Killing It With Video Content

When it comes to content, you have to make sure to deliver the best of the best to your customers. So what is good quality content and how is it produced? We will learn more about this in this episode. In this week’s Manufacturing Success Series, our worthy and engaging guest was Bonnie Sussman Strominger. Bonnie is the Founder and CEO of GoLidZ. Her company produces cup lids that can carry food on top along with preventing drinks from spilling.

When it comes to content, you have to make sure to deliver the best of the best to your customers. So what is good quality content and how is it produced? We will learn more about this in this episode.

In this week’s Manufacturing Success Series, our worthy and engaging guest was Bonnie Sussman Strominger. Bonnie is the Founder and CEO of GoLidZ. Her company produces cup lids that can carry food on top along with preventing drinks from spilling.

The talk started with Curt and Damon introducing the guest. Bonnie introduced her company and what they did. She explained in detail, the functioning and purpose of these cup lids. She also reassured that these cups are present in all standard sizes as well.

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Bonnie further shed light on how this idea sprung into her mind. It was in the late 90s when she first had this idea but didn’t work on it up until 2012.

Later in the conversation, Bonnie discussed how she got into video content and the importance of it for her. She said that when LinkedIn started the video, that is when she felt like she should produce video content.

She believes that video content can help you connect to your customers on a deeper level. Moreover, it is a lot more engaging than simple pictures.

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Bonnie also shared the benefits of producing video content. She said that for video content, you need to have a video library where you save all your videos. Having this library, helps you use all your videos and create, recreate them the way you want.

However, one important thing in producing video content is to understand that you have to keep in mind your audience. You cannot make quality content every time, but you must know how to produce content that your audience likes.

Another key to producing amazing video content is to put subtitles according to Bonnie. These will increase viewership as people can watch the videos without having to turn the volume up.

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Bonnie also mentioned that another trick to produce quality video content is to add behind the scenes videos as well. This lets your audience get in on your production makes them feel a part of it.

Lastly, Bonnie said that in order to reach the audience by heart you should not spend $150,000 on an ad or your agency’s video. You should rather make video content that reaches all age groups of audience.

Thanks to Bonnie for sharing her time and knowledge.  If you want to see the entire conversation just click on the video below.

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Damon Pistulka, Bonnie Sussman Strominger, Curt Anderson


Damon Pistulka  00:00

Live on LinkedIn. All right, everyone out there today. Welcome again to the Manufacturing Success Series with Curt Anderson b2b tail. I’m Damon from Exit Your Way. And today with us, Curt, I will let you introduce our guests and let you guys get after it.


Curt Anderson  00:18

You know what I’m on three hours sleep. I could this is a man this is like I’m like a kid in a holiday right now. So, guys, thank you for stopping by. We are on Remo. We’re on LinkedIn live or all over the place live. What an honor. What a thrill What a privilege for you for me to introduce our dear friend. This is Bonnie Sussman Strom he or she has she’s the CEO of go lids. She checks off every box.

She is women business owned. She has a really cool product that she’s going to talk about that is energy efficient. It is. It’s recycled. She is absolutely. She’s made in USA. She’s a manufacturer and she is a social media guru. She’s crushing it on video. She has over 13 million views. Bonnie, my heart’s fluttering. Welcome to our show. Thank you.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  01:11

Thank you for such a kind introduction.


Curt Anderson  01:14

So today, we have we have so much to unpack in such little time. So let’s just jump right into it. Bonnie. So let’s start with the product you have you what you know, inventor cutting edge environmentally friendly, let’s hear what what do you have going on with with gold lids,


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  01:31

it’s it’s really rather simple in concept. And the best way is always to do visual. So it’s a lid, it replaces the standard lid, and clips on and it’s super sturdy. It’s rock solid, the cup. And we brought this to life for lifestyle convenience. That has morphed into a whole nother set of circumstances now, due to COVID. You know, it’s covered. It’s sanitary, and it’s sealed. And it’s obviously speaking to a whole nother set of issues that were always existing, but now are at the forefront. And that really is the whole crux of it. Different sizes, different shapes, different purposes, different beverages.

It’s all based around, grab and go grab and go convenience. And it’s also built to drive revenue for operators, you know, how do you get everyone to leave with food and beverage, make sure that they don’t skip on this or skip on the food. handheld and you know, of course, we don’t never want to put this down. This is attached. And I’m sad from that you have children, you have strollers, you’ve got a million different things going on. Now drive thru is the crux of every conversation, and 90% plus business going through the drive thru. And so it’s all about the experience.

And obviously, its revenue as well, it’s got to be something for everyone. We’re not, you know, I know you keep calling us the star but we’re not start the show. We’re just really here to support brands and their initiatives and to please their consumers. And so it’s all about the win on their ends. And we’re just a we just get to watch and feel great about what we’re putting out there. And it’s recycled materials. Already renewed recycled materials, and they are reusable.

So not dishwasher, but we use the world wash clean we use and is a huge benefit a lot of recycled materials. That’s another whole conversation. But reducing emissions during the manufacturing process conserving water totally different than that of virgin plastic, which is banned from this company, we will never source it, we will never use it. And it’s it’s a big initiative and a lot of people are jumping on the recycled materials, excitement and what that can bring. And you know, we hope and trust in them even more going forward. You know, whatever we can do to lessen the footprint women, but it has to make sense financially it has to make sense for everybody.


Curt Anderson  04:21

Absolutely brilliant. Where were you years ago where I was at a ballgame Yankee Stadium and things are falling everywhere right? So let’s so we were here to talk about your social media acumen how you’re crushing on video. However, from an investor’s standpoint, you know, it’s really piqued my curiosity. People want to hear like, you know how many times all I thought of this years ago, I wish I would have done it. You did it. You’re a tenacious entrepreneur. You had an idea you had a vision. Can you walk us through like, how did you take that idea and turn it into reality.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  04:53

And I don’t want to be too wordy because I know we want to get as much in this time together as possible. But this was conceived Back in the 90s, in a theater, I don’t want to give them the whole story. But I felt Yeah. And I had popcorn and soda, candies, all kinds of things. And I fell, hit my head. I really angered a lot of people, you know, lid fell off I soaked people.

And I thought of it. But here’s the interesting part about our story is that I did not do anything about it for decades. And that’s not really the normal circumstance. I always say, if you bring something to life, if you want to innovate, if you have a solution, you’ve got to solve a problem. And at that time, I think it was more of a nice to have, and less of a need, right?

So, you know, because I know the difference just in the other industries I was in, I didn’t think it was necessary. But then this came out, right? Your phone number still on my screen, by the way, looking at this, this came out, and lifestyles changed, and they got busier, and social media emerged. And life became different, you know, not to date ourselves. But I was in college, you know, couple years ago, back in the 90s. Right, things have changed quite a bit. And that’s really, that’s how it evolved. But I didn’t really step up to start this until 2012.

Right? So a long time later of watching Starbucks and Dunkin all these companies really merge with running, running, running, while on the go, we’re running America’s running. That’s when it started to resonate, that the solution had to be created. Where did we start? It’s, it’s it’s an arduous process of iteration. And, you know, it’s funny, I put up a post the other day, with our first ever design. It’s always right in front of me, although I moved it, but it’s right here. I’m gonna get it.


Damon Pistulka  07:00

Nice. Look at that.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  07:02

I mean, look at the wall.


Curt Anderson  07:06

Hey, they always say if they if you don’t make fun of your first your first prototype you didn’t you you waited too long, right. So


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  07:12

that do I think it should it kind of I don’t want to say it makes me if it gives you a weird feeling. It just was a reminder of how far away you are. Well, something that’s commercialized and ready to go to market and


Curt Anderson  07:26

the cool thing is as entrepreneurs and you know, we have some in so ran LinkedIn live and we have our group here. So we have like Winnie and Vail, Shawn, Ron Paul, Dave, AJ, with a great group hanging out with us, as all these entrepreneurs can attest you, you know we treat our businesses like our baby, this is your baby and you were watching it go from, you know, diapers to toddler to, you know, graduation. So now we’re here to talk about social media, you are crushing it on video.

You have if folks if you haven’t seen Bonnie’s videos, you have to follow Bonnie on LinkedIn. You have to follow her videos. You have that one great video where a woman’s at a traffic light and she her soda spills and her food spills. And the person in the car next door. She’s sitting there jamming and she’s drinking her soda using a gold lids. Talk about how did what what did you I and you have a bunch of other brilliant hysterical women.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  08:22

And the funny thing is I wasn’t even at that shoot. I wasn’t able to be there. So I had to kind of watch through a video on the sidelines. I still wanted to be there and watching them do all that


Curt Anderson  08:36

what was your tipping point where you’re like, Okay, I have this I’m throwing on an inventor on the manufacturer and an entrepreneur, you have all these different hats going on? Okay, what was the tipping point where you’re like, Okay, you know what I’m going all in on video. This is where this is my commitment. This is where I’m going.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  08:53

You know, what, really LinkedIn, when they launched video, and we didn’t have it, you know, there are these features, and they rolled them out. And I mean, I know people right now that don’t even have stories. Because they it’s not fully complete, you know, it’s not completed for every member, but we didn’t have video for the first six to nine months. And we were pretty unhappy about it.

Um, you couldn’t ask them for it. You get it when you get it. But when we started, we realized an entirely different level of engagement. From me, flat picture, that’s not moving. You know, if you look at a photo of something like this, try and figure out what’s going on there. There’s no movement, there’s no life to it.

You can’t really make that connection. And you can’t most of us speak to your audience about what it is that you can do for them. But it’s really, I think we all know right now, it’s it’s not about you. It’s not about your company. It’s not about your solution. It’s about them. It’s about their problems and what you think do to help them and let them out right? and increase their business level up their loyalty, their engagement for their consumers, you have to remove yourself from the equation. And it’s the old saying everybody wants everyone falls in love with their solution, right?

Everyone falls in love with their company. But if you really want to build relationships, you’ve got to pull that back and realize it’s not about you, right? Like I said earlier, we’re here to support that. But we’re not to start the show, right? And I think if you put yourself as the star of the show, it’s gonna backfire. So video for us, allowed us to connect on a deeper level, it allowed us to tell our story. A lot of our videos, you’ve seen me talk about where our journey began, why we’re doing what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, who we’re doing it for. You can’t create, you know, you just can’t recreate that.

I mean, yes, copy, stories, text. That’s all well and good. And that’s not going anywhere. In fact, I think everyone watching right now knows that video views are down at my desk. It’s the video blues really. And, and I get it, we it’s a vanity metric. But we fall into it, too. We all get caught up in that. Wow. And the reason is because you spend so much time working on this great piece of content. And it takes a while to create video. And we you know, we put out almost a new video every day, which is a little crazy, right? Sure.


Curt Anderson  11:39

Yeah, absolutely.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  11:40

That’s not to say I think what, for me the whole purpose, and anyone out there that’s watching this, you want to build a video library, you want to build a content library that’s accessible to you. That’s where that’s where things get easier. Because now you’ve got 50 100 300 I think, I mean, I don’t want to get crazy, but I’m gonna say I think we have a couple thousand videos, really. And it might be even more than that.

And now you can go back in, and you can recreate, and you can repurpose, and take pieces. So not everything has to start from zero. You know, you’ve got things that maybe put you at 40% creation, and then you can add to that a little new, a little old and keep recreating. And that’s the beauty of it.

But when it comes to the view counts, we all get stuck on it. But really, the biggest thing to remember is you got to focus on your target audience. Right? Now, we all know, I’m sure you’ve experienced this, you put out a video, you’re feeling good, it’s going. And then you go to sleep, and you’re like, they really liked me. Wow. And then you wake up, and you’re like, Oh, my God, what happened? You don’t like me? Nobody likes me to hate us. We just lost our entire audience. And it’s just not you. It’s the algorithm. But there’s an element there that is good content is good content.

Not everything is good content. We’re guilty of it. Everything can perform well. You know, the people decide just like consumers desire, what plans they like, they have the AR in charge. They’re the boss of all of us. You know, right. I mean, that’s, that’s the story at the end of the day. So sometimes great content, it fails, it doesn’t do well. It goes out at the wrong time of day, right. And the most important thing, sometimes even more than the video itself is the copy. Right? So what you right up top on that video, if that doesn’t resonate,



Their just going right past it right.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  13:52

Yes, right. And I can tell you, we’ve learned that over time. Copy used to be the last thing, we were so focused on creating the video, that the copy was the last thing we slept together in five minutes. And then now you’re going back in and you’re editing and editing and editing. And from what I’ve heard, the algorithm does not like that. Okay. When you keep going into your posts and changing what it says and switching hashtags. I don’t know if it’s true, but there has been discussion that that is not welcomed by the library to keep toying with your public. So the copy is huge, that first hook line of that’s kind of resonate in order for anyone to want to click





Bonnie Sussman Strominger  14:42

Right. So there’s that then there is subtitles. Something else we’ve learned in the last year. People watch a lot of video on silent pens on the time of day. Right now we’re all help so turning on the video, but spouses are home partners or home children at home. And you might not want to put something on it. So maybe you’re listening with your headset, and maybe you’re listening quiet. So if I’m speaking right now to you, and you don’t click anything, I know what I’m saying. And that affects the viewers. Because if you’re scrolling through this noisy feed, um, there’s so much going on, right? Everyone is vying for everyone else, right attention. And so what what you do has to stand out


Curt Anderson  15:27

and what you do and so and folks, I strongly encourage you connect with Bonnie, I see like our Paul’s in our group today, he’s dropped in his LinkedIn profile. So everybody that’s in our platform shopping your LinkedIn profile, that’s all connect if you’re on LinkedIn live, that’s Connect connect with Bonnie, and what you’re going to be amazed with, let’s talk a little bit about this. Bonnie, would I would I, you know, you and I have known each other.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  15:48

I don’t want to I don’t want to interrupt you. I forgot my solution. So because views are so sorry, all kinds of backlash, you know, you’re lashing out at friends and family. Maybe you drink a little too much wine. I mean, you really people are really


Damon Pistulka  16:03

upset your focus right, your


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  16:06

mental, right. I don’t know if everyone’s aware of this product, but you can see this


Curt Anderson  16:16

all right, Bonnie, can we have a new



video? We have


Curt Anderson  16:20

a new product that we’re launching right here. I’m manufacturing e commerce Success Program. Bonnie, tell us about this new this new product that you’re selling


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  16:29

LinkedIn video to LinkedIn video,


Curt Anderson  16:30

and it also cures zoom fatigue, and COVID and everything else right.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  16:36

It clears up all kinds of things.


Curt Anderson  16:43

So folks, if you if you buy one bottle you get one free it’s 1999 free shipping.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  16:51

Yeah, take two you take two with a glass of water.


Curt Anderson  17:01

That is awesome that


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  17:05

we’re gonna be doing well because if you take them when you post you do it well it has the opposite effect.


Curt Anderson  17:12

So those that are suffering from LinkedIn depression and views are down on video Bonnie, my friend has your solution. It’s just been Bonnie any side effects like loss of


Damon Pistulka  17:25

a pair prepare possible death.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  17:28

impaired vision lashed out at friends and family like throwing throwing random items in the room. I can’t believe how much time you spent on a video and in front of you.


Curt Anderson  17:42

Brilliant. So all right. So anybody suffering from LinkedIn depression, resume fatigue? Damon, we’re gonna put you down for how many jobs do you need? Yeah, I


Damon Pistulka  17:49

need about six. And then see, then I can get that with the case of wine. And it’s probably about the right. Alright, so


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  17:59

Damon, we’re shipping. Well, I’ve got a couple


Damon Pistulka  18:03

in here from Alison Ford. So she she was asking what advice you have for businesses that are afraid to start creating videos, then and they say they got a not enough time. And and what do we talk about? They’re worried about what do we talk about? So


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  18:19

Excellent. Excellent question from Alison to Ford. Who’s Rockstar her own rights for


Curt Anderson  18:25

non right,


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  18:26

yep. So what I would say, and we get this a lot from so many people, where do we start? What do we do? What do we even focus on? We have found great success. I know Allison has and a lot of others. If you’re a manufacturer, you have a product. You know, it’s great, giving people behind the scenes, let them in, let them see what’s going on. You know, we we’ve shot from the manufacturer before those posts always do fantastic. Because you’re now you’re creating this connection, this relationship, you’re bringing them into the process, you’re even maybe showing them how it’s made to some extent, without you know, leaking proprietary things about your products, but all you need and that’s the other thing, you don’t need a whole setup.

You don’t to be Sony. All you need is this. And I think we can all agree we have one of these, you turn it on, I know that this is very uncomfortable. It is it is very awkward to sit here and stare at yourself and try and say something of any value that anybody cares about. But let me tell you a little story. Before I actually started doing videos, aside from the golden product videos, I do the videos and I got in front of the brand. And I only did that because a consultant had told me thankfully a free consult with this person is a friend so I didn’t have to pay him. But he said Bonnie, you have to start doing video I said we are doing video. Let’s do video content.

He said, No, you have to start doing a video. I pushed back hard. I said, No, I’m not not doing that. He said, yes, you watch it. No, I’m not. Why do why do I need to be on video? It’s the product. He said, No. And here’s the biggest lesson. It’s the whole story of that company. It’s Yes, the product, but who’s running that company? What’s the team about? What do they care about? What kind of, you know, what are their core values as a business? And that’s why I started, I started that I started in the car. So if you really uncomfortable, you know, and you want to it’s personal frost with business.

If you’re a leader these days of a business, you need to show yourself somehow videos a great way but others are doing it through copy and post but everyone is kind of getting out there now. I’m showing people who their brand is and and who their leaders are and what they believe in. You’ll see some of the biggest leaders around I mean, how amazing is neon Chaudhary? He sings Have you seen an era? Yeah, neon, and he sings. I mean, he’s amazing. And he is out there. And if people don’t think that makes a difference, it makes a huge difference. He’s opened his world to let people in to see what they hate what they


Curt Anderson  21:26

care about. And you do a great job, you know, we’ll return like to like Alison last week, she talked about like that, you know, that you know, being felt that emotional marketing and my dear friend Jeffrey Stern’s in our group today, he owns voice Express, and you you too need to connect. And we’re working on like a series of like that emotional connection.

You’re a great job of connecting with your clients, you’re in the streets of Manhattan, you’re with construction workers, folks in Times Square, and you’re showing how your product works and making you know, soccer moms, hockey moms that are busy on the go and foods find everywhere. They’re trying to get from one appointment to the next. How do you know how how have you done such a great job with your video on that emotional connection?


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  22:09

Thank you. You know what? That strategy, that organic strategy, I have to say it kind of fell into our lap. And it wasn’t intentional. And I think that’s why it worked. We just, we just noticed that everywhere. We went from the district to New York to the airport to go see customers, to our airports here to landing where we were going, people just continuously they kept stopping, you know, because some people did it out of concern. They thought I was trying to do some, you know, magical balancing act, and then excuse me, it’s gonna fall off. But what we realized is that people were so intrigued consumers, real life consumers, organically.

And we just started saying to ourselves, okay, well, why not? You know, you couldn’t ask for better advocate and brand ambassador and speak to your consumers. The people world actually wanted the product. And so we started asking everyone that stopped us no matter where we were, if they were willing to do a video testimonial 96 this is what people don’t know. 95 to 96% of people say, absolutely not. No way. I get it. It feels scary for the businesses videos just too scary for


Damon Pistulka  23:31

strangers, right? Yeah.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  23:36

But 4% of them say yes. Based on how often we get stuff 4% turned out to be a pretty large number. And it just morphed into this strategy of speaking, multi million dollar marketing budgets could not achieve what we have been able to do with that all for the cost of


Curt Anderson  23:57

look at the advocates that you’re creating, not in like we’ve seen your videos over, you know, you’re in Yankee Stadium or in the streets or whatever. And you know, the people that enjoy they’re extroverts, they want to be on your video, you’ve now just created that raving fan and how many of us have been in a street or a ballgame or whatever? We’re, we’re stumbling around.

Can you talk a little bit so you’re my daughter, my daughter loves your videos on tic tac, a manufacturer so like, we have Shawn from the MEP and like Paul like those, Dave, they know those of us that deal with manufacturers, manufacturers and tick tock don’t go in the same sentence. What made you make that commitment to tick tock and how are you you’re going viral with these videos? How are you doing it?


Damon Pistulka  24:42

But silver bullet?


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  24:45

I want to say I don’t right now. What is going on on there?


Damon Pistulka  24:49

You’re doing?


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  24:52

I guess it’s been we’re on there for about roughly three months and we’ve had videos generating millions of views one one video had 6 million views. And I can only speak to the fact that they are religion. I swear my phone just heard tip top and automatically went on. We went on by election. Sorry about that. Okay. So I think they’re connecting with something. They’re seeing a product that they connect with. That’s resonating. And I think that’s the number one thing right now, obviously, is e commerce. Huge. We are getting ready to launch on e commerce. And that’s part of the reason that drove us to ticked up. We wanted to get some data I want to see, what do they like?

And what are they not like? What are they responding to, even from a brand aspect, you know, what brands we putting up that they’re going crazy for and others we put up and we don’t get a huge, huge response. So we wanted to get some data that way. But I think it’s the product. So the manufacturer is putting up their products. Maybe they make garden hoses that are exciting, right? It could be anything, it could be a shot rack that goes on a wall, there’s a productivity around every product. I think anything can be made creative, anything. Like there’s nothing you could take, you could take a stick and find the way to make the creative.

There is a way to put a spin on everything. I think that’s really what Tick Tock is about I think that’s why that platform is so chock full of ideas, and creativity, where you see these videos and you just thinking, like you said earlier, why didn’t I think of that I have seen some of the most outlandish, but educational products out there. That blow your mind. I have to believe thankfully for us that that this is go that is resonating. for them. It’s a convenience, lifestyle, convenience, just like Uber, Amazon, anything really that’s convenient delivering any mean platform, anything that makes their lives a little bit easier, a little bit lighter. And that makes them feel good.

And I think that’s what every brand really is trying to achieve right now from from A to Z. And it’s not easy. They have to everyone’s revamping what they do a specially at the drive thru etc. But for any manufacturer right now, I think it’s tapping in to that it’s tapping into a neat state. And maybe they do find the garden hose kind of boring from Home Depot. You know, it’s just, they’re not going to get excited about it. You got to find a way to get them excited thing. Shoot it out in the yard, right the garden hose and do something funny with it. Make it fun. Have it have a water fight with your family, show them something fun about a garden house.


Curt Anderson  27:57

Yeah. That’s where I think what you’ve done well, and bite your soul sister just joined us, by the way. So Alison to Ford is in the house. So and what you know, so like Alison, and like the folks Paul, you know, like those those that work with manufacturers. I think what’s so great with you being a pioneer with Made in USA manufacturer really aggressively going after that video. Here’s what I was telling manufacturers, I’m you know, manufacturer, I’m a custom job shop, I make this little goofy widget, whatever. not sexy, not exciting.

However, if you’re an engineer at Boeing, or you’re a new product developer somewhere and you need this certain machine, you need this certain process, and I can find you and you’re making an I see that video. That is the most glorious thing to my eyes because you’re helping make my life easier. That is the sexiest thing on the planet in a channel because a lot of manufacturers don’t realize that. And that’s why it’s so great. What you’re kind of paving the way with what you’re doing.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  28:58

I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s It’s such a brilliant statement that you just made because there is a way to kind of we say like, right? Even even a cup. Think about a cup. How boring could be pretty boring. I’m probably gonna get like we’re probably gonna lose like 30 customers right now probably I think right now. The record. Yeah,






We heard nothing. I heard nothing.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  29:30

I didn’t hear anything. Not when grand public very exciting. They are grilling. Yes, they are. Um, no, but the whole thing is that’s why that’s why plans came about their cups. It’s not that a cup is exciting. It’s exciting because they made it exciting. It’s exciting because their logo, their identity, their story, their history, their their present their future. Everything is wrapped up in this logo. And that’s put here and there. That’s it. They’re proud. That’s what makes them proud.

That’s what makes them have that culture. So it’s the same concept with the manufacturer, it’s creating this, something that maybe isn’t that exciting. Maybe they don’t know what to focus on, find an element, find one single element, pull it out, and then create a story around that, that can go on your website on Amazon, well, if you have a registered, you have an AR, can go on Amazon, it could go anywhere. And that becomes suddenly the centerpiece of the brand creativity.

And from there, I really think it’s that first idea. It’s that first bold idea, and then it sprouts and then it becomes a tree. And now you’ve got all these different aspects of that brand, that on any given day, you can pull one out and build a house around it. And and suddenly you turn around and you have a library of amazing concepts, amazing videos that you can shoot to customers address consumers with. It’s endless. And it’s really, it’s not tapped into enough, I think, because they felt that they didn’t need it. In previous times, before this whole world became what it is. But I think now it’s not. Should we do it? It’s can you afford not to do it? I said,


Damon Pistulka  31:33

I couldn’t do it.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  31:34

And you can’t, you can’t afford. And if your


Damon Pistulka  31:40

time to do it, if your competitor is people are going to get to know them better than you


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  31:47

100,000,000% you know, and no, it’s like they always say you have to outwork everybody else. Because there’s someone waiting to take what you’re building away from you. Someone’s working harder, someone’s working smarter, it’s not about the hours, it’s just about right, your time, your focus, your intensity. So, look, we all lose our way. And I put up a video last night it was talking about weekends and nights. Just an inevitable fact.

You know, when five o’clock comes, lights don’t computer the lights don’t go down, houses don’t shut down and offices and everything closes up. You do you have to do but it’s worth it putting the time in to create the content. It’s a brand asset. And that’s the way you look at it. It’s basically like, no different than you go buying a car and parking it in your garage. It’s something that’s yours makes you feel good. I mean, it’s not quite like a car, you know, it’s different. You’re not gonna give rides on your car all over your area. But yeah, what I’m saying is it’s just the brand has, and no one can take


Curt Anderson  32:56

away cuz as we as we, as we wind down our toe, Allison had a nice quote here from from Seth Godin. She said, You’re making something meaningful for people who will care in our friend Jeffrey Stern, who joins us he had a man This was such a powerful statement this week.

He said people have an emotional attachment with anything they have an emotion he goes, the line was they have an emotional attachment with a refrigerator. You know, so I mean, like, look at your, you know, people are coffee fanatics, food fanatics, you know, regardless of what your flavor what your choices, we’re trying to be efficient, we’re on the run, you’ve offered such a powerful solution. Such a dramatic. So let’s wrap up on this, Bonnie, what


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  33:37

emotional connection when, when you tap into that. That’s, that’s what, that’s what we talk about with brands every day. That’s exactly what we talk about. Because when you tap into it, it’s almost impossible to lose that loyalty. Unless someone else outpaces you with a competitive edge, you know, when you have a child or something and someone gives you a way to not let go of that child’s hand, or to not make a giant mess in the car. Tapping into something that irks you constantly. You’re never going to lose that customer. Unless someone else does it. Way better. Or Yeah, way difficult. Well, so


Curt Anderson  34:19

no, that’s perfect. So, to close on this what what advice do you have for someone that’s just they’ve never shot a video? How do you rip off that band aid? How do you just get in the game? What’s your what’s your parting advice for that person? That’s just starting out.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  34:35

I would say first and foremost, you don’t don’t need to go and hire an agency and drop a lot of money. So I know it’s a big sticking point. Well, we went down that road in the beginning. Um, I mean, obviously you You do realize that we don’t. This content we put out daily, you see


Curt Anderson  34:55

Bonnie and hairnets. She’s on the manufacturing floor. You see her on the streets of New York. all bundled up and it’s snowing. I mean, Bonnie, you’ve just, you’ve really just put yourself out there everywhere you.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  35:06

But I don’t, you know, it’s not all not my idea. And I’m not doing all the work, of course, we’ve got help No, no one does anything on their own. I mean, really, it’s the team function that really makes the magic happen for anybody for any brands. But I would say for a company looking to get started, don’t go drop $15,000 on a company video, because that’s not something that people are going to want to see in the feed on LinkedIn, or on Tick Tock or anywhere more than once in a while.

So that Pressman, it’s, it’s, you know, another agencies that are gonna hate me for saying this, but it’s, it’s not something that can be recycled all that often, you know, commercials on TV, you see them over and over and over again, at some point you do kind of get tired of them, you click off, you know, the younger generations, they’re not even watching TV. So you have to get to them in a totally different manner than you’re getting to, you know, folks like us that are sitting over the other side


Curt Anderson  36:09

of the hill already. That’s how you’re doing it with Tick tock, like I said, my,





Bonnie Sussman Strominger  36:15

barbecue camera, find someone in your organization. If you have a diverse team, and everybody does, you always have the ones that are outspoken, and really verbal. And then you have others that are a little quieter, no less talented, just a different personality. They just, they they’re a little bit more, you know, they’re they don’t have to be the life of the party. They don’t need to be the center. Find someone within your group that’s willing to get started, whether it’s the CEO, the CEO, or anybody on that team. And us, usually people, I’m going to use another example again, of a I’m not going to keep naming brands but some some brands are now having their employees,


Damon Pistulka  37:01

people, people


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  37:03

testimonial, they’re telling stories on the front lines. And it’s a powerful way to communicate the story of that brands. Again, it’s an organic, organic all you need is this. Right? Don’t need a professional videographer don’t need expensive a plant


Curt Anderson  37:20

your phone just put in. Just get in the game. put yourself out there. So, Bonnie, what this has been just man Damon, how are we so blessed to have these people every week? Man? I don’t I don’t know what we did in a previous life. But what’s been I don’t know something good. So


Damon Pistulka  37:36

I just sit around grand that’s an idea. People like



Dave and now we’re gonna be popping those pills like tic tac


Damon Pistulka  37:44

toe. It did feel bad.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  37:49

I took a look at my video from last night.





Curt Anderson  37:55

please, please connect with Bonnie on LinkedIn. Follow her on gold lids. She is just absolutely crushing it. I want to thank everybody for joining us here on Remo. You know join us we’re we’re taking a little Thanksgiving break next week. Yeah, we’re coming back in two weeks. We had one and only Brian back. But Bonnie, this was such a blunt look at that product. It is Yeah. And I’ve been I’ve been doing I’ve been on my LinkedIn tour. I’ve been doing workshops all week just ranting and raving about you all week. So


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  38:25

I’ve used it you know, you know if a founder or a head of a company can use their own product.


Curt Anderson  38:40

Allison has lit envy. So if anybody has connections, let’s get Bonnie connected to people in any of, you know, events while events are down but any franchising she has this killer product



we’re gonna be selling.


Curt Anderson  38:56

We need to help Bonnie elevate this brand made Made in USA recycled. What a great product. So, guys, we’re gonna we’re gonna leave here we’re gonna go back on our end to the tables anybody and everybody on LinkedIn live Facebook Live. Thank you.


Damon Pistulka  39:12

And we’re gonna go we’re gonna shut down the live on those platforms and go to the tables. Thank you guys.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  39:18

Thanks so much for having me.


Damon Pistulka  39:20

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.


Curt Anderson  39:21



Damon Pistulka  39:22

you. Yeah.


Bonnie Sussman Strominger  39:24

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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