Building Win-Win Relationships

In this Exit Your Way Round Table, Michael Connor shared his words of wisdom with us. He indulged us with a conversation about the Golden Rule, his website Service Professionals Network, building win win relationships and much more.

In this Exit Your Way Round Table, Michael Connor shared his words of wisdom with us. He indulged us with a conversation about the Golden Rule, his website Service Professionals Network, building win-win relationshipsand much more.

For a better understanding of online social media marketing, online business, and the golden rule, we got into these subjects with Mike O’Connor.

The conversation started with Mike explaining the role of SPN. Service Professional Network, is a social media website with a business directory. The entire website is completely free and its purpose is to connect businesses and service providers with buyers by creating win win relationships.

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Mike says that he believes in the golden rule to run his life. The major purpose of his website is to provide a space for people to advertise their businesses without judgment. Connor believes, if no one breaks the golden rule, and they are creating creating win win relationships, he does not care what is on the SPN website of SPN.  It is a free space where businesses and professionals can easily interact.

Further dwelling into the conversation, Mike says that the goal of his website is not to go big such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. but only to have a website where people have fun. He says that SPN is a platform that combines fun and business for professionals.

While truly following the golden rule, it is important to ignore unnecessary things and to focus on what makes you happy. For Connor, it means to treat others the way he wants to be treated. He also elaborates that at times, it is okay if the world treats you rough. He thinks it is a part of learning and earning.

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Even the logo on Mike’s website portrays two people joining hands together which shows his focus on the golden rule and good professional connections.

Mike is focused on making consistent progress with the  SPN website and getting it easier for people to use. He is in the process of completing an app for SPN and his wish is to get a hundred thousand downloads.

Mike concludes his conversation by putting it forward that for him it’s not about the money or business. It is the connections that make his business better and worthwhile. The talk ends with jokes on a lighter note about being old school.

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Thank you to Mike O’Connor for sharing your time and experience with us!

Download our free business valuation guide here to understand more about business valuations and view our business valuation FAQs to answer the most common valuation questions.

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Mike O’Connor, Damon Pistulka

Damon Pistulka 00:01
All right, everyone. Thanks for stopping by once again, the exit your way round table with me today. I’ve got Michael Connor. Welcome, Mike.

Mike O’Connor 00:11
Hey, Damon, how you doing, man?

Damon Pistulka 00:14
You know, I’m doing just fine. I’m excited to talk with you. It’s been a long time since we’ve been on video. And in fact, I think it’s been about a year since we’ve done anything that’s resembling live.

Mike O’Connor 00:28
And it’s been a long time, you know? Yeah. Well don’t know. My name is Michael Connor. I’m with the Service Professionals Network com website. It’s a social media website and a business directory. It’s free, like Facebook, or LinkedIn or Twitter, just like point 0000 1% as big, but it’s not bigger. Yesterday, and the day before. I mean, we went from growing three to four people a month to three or four people a week. And now we’re averaging about 75 to 100 people signing up a day, and creating accounts and listen their businesses.

So we’re growing on a fairly consistent pace. But our app just got approved through the Google Play Store should be making its way through the apple, we got a few bugs we’re working on. And we’ll talk a little bit about that. But it’s gonna be Apple and Google stores as SPN local search Professionals Network local, because it’s, you know, designed to help local business owners connect with local customers,  creating win win relationships, and people and it’s a professional networking and social networking website.

Damon Pistulka 01:28
Yep. Got it up right here. Do you see it but it’s up on my phone right now.

It’s hard to see IRA. Okay, you guys may not know this, but excy are away. They do a weekly roundtable discussion, where Damon Andrew IRA and a few other people partake in the conversation every week, they tend to bring on definitely experts. You know, Damon, I don’t know how many people watch your live shows, but I’m just gonna talk like I’m talking to my friends are talking to you back here. Yeah. So I’m just gonna start talking. So Damon and his crew do this weekly roundtable discussion. It’s about an hour or so long on Thursday mornings. It’s usually pretty awesome.

They talk about anything from vitamins to mental clarity to grown a business, scaling, business, professional networking, and then they actually sponsor my website, the service professional network, they’re one of a handful of sponsors, they can choose financially to my website. So I guess it’s like a paid advertisement if you guys actually watch.

You know, people don’t believe I mean, I get paid on anything, because you know, I live my mom and all that. But Damon here is actually really smart guy, he helps people scale their businesses. So if I got him and Andrew via my bullshit and believe in Him SPN you know, you guys should go create an account because they’re smart guys, you know, they help people sell their businesses. Like they should be paying attention to you guys. You know, I mean, seriously, though, it’s when we feel good.

Damon Pistulka 02:47
Yeah. Oh, good, good,

Mike O’Connor 02:49
real business people, even my shit,

Damon Pistulka 02:52
what you’re doing, I tell you that that the exterior that that you may put on, then what’s inside?

Mike O’Connor 03:00
So saying, I’m not exactly professional or like, Polish

Damon Pistulka 03:05
guy. I’m not saying that. I’m just

Mike O’Connor 03:07
I think I’d be the first one to tell you that.

Damon Pistulka 03:10
I’m just saying that when you when it comes to understanding how to do what you do, and how to get a website to rank for domain authority, whether you’re trying to, you know, what are the kind of things you should be doing on your SEO, everything from keywords to backlinks to can because you’ve had to do it. And I think that’s really relevant for so many people. You know, that

it’s relevant for anybody that has a website, anyone? Because, you know, they’re inundated by people every day that say, Oh, I can do this and do that. And then oh, yeah, just give me your 250 bucks a month, and we’re gonna get you the top of Google. It’s like, Come on, let’s let’s let’s let’s be realistic about some of this stuff. And, and in look at the people that you’re, there’s so much ways you so it’s, you know, it’s kind of like plumbing, right? You only have a plumbing problem, yes. 100 different plumbers, they’ll give you 100 different solutions.

I mean, the internet is a wild, crazy thing. And nobody knows the exact secret to Google, right? But a lot of people have great ideas on how things work great. And, you know, there are some people that do some amazing shit for a couple hundred bucks a month.

Yeah, but they’re few and far between, right? Most of the time, it’s like a niche marketing thing. Like this guy is really good at helping plumbing websites or animal control websites, you know, and they’re just good at writing a certain type of texts or, you know, that’s their niche, you know, this is what they’re good at. Or you know, they have big monster sites like Neil Patel and some of these other guys that rank really well. If you pay them

the you know, they drop a few links here and they’re dropping from their social media thing and all of a sudden, you know, you get all this social media traffic, your domain authority goes up, but what they really change, you know, so little different ways to skin a cat. I enjoy figuring this crap out. I never really cared until I started wasting money on myself. I was paying people, arms. I mean, I dumped so much money sucks is I borrowed money from my mom to learn some of the shit too, because when we got to spend all my money, let me borrow money from my mom, you know?

And you know, it’s no, but now I feel like I can rank just about anything, I got a few different websites I’ve worked on recently. Thankfully, they all, you know, rank pretty well. And I don’t have an E book, I don’t really sell SEO Services.

I help people out. And a lot of people ask me why I why I don’t do that. And there’s a couple different reasons and some necessarily that I’m lazy. But there’s other things I like to do with my time. And I’m one of those guys who I think about that a lot. Like, you know, I don’t really want to spend my time making websites for other people. And two is I do a social media networking website, right? I want you SEO guys, I want the website guys to come pitch their services and their trade on my site. So why would they if I’m competing with them? Yeah. So I don’t

know. I mean, think about it. I don’t want to compete with nobody. If I’m as good at, you know, website design and development and social media and networking and all this shit that I you know, people say I’m good at it. And I just kind of like, I enjoy doing I won’t say I’m an expert or anything, but I enjoy doing it people think I’m good at right?

If I’m really good at it, right? Do I need to sell these services? Or can I get by with a few sponsors and Jerry enough traffic? By providing value? I don’t know if I like the word value anymore. It’s up there with pivot and all these other mind control terms that I got, you know, like, No, I don’t want to be talking about lead generation or providing value or telling people Hey, we’ll find your why I don’t want to be those guys.

So if you want to ask me, David, do you want to tell him like all this to make the biggest impact possible? the least amount of right? I’m serious, but people think at all It sounds like you’re a lazy ass. It just likes to talk?

Well, I do like to talk, right? And then I’m lazy. I’m an INTJ personality type, right? So I like to get other people to paint my fence. But to do that, I’m pragmatic, right? I know, I got to give people a reason to help paint my fence. Hey, Jordan, hope you’re doing well. And you know, providing that value, right? I feel like if you have a website that has a high domain authority, it’s easy to push it. Or you can share your links and your YouTube videos and get actual value out of it. Right? Well, now I can’t be lazy bastard.

But you know, it took me all that work and time to figure out how to build it, how to get people to help me build it, you know, think I’ve heard Jason, or Jacob horn with one research IT guy helped me. So, you know, thankfully, you know, through networking and talking crap on social media, you know, I learned enough and met the right people to kind of put my money where my mouth is. And you know how many how many people can say they sit down with a laptop with no idea of what the at sign even meant, you know, above and beyond tagging people. I mean, I taught myself website design, CSS, and all that crap through YouTube, you know, I literally started off with was

And you know, the power of LinkedIn networking, if you’re not building a network on LinkedIn, especially if you own a business, or have a job. I mean, if you’re retired, and you’re happy with life, and you’re checking out, you just want to go off in the sunset. That’s cool. Do whatever, right. But if you’re in your 40s 50s 30s, you know, if you’re not financially stable, if you haven’t sold your business or have a solid exit strategy, you’re absolutely insane. If you’re not on LinkedIn, at least 15 to 20 minutes a week. I can’t especially with nobody saw COVID coming. Nobody saw this stuff coming. Right?

Yeah, it’s kind of it’s kind of the squirrel that, you know, puts away a few nuts and July, you know, when September rolls around, that squirrel is not, you know, stressed and things. You see the lazy squirrels that don’t think ahead, they’re going nuts, you know, I mean, that’s why I call them squirrels, right? Same thing with people like if you if you lost your job or got laid off, and you’re at four or 500 people on your LinkedIn network, or God forbid, you haven’t made your LinkedIn profile, right? You’re like asleep at the wheel. It’s like not having life insurance, you know? Yeah, hopefully none of us kick off. Right. But if we do, you know, we don’t leave our family with a big hole, do we? You know, it’s

Damon Pistulka 09:10
the thing that I think that a lot of people get hung up on is, is that LinkedIn is the only way I don’t think anyone says that LinkedIn is the only way. It’s just that when you look at the ways that you can do what you can do, LinkedIn makes it easier because you’re in a place where there’s professionals, you can especially with COVID, I mean, this year was was a weird year, obviously.

But the, to be able to meet people and especially if you’re looking for a job or something, this is a you know, we didn’t get on to talk about LinkedIn. And I just think that, that that as part of what Jeff Graham would say is a multi level, you know, fishing strategy. He said you never know what depth the fish are at. So you need to be fishing at all levels. I mean, look, look at Twitter. Look at Facebook, any social media platform with a lot of people? Hey, Joseph, another guy who sponsors us fan. So guys tell you guys which check out show the finance guy, that guy.

I love the guy. But what my point is, you know, you know why it’s just LinkedIn of all places besides the fact that’s where all the jobs are. It’s really the easiest place to build a large network, it’s the easiest place to build a large audience. It really is. Because when people go to LinkedIn, they’re in job mode. They’re in professional mode, right?

They’re there, a majority of them, you know, some people like me dislike to go stir shit, look at cat memes, you know, make jokes and get out, right? But a lot of people are they’re in that business mindset, right? Because they can’t do Facebook at work, or, you know, God forbid, they’re using their company computer to be on Twitter, right. So LinkedIn is kind of like an acceptable place for a lot of business people to be on, you know, right.

So, you know, it’s why a guy like me, oh, boy, thankfully, think I’m a little bit more entertaining than some right stands out a little bit with less effort. Because I say things a lot of people don’t walk that line, right. So what I’m telling you is, I know from experience with, you know, the amount of effort versus amount of reward, I’ve gotten that LinkedIn, by far and away is the easiest way to get your name out there, to build your skills and to learn things. Some people are actually doing it.

However, there’s guys like, Timothy Hughes, right? He’s not the biggest guy on LinkedIn. He’s a monster on Twitter. I mean, the guy’s got like five different accounts. So they 100,000 followers, you know, I mean, literally made himself a world famous bestselling author, worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, because he’s

Mike O’Connor 11:39
good at twitter.

They got my buddy, john white, who’s got 250,000 people. He interviewed Mark Cuban does, Brian, you know, I mean, john, when I first met him on LinkedIn A few years ago, he was like your eye, you know, he had a few things going, but you know, he wasn’t like, Hey, I just interviewed Mark Cuban, thick, you know, I mean, but he rocks, Twitter, you know, I mean, so no matter what platform you’re on, you know, consistently, you know, they can all work to your advantage, but to one or the other before you really need it.

Damon Pistulka 12:11
Yeah, you know, that i think i think you make a good point there is that LinkedIn, you know, there’s there’s not another professional website like it, right? There’s not? Yeah, not yet. Yeah. The service professionals network is coming coming up an up and comer that’s for sure. The, the thing that LinkedIn has now that that that you don’t find on Facebook is you, you don’t see as much of the just the crap. And I don’t know where the crap,

you know, I see like, I laughed, because somebody told me, you know, you can’t have that as service professionals that we’re going to first of all, it’s my freakin site, I can have whatever I want, right? But here’s the thing. When they first made LinkedIn, they didn’t know it was gonna be what it is today, when they asked me Facebook, they’re hoping it’s gonna be, look, I made a social media website that people can you post things I made, you know, you can make your own groups. As long as you’re not hurting people and break the golden rule.

I really don’t care what you do. If somebody wants to build resumes on there and make it all professional, that’s fine too. But the judges society, you know, all my friends in my Facebook groups wanna come join it and start posting memes. I don’t care if Apple you know, apples, give me our time, because I gotta work on the audience ranking and, you know, make it easier to block people making it easier to report things, which it is, but the apps not as easy. I got to fix a few things. Yeah, my point is, I really don’t care. I just want people to have a good time online, get some good domain authority backlinks to their website.

Mike O’Connor 13:43
If you’re a YouTube guy,

and you do yo yos for example, my buddy Dylan Cole offski. He’s got 180,000 or something big number on YouTube, right? He’s a yo yo guy. Like whoever he plays with Jojo Zimmer, he has 180,000 people that can’t wait for the next yo yo video. So I mean, you can do anything you want to online and that’s not a knock on Dylan.

He’s finally making a lot more money online than I am you know, doing this. He does like a box, you know, openings for different products and stuff online. And he talks he did a few things first pet dog Dude, I’m a fan of his dog. If he makes a YouTube channel for his dog, I’m gonna subscribe to that. So I mean, like, I think a lot of people are that way you know? So I’m just trying a little small piece of the pie with service professionals network and quite honestly, I really don’t care how people use it.

Damon Pistulka 14:32
Yeah, yeah, you know, and I this backup because one of the things that you said that people people might not quite understand about you is is in the service professionals network is there simply is one rule it’s it’s a golden rule. It’s just you know, and really the lack of a better way to say it, it’s just don’t don’t screw with people.

You know, I just say to keep it simple, you know, I mean, like, you know, I don’t have a you know, I swear I use bad language. I partaken you know, all kinds of different sense, you know? Sure, right, you know, but like, you don’t just treat people right. You know, I don’t think it’s that hard to ask, you know, I’m saying I like to keep things simple for a guy who build a social media website, simple works for you, man. Just follow the golden rule. More people did that, you know, online or offline, just in general, we want to have a lot of crap that we have going on. Oh,

Damon Pistulka 15:22
yeah. Yeah, that’s true. That’s true. And, and that’s, like, again, you know, you look at service professionals network, you don’t see that you don’t see the crap, you see some of the funny crap. I mean, I like there’s some of the funny stuff that’s really good on there. But, you know,

there’s so much room and leeway to be generous without hurting people’s feelings or getting off in their safe space. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not woke, you know, I don’t like the canceled culture, you know, that’s going on with this world here.

You know, I grew up with watching your red fox, and you know, Sanford and Son and some of these, you know, hard school 1970s. Like, you know, you get in jail for some of the stuff they used to say, yeah, you know, it’s al, I see, the people need to lighten up and be more respectful at the same time, because it feels like either people have no empathy, or they’re self righteous, and just all in everybody’s face, like, oh, how do you use this word or that word?

It’s a word. You know, I mean, like, people get so upset, because somebody said this. This way. I prefer that they said it this way. Right? Well, now you’re just getting hung up on the particular. So you know what I mean? Like, you know, I’ve seen some words and things that people should avoid saying, right. But when you’re censoring everything that everybody does, and you’re just trying to make a sterile society, crap, are we even the melting pot anymore?

Damon Pistulka 16:44
Yeah, it’s a good it’s a good question. Yeah, I do. Do. I think that there’s there’s, as you said, and you know, this well, is that people that haven’t really studied how social media works, don’t understand what the algorithms on Facebook or on Twitter, LinkedIn to some extent, but I don’t think they have the content that really pushes it like it does on a Facebook is, is that if I’m, if I’m on there, and I talked about a site about Chevy, hot Chevy and palas, right, a 68 Chevy Impala Hot Rod, I’m liking pictures on the Chevy Impalas.

I’m going to get fed more and more and more every bit of that they can find, if I’m doing that, and how that trains you is really something and it can be just about anything that that happens. And that’s, that’s just, I think that’s the base thing. A lot of people

don’t know one of the biggest things I like about my website, you know, on the search engine, and all that stuff, my website. It’s as simple as the golden rule, buddy. Like, literally, there’s a filter on the app. And there’s a filter on the website, nobody even sees the filter. Nobody knows how to work the filter, right? But the filter is public, friends, just me and mentions. So you can see all the stuff that you’re tagged in and column, you can see all the stuff that you’ve post and one column, you can see all the stuff your friends post, and there’s a public feed, right? I want to get more views on your stuff. Do you know how simple it is?

Every time somebody likes something on service professionals network or on the app, you know what happens with that post, it goes back up to the top of the feed. So if somebody goes in like something that you posted three years ago, and likes it, guess what? It’s on top of all those feeds. So when you go to your app, or you go your website, you can change what your filter is between your friends, the public, or whoever you’re so let’s say you got 500 friends on my site, right? But there’s 10,000 people, you may not want to see all 10,000 people, you know, you might just want to see what your friends are up to. So just change it to your friends feed. See that right?

But now if somebody likes something that your friend posted three years ago, it’s always gonna go up to the top. Yeah, yeah. So you can literally sit there like, unlike, like, unlike and you know what, I couldn’t care less if you did that. You know why? Google ads, I make money off Google ads. So if you want to sit there and click things all day long, go ahead. Make yourself the most popular first on my website. I don’t care.

Damon Pistulka 19:21
That’s funny. That’s funny. Because Because you’ve taken it to a different level. Um, the the one thing that some sometimes when you look at the people look at you, and they go, Ah, man, and I want to use it. You said it earlier.

He’s batshit crazy. Right? So anyway, let’s get past that point. Now. There there is a method to the madness behind this and I and I know that this list, this is cut that shit for a second and sorry I’m cursing a couple times here because I don’t usually try to I try to Referring it out and people. Yeah, but but you know, you do a lot of good and I don’t think that I think that you don’t ever say that. But you know, you’ve raised a lot of money for charities and you donate to charities and you help and

Mike O’Connor 20:13
I will say when when

it’s pertinent to do so. Like, I don’t like to toot my own horn and tell people, like, I’m not one of those guys. Like, if I go feed a homeless person, I can take a camera with me, all right, I’m not gonna be like, you know, hashtag helping homeless, you know what I mean? Like, I like to do a wash it behind the scenes. However, like we have done fundraisers for causes where we had raised a lot of money. And to do that you do get to kind of toot your own horn, and I end up with people on this spot. And, you know, God forbid, I hope this app works, right?

Because if it does work, I’m gonna donate money. I’m not in this to get rich, I’m in this to not have to work my ass off and be like, Hey, welcome to Walmart, when I’m 65. Or I, you know, I don’t have health insurance because I’m too poor. I like to have fun on the internet, right? If I make a decent living, and I can donate to other causes, and help people out. To me that’s winning at life. You know, I don’t BMW, I don’t need, you know, 18 different houses, I just want to make a decent living and being able to help people.

And you know, I appreciate that, you know, here’s the thing is, when you go around telling people about all the good stuff you do, it just it just kind of rubs me the wrong way. Like, you know, I’m a belief people would never believe this, but I’m actually a believer, you know, and I don’t wanna get too much in the faith and stuff with you.

Right, you know, but you know, Mother Teresa, one of her favorite words was f the F word. Right? She used to say it all the time. You know, so I figured her mother teresa can do it. You know, I mean, you know, I mean, that’s, that’s historical fact. She’s like to swear. And here’s the thing is, like, I like to mess with people because it’s entertaining to me.

Damon Pistulka 21:53
Well, you know, and that’s the thing that I don’t think people realize about you is because because you stir the pot, because you start a I think you’d like to stir the pot, but also you you want to see the reaction to the things that happens because because you know that that will drive attention, and it will drive some views. And I you know, I say

I don’t care about any of that. I just like to mess with people. Sometimes. You know, like,

Mike O’Connor 22:17
if there’s a, you know,

those remote calls, like on the screen that Mike and Ira.

Mike O’Connor 22:22
Yeah, I’d like to have a good time. Like, um, you know, no offense to anybody. I’m the

center of the universe, man, you guys all hear from my entertainment. So, like, if I’m messing with somebody, it’s just they have a good time. Like,

Mike O’Connor 22:33
I like to like,

I know when I’m going to be a smartass. Or say something weird, right? So I’ll start watching everybody’s face. And then I’ll see the one guy who like,

Mike O’Connor 22:42
made a big joke out of it. I have always

been that way. Like I like to make things I live in the awkward. I think it’s why Andy Vargo and I get along he’s a awkward quicker guy, you know, on your awkward wrote a couple books, but I think that’s why him and I get along because Dude, I love making things awkward. I’m just gonna put it out there. I love it when it’s weird, you know? And I think that’s why they did it for likes group is so much fun. And in that group, right? There’s some degenerate stuff that gets posted in our Facebook group.

But I have a rule about no politics, no religion, no race stuff. No everyone smile, people break the rules. But it’s, it’s been a long time since somebody went clear over I mean, if you think about there’s a couple thousand people in that group now. And they’re different walks of life, different color, different shapes, different creed, different political parties, which you know, in this day and age says a lot. But all these people get along. I mean, like, every day, I get inbox message after inbox message about how that group made their day, right.

And here’s the thing. If I start pigeon holing, like service professionals network and what that is, in certain people’s minds, versus what I want it to be or what it could be, yeah, I’m gonna lose out on that tape of people. And with my website, like, I don’t care if I’m ever Facebook big and the size of you know, Mark Zuckerberg and all that, right?

I want to have a good damn time. I want other people to have a good damn time. I want people when they look at their phone go, damn, I gotta check in to see what my friends on ESPN are doing. Like, you know, it doesn’t have to be the world’s greatest app, you have the world’s greatest people. Right?

Mike O’Connor 24:19
You know, I mean, like, literally, like when I get

online, I get online to have fun with people mess around with my friends.

Mike O’Connor 24:25
Guess what, that’s how I make new friends.

And a lot of people talk about audience, this audience that and you know, part of the reason why I mess with people’s because I know what I’m doing regards to my website and know what I’m building. I know that culture takes time to develop, right? And sometimes, you know, you gotta be kind of a hard ass with your boundaries and the things that are acceptable and the things that aren’t acceptable if you want to cultivate the culture. Look, I see a lot of rude ignorant shit sometimes besides mystic as hell, and I’m surprised anybody follows me right? But I’m consistent. Like, you know, I mean, like, I don’t like racism.

I don’t like people. Gain marks, you know on based off the religion, you know, just be nice. Like, you know, I got two rules, the golden rule and hashtag don’t start none won’t be none. Like to me like that’s pretty simple and some. Some guy told me like a couple months ago, he’s like your nine SPN material. I was like, What do you mean? It’s like yeah, you told me go jump in the lake. Well, you’re being rude to somebody sick. Yeah, but that’s not following the golden rule man. You have to call me out for most people.

Mike O’Connor 25:25
You can’t do the whole reason why I started this like that, sir. That’s me. I’m like, No, I did I own the website. Like, I can prove to you. I started this shit,

right? Like, it surprises people because like, Look, I like to tell people that I’m the lowest common denominator. I lowered the bar. Like if you’re ruder than I am, you can’t pee in the group.

Mike O’Connor 25:47
There’s a lot of room to work with.

Damon Pistulka 25:49
Yeah, that’s that’s

Mike O’Connor 25:55
luck. Look,

you know, people I like to give myself shitting my vote people like to make shit because I’m rude. I’m crude. I’m all this and that under everything under the sun right. Now, how many people have you actually seen do more public apologies than I asked. I mean, I put my foot in my mouth more anybody I’ve ever met. You know what I mean? But I own that crap. You know, like, I’ll go up like Damon, if I said something bad about you today. You better believe I’m gonna apologize tomorrow. And Mike disrespect. And my apologies are equally as loud. I mean, you know, as awesome as I am. I’ve had to humble myself many times.

Damon Pistulka 26:28
Yeah. Yeah, that’s for sure. That’s for sure. I mean, you do you get you get caught up in it and you say stuff and that’s that that happens sometimes.

Mike O’Connor 26:38
I’m not gonna. I’m not gonna mention names. But you know, sometimes I just

yeah, I mean, like, if people really step in it like that should go should cool guy. Whatever isn’t. I’m not gonna like ever apologize. A guy isn’t gonna be welcomed on my site. Look, if you’re not out trying to scam people, and misrepresenting yourself or doing anything fraudulent, or picking on people, for any reason, really will probably always get along. You know, I mean, if you don’t take life too seriously, we’ll probably get along. If you realize that half the dumb shit I say is like totally a joke. We’ll probably get along. Right? You know,

Mike O’Connor 27:14
but Hill I mean, come on.

Damon Pistulka 27:18
So so you your your app is coming out soon. I know. It’s been frustrating.

Yeah, this one makes me want to kick a kitten. No. joking. All you vegans out there. Just relax. I was just joking. And haven’t kicked the cat in forever.

Damon Pistulka 27:33
Yeah, so awkward. Yeah, no, that’s a I was expecting it. And, you know, maybe I think that what you what you do, though, I mean, is obviously you’re gonna learn the process, you’re gonna figure out what it is and and fight your way through and get things done like you always have.

Damon Pistulka 27:55
Here’s the thing

I got approved for from Google. Google’s Pretty cool, right? And I don’t want to say anything bad about Apple for many different reasons. Right. But here’s the thing that Apple and I are going to come to an understanding on is that I may live with my mouth, right?

I obviously don’t have Zuckerberg money, right? You know, I pay most of my bills on time, you know, and that this Emil’s going fat, all right. But my point is the little guy, I’m a little guy, my business, you know, I’m a big guy, but my business is little I’m a one man shop, right? I just got a big mouth and talk like I’m a big corporation, right? Yep. I am a third party social media platform, just like Twitter, just like LinkedIn, just like Facebook, right?

I need to be held to the same standard, you know that they are right. And what I’m saying is, I understand people need to be able to block people, and they need to be able to report content. I have that stuff on the site.

It’s on the app, it wasn’t working consistently, right. But here’s the thing is, when you come to my website, I want you to feel comfortable posting whatever it is that you want, just like you would on Twitter, and you go to Twitter, every other person’s naked in my feed. Maybe I followed a bunch of schmuck. I don’t know, maybe I’m outing myself here. But what I’m saying is if you go to Twitter, there’s obscene stuff.

You go to Facebook, there’s I’ve seen stuff right? Even on LinkedIn, I see borderline I’ve seen stuff right? So when they’re looking at my site, they’re like so and so posted this and you know, delete it or so and so posted this and delete it.

My thing is this I’m a big believer in the freedom of speech right now on Facebook, and they did it for like scoop. I tell people to avoid race. I told people avoid politics. I tell people avoid this right? Because those are the rules that Facebook you know, put forth. And I’m not saying they’re bad rules throw they’re good rules, right? I’m a big fan. big huge fan of freedom of speech. Right?

And I have the golden rule on my website. So you know, you can’t go around be an asshole, right? But at the same time, I don’t care what you post. It’s your name. If demon posts something that’s offensive. That’s up for damage. To decide if he’s offender or not, if Sue Paul Jacob and you know, currently Sue don’t like it, I don’t care.

I mean, is it like something that’s homophobic? No, I don’t care. Is it? You know, something that you know, hates black people or white people? No. Okay. I don’t care. You know, I mean, like, there’s a few things that like really are, you know, protected, like hate speech obviously isn’t gonna fly, right. But if somebody wants to post it, you know, I got in trouble for some of the memes on my website.

It’s part of the things I had to fix, right? I’m like, I’m opening myself up here to the internet. Like, I’m not responsible for what people post. I shouldn’t be more so than Facebook or Twitter. I mean, where does like, How much money do I gotta pay to Apple? And this is a sufficiently serious question. And I’m not it’s not agreed permission.

All right, but you got to pay to play. You know, I mean, like, I’ve already went through the time to develop this website, put all the pieces together, and now you’re telling me on, you know, Damon might post something offensive. So I don’t know if we can do your app. That’s like, what does that mean, you know, oh, fence, but you know, who statement to this decision? You know, I mean, like, approve my app.

Damon Pistulka 31:07

Damon Pistulka 31:09
Yeah. I know, it’s, I know, I know, what you’re saying. And I know that that, you know, there’s there there there are people that don’t like the boundaries and the way that that you push them or other people push them and it’s just the way it is. And I appreciate the fact that, that, you know, you here, if we don’t have people around us, you know, I’m personally am not one that’s gonna push boundaries, I will in other ways, but it’s not not the same.

Damon Pistulka 31:35
We’re a nice respectful guy.

Damon Pistulka 31:38
I will tell you that. I believe that people that speak the way that you you do and and do the things you do are necessary, because if we all become the same, and this is this is what you know, I’m gonna get on my soapbox a little bit here. Because you know what, I’ve been doing it go ahead here, if you’re sitting here, and, and you only look at me, if I only hang out with people that think like, I do look like I do live where I live, do all the things that I do, what the hell are we really got to be? You said it earlier, right?

United States is a great country because it’s a melting pot, all these different things coming together and making all this and some people don’t get along. And some people don’t. I mean, that’s a good thing. That’s part of this because I look at and I told this to my kids, my kids are both older 21 and 26. Right. And, and they don’t know it. And I my daughter was saying something to me the other day and I said you grew up in such a homogenized world You don’t even know. And she’s saying something and I was like, You know I love her to death and now she’s realizing that you know that we are preparing

Mike O’Connor 32:54
kids nowadays they’re not

Damon Pistulka 32:56
preparing not like it wasn’t you know, we never now you think back when when that company

Mike O’Connor 33:04
you want to hear something rough?

I was picking my nose once in third grade got a bloody nose right for my teacher got bloody nose. You know what she did? Right from the whole class? She said quick finger nose O’Connor. I everyone laughed at me. It was horrible. It was just what I quit picking my nose. I mean, like, you know, nowadays, you know, the future would be like, I didn’t see him picking up like you saw the kid picking his nose. This is a don’t go knuckle steep dude. Like, it’s just, it is what it is. You know, it’s you know, everything’s black and white. But at the same time, you don’t have to like sterilize everything it is No, I mean, like, I miss old school humor.

Man, I miss me will tell jokes. Not worrying if I I know that’s a lie, because I really don’t care if somebody gets offended because, look, I’ve seen a lot of weird crap. misogynistic crap. I’ve said self deprecating crap, right? nobody’s really called me out yet. Because I don’t feel like I’ve ever crossed the line. You know? Because it’s common sense, man. And, you know, some people may not like the way I speak or may not like the fact I call somebody out, right?

I’m one of those guys. Like, if you don’t give me a reason to call you out. I’m never gonna call you out. Right? Like, I don’t just come to your posts and mess with you for no reason. I don’t come to your podcast and make bogus comments. You know, I mean, the same time like I’m not gonna pretend things are okay when they’re not, you know, I mean, like, I don’t believe

Damon Pistulka 34:23
in screaming fire in a

crowded building. But if there’s a fire, I’m like, yeah, you guys seal. There’s a little bit of smoke over here, y’all. I want to exit out like, I’m not just gonna sit there and watch people burn. You know, like, think I had heard on your show.

Like, you know, like, you know, if you’re speaking the truth, we had no problem. You know, I mean, I don’t care if you’re, look, I was a bouncer for years. So am I surprised people you know how many times I got a fight when I was actually in my bouncing role. Never. I worked in some like hardcore bars. There’s firefights. I bring up all three or four altercations a week and all every night, you know, right.

Now we’re gonna alternate Do you know why? There’s no reason to you know, if I’m actually busting somebody’s chops online? it’s usually because I didn’t understand what the hell they were saying. And I got a little too quick to jump the gun for which it’s one of the many apologies I made. But nine times out of 10 they’re saying something.

No, that’s not true. Like, if you want to see me get hot man, just say something sat true. Put me on the spot. Like, it’s a prising how many people have actually said things on these podcasts. Or you only expect me to go along with it. So God no, Charlie, you know, it’s gonna be that type of square dance buddy. Yeah,

Damon Pistulka 35:32
yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s good that that I mean, and, and that’s, like I said, you know, if you if you’re all around the same kind of people and you, you don’t hear people that call things out the way you do, honestly, once in a while, it’s not it’s not really good. I think I think we have to, we have to, you know, part of embracing. Okay, I want to back up a little bit here. Because I think I grew up a little differently than most people. I graduated with a class of 16 people,

Mike O’Connor 36:02
right? Holy cow. Yeah. How’d you know all their names?

Damon Pistulka 36:06
Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So. So you look at that. I didn’t have 400 kids in my class, and I could go hang out with my click, because they were the same as me. And like the same things I had, we had to learn how to get along, because there wasn’t a hell of a lot of other people talk to you.

Mike O’Connor 36:24
Right, right. You don’t be the one guy who doesn’t get along with somebody. Yeah, yeah.

Damon Pistulka 36:27
Yeah. It’s like it’s a lonely damn day, you know? And in spy why you’re so easy going now. And the thing is, is that the the, we need to do that we need to be able to understand that we need to even when someone says something, it’s kind of as long as not hurting people, right? Like you’re saying Golden Rule. treat somebody like you like like to be treated and do it. Right. I think that we have to embrace more of that. And we have to be willing to listen to some stuff that we don’t necessarily appreciate or understand. Because, man, it

You nailed it right there on the head. Right? Because here’s the thing, if you stifle everybody from speaking freely, I know what happens. People start wearing mask. People start being one way in public and I am the antithesis of that. I’m the same guy everywhere people think oh, why do you make such bad jokes online? Why do you tell people you live with my money? Why do you smoke pot? Why do you tell people you smoke pot? Why do you do this? Why

Mike O’Connor 37:23
do they look?

I have thousands of people that follow me. I don’t know why they do. Right? What’s going to happen? Somebody came up to everybody Michael kind of smokes pot, they do the guy we know are my go getter swears all we know that too. You know what I mean? Some people actually know I do good things, you know, right? And every once in a while, I’ll bring most attention, right? I’m comfortable being known for what I am, right? Like, look, we don’t all have to get along to the point where you’re coming over to my house for a barbecue and I’m coming over to your house.

Like we don’t need to come to Thanksgiving, right? You know, not for me to want you I wish you a happy holiday. You know, even IBM, my table I still want you to eat, I still want you to have fun, right? When people come to my website or come to my group.

I want to be free to comfortable I’ll say whatever they want, as long as it’s not hate speech. Like I like to laugh. I think a lot of people even on LinkedIn, they get so stuffy with like, Ah, you know, this is LinkedIn. This isn’t Facebook. Yeah, this is this this? Look. People gotta get out of the mindset for many different reasons, right? Some people are like, I act this way and LinkedIn act this way.

And trust me, if you think I’m a jerk on LinkedIn, you should go see my Facebook. It’s it’s entertaining. I find out I might get me committed in some states. But my point is, right. If it’s online, people can see it. So if you’re a person on LinkedIn, or somebody else I you know, ever brought up twitter or Tinder with you before, right?

I told you I’ve messed around with every anything that’s online. I’ve been on you know, whether it’s Tinder or Grindr, or any of these other websites, I checked it out, you know, why not? I don’t care. You know, it’s a backlink. I’m a social media or I’ll put my link on it. I’m the guy that you know, when I was in school, all the rock bands and put their bumper sticker everywhere.

That’s what I do website, join the service vessels network, I put it everywhere. I don’t care, right. And so I met this girl, Tinder, I had some chick match up with me. And she was a tall chick. She’s known as a feminist on LinkedIn, a lot of followers won some awards for her Women’s Network, right. And she made a post on LinkedIn was funny, she used the same profile picture and both right. So it’s really easy to identify him. You’re the same town, right? same same work, right? And let me tell you, what she put on Tinder, especially in private message was very different. The stuff that she put out on LinkedIn, and I got hurt myself.

I didn’t I didn’t. I just so happened to see her on LinkedIn the next day and she made one of these Big post about, you know, be the same person everywhere, right? And she she made a big post about it and it had like, I don’t know, 1500 thousand likes a lot of likes, right? So you know, the comment I made, she blocked me from LinkedIn. She blocked me from Tinder, she blocked me forever, because this cop, right? And all I asked my comment was, how about how about Tinder? Question mark. And that was it. She made this big, long diatribe about, you know, be the same person everywhere.

It’s like, yeah, you’re not, you know, like, you’re being a woman in power. But you know, you’re submissive on Twitter. Yeah. You know, like, it was fun, you know, but it’s, it’s kind of like, why I try to tell people is like, I’m not afraid of what I do on Twitter. I’m not afraid of what I do on Facebook. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t say those things. Right? Like, I want to be the guy that pushes the boundaries. Because like, I believe that, like, if people don’t push the boundaries, the boundaries will be pushed back upon you. Right? Yeah. And I’m one of those guys. Like, if you give up one liberty, you’re gonna give up all right. And, you know, I’m at a gun nut, you know, I don’t like having 52 guns, you know, no,

Mike O’Connor 41:05
like I you know, blah, blah,

but I’m going to protect gun rights. The second amendment, like, I think everybody should have the right to buy a gun, because that’s American, you know, that’s what makes us different. And not only that, right, but with all the things that other crazy few people that we elect, and the crazy things that we do to people, it’s probably a good idea that we all have the guns and we’re known as the crazy American Gods, right? because nobody’s gonna invade us, right? You know, I mean, like, our politicians could screw things up, and we can lose all our new girl weapons. So nobody’s like, I’m not messing with those Americans. Everyone’s got God’s

Mike O’Connor 41:37
God’s per American, you know, come get some

Damon Pistulka 41:41
poses some challenges, that’s for sure.

Don’t think about it. We got the best country in the world, man, best real estate, best of everything in that because it’s

Damon Pistulka 41:49
big effect. I mean, you get back to that, and I can hear it in your voice. And you know, you know, you’re, you’re, you’re a citizen of us, you like the country where we live. And I think that’s one of the things that that that grounds A lot of us is that, you know, we don’t agree with everything we don’t, we’re not the same, we don’t want to be the same. Don’t think the same things. You know, what, but, you know, when we, when we have some basics to understand is that we are citizens of this country, we, and we are people and if you’re a good person, that’s really all, you know, that’s what matters more than, you know, your political aspirations, or affiliations or whatever the hell, you know,

getting going on politics is dangerous to me, too, because I’ve opened a whole bunch of can of worms, everybody’s working on that. But no, no, I’m just saying, like, I don’t like I have strong political opinions. You know, I think if everybody followed the golden rule more that this country be great. And the one thing I will say about politics in this country is we do a lot of, you know, tit for tat, and, you know, we let this person and things are this way for four years, then we let somebody else and then they don’t do all the shit the other guy did for four years, right?

And then just every time we elect somebody, they, they undo things instead of constantly moving to sport, as a country, as a society as a global leader, which, you know, hopefully, we still are the way people are behaving. Right. We shall always be the leader like That’s what America is about, you know, we’re the longest running Republic, our constitutions the oldest in the world, because it’s pretty good.

You know, it’s, it’s bright enough to help everybody general enough to go through time, right, but saw enough to provide some serious rights and we can’t let people take those right and we got to be working on extending those for our people whether we agree with them or not, because when we don’t make it equal for everybody, you’re not making it equal for yourself for your future generations.

You know, yeah. And you know, black white You know, it doesn’t matter you know, we mix up more and more all the time and no matter how weird people get about that you’re never going to change the the wheels of progress right? And all our political leaders are doing a really just kind of slowing things down. I mean, universal health care we have how many billions of dollars a year going into bombs and go into like foreign bribes let’s call it what it is. I mean, we give billions of dollars to different countries all around the world to help them with things

Mike O’Connor 44:17
why can’t we do health care?

Why is if I get a few band aids or bumps and bruises it cost me $600 to get three stitches Why? Like it doesn’t even make sense to me like yeah, if I wasn’t gonna politics they’d be the golden rule party.

Damon Pistulka 44:33
We get that you’re down in a rabbit hole there for a lot hours that’s for sure. But you know,

I’m curious to see what happens you know with the election and with the SP and local website because the here’s the thing is some people are like asked me like, are you going to discourage politics from the website? There hasn’t been a lot of it right. And people ask me if I’m gonna discourage politics, or if I’m gonna discourage meme so I’m gonna discourage that. Like no like, honestly like everybody’s welcome.

You know the crazy publicans crazy. liberals crazy Christians crazy Muslims, I give crazy everybody I don’t care, you’ll bring all your craziness count. Let me know how you feel. Join my website, you know, if you think I suck, contact me I suck too. I see people make fun of Mark Zuckerberg all day long on Facebook, you know why he doesn’t change that or delete it right? Because he still makes money. He doesn’t care. You know, like, I you know, I don’t want to be like Mark Zuckerberg, I’d like to have some of his prompts. Yeah.

Damon Pistulka 45:23
Yeah. Well, it’s, it’s, yeah, it’s just it. It’s good to be able to talk with you, Mike. And, you know, I still think back to some of the very first conversations we had. And, and, and, and you are consistent. I will say that,

Mike O’Connor 45:41
you know, my therapist will believe it when I tell him that, like, I’m pretty consistent guy, you know,

Damon Pistulka 45:46
they appreciate you telling him that. Yeah. And you know, that some of the things that that we’ve we’ve talked about, and quite honestly, you helped us eggs your way executed helped or helped us an awful lot. And I think that, you know, they get get down into the, the, you know, the underbelly of things that your your get your app going, you’re going to be able to get that thing rolling. And I think your site’s going to continue to go because like you said, it’s, you’d look back a year ago, and you were you are getting a few people a week now you’re getting people every day. And the more people

when I first told people that I was making a social media website, they had me committed. They’re crazy. Yeah. Nobody’s had me committed a long time since then, the army always called me crazy. Lets people laugh at me now. Right? And you know, and I don’t want everyone to be the guy like that gets like too cocky, or like too proud of what he started, like, I’m not doing this website just for my enjoyment. Or my, you know, my state, I want to

Mike O’Connor 46:49
do something cool with it.

Like, I want to help people. And I think that, you know, with the technology the way it is in this world, right? And here’s the thing somebody asked me, it’s like, oh, would you join my social network? Yeah, like if I could make this right, and show other people how to do something like that, you know, and they were to build their own platform. Like, like I said earlier, I’m a social media or I’ll put my link I yeah, I’ll come check it out. You know, I mean, that’s what it’s about, you know, people helping people. And, you know, I think if you carry that attitude with you in life, no matter what it is, you do, you’ll be just fine.

Damon Pistulka 47:22
Yeah, yeah. Well, Mike, it’s great to have you on. I’m gonna wrap her up here. We’re getting late in the day for you and and appreciate you coming in spending your I appreciate


Damon Pistulka 47:36
invite, you know, and you know, you got the service professionals, net service professionals. net, is it service?

services? Yeah. I should have made a shorter

Damon Pistulka 47:51
Yeah, I can. I can spell it but I can’t say it. I’ll spin local. So s. ap. That’s good. It’s easier to get the app it’s a lot easier to spell to.

Mike O’Connor 48:03
Yeah, you know, people are still gonna forget, you know,

it’s gonna be really cool. I like the logo with the two little green guys. I’m hoping that you know, people like that. And if I get that across 100,000 phones across the world, I’d be happy. That’s all I want. Hundred Thousand downloads. That’d be cool.

Damon Pistulka 48:18
There you go, man. Oh, great. Appreciate ya. Go SPN Talk to you later, man. Thank you. So

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