t even though that said, Look, five years down the track, I’m on my 10 year birthday about what small video is all that I created in a fluke, it gives me goosebumps, even just to think about that guy, you know, I could so I could kind of have this compassion for that five year previous guy.

But it also gave me this tool to measure how far I’ve come in that time. And that’s where the gold is, you know. And as I, as I was recording that video, too, I thought this would be amazing for our men coming through our program in graveyards to record via messages today, because then people will always come up to me, this is such a common thing. in recovery. People go like, when’s it going to get better? You know, like, I haven’t changed?

Yeah. Like, how long is it going to take it make it hard for us to identify the positive change that’s happening in us one way even? Yeah, sir. So now I will go listen, john, take a look at a video from two years ago. And let me know that things haven’t got better Iraq. So this ability to measure how far we’ve come. But I think even more than that, I’m the most amazing part about encapsulating this experience when we create our first video upload is like answering these questions, talking to yourself in the future. It’s quite a therapeutic process of, you know, personal reflection, as well.

So yeah, that’s we servicing rehabilitation centers in my local area. Capturing people’s journeys when they enter treatment, and then maybe six months down the track or maybe two years down the track, depending on what service would like, for the, for the client, they get to revisit their videos, you also have the opportunity to continue updating your videos weekly, monthly, daily, depending on people using them, and then come back in the future.


Damon Pistulka  30:25

Yeah, because I mean, it’s a it’s like you said, it’s gotta be an extremely powerful thing, especially when you go when you was like, it’s, it’s like, and this is the only thing it’s not even close. But it’s like weight loss, right? If somebody loses a tremendous amount of weight, they don’t realize that they’ve lost that much weight until they go back and look at a photo or video, you know, a year ago when they were this much heavier, and then they go God, I really have, I’m really a different person now.

And I think that’s probably got to be very powerful, even if you did it, the day that you went in to this to a center, and you look a week later. And if it was nothing more than I’m coherent, I’ve maybe had a shower and a shave. That’s all it is. And you look at it, and it’s got to be but I can see that would be powerful for people



lose a week of alcohol a week of drugs is too many kills the changes that are happening. If I like, get a bit of color in your face, you don’t look so gay things and get a bit of weight back in the face, like dramatic things can happen in a week of recovery. Obviously, over months and years, it just gets more extreme.


Damon Pistulka  31:46

Yeah, yeah. Well, that’s that’s something. So that’s, that’s you do that with centers now. And and they do that with the patients. That’s cool.



Yeah, so yeah, but I mean, like if, say, I think we’re all on some type of journey of change. Boy, I am Anyway, you know, and I often hear and I think I’m recovery focused, you know, like, like, it’s a great tool to sort of record some, some goals and hopes, your dreams for the future. Believe it helps us to remain accountable and motivated when we do that. So but yeah, chance, your question. My job at the moment is to ultimately, when I started this whole business of the platform, what just want to be able to give this to every single recovering addict, alcoholic in the world, for no cost?

I want people to be able to have these extra two to remember where they can be there. I’m not there yet. I haven’t got to that point yet. Obviously, I’ve had to sort of put some stuffing to get this up. And that’s my dream together. Share this with every single person on a journey of recovery to be our just a measure where they counsel and have something legacy for future generations also, you know, with the loved ones. Yeah.


Damon Pistulka  33:09

Yeah. Well, that’s amazing. That’s amazing. Because it because it is it is, you know, again, I come back to the the transformation in you and in the positive that you’re helping with people now. It’s really something man, and I just honored to be able to have you on today and just to talk and let you let you share a bit about yourself. So if people want to reach out to you, what’s it what’s a good way for them to get to get in touch with you?



Thanks. Thanks, David, on LinkedIn, way too much noise, you can always give me a daddy, a Shannon. Or you could also check out our website that you’ll find our email details are there as well. But more importantly, if anyone’s got any questions or struggling with addiction in any way, always, like I’ve said earlier, it’s my I believe it’s my job as human being to carry the message of recovery to anyone out there who need some information will help you I said, just send me a DM and I will always respond to them.

You know, at least they can maybe just take that first little step of reaching out and acknowledging that maybe you want some help. And I’m not saying help for me. I’m just here to give you the information. Yeah, but I’ll be more than happy to share anything with anyone currently like that. Um, anyway.


Danny Shannon  34:46

Thank you guys. Very


Damon Pistulka  34:48

good. Good. Well, that’s awesome. Well, Danny, I appreciate appreciate you stopping by today and talking with me and, and man, I just I look forward to being able to talk with you more in the future and And you know, just we’ll keep in touch and we’ll talk. Thank you


Danny Shannon  35:05

very much for having me on the show as it plays out.


Damon Pistulka  35:08

Yeah. And a, you will always be the first Australian that we’ve done on our live stream man. And I love I love that. So keep keep the gratitude keep helping. Oh, man, and uh, you know what I saw? I didn’t see this. But I wrote Bowman’s on with us today. And, yeah. We had Curtis Tompkins. He was on earlier and then you and Kenneth. KENNETH. Kevin. Yeah, yeah, yeah.



legit. Yeah, he’s a good dude. Good, dude. But Thanks, David. I am using the audio feature very often and amazingly, like leaving contact with people in America and from all over the world every single day on Bridger. So me and Kevin provided plenty of chats. Or you and I have had chat, audio feature. It’s the best tool ever. This is what LinkedIn did the ability to network worldwide is just amazing. Look at it. See, we talk over the episode of the womb.


Damon Pistulka  36:16

Room say hello cochem looks like yeah, it is awesome. It is amazing. And you know, with old dude like me, and if I can figure it out, anybody can


Danny Shannon  36:27

wait to


Damon Pistulka  36:30

have a great, great, great day. Now. It’s nine o’clock in the morning there. My day is finishing up


Danny Shannon  36:35

almost to the gym, right?


Damon Pistulka  36:37

Oh, yeah. Yep. Thanks, everyone.

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