Leveraging LinkedIn Ads and Sales Navigator

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Julbert Abraham. Julbert is the Founder and CEO of Abraham Global Marketing and the host of the Small Biz Tips Podcast. Julbert helps people use LinkedIn to drive sales.  He is an expert in Sales Navigator and LinkedIn PPC ads.

How to Leverage Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Ads for business Growth? A question that businesses have to ask themselves while growing. To find the answer to this question, we had our talk today.

In this week’s Manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, our guest speaker was Julbert Abraham. Julbert is the Founder and CEO of Abraham Global Marketing and the host of the Small Biz Tips Podcast. Julbert helps people use LinkedIn to drive sales.  He is an expert in Sales Navigator and LinkedIn PPC ads.

The conversation started with Julbert introducing himself. He said that he is originally from Haiti and he learned English when he moved to the states 21 years back. Moreover, Julbert said that in his last role, he used to work at an insurance company and when he was laid off from that job, he started his own firm.

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After this Curt asked Julbert about an aha moment he had during his career. To this, he responded by saying that when he started his marketing firm and did his MBA along, that was the aha moment for him. Furthermore, using LinkedIn ads for business growth was his moment of truth.

Moving on, Julbert shared a presentation with the audience. In this presentation, he shared how to leverage LinkedIn ads for business growth. At first, Julbert explained why LinkedIn advertisement is important.

He said that LinkedIn has over 700 million people on it. Apart from this, it also has over 55 million companies from all around the world. So the entire reach of LinkedIn is a lot. After this, Julbert shared some stats about LinkedIn as well.

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Continuing the conversation, Julbert explained how leveraging LinkedIn ads for business growth work. He explained the entire process of how you can put an ad on LinkedIn. Moreover, he said that when you put an ad on LinkedIn, you have to first see if you just want to raise brand awareness with it, or you actually want to promote a product.

Further, into the conversation, Julbert shared the kind of ads that LinkedIn has. This means that the difference between the ads that are on the newsfeed and those that are on the side. Julbert shared Honeywell as an example of his explanations.

Sharing more about leveraging LinkedIn ads for business growth, he also showed how to search for an ad and generate leads through searches. By the end of the conversation, Julbert answered some questions as well.

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Moreover, he said that do not put ads on LinkedIn if you don’t have a marketing plan specifically designed for LinkedIn.

The conversation ended with Damon and Curt thanking the guest for his presence.

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Damon Pistulka, Julbert Abraham, Curt Anderson


Damon Pistulka  00:00

Presentation now here we got let’s get us going live on LinkedIn. So you’re very few can turn your camera on yet then I think it’ll it’ll hit there we go. So we’re going to go live on LinkedIn now. I got the live LinkedIn music going



love it.


Damon Pistulka  00:24

Everyone welcome once again to the manufacturing ecommerce Success Series. I’m one of your hosts Damon Pistulka. And I’ve got with me today I’ve got the other co host, Kurt Anderson, we are rocking the house today with a special guest. I’m just gonna turn it over to Kurt because I’m so excited. You probably don’t want me talking anymore. Dude. I heard


Curt Anderson  00:45

Damon Thank you, brother from another mother. So Happy Friday, everybody. Welcome to the program. We’ve got DC back in a house. He was a previous guest, AJ, Ira, Aaron, Chris, Bobby and Seattle. All certain Lila kavin. Chris, thank you guys for joining us. My my new friend Jenny and I was here today. So guys, we have a special special treat. So again, Damon, my host with the most exit your ways out of Seattle as a growth and exit strategy specialists. So this wouldn’t be possible without Damon. Kurt Anderson here. Happy Friday. What a blessing. What an honor. What a privilege to share with you today.

My dear friend Jill bear, Abraham, Jo bear. Welcome to the program. Thank you, man. Thanks, dude, you’re so guys, we’re gonna jump right in. So he his energy, his enthusiasm is just so contagious. jack is a new friend of ours. He’s in Pennsylvania and New manufacturer. We picked him up at Temple University this week. So guys, chop your LinkedIn profile in the chat box. I’ve put Joe Bear’s LinkedIn and his website in there. I just wanted to tell you a little bit about the show bear real quick. So he and I connected a while back. He has this amazing, incredible podcast, Small Biz tips, podcast, man, and his energy is just off the charts.

We had a great time. So bear, thank you. He is the president of Abraham global marketing. He is a LinkedIn trainer and guru. And here’s the thing for all of us around LinkedIn frequently, you always see the LinkedIn expert, the LinkedIn guru, guys, this is truly the LinkedIn guru go on his LinkedIn profile. He has 79 testimonials and 72 referrals. And here are some of the things that people say about Joe bear. Okay, when Joe bear gets his hands on a problem, I feel sorry for that problem.

That’s where the gentleman he spoke at Rutgers University 250 students, that Professor just said he knocked it out of the park. He’s a driving force, Joe bear. Again, what an honor and privilege Thank you just a Gaussian house here. Tell us a little bit a little bit about yourself, how you you know your how you got an entrepreneurship and let’s We’ll get going into the program.


Julbert Abraham  02:59

Sounds good. Welcome. Welcome. excited to see everyone current demon. Thank you for having me. Um, Wow, this is awesome. I’m excited. So I guess a little bit about me, and how did I get into this whole LinkedIn thing. Um, so I’m originally from Haiti, been in the states for 21 years. I learned English here. So if you hear my accent, that’s why. Right. Um, so back in 20 1020 2010 2011, I got laid off from work. My last role, I used to work for an insurance company, and I was managing gene group of agents.

And I was using LinkedIn to help these agents grow their business. So it was a skill set that I learned at that company. And when I got laid off, I use that skill set to start a marketing consulting business, I know into an MBA program. And when I graduated, I noticed that a lot of people that understand how LinkedIn actually work. So I started sharing what I’ve been able to do to grow my consulting business using LinkedIn. And it took off from there. So fast forward, seven years later, I’ve been fortunate to work with over 600 plus companies in four continents. So it’s been awesome.


Curt Anderson  04:07

That’s phenomenal. And so the cool thing is, I wanted to get, you know, was there an aha moment that you had when you were like, you know, LinkedIn is my calling. This is my purpose. I can help other entrepreneurs. We’ll talk a little bit about that, that transition there.


Julbert Abraham  04:21

So when I got laid off, right, you know, there was no more checks coming in from work, so and I was about to get evicted out my apartment. So it was a very, very challenging time for me. And that’s why I said, You know, I have to do something. And I jump online. I’m like, Well, I know there’s a lot of business owners out there, I want to start something. And I use the skill set that I had. So LinkedIn has like a very emotional attachment for me, because it helped me when I was you know, when my back was against a roller and I had to figure it out.

So that’s kind of like what started Everything. And then we had the big aha moment after I graduated from my MBA, you know, and I’m hearing people say, you know, how were you able to get an MBA and still have a marketing consulting business, you know, at the same time and being able to pay for that, like, well, I had this, you know, I have this marketing consulting business. And here’s how I get closer. Like, I wish someone will teach me that, then that’s the ha moment. I’m like, Wait a second. You know, instead of just being a marketing consultant, one, I focus my niche and really help people leverage LinkedIn.


Curt Anderson  05:31

Awesome in. So in, guys, if you check out again, I dropped a Joe Bear’s LinkedIn profile his website, and you look at the training that you do, it’s just just phenomenal. Now I know, we have a lot to unpack today. Do you want I know you’ve got a you have a great presentation, you want to dig deep into LinkedIn ads? And navigator? Do you want to go ahead? And do you want to share? Yeah,


Julbert Abraham  05:50

yeah, definitely. I’m gonna share my screen right now. You guys, let me know. Let me know. I can see my screen. Perfect. Awesome. Awesome. All right. So how manufacturers can leverage LinkedIn ads. So I love to do these. I love to be very interactive. I love to shoot a lot of tons of great content and value. If you have questions, don’t hesitate, put it in the chat. I know Kurt and Damon, they’re gonna say, hey, you bet. We have a questions for you. So I want to make sure I answer your question. So let’s dive right in. Let’s start with a little quick activity. How many of you have done LinkedIn ads? before?

You could put that in the chat? If you have? I’m really curious. So let us know how many of you have done LinkedIn ads, just let us know if you may be mean, just type me on there. So we all know. And the second question is, what is one thing you would like to learn about LinkedIn ads today? I definitely want to cover that at the end. So if it’s a big thing, um, definitely write it out in the chat as well. We’d love to hear it. So with that said, let’s dive right in. I’m going to share a bit about my story, which already did, why LinkedIn is important, how to use LinkedIn ads, you know, what are the and different types of ads.

Then I’m going to show you guys some really cool examples and some cool tips on things you can do and also case study. So to start, I mentioned, I’m originally from Haiti, selected as Jersey’s top 40, under 40, featured in a few different publication. I have an MBA, I’m an adjunct professor, I host a podcast, I own a company called AGM. And we’ve been fortunate to work with over 600 clients in four continents. All right. Now, why is LinkedIn important?

Well, guys, there are over 700 million people on a platform, I actually think now it’s closer to on 740,000,200 plus countries, right? 55 million plus companies, which is a huge opportunity for you, if you want to manufacturing space, three professionals are joining LinkedIn consistently, right, there are 2.9 million groups, and LinkedIn is among the world’s top 10 fastest growing brands, which is amazing. All right. Now the beauty about that is a trusted environment. So it’s a trusted platform, right?

There’s these tags that I got from LinkedIn directly after the ads were seen, or any companies after their ads were seen on LinkedIn. Brands were perceived to be 50%, higher quality 92%, more professional, 74%, more intelligent, and 59% more respectable, which resulted in 10 to 15%. You know, live in short term, more opportunities that’s coming in. So the power of ads is placing that in front of the right people. All right. LinkedIn helps you grow your business, right, we all hear that. Let me give you some stats. 96% of b2b marketers use LinkedIn to distribute their content. So it’s a massive opportunity in terms of content.

If you’re in a manufacturing space, and you’re not leveraging LinkedIn, you’re not using your company page. You’re not leveraging some of your team member. There’s a big opportunity there. Right sponsor messaging drive twice higher open rates, 80% of b2b marketers, put paid behind your content on LinkedIn. So if you want to enhance that piece of content, or even get more sales and more opportunities, leverage LinkedIn ads, right, because it’s both for b2b and b2c brands. With that said, What oil internet? So LinkedIn has, when you scroll down LinkedIn is it’s very easy to see, right? It’s you see the company logo, and then right under that you see what says promoted? Right?

When you see this, this is a form of LinkedIn ad. All right, so now there’s a lot of different types of LinkedIn ads out there, which I’m gonna get into a little bit later. But before you even think about that, I want you to think about this, right? with LinkedIn ad, you’re able to target quality audience, you can market to influence decision makers. I want you to think about this. I’m going to show you guys an example. If you imagine being able to target specific companies that you want to learn about you product or service. So I’ll give you a really good example. Let’s go on LinkedIn.

Right now I’m on my LinkedIn, I’m gonna go to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, right? So let’s say Honeywell is one of your client and you’re like, I want more clients like Honeywell, just go into search, like I’m doing right now. Press Enter, right, do that search and guess what Honeywell is gonna pop up. Now, a lot of people don’t pay attention to this. But if you click on similar companies, LinkedIn will find other companies that are similar to Honeywell, now, all of a sudden, now only have Honeywell but you have 49 other companies that LinkedIn deem similar to Honeywell, based on size based on, you know, the different specifics that the company do.

So imagine, these are the companies that you want to focus on. Now you can run a LinkedIn ad, and only people that work at these companies can see your ads, that is massive, you know, think about that, being able to run ads, and only people at Schneider Electric will be able to see them, or only people that Amazon will be able to see them. So there’s 10s of 1000s of employees there.

Now you can even get more specific, because we can run ads and choose the specific audience that we want to see it. So if we have a specific job title, maybe procurement, we want only the people in procurement at these companies to see these ads, we can do that. So that’s the power of LinkedIn ads being able to get in front of the right people at the right time. All right. So with that said, before you start ads, I want you to think about this, right? Because there’s a lot of different types of ads that you can run, think about what’s your objective with LinkedIn ads?





Julbert Abraham  11:43

All right. awareness, do you want to just run ads so people can know about potential products you have coming out, or you want to just create brand awareness. So more people just know that you exist, right. So that’s the right around this type of ads, you can do. The other piece, you can do a consideration at, like, you want to get more people to visit your website, let’s say you have tons of products you selling online, in your ecommerce store, and you want more people to find out about them. Or you use engagement to get more clicks, more social interaction, more company page follows to grow that influence and following.

Or let’s say you run a video of a new product that you have coming out, and you want to get more views in those products. Alright, or let’s say most of us sometimes want to build our pipeline. So you want to focus on the conversion, right? Lead Generation website conversion, where you want people to buy from the website or job applicants if you grow in that scene. So when it comes to LinkedIn ad before you do anything else, focus on this, what’s gonna be my objective here? Do I want awareness? Do I want conversion or the one where people to start considering us?

Alright, so think about that before you do anything with LinkedIn ads. Now, once you get this down pack, and you’ve decided, Okay, this is what I want to do, let’s say lead generation is where you want to go, then you want to look at all the different types of LinkedIn ads that do to find the right one for you. So there’s one that’s called sponsored content. And this is the one that’s right on your newsfeed.

Alright, as you can see here, this is an example Capital One. So anybody that’s scrolling down the newsfeed that you’re targeting, able to see this type of ad. So it’s very effective. It’s grateful webinars is great for Legion is great to drive people to your website for purchase. I love this type of ad sponsored content. So awesome. All right. The other one is LinkedIn video ads. This one is great when you trying to launch a new product. And you want to create more awareness about that. So think about using video ads to kind of demonstrate a new product you have coming out before the product launch, do a pre launch video, right?

So people start getting to see it. And you can get the metrics to see how many people watch the full video, how many people watch only two seconds of that video. So that’s a good way you can use that. Then the third one, which I also like is the carousel ads. This is where you have a different piece of a product, right. So this is a way that you allow people to be more engaged with your ads on LinkedIn. Okay, then there’s the text ads, these are super cheap. But for these to work, you got to be very consistent. So think about this as a good way to create awareness, and just keep it on the side consistently.

So it’s very cheap to start, and anybody can start them. But it takes a long time for you to kind of see the result that you want from them. All right, then you have the LinkedIn dynamic ads. These are great for several ways you could use it for demo, you could use it to get people to follow your company page, and they’re on the side where they bring someone’s picture and your logo next to them. It’s also a great way to recruit people as well. Okay, my favorite of all time is the LinkedIn lead gen format. This is how you generate leads to your business. This is also how you get sample requests from potential clients.

So you could use this as a way to get in front of the right people and get those keys data and also find out how many people want a sample request. Then there is this one, which is one of the newest one LinkedIn conversation as if you’re wanting webinars, I love to use this one because it’s an exclusive way to invite key people to attend your webinars. So I sometimes recommend using this one as well. All right, so with that said, I want to jump into an example and how Honeywell is leveraging LinkedIn ads.

And I think this could benefit any of you. So I want you to guess think about, let’s say, there is a company that you would want to work with, right, or maybe one of your competitors. And you want to find out more about what’s going on with them. So think about this as like your competitor analysis, you can go to their company page, like I am right now on Honeywell, go to about and you see what’s this post, click on post. And then right here, and you can do this on your laptop or desktop, which says ads, if you click on ads, it will show you all the different ads that companies running for the past six months.

So this is massive market research to know what your competitors doing. But also, as you can see, Honeywell is running different type of ads. So this one is what’s called like a sponsor update ads. If I click on Register, it’s gonna take me directly to this page where I can register for the webinar. Remember, when I talk about using the sponsor update for webinars, this is what they’re doing here.

This one is more around recruiting, right? dranoff future sharper team, okay, people can apply. This one is the lead gen format, so they have a video playing, then when you click on sign up, you have this form, so you don’t even leave LinkedIn, the beauty here, they’re able to get your email, phone number name information, then at the end, they want to hear more from us, you could check that box, somebody will gonna reach out to you. So think about the lead gen format. This is how Honeywell is using that to acquire more customers, they also have another one right here, where you get to download, right?

So if you click on downloads, you have the form again, then you could check once you hear more for money, well, I would like to speak to a salesperson. So literally you given them information so that someone can follow up with you. So these are the type of ads that work extremely well on LinkedIn. Especially if you’re looking to get sample requests or building a pipeline. Right, this is a great way to do that.

So with that said, I want to jump quickly on to a case study on how we help one of our clients leverage LinkedIn. So one of our manufacturing clients leverage LinkedIn during a pandemic to fill their pipeline. If you guys have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I definitely want to answer them to help you. Alright. Sound like there’s a question. Dude.


Curt Anderson  17:47

No, dude, you’re on a roll. Man. This is this is awesome gal is fantastic. And I want to give a shout out to Chris and Kevin at Gen alpha. My my my my girlfriend, Jen down in Miami. So Happy Friday. Welcome, guys. Let’s right let’s hit this case study, man. And there’s a little chat going on one comment. I did want to share jackassery comment in Pennsylvania. When you asked who did LinkedIn ads, we’re getting some yeses. JACK said. I’ve done one that was beyond unsuccessful. So jack, we appreciate your honesty, and reach out here. We’re here to fix that check. So keep it going.


Julbert Abraham  18:23

With a case study. I want to open up for questions. And I can go live on LinkedIn and show you exactly you know how you can make sure that your ads succeed. All right, um, yeah, good. So these company, they’re out in manager, a manufacturing company out of California, they’re focused on RF antennas, they’re challenged during a pandemic, marketing and sales team were able to unable to attend trade shows and conferences because everything shut down. So which was one of the biggest way that they were able to engage with RF engineers, right. So they needed to find new ways to reach these guys.

Because these are the guys that they work with, these guys have to end you know, order some of the same order products, and be able to use that for projects. So they need to also tap into different division within the current customer base. Sometimes if you’re working with a large customer, you may be working with one department and you want to tap into those other part of the organization. So guess what they did? So they started working with us, we started training their team, right?

So we help them first develop a LinkedIn marketing plan and strategy. That’s the biggest thing. Don’t do anything when it comes to LinkedIn without having a marketing plan and a strategy just for LinkedIn. Because you’re gonna do it and it’s might not work because you didn’t have a full plan set up. Right? Once we get that we looked at their company page, and they had to get that built out. Right? build a company page grow following putting out content, identify who’s following the company page.

Then we start researching and build a target audience using Sales Navigator. So you saw the quick tip I showed you how you can use one company and get similar companies. We Use a similar approach to that as well. Then we set up LinkedIn campaign manager to help them run ads, right? We identify their ads objective, develop an appealing offer, set up their ads campaign and launch that campaign. Right?

I want to show you what happened after that. So here are the results. As you can see, here, I’ve spent 2500 bucks 2530 to be exact, they were able to generate 98 leads now a lead to them is an RF engineer who requested a sample of the product. Alright. $25.82 per cost per result. 70,000 impressions I want you to look at on the far right, right, September 1 to October 31 90. leads, or sample requests within a two month period, their cost per lead is at 27 bucks, right? 27 bucks, think about that.

The cost per lead at $27 to get an RF engineers to review and actually say, hey, yeah, I want to sample this product, because they can help me with the project. You know, so because of that, this year, they’ve actually changed our model a bit. So instead of investing a lot, when it goes to tradeshow conferences, they’re wanting to allocate more than budget toward running ads only then.

So when it’s done, right, it’s done right. And it could actually work really well. And also, a lot of people say LinkedIn cost per click is super expensive, we’re able to help them get it at about $4. Right? Normally, you’re looking at 1210 to 12 bucks for cost per click here is about $4. So think about your business company that you’re working with, right? And where are they when it comes to LinkedIn ads, if you haven’t had success?

Maybe it’s a type of asset you use? Or maybe it’s the strategy behind it or maybe it’s your offer. So that’s something we got to look at because the platform works is really how you work it all right, so with that said, I am open up for questions and when you write those questions down when he all about them, and a free gift for everyone who attended today a free LinkedIn audit I’ll review your company page and ads and give you some tips and ideas that can help you alright so with that said I’m almost disguise


Curt Anderson  22:19

Wow, wow. Everybody little virtual clap their bear. I have several questions. So guys, can anybody just jumping in, drop your LinkedIn profile in the chat, bring your questions for Zubair, we have an authority expert on these ads. Let’s set these ads. So So bear, we target manufacturers, that’s how you and I, you know, we’re so brothers. So we came together on on our conversation targeting manufacturers.

So like we’ve got Valle Lila my friend, Jen, a lot of manufacturers on a call, let’s talk about budget, like where do you start budget wise, you know, say manufacturer You know, they’re they’re like you said they’ve lived on trade shows for years, this whole LinkedIn advertising worlds a lot of new to that new to them. They don’t want to go all in, they’re tipping their toe? How do you handle those conversations? What do you advise them to get started?


Julbert Abraham  23:09

First thing first, once you have your plan and strategy, we said okay, LinkedIn ads is going to be the way to go. Stop testing first, right, and the testing budget I normally recommend is start at least with 15 $100, just to test. All right, I don’t see that as the end all be all see it as Okay, if I’m able to generate some traction with 1500 bucks, then I can increase it to 2500. And then two, three grand, you see what I mean.

So start small by testing. And the whole purpose of testing is to figure out what’s working, you know, on my testing the offer testing your copy testing the type of ads that you’re doing, because the platform works, if you target audiences here, you can get in front of them, but it’s really what are you saying to get in front of them? And what’s your strategy behind that?


Damon Pistulka  23:54

Yeah, yeah, what I’ve heard in the LinkedIn ad game is to is not not a direct sale, you just got to stay away from that direct sale. Like you were talking with the RF, the RF example, you know, sample for evaluation or signing up for a free seminar on something. And those are some ways that you can do it. But the the direct approach is not good. Yeah.


Julbert Abraham  24:20

Yeah, I would say I’m one of them. And I’m glad you brought that up. Damon, is what you can do. If you say, Oh, I want to sell now, right? Because a lot of these people might be top of the funnel. They’ve never heard of you before. Yeah. So if you’re able to get their contact information, add them to like a nurturing flow, where they’re getting your emails, or they’re getting follow ups or you know, you’re really engaging with them.

Then you can see who’s interested. And then you can now have a sales team follow up with them. You see what I mean? And the thing with the lead gen form as you saw Honeywell did it as well is you could put a box Hey, do you want someone to reach out to you now you know, So that gives you that opportunity. Okay. Yeah, sure. I want some because I need to take care of this problem right away.


Curt Anderson  25:07

Yeah. Very awesome. Job. So let’s talk a little bit about navigator. So like it saved somebody, you know, they’re they’re newer to LinkedIn, they’re on LinkedIn. And they’re like, man, do I want to spend the money took the benefits for you know, your your, you know, business development, you’re in sales. What do you advise folks to why to make that plunge into navigator? Get it?


Julbert Abraham  25:30

That because here’s the thing, right, navigator give you access to data that you don’t have on regular LinkedIn. Knowing when these procurement managers just got into the position in the past 90 days is crucial, right, knowing that procurement managers that are posting on LinkedIn consistently but nobody is commenting on their posts is crucial, you know, understanding what’s going on in specific company. Can I share my screen again? Really quickly? Yeah. All right. Let me share my screen.

I’m going to show you guys something that I think it’s it’s my go on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, for example. Right. I’m gonna take Honeywell, since we’re talking about Honeywell right now. I’m going to go back. Let’s go to Honeywell really quickly. So one thing I love about LinkedIn Sales Navigator? Is this right here, account mapping. I literally can map out who are all the decision makers at Honeywell I want to work with



that is huge price, right?


Julbert Abraham  26:32

So yes, because now I know exactly who within the organization. And I’m not just gonna take one person, I’m gonna have a team 3456 people that I know, okay, these are key people that I want to spend my time getting to know and build relationship and reaching out to. And then I have my ads on top running that is consistently in front of people that works at Honeywell. Wow.


Curt Anderson  27:01

absolutely priceless. We’ve got a question from Aaron and David. I don’t know if anybody had a question. We can actually pull them up on stage right? Oh, good. Yeah,


Damon Pistulka  27:08

we can we want to you know,


Curt Anderson  27:09

if you guys if anybody wants to come up on stage Paul’s joining us, Jean. Jean is here. But um, so Aaron, our dear friend from Wisconsin love Aaron, do you have a sense of what the penetration of the manufacturing industry is on LinkedIn?


Julbert Abraham  27:26

Aaron off Good point, that the larger one are taking more advantage of it right now than the smaller one. So to me that that means that there’s a lot of opportunity for smaller manufacturing company to take full advantage of the platform because a lot of them are not doing that yet. So that’s what you’re thinking about doing. Definitely recommend it.


Curt Anderson  27:46

Yeah. And so in a great thing, like my dear friend, Lila Val, again, Jen, Miami. So you know, guys is we’re going after like business development. And you’re, you know, we talk about targeting our ideal dream customers. I call them our soulmates, you know, this is a great opportunity. You know, we’re trying to penetrate a fortune 500 company, fortune 1000 company and job fairs like laying out great steps, and how we can like really, like shrink that world down and navigate and find the right names, find the right buyers.

And I love what you’re saying Damon Angel bear about, you know, our dear friend Allison, she talks about people are longing for advisors, to Scott, you know, trusted advisors disguised as sales reps, and I’ll tell like our friends at Gen alpha, Chris and Kevin, they do a great job of educating, educating, educating. So talk a little bit, let’s, let’s go another step. So yeah, I’m Lila. I’m Lila Bella at Weber nap. Okay. And I’m trying to infiltrate some, you know, fortune 500 companies, some buyers? What are some steps that you would advise for her to kind of penetrate that market?


Julbert Abraham  28:50

Absolutely. So first thing first, make sure you have to plan and strategy. And within that strategy, you have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and LinkedIn ads. Alright, so on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you’re going to first build that list of those companies you want to target. You see how I chose Honeywell, and I find similar companies to Honeywell. Right? So that’s a very simple way pick one of your largest clients said, Okay, I want to find more like them. Now, once you have that, then you start going within each organization. So you don’t have to have 50 companies, right? It could be just about five to 10.

Stop there, then in each company, use the account map. So you can map out who are the decision makers, right? Try to get about three to five people per company. And here’s what you want to do. You want to have people that are a bit, you have the senior level, you have your decision maker, and you have the people that are right onto them. Right and the reason for that because when you connect with the people that are right under them, and you go after that main person, they want to oh you already know some people in my organization, right. So that helps you with Okay, that familiarity.

Then the next piece of it, once you build that account mapping, then I want you to focus on how many of these people has been posting content. Alright? Because guess what, when you look at the one that posted content, some of them are posting consistently, and you’ll get three or four people that dislike it, what I want you to do is comment on it. Alright, so to grab their attention and tag them in a comment to, because now they’re gonna be like, oh, who’s this person, and they’re gonna look at your profile, which makes it extremely important for your profile to be updated and optimized, and your company page to be updated as well.

Because that’s that first impression. Now, once you have that engagement going, then you have ads, you bring in LinkedIn ads on top of it. So now you’re running ads, maybe video awareness ads, right in front of these companies in front of their employees. So as you’re building their one on one relationship, these ads are also working for you. Hopefully, that kind of gives. I hope that


Curt Anderson  31:00

was fantastic. And so in what I what we focus on working with, we call it how do we find that soulmate? 100. You know, so like, Well, you know, we have a list. And, you know, daymond, I are big baseball fans break it down, like who are your singles? Who are your doubles? Who are your triples? And you know, maybe that fortune 500 company? Is that home run?

So you know what great advice here from jubair breakout that list, let’s come up with that soulmate. 100, break it down into 510. We’re not trying to eat the elephant, let’s make it manageable, right? And now, Joe bear, let’s take it another step. Okay, I find my soulmate man, like this is the buyer This is this could be my home run can make my year, what’s the message that you’re gonna, you know, how do you engage to start messaging with those people? Am I just gonna hit Connect? Or do I send a message? How do you


Julbert Abraham  31:49

I liked the personalization aspect of it. So first, like I mentioned, see if they’re commenting listed or caught, they put something on LinkedIn, and nobody replied to them. Then I put a quick comment, hey, you know, this is interesting thought about this and tag them, then I know they’re looking at my profile, so I’m not gonna do anything yet. Then I see another comment, and I comment on it. Then when I reach out and say, Hey, john, love your recent posts about XYZ, I also noticed that she went to war in, I have a couple friends that went there, I love the Penn relays would love to connect.

Alright, now he sees that he’s seen my name a few times, he see my company on his newsfeed is like, okay, cool, I’m gonna connect with this guy. Then the next step, I’m not gonna say, hey, buy my product. You know, I’ll reach out and say something like, Hey, thanks for connecting. You know, I love what you’re doing that XYZ curious to know, how do you guys handle this process for procurement?

And just get, you know, starting to ask the questions to kind of get that conversation going, then the next step is, you know, I would love to learn more about how you handle XYZ. Would it make sense for us to maybe do a call, maybe jump on zoom for a few minutes? Right now, some people will get back to you, but some people may not. So you got to have a follow up plan set up.


Curt Anderson  33:06

Right. And again, guys, you know, look at the strategy, a job is laying out and you’re talking about that social proof, you know, so now, we’re exactly what so bear takes that approach. And now somebody goes to his LinkedIn profile, we talk about how do we make that great first impression, I always call it our web pression. And if you go to Joe Bear’s LinkedIn profile, please connect with Joe bear. We’ve got his LinkedIn in the chat box, you’re gonna see 72 referrals just ranting and raving, so unless he has a bunch of relatives, or a lot of people mad, these testimonials are off the charts.

But that’s that social proof or like you’re a person of trust your authority, you’re staying in your lane, your LinkedIn lane in our good friend, Ira Bowman, 200,000 followers on LinkedIn. So like, there’s that social proof to verifying where you’re coming from. And then one more thing I want to comment that I love that you said you’ll bear, I see that what you did, where you went to college, I see maybe my dear friend Chris served in the military, so all of our veterans, God bless you, you know, so like adding that little flavor of saying I took the next step because I care about you I am generally interested.

Let’s see what you have going on in your life and you’re adding that into the comment or the connection you know, because we want to be those trusted relationships so I love that was a great tip and a great strategy there.



Thank you


Curt Anderson  34:28

awesome So guys, if there’s anybody wants to come up what are we doing on time I


Damon Pistulka  34:32

always do this Damon I like always said you’re looking at looking at Sales Navigator trying to do charismatic paying and it’s really something when you start to play in some of the details of the the navigator I mean, because it’s a it’s an underutilized piece of LinkedIn. I think for most sales people in business development people if they have not spent the time to, to learn about it and and i think you View similar type of results is pretty crazy. I’ve been, I was just looking at your the the account mapping that Aaron just taught.

Yeah, that’s in there. That’s something new. I hadn’t been in there. And and the the similar thing I had played with that, but that’s I’m looking at it was taking some clients and run through and and i because Aaron was talking about does it work for smaller manufacturing stuff?

I think it will, I think, yeah, hold up things. And I’m like, these aren’t big companies, these are 10 $20 million companies I’m looking up. And it is it’s really interesting when you do that, and it does give you some direction in where you might want to look. Those those two things that account mapping, you know, because I had a client last year that Does, does, you know, fortune 100 kind of work. And obviously, it’s their global companies. And you got to look across that certain level in those companies, the hundreds of people that submit in there, and your sales people over the years may not have connected with a third of them.


Curt Anderson  36:03

Yeah. And Aaron’s asking, how do you get that mapping thing on navigator with the levels?


Julbert Abraham  36:10

So So Aaron, I love that question. So that mapping tool is pretty brand new, a few months old. And the way you get in is when you click on an actual company page, and then you scroll down and you see the account mapping if you don’t have it yet, that probably hasn’t rolled out to you yet. But most of us should already have it by now.


Curt Anderson  36:33

Awesome, awesome. Well, guys, it’s we’re coming in after what do we about 10 after the hour, this Joe bear has a free LinkedIn audit. He’s offered and, you know, please take advantage that again, I just dropped his LinkedIn profile in the chat box. We’ve got his website, we have an opportunity to now so you get a you get a chance to get a little one on one. So folks, if you’re on LinkedIn man, we welcome you to join us on Remo. We have a little party here afterwards.



Great networking,


Curt Anderson  37:02

great networking opportunity here on a Friday afternoon here on the east coast. It’s still morning, over on Damon side of the world. So Gail says partay So Joe bear, dude, thank you, man, you are a total total blessing. What a gift you are, we’ve had a nice relationship going back and forth. any parting thoughts? Any last things that you want to? I know you have the free audit? Anything that you want to share with the with the crowd for today?


Julbert Abraham  37:30

Um, yes. Check out the free audit. I also have a book called seven steps to seven figures as a digital book. So I’d be happy to share that with anyone who’s interested in it. And thank you for having me.



All right. What a privilege. So


Curt Anderson  37:44

Damon, everybody, thank you go out and crush it. We are here to help you with your e commerce, your social media strategies. We’re bringing in experts like Joe bear weekend and week out. Next week. We have a great guest. As a matter of fact, it’s it’s our friend Noah from above the fray. He’s bringing in a client of his in Manhattan. It’s a metal mania. So this is gonna be a great case study.

We’re daymond I are rolling out. We’re doing our e commerce webinar series at Temple University. We kicked off this week. I know jack was there. We it’s a 10 part series. It’s every Tuesday and Thursday. Check it out. shoot me a message. I’ll get you the link for our upcoming speakers there. I’m speaking at the Pittsburgh manufacturing extension partnership this Thursday. If you want to join me for that party, shoot me a direct message, guys. jubair. God bless you my friend. Thank you for joining us today. Thank you for sharing your expertise. daymond. Brother.


Damon Pistulka  38:37

All right. Well, thanks, Kurt. Thanks, Joe bear. This is awesome, wonderful information on using LinkedIn using LinkedIn ads and that kind of stuff. I’ve got one addition, we do have an entrepreneurial accelerator Blitz, we’re having Tuesday the 13th at 10am to 11:30am. Pacific time.

If you got any questions on that just messaged me go out. I’ve actually got an event on our exit your way paid to think about that a little bit. It’s been kind of racy this morning going fast. But go ahead and check it out there. You can sign up for it. There’s a registration link there too. That’s a free event on Tuesday, the 13th from 10 to 11. We’re going to go through some of the stuff that we help our clients with. Thank you so much, everyone for being here. We’re dropping back down to the tables now and we’ll be able to do some networking.




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